Neutrik's digital, wireless audio network Xirium
UAE - Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises (NMK), distributor of Neutrik in the Middle East region for the live sound market segment, is awaiting the first delivery of digital, wireless audio network Xirium.

multichannel wireless network designed to replace analogue audio cables in situations where it could be difficult to run a cable, but where a stable connection and audio quality are needed. The system combines digital transmission and receiving lines in one system and delivers the highest sound quality, reliability and ease of handling.

Xirium has been launched and presented during the ongoing NMK Roadshow which begun in November 2014 in Qatar and is heading to Kuwait on 12 January 2015.

"Demand for Xirium is extremely high. We have already sold three systems within two weeks after product launch in the Middle East region. The system can be used in various applications where it's not suitable to use a cable," commented Pavel Aheunin, Neutrik product manager at NMK. "I strongly believe that Xirium will bring the great benefit for audio rental companies, broadcasters and integrators. Taking into consideration unique technical features of the product I trust it will be very popular in this region."

(Jim Evans)

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