artiste-davinciMotion GmbH invests in Elation Professional
Monday, 12 March 2018

Germany - Motion GmbH, which specialises in dry hire, has added Elation Professional Proteus Hybrid and Artiste DaVinci moving heads to its portfolio of moving lights. The fixtures are available at the company’s facility in Fürth, Germany, near Nuremberg.
The Proteus Hybrid, winner of the 2017 PLASA Award for Innovation, is an IP-65 certified 3-in-1 Spot/Beam/Wash floodlight that brings ideas to light under any weather conditions. The unit includes a sophisticated optical system with motorized zoom, CMY colour mixing and a revolutionary cooling principle.
HG Dünkel of the Motion Group explains the decision to go with the two innovative luminaires: "We chose the Proteus Hybrid because the combination of a 470-watt hybrid with a weatherproof housing is truly a unique selling proposition. As far as the Artiste DaVinci, it proved the best option in direct comparison with other 270-watt LED spots.”
(Jim Evans)

nickwarren3484X Factor Live tours with dLive
Monday, 12 March 2018

UK - The annual X Factor Live arena tour recently completed a 14-date UK run with Nick Warren (The Prodigy, Bryan Ferry, Elvis Costello) as FOH, who specified an Allen & Heath dLive for the production.
Supplied via Wigwam Audio, the system consisted of a dLive S7000 surface with a DM64 MixRack, handling up to 12 simultaneous live vocal mics and 24 channels of playback.
“Barney Vickers (Wigwam technical manager) introduced me to dLive initially,” explains Warren. “He left me alone with a surface for an hour, by which time I had it pretty much all pieced together. It’s incredibly easy to walk up and use, which sets it apart from the majority of digital systems.
“The sound of the system also really blew me away - it’s a very warm, analogue-y natural sound with amazing stereo imaging. So many shows sound super-processed these days, with people obsessing about and over-using various plug-ins – I used nothing but the dLive’s onboard effects, which sound amazing, for the whole tour.”
With a short pre-production period and a high-speed show, Nick found dLive's fast, flexible user-interface invaluable in delivering a great performance every night.
“The whole system feels like it’s been designed with engineers in mind, that Allen & Heath have listened to users and designed-in features that make workflow as straightforward as possible. That and the sound of the dLive make it a truly great system.”
(Jim Evans)

catsL-Acoustics tours South Korea with Cats
Monday, 12 March 2018

South Korea - Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats, one of the world’s longest-running musicals, has been touring South Korea since July 2017.
Specialist rental company Eco & Biz has been supplying the show’s audio requirements for the duration of the South Korea run, which centres around an L‑Acoustics Kara/Kiva II system, chosen for its ability to provide consistent quality and even coverage for the wide variety of venues on the tour’s itinerary.
Eco & Biz’s Kim Ki-young has been a sound designer since 1992. He has a long association with Cats in Asia, starting as manager of the sound team for Cats Korea Big Top Tour in 2003. For the current tour, which is produced by Seol & Company of Korea and Really Useful Company (RUC), the Australian arm of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s UK-based Really Useful Group (RUG), Kim was given free rein on the audio design.
Consistency on a global level is of the utmost importance and Kim collaborated with Cats’ UK music director to ensure the system used in South Korea would be right for a production of back-to-back songs.
By using L-Acoustics 3D acoustical simulation programme Soundvision to provide a predictable simulation for each venue, and knowing there is a consistent signature sound throughout the L-Acoustics range, Kim was confident he could change the set-up of the system to adapt to the varying room sizes on the tour. Additionally, by using the Array Morphing tool in LA Network Manager he knew that, within minutes, he could easily achieve a consistent tonal ba

hogfactor1180x4351High End launches Hog Factor USA 2018
Friday, 9 March 2018

USA - High End Systems has launched HogFactor USA 2018, the company’s annual two-phase collegiate lighting programming competition held in conjunction with major trade shows in North America and across the globe.
Universities are now invited to enter teams of up to three students. The submission deadline is 30 June and over 20 collegiate teams have already signed up to participate in Phase One. To enter, each team is required to provide a performance lighting piece programmed on a Hog or Hog 4 PC that can be downloaded for free with a special demo version of Light Converse visualisation.
Three teams will be shortlisted by 31 July to participate in Phase Two and programme a performance lighting piece based on High End Systems’ 2018 LDI booth design. The teams will then be invited to perform their shows live at LDI on 19 October (Friday) at the High End Systems booth, where the winners will be announced.
High End Systems’ Paul Hancock comments: “We are looking forward to this year’s Hog Factor competition. Just like our parent company, High End Systems is committed to cultivating the next generation of Hog programmers. The popularity of this competition has grown exponentially each year, and the complexity of work is constantly improving. I cannot wait to see what the students achieve this year.”
ETC vice-president of marketing, David Lincecum, adds: “HogFactor is exciting, rewarding and educational for the students, but equally so for the crowds that watch! The audience is really engaged in every beat of the performance.”

adamson-roubaix-show-mar18-hrAdamson enhances historic Colisée de Roubaix
Friday, 9 March 2018

France - The Colisée de Roubaix (Roubaix Coliseum) in France has undergone various interior transformations throughout its near-century of operations. The most recent of those included the installation of an S-Series loudspeaker system from Adamson to enhance the myriad of productions presented in the historic 1,700-seat main theatre.
The venue boasts 7,000 subscribers and welcomes an average of 100,000 spectators per season. Built in 1927, it is well known for its rich cultural history and stunning architecture. That, in addition to the many types of productions hosted on its main stage, from modern and classical music to opera, drama, and dance, resulted in a long list of stipulations for the ideal audio solution.
“We needed a system that would provide excellent sound reinforcement for a number of different productions, and that met several other technical criteria,” comments Franck Minet, head of sound at the Colisée de Roubaix. “We chose Adamson’s S-Series system as it delivers world-class sound in a compact, rider-friendly cabinet that meets our needs and the needs of any visiting engineer.”
The hall employs a scalable design that can transform from a left-right array configuration with six Adamson S10 two-way, full range cabinets to left-centre-right arrays of four S10s each. Four ground-stacked S119 subwoofers per side handle low end for the main level. Additional arrays of four S10s cover the balcony along with two flown S119s in a cardioid configuration under the catwalk.
Under the balcony are three clusters of four Adams

lctools2018Lightconverse Tools adds new functionalities
Friday, 9 March 2018

World - The 2018 version of Lightconverse Tools offers new features to the software, which is a specialised 3D design programme focused on stage design of all types and sizes.
LC Tools 2018 is compatible with Lightconverse 3D Show Platform as projects built in LC Tools can be directly imported.
From theatre spaces, corporate events and TV studios, to rock tours and awards shows, the software offers design, documentation and inventory options to quickly and effectively build shows from the ground up while decreasing the time and material expenses of implementation. It also can be thought of as an advanced paperwork platform which compliments Lightconverse 3D Show Platform.
The new functionalities for LC Tools 2018 include: Imported images duplications (supported formats: JPG, PNG); Import AutoCAD files, in addition to other types; Flip command (Fixture arrangement mirroring function); Fixture Collisions information and Fixture Autopatch function Lightconverse Tools is intended for use by many types of companies and individuals working in the entertainment industry, including equipment rental, sales, production, show development and event companies, theatres and TV studios, equipment manufacturers and more.

indonesiaopenhouseChauvet draws crowds to Asian open houses
Friday, 9 March 2018

Singapore - February ended on a high note for Chauvet in Asia. The company’s first open house in Singapore drew an enthusiastic crowd of close to 50 lighting professionals, who came for a first-hand look at the latest Chauvet Professional, Chauvet DJ and ChamSys products. This followed an open house with the company’s distributor ASIIS that drew over 100 lighting industry professionals to the large Neo Soho, Keluarga Allah Church in Jakarta, which recently had a full Chauvet product install.
Visitors to the Singapore event enjoyed hands-on demonstrations of the company’s Maverick and Ovation series fixtures as well as the ChamSys line of consoles, including the Magic MQ500 Stadium. Those who attended the Soho, Keluarga Allah open house got a first-hand look at how the 30,000-member church is using its extensive collection of Ovation, Rogue and COLORdash fixtures from as well as COLORband fixtures from Chauvet DJ.
At both sessions, visitors exchanged ideas and insights with Chauvet’s management team, including international sales director Stéphane Gressier, well-known industry veteran Hanslee Lim, who recently joined the company, and Aziz Adilkhodjaev of ChamSys.
Gressier says: “We were extremely pleased with the turnout and the level of enthusiasm at the two open house events. Our products were very well received, and all of us enjoyed the lively and informed conversations. All of us left the event more confident than ever in the future of Chauvet in Asia.”
(Jim Evans)

thievery-corporation3Platinum FLX textures Thievery Corporation
Friday, 9 March 2018

USA - When Thievery Corporation, played a month-long tour last autumn, lighting designer Luke Stratton turned to Elation Professional’s Platinum FLX hybrid moving head to visually complement the band’s innovative music with a variety of dazzling textures and graphics.
Stratton, owner of Luke Stratton Designs, who designed lighting for rock band Dopapod for seven years, punts all his shows, a hands-on approach that allows him to better customize looks for a creative band like Thievery Corporation. Calling himself an ‘old Elation user’ and ‘a big fan of hybrid lights’ and the versatile design options they provide, Stratton has been using Elation gear for years, including the Platinum FLX on festivals.
On Thievery’s fall tour, Stratton alternated the Platinum FLX hybrids with 1000W short-arc discharge fixtures across up- and mid-stage trusses with more fixtures lined on the floor behind three upstage risers. With its 20,000 lumens of power, the FLX not only had no problem keeping up with the 1000W fixtures, the LD had to tone them down a bit. “The FLX were so bright in beam mode I had to dial it back a bit by adding in gobos so they were more on par with the 1000W fixtures,” the LD comments.
Other fixtures in the rig included compact LED moving head wash lights as well as Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2 white light LED blinders, which the LD had placed between the airborne FLX and 1000W fixtures as a crowd-hyping audience blinder. “I could hardly tell they weren’t a traditional blinder,” he said of the bright, high-density output

foalsKOI award winner turns to GLP battens
Friday, 9 March 2018

UK - Experienced lighting designer Davy Sherwin has been turning increasingly to GLP’s X4 Bar 20 battens to provide stage dynamics for popular British bands including Foals, Wolf Alice and Sundara Karma.
The KOI award winner admits to having used them on his last four stage designs after he was introduced to them when planning his production design for Foals back in the summer, when seeking a row of LED pars for a low-level curtain effect. "I have been using them all quite differently with each band," he says. "What I have been trying to do is replace conventional moving lights instead of having rows and rows of wash lights and strobes."
As for the recent Sundara Karma tour, to bring the best out of the Reading-based indie band, with the exception of a few strobes, he ran the entire show with the X4 Bars, all sourced from rental company LCR in Blackburn, who hold a large inventory. The Belfast based LD said he was able to achieve a number of different looks - all from just a single light.
"All I used were floor lights and 12 x X4 Bar 20s on the back truss - 12 on the downstage edge and then three per side along the wings, from down- to upstage," he says.
Off the back truss, the curtain of light generated from the Bars, providing blocks of RGB colour, was a real eye-catcher. "I used the zoom with loads of colour effects and dimmer chases running through them. I had them in the extended mode, compressed 20-channel mode and single cell operation, and they replaced conventional wash

adlib-terracotta-warriors-17Adlib shows warrior spirit in Liverpool
Friday, 9 March 2018

UK - Liverpool-based installation and production specialist Adlib is supplying video and audio for an exhibition featuring China’s Terracotta Warriors being staged at the city’s World Museum. China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors exhibition is now open and running until 28 October 2018.
Featuring 10 life-sized figures, the exhibition includes a terracotta cavalry horse from the burial site of China’s First Emperor Qin Shi Huang (221-206 BC) and over 25 smaller warriors from the Han Empire, China’s second imperial dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). The exhibition opened in February and has already received worldwide acclaim and is exceptionally popular, attracting people from all over the UK and Europe, with visiting hours having been extended to accommodate the demand for tickets!
Adlib’s head of video, Tom Edwards, is project managing and oversaw the tender process for which they partnered with immersive technology experts and digital studio Draw & Code as content creators and presented to National Museums Liverpool (NML).
The brief was to make it immersive, experiential and fun and aim to engage a wider audience including those who might not necessarily consider visiting exhibitions.
“There wasn’t a specific existing technical brief in place,” explains Tom. “So we listened carefully to what they envisioned, and came up with some lively and flexible solutions for how to achieve the atmosphere, sonically and visually in the five separate areas, all distinctly different.”
Images are created with two Pa

victoria-theatre-halifax-dlive-2Victoria Theatre adds Allen & Heath dLive
Friday, 9 March 2018

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has supplied an Allen & Heath dLive digital mixing system to the Victoria Theatre, Halifax, for use on its diverse programme of live shows and events.
Built in 1901, the 1,512-seater venue required an upgrade of its existing analogue PA system and mixing console to a new system that could harness the very latest advances in digital sound reproduction and manipulation.
Steve Eaton, senior sales executive in AC-ET's dedicated audio division carried out a site evaluation to assess the system technical needs. Based on the console input, output and audio network distribution requirements, as well as the processing power and flexibility that were required for the differing types of live shows, Steve knew that the fully featured Allen & Heath dLive S Class S5000 console and DM48 MixRack system would be an appropriate solution covering all bases for them.
The AC-ET audio supply also included Nexo Geo M6 main house PA and D.A.D (Dynamic Audio Device) Touring / Fusion series monitor speaker systems, which are controlled by the dLive system.
Victoria Theatre's technical manager Oliver Brown comments: "The dLive console is definitely proving to be the right choice for our needs. Combined with our new speaker system, the audio quality is first class and the user interface is very intuitive. It's also very fast and easy to operate, and offers an exceptional level of flexibility to tailor the setup for different events. The console is a great investment and we are really pleased with it."
(Jim Eva

union-22-960x640ADJ brings holiday spirit to Liverpool store
Friday, 9 March 2018

UK - Production company UK Events Group used ADJ’s new AV4IP LED video panels to create a New York-inspired festive display for independent designer clothing store Union 22.
The display transformed the store’s façade and allowed a video show to be played throughout the day.
Union 22 director John Cooper comments: "I lived in New York for four years, so I saw what places like Macy’s and Saks do; the Christmas spirit is there in abundance! Since coming back to Liverpool, I’ve always wanted to do a large-scale project that was a showstopper and I knew UK Events Group were the ones to do it.”
James and the UK Events Group team installed a total of 184 ADJ AV4IP LED video panels behind all of the windows on the building’s four upper floors. This provided a large canvas for which a custom video show was created that ‘opened up’ the windows to provide a glimpse inside Santa’s workshop. The two-minute show, which also featured an audio soundtrack and the use of synthetic snow machines to add an extra touch of magic, ran every half hour from 9am to 9pm throughout the holiday season.
“We are big advocates of ADJ products,” says James, “and have had huge success with the AV6, so natural progression for us was to invest in the AV4IP. Kris [Dawber, ADJ UK and Ireland sales manager] always turns our orders round quickly and we were excited to be the first in the UK with this product. It came straight out of the box and onto a Christmas light switch-on event.
(Jim Evans)

midas-machines-run-first-vitality-big-festivalMidas machines run first Vitality Big Festival
Friday, 9 March 2018

UK - Midas’ generators beat the Beast from the East to power London Marathon Events’ Vitality Big Festival in Greenwich Park on 4 March (Sunday), across the finish line from the inaugural Big Half, which Mo Farah won in 61’ 40’’.
11,000 amateur runners, many from host boroughs Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich, followed the elite athletes’ race along the 13.1-mile route from Tower Bridge, the majority joining friends, family and supporters at the festival afterwards.
Event management specialist Relevent commissioned six Midas sets for the contract, providing for stage production, the sponsors’ area, including a New Balance shop and a fitness centre, a run of street stalls and the production village.
James Hodgson, director at Relevent, comments: “We have worked with Midas for a good many years. It’s an independent company that I’m absolutely confident about. The machines are very good, and reliable, and the Midas team is friendly and ready to dig in and help as required.”
The Big Festival build had to deal with about three inches of snow, sweeping the site to find the Royal Parks’ pre-requisite trackway for plant and vehicles.
Hugh Brasher, the event director, who completed the run himself, said: “When we launched the Vitality Big Half, we set ourselves a target of making it the first mass participation event that truly reflects London’s unique diversity while also bringing together the best athletes in the world. We said we wanted an event that was truly global and uniquely local and we ach

livespaceMichigan’s LiveSpace partners with EAW Adaptive
Friday, 9 March 2018

USA - National full-service audio, video and lighting integrator and live event production company LiveSpace has added an Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Adaptive system to its inventory. The system is made up of Anna enclosures and Otto subwoofer modules.
Grand Rapids, Michigan-based LiveSpace was first introduced to Anna at a couple of industry trade shows. Since then, they have had the opportunity to demo the Anna/Otto systems for a variety of clients who each have unique audio environments. At that point, it became clear that they could benefit from owning their own Adaptive system.
“We were so impressed with the versatility and quality of the system that we decided to invest in it ourselves,” explains company President AJ Sweeney. “It will plug-and-play into our existing live productions and we felt it would further expand our business by offering another nationally recognized, rider-friendly PA. It’s a win-win for everyone.”
“AJ and his team at LiveSpace exemplify a company that is determined to offer more than the status quo,” adds Jeremy Forsythe, business development manager, installation at EAW. “It’s exciting for us to have them on our team helping spread the word about Adaptive.”
(Jim Evans)

swedenWireless Solution Sweden expands
Friday, 9 March 2018

Sweden - Wireless Solution has recently expanded its team with the hiring of two new staff members to meet its continual growth rate and to keep improving its development and customer support.
As part of the expansion, Wireless Solution has built an in-house assembly space, where Jonas Jonsson, W-DMX’s new production technician, has started full-time. This new space will allow for quick manufacturing turnaround, along with a stricter quality control over all components. Jonas will also be involved with RMA and second-line of support and repairs of all W-DMX products.
Wireless Solution has also secured another in-house R&D engineer to support Anders Zellén in the development team. Dimitar Kolev, an electronics engineer with over 20 years of experience, brings wide knowledge of hardware and PCB design, allowing for a quicker turnaround within the department. Dimitar has previously worked for RISE Acreo, LumenRadio and Semcon.
Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, comments: “The biggest part of our commitment to our users is keeping our manufacturing and assembly in Sweden – for 15 years we have kept that promise, and we’ll continue honouring it. We are extremely happy with securing two new team members, as they will help us to improve and grow our brand.”
This year Wireless Solution will be celebrating its 15th year as a global supplier of Wireless DMX technology - the celebrations will be taking place at Prolight & Sound in April, where the manufacturer will showcase its latest technology.
(Jim Evans)

total-structures-a-eurotruss-companyEurotruss acquires Total Structures
Thursday, 8 March 2018

USA - Global supplier of truss, staging and rigging equipment Eurotruss has acquired US structural systems manufacturer Total Structures, becoming the sole owner of the Ventura-based company.
The deal is hoped to allow Total Structures “to offer a greater product range and use the knowledge, expertise and scale in continuing to be a leading brand and partner in the US market”. The US company’s new management will be led by former Tomcat employees Scott Johnson as CEO and Bill Berrier as CFO.
Martin Kuyper, founder of Eurotruss, comments: “This acquisition strengthens our product portfolio and supply chain, being the first truss brand providing nationwide coverage from our two factories in Ventura, CA and Knoxville, TN.
“We will honour, respect and continue the products, values and business of Total Structures while integrating the Eurotruss brand and its products under the Total Structures flag in the US market.”
Scott Johnson adds: “We plan on continuing to build on the legacy of Ian Coles and Peter Johns, previous owners of Total Structures. I am excited and honoured to lead Total Structures with our amazing team in both Ventura and Knoxville, to be the number one brand and to be the best solutions partner for our customers. We will grow the business while not compromising the unique values and support which are the pillar of Total Structures.”
Total Structures was founded in 1992 and has approximately 30 employees. Over the last 25 years, the company has developed many new innovative products as the Omni Connector,

webnews434Jan Huewel and Martin Kuhn launch ioversal
Thursday, 8 March 2018

Europe - Jan Huewel, former CEO of coolux GmbH and former senior director at Christie Digital, has teamed up with Martin Kuhn, former creative director of auviso, to start a new AV business - ioversal.
The new company is planning to release a universal AV production suite that “combines and advances proven workflows and concepts with cutting edge technological developments in the fields of IT hardware, network technology and software development”.
In a joint statement, the founders comment: “We aspire to offer a new, simplified way to handle media production for everyone, ranging from projects in digital signage to fixed installations, rental staging and even complex interactive experiences.”
Huewel comments: “Founding coolux and developing it along with its key products Pandoras Box & Widget Designer over the past 15 years into a thriving and successful business has been one of the great accomplishments of my professional life. With the completion of the integration of coolux into Christie Digital, I have decided that I am ready to move on to a new interesting and exciting opportunity. ioversal is the foundation to develop the next generation AV production suite."
(Jim Evans)

hawthorn-event-production-awardHawthorn celebrates production award
Thursday, 8 March 2018

UK - Creative technical event production company Hawthorn celebrated success last week after picking up the award for Event Production of the Year at The Event Production Awards 2018. White Light's entry was highly commended in the same category. 
To win the award, Hawthorn showcased their work on the Adobe Summit EMEA 2017. Working with agency Taylor Bennett Partners, the team delivered full technical production for the immersive two-day event which saw 5,000 digital marketing professionals gather for the thought-leading Adobe brand experience.
This included delivering the technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out rooms and the muchly anticipated Summit Celebration. From the creation of a virtual waterfall to the installation of an interactive ceiling using 1017 panels of LED, the event was a true technical challenge for the team.
Hawthorn’s creative director Pete Harding, who led the team working on Adobe Summit EMEA, said “The Summit is always an exciting project for us to deliver. Taylor Bennett are renowned for creating exceptional brand experiences and each year they present us with a new set of exciting technical challenges to solve to bring their amazing vision to life. The Event Production Awards have an esteemed judging panel featuring the best in the industry so I’m incredibly proud of the entire Hawthorn team for the win.”
(Jim Evans)

jim-sidesJim Sides joins Point Source Audio in global role
Thursday, 8 March 2018

USA - Point Source Audio (PSA), an audio equipment manufacturer specialising in the development of miniature microphones and headsets, has named pro audio industry veteran Jim Sides as vice-president of global partnerships.
Sides has served as a consultant at the company since late 2017 and has nearly four decades of experience in the entertainment industry including senior management positions at Apogee Sound, Nexo USA/SA, Meyer Sound Labs. He also co-founded VUE Audiotechnik and entertainment consultancy Eklektric.
Yvonne Ho, vice president of sales and marketing at PSA, comments: “We are extremely pleased to have Jim officially on our team. After Jim came on board as a consultant, it quickly became clear that there was tremendous potential for a fit at a time when Point Source Audio is on a growth trajectory in the U.S. and around the world.”
PSA president James Lamb adds: “With roots as a working musician, sound engineer and producer, and senior management for several of the industry’s leading brands, I can’t think of anyone who can better support our mission than Jim."
Sides comments: “Point Source Audio not only has a line-up of top-notch products, but also a commitment to collaborative partnerships and customer experience that’s unmatched in the audio industry. I’m proud to be a part of it and look forward to helping manage the company’s continued growth in the coming years.”
PSA, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has leading pro audio partners such as Autograph Sales in the UK, Avon Lyd in Norwa

the-best-man-3--pamela-raithWhite Light supplies The Best Man
Thursday, 8 March 2018

UK - First performed in 1960, Gore Vidal’s The Best Man recently made its debut in London’s West End. Opening at the Playhouse Theatre, the show tells the story of two presidential candidates who are both vying for an endorsement from the current president; with the play exploring the lengths they’ll go to achieve this. This latest production is produced by Bill Kenwright and the lighting equipment was supplied by White Light.
The Best Man enters the West End directly from a UK tour, on which WL also supplied the lighting. It stars a range of well-known names, including Martin Shaw, Maureen Lipman and Honeysuckle Weeks and features a lighting design by Chris Davey.
Chris comments: “The entire play is set in a hotel suite in Philadelphia, which houses both of the candidates. In terms of the set, there is a huge gauze wall with a bedroom upstage that disappears at certain points throughout the show. That said, the most important part of the set, in terms of lighting, was the huge window positioned stage right. One of my biggest tasks was to make the window believable that it was lighting the room at various points throughout the day.”
To achieve this, Chris drew on a range of 5kW Fresnels. He explains: “The Fresnels made the windows bright enough yet ensured that all of the cast received the correct amount of lighting coverage. The evening scenes contain a heavy top light to suggest a chandelier and par cans skim across the net curtain to imply the street lights outside; with the suite being based on the third floor.”

ac-et-helps-ve-m-take-stock-of-its-production-technologies-2AC-ET helps VE-M upgrade production technologies
Thursday, 8 March 2018

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) have helped full event production services company VisionEvents Manchester (VE-M) to upgrade their equipment inventory with some of the latest technologies from premier industry brands, including Green Hippo, Panasonic, ProLights, Sennheiser, Manfrotto, Doughty and Tourflex Cabling.
VE-M's complete event services cover all creative and technical aspects of client projects - including event planning & solutions; creative graphics & video production; and technology equipment hire.
VE-M were keen to invest in high quality new video, sound and lighting technologies for their AV department, so approached AC-ET, knowing that the company would be able to meet all their needs.
Mike Docksey in AC-ET's external sales team oversaw the sale. Working with product specialists in the company's dedicated video, lighting, audio and rigging divisions, he selected from over 200 industry brands - including some available exclusively in the UK from the company.
AC-ET supplied a large 30sq.m indoor video wall system featuring 120 separate ProLights AlphaPIX2 LED panels, plus related system equipment and flightcases.
In addition, AC-ET's in-house Tourflex Cabling custom cable assembly service supplied 120 1.1m lengths of both Tourflex Datasafe Ultra Cat 5e cable and PowerCON extension cable, for networking together and powering all panels in the ProLights AlphaPIX2 video wall.
For events where the budget, time or space do not permit using a video wall, VE-M purchased six Panasonic high bright

singen4Stadthalle Singen upgrades with Yamaha CL5
Thursday, 8 March 2018

Germany - Stadthalle Singen in Singen was recently upgraded with a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing system to the benefit of both national and international productions.
Owned and managed by Kultur und Tourismus Singen (KTS), the venue has attracted over 850,000 visitors to more than 2,400 events in the 10 years since it opened. Described as ‘the most versatile event and conference centre between the Black Forest and Lake Constance’, it features the Thügasaal (up to 690 seats), Small Hall (up to 270 seats) and Gallery (up to 203 seats), plus three meeting rooms and two seminar rooms.
Thanks to an inventive, modular construction with movable floors, a flat space of 1700 m² can be created by combining the Thügasaal, Small Hall, main foyer and side foyer. This versatility allows a wide range of large events such as theatre, ballet, opera, musicals, rock, pop and classical concerts, congresses, fairs and corporate events to be hosted, as well as more intimate occasions like cabaret, lectures, readings, seminars, meetings and parties.
Recognising the increasingly complex events that Stadthalle Singen attracts, this autumn its Yamaha M7CL mixing console has been upgraded to a CL5 with Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D i/o units.
“The modular room concept, with different spaces regularly being used in parallel, requires flexible signal distribution throughout the venue,” says Ulf Hahn of Praxl Licht- & Tontechnik GmbH, who supplied and installed the new system. “The flexibility and use of Dante were obvious reasons for choosing the Yamaha CL5, but i

freddiejohnsiiiattheallenheathdlives5000Snoop Dogg monitors with dLive
Thursday, 8 March 2018

USA - Rapper Snoop Dogg completed his most recent touring season with dates in the American Southwest and West Coast supported by monitor engineer Freddie Johns III mixing on an Allen & Heath dLive S Class S5000 Surface with DM64 MixRack.
Johns, who has also worked with artists like B.o.B., Far East Movement, Jeremih and A$AP Rocky had been using an older digital mixer with Snoop Dogg. Then, he had a chance to try out a dLive for several days in Los Angeles and says, “I fell in love with the desk.” Johns had multi-track recordings from previous Snoop Dogg concerts and played these using the dLive’s Virtual Sound Check to set up and mix a couple of virtual shows. “I just became one with the board,” he said. “Ever since then, I’ve had it on every Snoop Dogg show.”
Snoop Dogg’s monitor setup includes in-ear monitors, floor wedges and side-fills and Johns noted, “Snoop is on ears but he likes to feel it on stage from the wedges. So, there’s a challenge in trying to balance the ears mix with the stage mix without getting a lot of ambient noise feeding into the mics.” Johns uses the “IEM Glue” preset on the dLive’s multi-band compressor to help maintain this balance. “I could really tell the difference having that on the ears,” he said.
Johns uses the dLive’s Dyn8 dynamic EQ on Snoop’s vocal. “I have Snoop’s vocals double-patched,” he said. “And, I do something different with his wedges than I do with his ears. So, on his ears, I have the Dyn8 and I really like that multi-band compressor, too. Snoop says i

danny-tomkinsFlashlight appoints business manager
Thursday, 8 March 2018

UK - Film, TV and theatre lighting supplier Flashlight has announced the appointment of Danny Tomkins, who joins the company's UK sales department as a business development manager. Tomkins will provide field-based sales and support for the company's expanding range of leading lighting brands.
He has grown into the industry over the last eight years working with Rosco (UK) focusing on the LED solutions for the film and TV market. Danny says: "I'm looking forward to the exciting challenges and learning from two of the best in Andy and Rob."
Flashlight directors Andy Dodd and Rob Williamson comment: "We're delighted to welcome Danny to the company. His enthusiasm and hunger in the film/ TV lighting market allows us to continue to be in front of end users and support new business with a strong presence."
(Jim Evans)


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