jovanottiGLP on Italian arena tour with Jovanotti
Friday, 6 July 2018

Italy - For the recent Jovanotti tour, Lorenzo Live 2018, which has been playing sport arenas in the main Italian cities, prominent British lighting designer, Paul Normandale, requisitioned 44 GLP impression X4 Bar 20 from rental company Agorà, to light both A and B stages during the show.
These formed the anchors of what he describes as “an immersive design of the whole room, with moving stages, screens and set”.
The designer set 14 X4 Bars in a line on the back of the main stage, behind the musicians, another 14 on the front of the main stage, eight on Stage B (two per side) and the remainder in strategic positions on the main stage.
During the show, the X4 Bars had a key role to play, especially when Lorenzo played on Stage B, which elevates 5mfrom the ground, in a DJ set.
Paul Normandale commended the X4 Bar 20s as being “clear low profile units on a stage populated by a lot of players. They provided two clean lines behind the band and behind the artist.”
Daniele Francescone, Agorà crew coordinator, added: "The X4 Bar is a very versatile product, made with high quality components and attention to detail. I have noted the durability of the components and the coverage provided by the light. The colours are wonderful. The LEDs and the lens have been chosen with great attention. I give this 9 out of 10."
(Jim Evans)

sa-theatreVersatile L‑Acoustics system for State Theatre
Friday, 6 July 2018

South Africa - The South African State Theatre’s Opera House has recently opened its doors to new musical genres, in particular jazz, and needed a new audio system that could meet the varied demands now placed on it.
At the end of last year, an L‑Acoustics Kara system was installed, bringing the Opera House’s audio bang up to date with a solution that can handle the diversity of productions the theatre hosts in a rider-friendly format.
Originally opened in 1981, the South African State Theatre was the major force behind establishing the performing arts in South Africa and is a national flagship. It has six theatres sited on the huge State Theatre complex in Pretoria. The Opera House is the largest of these and has always been the country’s premier opera venue, as well as hosting a wide variety of theatre productions.
The design and installation of the Opera House’s new system was performed by Richard Smith with technical support from L‑Acoustics application engineer Julien Laval and was commissioned by him in November 2017.
“The original brief came via a tender which had a general specification from the theatre,” says Smith. “All the major manufacturers pitched for it and we were lucky enough to be awarded the contract.”
The system comprises 24 Kara with eight SB18i as left / right hangs, five ARCS II as the centre cluster, two X12 as in-fill, six 5XT as front-fill and four ground-stacked SB28 subs. The system runs on LA8 and LA4X amplified controllers.
The first show to use the new system was Capital Singe

claypakyClaypaky pushes the boundaries for Light Moves
Friday, 6 July 2018

Belgium - Light Moves was a stunning indoor 'son et lumière' (sound and light) installation designed and produced by Koert Vermeulen, an award-winning lighting designer and founder of Belgium-based international lighting design agency ACTLD.
Appearing for one night only in the Gothic remains of an abandoned church in the centre of Brussels, the installation featured the Claypaky Sharbar as star product, amongst a range of other fixtures from the Italian brand.
Originating in France, son et lumière shows focus on historic architecture and places of interest, with light shows set to music. For Light Moves, Vermeulen brought the outside in, drawing from his knowledge of the relationship between light and human emotion to create an intimate, ten-minute show for his guests.
"I know the kinds of sensation you can bring using light," says Vermeulen, who has designed many son et lumière shows throughout his career. "I used light as an implicit storytelling tool. I wanted to evoke senses and moods that facilitated the audience's connection to their own emotions. That can be beautifully done with just lighting and sound, there is no need to use explicit storytelling means such as projection or LED video content."
With no large video element to take the lead and a desire to do justice to the venue's distinct architecture and intimate surroundings, the quality of light produced by the selected fixtures was high on the agenda. Vermeulen chose to work with Claypaky, whose products he trusted to deliver. He selected versatile fixtures from

bonnarooBonnaroo grounds get magical with Chauvet
Friday, 6 July 2018

USA - With headliners like Eminem, The Killers, Muse, Sheryl Crow, Paramore and Kaskade, the 17th annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival offered plenty of great music to enjoy.
But North America’s largest outdoor festival has always been about sights as well as sounds. This year’s edition, which ran from 7-10 June, pumped up the visual excitement even more than usual with a massive off-stage lighting display that wrapped around the stages and surrounded the audience in a sea of changing colours.
Looking like a magical tale come to life, the outdoor display, which was designed by David Weiner of David Weiner Design, swept up visitors with its rainbow of coloured trees, making it easy for them to set their imaginations free. Creating this captivating colour-scape were 1000 Chauvet Professional COLORado fixtures, supplied and installed by The Design Oasis.
“Having the opportunity to bring the site to life with lighting is something that we have been interested in for a long time. The property is chock full of beautiful, giant tress just begging to be lit. When the producers came to us last fall and said ‘let’s do it,’ we jumped,” said Weiner. “There was no doubt in my mind that the result would be nothing less than transformative to the environment and elevate the fan experience.”
Weiner’s enthusiasm was echoed by Abbas Ritscher of The Design Oasis, who said, “When David told me about his vision of transforming the festival grounds into a wonderful colour canvas, I knew it was something I’d want to be involved with, s

somnaiAvolites Autoblend gives perspective to SOMNAI
Friday, 6 July 2018

UK - London's hit new immersive experience, SOMNAI, is tripping out visitors with its dreamlike visuals mapped onto a perspective bending dome at the heart of the production using Avolites Ai's Autoblend feature.
SOMNAI is the latest project from dotdotdot, in collaboration with a host of video content and AV specialists including long-time Ai expert, GaiaNova. The British 360° dome mapping specialist acted as the production's dome system integrator.
"We knew that Avolites' Ai Infinity R6 media server was the right choice for this project, loaded with v10 software and its essential Autoblend feature," says Ben Stern from GaiaNova. "Autoblend is a complete game-changer in how you map domes. It simplifies the entire process and the results are amazing. It's so good that trying to do it any other way is unthinkable - I wouldn't map a dome using anything else."
SOMNAI takes visitors to a place 'where hyper-reality and virtual reality meet - a live, multi-sensory experience with immersive technologies'. The audience is guided into a room where they are told a bedtime story before falling into a hypnotic, dream-like state and asked to put on VR headsets. When they remove the VR gear, the roof of the space has retracted to reveal the huge dome, displaying trippy video sequences. A journey into the subconscious begins.
"Projecting rectangles onto a curved surface might not sound easy, but with Autoblend it just works," Stern continues. "With a bit of programming and visualisation the Ai server does most of the work for you and yo

san-jose-convention-centerArcSystem brings high-tech to Silicon Valley
Friday, 6 July 2018

USA – When the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre needed a new lighting system that could support the multi-use, high-production-value conventions their clients expect, they turned to ETC. Now they have a lighting system as advanced as the industry around them.
“The previous sodium light fixtures were from the ‘80s,” says Gabriel Nemeth, director of event operations. “Advances in technology and changing client demands put us behind the times.”
This was particularly true for trade shows that demand a space that serves multiple functions, with some sections being used for keynotes and others for trade show booths. Clients would ask for dimmed lights over the keynote area and bright light in the tradeshow sections – something the old system couldn’t do, costing the client more money to get the effect they wanted.
The sodium fixtures were also unflattering. “It felt like you were in an old warehouse or a big box store,” says Tim Foster, director of production at Team San Jose. Foster, Nemeth, and their team wanted the cooler, bluer colour temperature lighting of 4000K to give the space the feel of natural sunlight.
For guidance to a solution, Team San Jose turned to Mike Wunder, CEO of Wunder Lighting and Controls, Inc. in the Bay Area. Wunder pointed them to the GDS ArcSystem. “There were a lot of positives with ETC and GDS,” says Wunder. In addition to being able to give them the 4000K colour temperature, individual fixture dimming, and operate at 277V, the output from the ArcSystem fixtures was high enough that they were

innovationPLASA Awards for Innovation open for entries
Thursday, 5 July 2018

Europe - The PLASA Awards for Innovation are now open for entries. Product manufacturers and developers are invited to enter the annual awards by 17 August (Friday). Successfully nominated products will feature on the Innovation Gallery throughout the PLASA Show (16-18 September, London Olympia), with winners announced at a special ceremony on 17 September (Monday).
Entries will be judged by an independent panel of industry experts, with up to eight awards, including the possibility of Gold Award, set to be given to products and solutions that demonstrate a new style of thinking, improve technical practice and safety, introduce new technology, materials or techniques, or offer new commercial advantages. The PLASA Award for Sustainability may be presented to a solution that achieves significant power reduction, has a positive impact on the environment or makes an effective use of renewable energy.
The PLASA Awards are crowned by the prestigious Gottelier Award which celebrates the lifetime achievement of a pioneering professional working within live entertainment technology. PLASA members and pre-registered PLASA Show visitors are eligible to vote for this accolade which, in 2017, was presented to Wayne Howell, the founder of Artistic Licence.
For more information on how to enter a product or nominate a product developer, please visit:
(Jim Evans)

theatre-helpline-300x250px-medium-rectangleUK theatre groups launch confidential helpline
Thursday, 5 July 2018

UK - The Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and UK Theatre have launched Theatre Helpline, a free 24-hour phone and email service supporting theatre professionals with any issue affecting their health and wellbeing.
The confidential resource, which has been available since June, offers support and advice on a range of personal and professional topics, including bullying, physical and mental health, finance, careers and retirement issues. It is open to anyone working in theatre, whether in-house or freelance.
SOLT and UK Theatre are working with Wales-based company Connect Assist to provide the helpline. Callers will be given a safe place to share worries and concerns and be provided with the resources they need to seek professional help if necessary. Like other existing support services in the UK, Theatre Helpline is not a whistleblowing service.
Theatre Helpline (0800 915 4617) will initially run as a pilot for one year, providing the industry with insight into what further support might be necessary, and how it might be funded in the longer term.
(Jim Evans)

niall-horancardiff-2018450GLP battens fit the bill for Niall Horan
Thursday, 5 July 2018

Europe - Lighting director Dave Lee has been working with Niall Horan since the very first One Direction show at Watford Colosseum to the band’s final performance in Sheffield, and following last year’s Promo tour, is now constantly on tour with original band member, Niall Horan as a solo artist. “In five years I have never really stopped working with him,” he says.
On the Irish singer’s current Flicker World Tour, Lee has been touring with 38 of GLP’s X4 Bar 20s, supplied by rental partner LCR. He found these helped extend a stage set originally conceived last year, depicting an acoustic studio look, with lots of sound proof acoustic foam set pieces, tungsten lighting and big rugs as a floor covering.
He switched his original spec to GLP’s versatile battens after seeing them on a car launch for the Jaguar F-PACE car (on which he was running lasers). “There were two lines of around 100 Bars each and I thought ‘hell they move fast - What are they?’ I was blown away!”
He says that Mike Oates at LCR, the designer’s regular supply source, was able to meet the full lighting spec with no substitutions for the UK and European legs.
The GLP inventory is used in two blocks, there are 10 fixtures on the floor in a straight line behind the band “to give that lovely thin line that gets broken up by the band”. The remaining 28 battens are set as a ‘wall of lights’, arranged in four rows of seven. “I curved my back truss at the point where they hang from so I can get a focus onto stage; the band plays within 3

experience-centerThe Sextant Group sets sights on Alcons
Thursday, 5 July 2018

USA - Operating out of 11 offices across the US, The Sextant Group is a leading firm of technology consultants, providing innovative solutions to a wide range of client needs. Over the past few years, they have embraced the advantages of Alcons Audio loudspeakers for an increasing number of high profile projects.
The Sextant Group’s Joe Hammett is one of its senior systems designers. “I first learned of Alcons in late 2014,” he says. “The following year a co-worker recommended that I take a look at them, because we had a project where we needed to recess multiple subwoofers in a small space. I visited the company’s booth at InfoComm 2015, listened to the loudspeakers there and was immediately impressed. Then the real research began.”
He continues, “On many of my projects there is a fine balance between room aesthetics and the size of the loudspeakers required to produce the desired output. An advantage of Alcons pro-ribbon technology is that the power handling allows for a higher output with lower distortion, when compared to other loudspeakers of a similar size. With an Alcons solution, I am able to hide loudspeakers in recesses and other out-of-the-way places without sacrificing floor space.”
Two very different projects Joe has specified Alcons products for are a public-facing experience centre for a major electronics manufacturer in New York and an immersive theatre in a leading US children’s research hospital.
For the electronics manufacturer, the brief was for an ultra-high-quality audio system to complement a giant, 96

sloughAudiologic supplies QSC for Slough church
Thursday, 5 July 2018

UK - The New Testament Church of God (NTCG) has been established in Slough for more than 40 years and has occupied its current Herschel Street location since 1990.
Sound reinforcement for music and speech is of fundamental importance to a contemporary house of worship of this kind and having conducted a review of its provision, the church, led by Pastor Wayne Perkins, decided that the time had come to make improvements. Whilst the church was generally happy with its existing front of house speakers, issues surrounding onstage monitoring had reached a critical point and far greater flexibility was needed in terms of audio-mixing both onstage and for front of house.
Pastor Wayne reports, “Our programme of events across the year is varied and features everything from the spoken word to music soloists and full band ensembles. People of all ages and levels of experience take part in performances, so delivering clear sound on stage across every frequency is crucial to the communication that lies at the heart of our purpose. We had been suffering some intermittent faults with our existing analogue monitor system and given the fact that it was more than 20 years old, decided to replace it with something more up-to-date and reliable. A new mixing console was also essential to improving our all-round audio delivery, as was the need for good quality microphones.”
The church contacted Audiologic to seek guidance and advice on the best way forward and following a site visit, business development manager Paul Simpson recommended a QSC Audio system for stage m

hong-kongHong Kong club installs K-array system
Thursday, 5 July 2018

China - K-array systems have been installed in the latest bar created by Dining Concepts: Yojimbo, designed by international designer, Ashley Sutton.
Located in the heart of the nightlife precinct of Central, Hong Kong, Yojimbo replicates the underground world of Japanese clubbing through its international DJs, entertainment features and cocktails similar to the underground Ginza lanes of Tokyo.
Yojimbo is a slightly bigger space than many of Hong Kong’s bars or clubs yet a discreet system of four Vyper-KV52 line array elements and two Rumble-KU210 subwoofers powered by a Kommander-KA14 amp was enough DSP to cover the lobby bar area.
The main room functions as a nightclub so a more powerful line array of Mugello-KH3 loudspeakers were flown on either side of the DJ booth paired with a Mugello-KS5 subwoofer underneath it.
Completing the setup, a pair of smaller Mugello-KH2 powered line array elements has been installed on the opposite wall.
“K-array is a really good company to work with,” says Fabian Paganini, Dining Concept’s music director. “Their speakers are very good quality, but what’s also attractive is the opportunity to work with some quality people, such as [president of global sales] Marc Vincent who lives right here on Hong Kong Island and gets very involved with our installations.”
(Jim Evans)

toby-billyFirst PMBS apprentice completes training
Thursday, 5 July 2018

UK - Pinewood MBS Lighting (PMBS) has announced Billy Smith as the first team member to complete its apprentice programme. The PMBS Apprentice Programme was introduced to provide in-depth, hands-on instruction and tuition covering all aspects of working within the electrical department.
Smith joined PMBS as an apprentice lighting technician in June 2015 and has undergone training throughout each department within the warehouse, gaining working knowledge of the company’s specialist lighting equipment.
Along with in-house experience, Smith also completed the necessary electrical qualifications at Uxbridge College whilst adding some additional practical proficiency via secondment with a contracting electrician.
Toby Dare, PMBS operations director, says: “Billy has built up a solid working knowledge of all aspects of the lighting department. From stands to distribution, from textiles to automated fixtures, we have been able to augment Billy’s education with in-depth training on the proper, safe operation of a broad variety equipment.”
As part of the scheme, PMBS apprentices also benefit from experience working within Pinewood Studios, often including assisting in rigging stages or lighting short films. During his time with the company, Billy was able to act as part of the crew on a recent commercial filmed at the studio and, having completed the PMBS Apprentice Programme, is now embarking on a freelance career working with a group of well-established commercials gaffers.
Dare concludes: “We’re extremely proud of our apprentices.

lyric-theatre-024Belfast Lyric upgrades with Soundcraft
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

UK - Belfast’s award-winning Lyric Theatre, the only full-time producing theatre in Northern Ireland, has upgraded its FOH sound mixing console with a new Soundcraft Vi1000.
According to technical manager Ian Vennard, the facility’s existing desk had become dated and needed replacing. “We were starting to struggle with what we were trying to achieve with it,” he admits, “and our programme has included shows that stretched us way beyond its capabilities.” Consequently, over the past few years, they had rented different consoles - including Soundcraft - on shows that demanded more from the FOH console.
Eventually it was time to upgrade on a permanent basis, and with 2018 being the Lyric’s 50th anniversary at its Ridgeway Street home, there seemed no better time to act. The 96-channel Vi1000 digital desk was acquired from local dealer McCusker Pro Audio.
Vennard says: “The Snapshot Recall on the Vi1000 was one of the things that really stood out to us, and was the principle reason for going with the desk. Our Autumn season will see us present Good Vibrations, directed by Des Kennedy, and this show will allow us to really push the capabilities of the Vi1000, with a high input count from live musicians on stage and extensive sound design plot for the show. This will enable us to present the best sonic experience possible for the audience.”
As with most theatres, space at the Lyric is at a premium so the form factor of the Vi1000 meant that they could have a 96-channel mix at front of house and take up no more space than th

at6000seriesAudio-Technica shipping 6000 Series transmitter
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

USA - Audio-Technica is now shipping the ATW-T6002x handheld transmitter for the 6000 Series high density wireless system - a spectrum-efficient solution that allows users to pack 31 channels in 4 MHz of bandwidth.
The ATW-T6002x handheld transmitter offers low handling noise and features a metal construction body, high-visibility OLED screen, soft-touch controls and switchable RF power (2mW / 10mW / 50mW). Its industry-standard thread mount allows for the use of six new interchangeable A-T microphone capsules, as well as other compatible capsules.
(Jim Evans)

keithdanbySolotech appoints senior business developer
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Canada - Solotech’s Toronto-based Integration Division has announced the appointment of Keith Danby as senior business developer.
Danby will be in charge of growing Solotech’s integration business and market share in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, developing new and existing business accounts in the corporate, government and institutional segments.
Regional sales manager Rob Poretti comments: "Keith brings many years of lighting industry, sales and marketing experience to our group of professionals. We welcome him on board and look forward to expanding our industry-recognised level of service even further.”
(Jim Evans)

belawskiProfessional Wireless names project manager
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

USA - Professional Wireless Systems has announced the appointment of David Belawski to the role of technical project manager. Belawski will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of client projects including managing communications between clients and Professional Wireless Systems team members to ensure a successful event or installation.
Prior to joining Professional Wireless Systems, Belawski spent 11 years working for the University of Central Florida (UCF) Athletics department, first as assistant director of video production and for the last six years as the director of production services. In that role, he managed four full-time staff members and more than 30 freelancers and student interns while being responsible for the maintenance of all hardware assets, including sound systems, the centralised video control room, and LED video boards.
“The experience David brings to our customers is invaluable,” explains Jim Van Winkle, general manager for Professional Wireless Systems. “His knowledge of production and the gear used is very impressive and he understands the importance of communication and organisation.”
(Jim Evans)

pliant-24004chfamrtright-1Pliant CrewCom system now available
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

UK - Pliant Technologies and its UK distributor Sound Technology have announced the immediate availability of Pliant's new professional wireless intercom system, CrewCom.
CrewCom is based on a new technology platform “that offers the industry’s highest user density, unparalleled range, and scalability” and features the industry’s smallest fully-featured professional full-duplex wireless radio packs, multiple simultaneous frequency bands, as well as a host of user features, says the company. With CrewCom, production crews of all sizes can now easily and quickly deploy communications solutions to connect more people in more places than ever before, says the company.
“We took a completely non-traditional approach to wireless intercoms, and while CrewCom’s advanced technology offers huge benefits to the customer, the development time was longer than we had anticipated,” says Gary Rosen, vice-president of global sales for Pliant Technologies.
“The effort we invested in getting out the right product was commensurate with the importance of this new intercom system. With CrewCom’s release, we can now provide a wireless intercom solution that will change the way professionals use intercom, allowing both easy-to-use small wireless systems and large-scale deployments for those that need dramatic scalability and user count based on the same technology.”
CrewCom offers 1,024 conferences that provide the flexibility of a matrix/party-line without the cost. Unlike a matrix-based architecture, CrewCom is based on a decentralised platform t

robe-wow-kotrijk-4289Robe WOWS the crowds
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Belgium - Lighting designer Rik Uyttersprot from GRAViTY Design injected an edgy and raw lighting aesthetic to help showcase the stark bare stage production values of WOW at the Kortrijk Xpo in Belgium.
The performance comprised over 50 dance segments which were presented as the end of year work by classic and contemporary students from the Pirouette Dans School, one of the most famous dance and choreographic academies in Belgium.
Woven into the intense action and drama were 20 x Robe Spiider LED wash beams and 48 little LEDBeam 150 moving lights. These are part of a new purchase by Roeselare based lighting rental company La Strada Fashion which was delivered by Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux.
Rik has lit the annual Pirouette Dans show for over a decade and has worked with La Strada Fashion, which is owned by Roland D’Hondt, for around 18 years. La Strada will frequently hire Rik to work on the design elements of their lighting and visual projects.
The Hall has plenty of weight loading, so a series of raked trusses were flown in the roof above the stage. There is also the benefit of plenty of space around the stage area which accommodated five high powered projectors positioned behind an upstage screen, adding images and moving footage to the action.
The Spiiders and LEDBeam 150s were dotted all over these and used for the top lighting – from creating beautiful intricate scenes to blunt single beams illuminating dancers, these units gave Rik all the dynamics he needed to light the diverse performance which plays thr

bridgewaterhalltech1Bridgewater Hall increases flexibility with Chamsys
Wednesday, 4 July 2018

UK - Manchester’s 2,400-seat Bridgewater Hall presents a challenge for the facility’s technicians, who are often called upon to run the lighting for its many events.
Jonathan Rowland, technical manager of the hall, recently made it easier for his staff to perform this task by installing a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console. “Given the volume and diversity of what is booked here - everything from orchestral to rock concerts, as well as corporate events and graduations - our techs are often running the lights,” he explains. “We needed a lighting desk that all of our technicians could operate, even the sound guys!
“We looked at the available options that aligned with what our venue needed,” continues Rowland. “A trusted supplier, Chris Bogg of DBS Solutions, recommended ChamSys. The more we studied it, the more it seemed that the MQ80 with a PC Wing fitted the bill perfectly. The layout is simple and user friendly, and the touchscreen only adds to that simplicity. We like that the screen is a good size, easy to read, and allows you to change the user view when necessary.”
For a typical show or event, The Bridgewater Hall’s ChamSys console will use the pre- set faders or will work on the Execute function on the PC Wing. “This is really a treat for us,” says Rowland. “It’s really simple to put any previous settings/states onto the faders in seconds.”
Although the ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 is simple for the house technicians to run, the console, which supports 24 universes and has 10 Playback Faders with 200 pages, offers a robust

ayrtonAyrton boosts Vince Staples and Tyler, The Creator
Tuesday, 3 July 2018

USA - Currently performing at festivals across Europe, American rap and hip hop artist Vince Staples spent the first quarter of the year in the USA opening for headliner Tyler, the Creator.
To give each of the artists a dramatically different visual definition for their respective parts of the show, two contrasting designs were devised, with Staples’ performance taking place in front of a dramatic backdrop that juxtaposed cold white, stark and graphic looks, which then gave way to Tyler, the Creator’s set that featured a magical forest with lots of saturated colour, Kabuki drops and star drop visuals.
Add to that mix a rig that has to be moved away quickly to accommodate the set change to the headline act, and it’s easy to see the challenges that Staples’ lighting director and programmer, Tyler Santangelo, and manage r/ show director, Corey Smyth, had to overcome.
The solution was two lighting rigs of Ayrton fixtures, supplied by Las Vegas-based Morpheus Lights as part of the full tour package, with a bespoke floor package for Staples’ set that had a 10ft high back wall of 100 Ayrton DreamPanel Twin in a 5 x 20 configuration.
The ‘DreamWall’ was supplemented by two vertical side towers per side, each with four Ayrton MagicBladeFX (16 total) and an Ayrton MagicBurst graphic strobe unit. 18 more MagicBladeFX completed the look as downstage ground-row fixtures.
Tyler, the Creator’s headline rig included Ayrton NandoBeamS9 fixtures on the front truss, NandoBeamS6 units in main midstage truss, and NandoBeamS3 fixtures at st

ac-et-to-host-july-nexo-uk-open-dayAC-ET to host Nexo open day in Halifax
Tuesday, 3 July 2018

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) will be hosting a free Nexo UK open day at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.
The event will take place on 25 July (Wednesday) over two half-day sessions and will comprise demos of various Nexo product ranges, including the small ID series, the point-source PS series, the Geo M10 system as well as the venue’s own Geo M6 house PA system, which AC-ET supplied. Representatives from AC-ET’s specialist audio division and from Nexo will provide a full product demonstration and interactive listening sessions with each speaker series.
Shure will also be attending the event with their new Axient Digital wireless system.
Topics to be explored during the sessions will include Nexo power and processing; a general overview of line array theory; and an overview of the Nexo NS1 system design software.
The event is also an opportunity to receive a full demonstration of the Allen & Heath dLive digital consoles, with product experts on hand. There will be a selection of dLive consoles, including the venue’s S5000 with DM48 MixRack, which was also supplied by AC-ET.
Built in 1901, the 1,512-seater venue's surroundings and acoustics provide an appropriate theatre demo experience for the Nexo product range - with the venue's Geo M6 PA system catering for shows including rock 'n' roll, pop, ballet and opera, comedy, musicals and pantomime.
The sessions are free and complimentary refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided. For registration details, visit
(Jim Evans)

synergy-5-profileDTS debuts Synergy 5 Profile
Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Italy - DTS has launched Synergy 5 Profile, a new moving head in the company’s LED Profile range designed for live and broadcast productions.
Synergy 5 Profile’s main feature is the quality of the emitted light - CRI is higher than 90, with R9 (red) higher than 80, ensuring a realistic reproduction of colours and skin tones, according to DTS.
An example of the fixture’s versatility is the availability of a second selectable CRI in the same unit: CRI >75 for high brightness for applications where power is the key factor, such as large concerts.
First batches of the new fixture will start to ship at the end of July to cover all distributors orders already placed.
(Jim Evans)

cuepix-16-ipElation launches all-weather Cuepix panel
Tuesday, 3 July 2018

USA - Elation Professional has expanded its line of IP-rated products with the new Cuepix 16 IP. An IP65-rated 4x4 matrix LED blinder and effect panel, the Cuepix 16 IP is an updated version of the company’s Cuepix Panel, a 5 x 5 LED matrix panel launched five years ago.
Lighting fixtures mounted on a downstage truss like blinder/effect lights, or general area wash fixtures, are especially exposed to the elements - designers can now add high-impact colour or white light, eye candy or pixel-mapped effects, to productions of all types, indoors or out, without the worry of weather and cost and inconvenience of protective coverings, says the company.
Cuepix 16 IP houses 16 30W RGBA COB LEDs for a full spectrum of well-balanced, custom colours (saturates to pastels) with no pixelated rainbow shadows. The amber LED compared to the RGB-based Cuepix Panel extends the possible range of colours and gives more control over white balance, producing a better warm white. The COB LEDs give a higher-density output and a more even light distribution for superior all-around performance.
(Jim Evans)


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