XL Video 2.5mm LED tile
Belgium / China - XL Video has announced an investment of more than 15m US dollars in a range of new LED products and accessories to support its plans for growth in 2014.

The LED investment has been made with a range of suppliers including Shenzhen-based Unilumin Group Co and its subsidiary Radiant Opto-Elec Technology Co Ltd to purchase a series of LED products based on the latest technologies. In total more than 1200 m2 of LED products for the XL Video rental business will become available from February onwards.

The LED investment covers amongst others: State of the art 2.5mm high contrast LED; Super lightweight 3.9mm Utile LED; 18mm Magic Cube outdoor and indoor LED; 7mm blackface Magic Cube outdoor and indoor LED - the first of its kind in this segment; The latest innovation of 18mm Hybrid LED which combines LED screen with LED spotlights in the same panel. This invention has been designed by the XL Video R&D Centre and serves entertainment industry clients with their wish to have one solution for video and lighting.

In addition, XL Video has also invested in more than 1000m2 of touring frames. This innovation allows XL Video to use the various LED products, like MC 7, MC 12, MC 18 and Hybrid in one standard touring package. This frame is the lightest weight version in the industry meeting international standards and improving handling time and shipping costs.

This investment in new LED products is the largest XL Video has made in its history. It supports the company's growth strategy for 2014 onwards by reinforcing its position as a leading rental supplier of state-of-the-art video technology solutions.

XL Video has begun to take delivery of these new additions to its inventory starting with the 18mm Hybrid LED, which is now available for rental. Additional new products will be added from February 2014.

XL Video's chief technology officer Kristof Soreyn commented, "We are pleased to make this LED investment with Unilumin Group Co. Unilumin is a long standing partner with whom we co-develop the latest state of the art LED technologies for the LED Rental market. These products represent the best available technology in each market segment and underline our strategy to provide the best visual experience for our customers."

XL Video is headquartered in Ostend, Belgium, with rental locations in Belgium, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA.

(Jim Evans)

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