TrueLine loudspeakers will be the first line arrays to offer Audinate's Dante technology with PreSonus Active Integration
USA / UK - WorxAudio Technologies, a division of PreSonus Audio Electronics has announced that the company's new TrueLine X2i-P/D, X3i-P/D, and X5i-P/D line array systems and X115i-P/D and X118i-P/D subwoofers will incorporate PreSonus Active Integration technology and PreSonus' SL-Dante-SPK card. The TrueLine X2i-P/D, X3i-P/D, and X5i-P/D will be the first line arrays to offer Audinate's Dante technology with PreSonus Active Integration.

All Active Integration loudspeakers feature a powerful CPU that enables many advanced functions and come with a USB Wi-Fi LAN module to connect to free SL Room Control software over a wireless network.

SL Room Control is an impressive system-configuration application for Mac OS X, Windows, and iPad that provides both individual and grouped speaker control and includes graphic and parametric EQ, notch filters, compressor, limiter, muting, soloing, and level control, in addition to performance monitoring (over temperature, click detection, and excursions). A network-setup wizard quickly connects each speaker to your wireless network. Additional editing features are available exclusively to WorxAudio customers, including high- and lowpass filters with customizable filter selection and an eight-band parametric EQ with per-band filter selection.

The SL-Dante-SPK card houses a single Ethercon connection for Dante networking and control, providing audio networking capability without sacrificing remote-control capabilities. Dante offers a no hassle, self-configuring, true plug and play digital audio networking experience and is a total solution for transporting low-latency, uncompressed audio over standard Ethernet networks with sample-accurate synchronization, automatic device and channel discovery, and easy-to-use signal routing.

Hugh Sarvis, managing director for the PreSonus/WorxAudio loudspeaker division, commented, "Our new Dante-equipped enclosures bring a wealth of functionality to today's audio professional. Dante's digital audio networking technology enables the audio engineer to use a single CAT5 cable for both audio and data. Not only does this streamline system cabling, it also improves audio quality. Since audio and data are both in the digital domain, they are not subject to the signal degradation, interference, and other audible anomalies commonly encountered in long cable runs. This advancement in technology marks a dramatic step forward for both touring and installed sound professionals."

Jim Mack, CEO of PreSonus, reflected on the new products, "These new Active Integration, Dante-equipped loudspeakers are a direct reflection of the benefits resulting from our company's acquisition of WorxAudio. As one, unified company, we are able to introduce our electronics technology into WorxAudio's proven loudspeaker designs. The end result is a win-win for audio professionals everywhere."

(Jim Evans)

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