basic-lighting-workshop-invitationExperienced LD to lead theatre lighting workshops at DWR Distribution
Thursday, 28 September 2017

South Africa - Lighting designer Michael Taylor-Broderick will present a two-day theatre lighting workshop at DWR Distribution in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg in October.
A respected lighting designer with over 15 years’ experience, Michael will mentor up-and-coming lighting designers, technicians and anyone else who has a passion for theatre.
The course will cover a range of topics from the objectives of stage lighting to the elements of design. Working on a vast range of theatrical productions, Michael has a wealth of information to share.
The training will kick off at DWR Cape Town on the 17-18 October from 9am to 5pm. The next stop will be DWR Durban, where the course will be held on 23-24 October before visiting Johannesburg on 26-27 October.
The cost is R1 700.00 and this covers lunch and refreshments. Bookings should please be made on line at:
(Jim Evans)

hawthornkoi2017Hawthorn helps Knights of Illumination celebrate
Thursday, 28 September 2017

UK - Celebrating the very best talent in the world of lighting and video design, the 10th Knight of Illumination Awards took place at the Eventim Apollo, London on 17 September 2017. As one of the ceremony’s spotlight sponsors, creative technical event expert Hawthorn provided full technical production for the occasion.
With over 500 lighting and video professionals attending the award ceremony, the pressure was on for Hawthorn to deliver a spectacular production. Hawthorn’s lighting designer Chris Green took up the challenge of delivering an impressive design to a room filled with the most esteemed LDs in the industry.
With Claypaky as headline sponsor, Green used a range of their fixtures to produce a lighting design that fitted the look and feel of the iconic venue perfectly. “We used 20 K20 B-EYEs all running in Full mode which allowed for pixel mapping,” says Green. ‘We used twelve of these on an upstage curved truss which sat just above the screen and really framed the stage.
“During the ceremony, the fixtures were used purely for eye-candy as we could create some detailed award sting looks thanks to their pixel mapping ability. They were then used as a warm wash to boost light level during dinner. Another eight K20 B-Eyes were also used on the floor to light up our custom-made 12m red velour drapes, adding that all important sense of grandeur.”
Fourteen Scenius Profiles were also used on the rig to add detail to looks whilst also adding atmosphere to the room with another six used behind the stage to add depth. QWO 800s ad

wels-festivalMLA takes to the streets at MusikFestiWels
Thursday, 28 September 2017

Austria - The inaugural MusikFestiWels that took on 14-15 July in Wels featured around 20 acts across three open-air stages in the city’s streets and squares.
Martin Audio’s territory distributor k24 Technik & Vertrieb supported its customer, service provider Sound & Light Systems, who fielded a premium MLA Compact PA on the main stage, while lighting was provided by Powerland.
While Sound & Light Systems provided its full inventory, this was augmented by MLA Compact enclosures from Schallmeister, enabling the main stage system to be designed around 20 MLA Compact (10 elements per side) and nine MLX subwoofers in a cardioid left/centre/right array. In addition, four XD12 provided front-fill, BlacklineX12s and WS18X subs were on side-fill duties, four W8LM Mini Line Array served as delays and LE1500 as stage monitors.
Providing technical back-up were Johannes Stummer from k24 assisted by Martin Audio’s product support engineer Nigel Meddemmen.
Strict noise curfews were placed during this outdoor event, but production was able to meet all offsite requirements via the optimisation presets in the proprietary DISPLAY software. System set-up was overseen by Meddemmen.
In addition to the musical acts, 20 YouTube stars from Austria and Germany who have helped to inspire the younger generation, also appeared on the main Kaiser-Josef-Platz stage on the opening night.
(Jim Evans)

the-band-credit-matt-crockettWhite Light joins The Band on UK tour
Thursday, 28 September 2017

UK - White Light is providing the lighting equipment for The Band, a new musical that features Take That's music.
Written by Tim Firth, the production, which stars the winners of BBC series Let It Shine, opened this week at the Manchester Opera House and will now tour the rest of the UK.
The lighting designer for the show is Patrick Woodroffe and his associate is Rob Casey. Rob commented: “Working closely with projection designer Luke Halls, our role on the show was to aid the storytelling by guiding the audience, in terms of progressing the timeline as well as highlighting moments of particular importance. Similarly, there are two large concerts in each time period so we needed a lighting rig that could easily replicate these.”
The Band combines classic drama with recreated pop concerts on stage, something which Patrick and Rob were very conscious of when designing their rig. Rob explained: “The overhead LX trusses are deliberately silver as one of them is in view for the concert numbers. We also have two large stadium truss frames, which we use a lot for the 1992 concert, along with an LX bar full of Sharpy washes that we utilise for the modern-day concert; with the equipment helping to define the separate timelines.”
To achieve their ideal rig, Patrick and Rob approached WL and drew on the company’s extensive equipment inventory. Rob comments: “The main rig is made up of MAC Viper Wash DXs, MAC Viper Performances, MAC TW1s and Aura XBs. The set design is a series of almost Hockney-esque polaroid frame proj

kinesys-new-singapore-distrbutor-total-solution-team-20170921152652Kinesys confirms new Singapore distributor
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Singapore - Automation and motion control specialists and manufacturer Kinesys has appointed a new distributor in Singapore - Total Solution.
The move underlines the increased trend for motion control and movement systems becoming a visual element of live shows, events and spectaculars.
Kinesys MD Dave Weatherhead said: “There’s been a surge of interest in Kinesys in Asia generally in the last two to three years, and the timing of this deal is perfect for us to capitalize on this and increase our brand exposure and market share. Total Solution is a strong company that is well-established and respected, and we’re looking forward to a very positive working relationship.”
Total Solution was founded by Glenn Wong in 1998 and works with a number of premium lighting, rigging and AV brands across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
Glenn commented: “The interest in Kinesys in particular has grown in the last three years and we’ve had inquiries from numerous customers and potential clients as more productions are using more complex movement systems to create WOW factors for their shows.”
He has actually been aware of and watching Kinesys for some time, and was waiting for the right time to get involved more proactively from a sales angle.
Total Solution is far more than just a sales operation; the company prides itself in proper training, advanced product profiling and having an excellent general backup, service and support infrastructure - which was instrumental in cementing the deal with Kinesys.
Total Solutio

chorus-line-8Elation Chorus Line offers flexibility
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

USA - With Elation Professional’s new Chorus Line of flexible LED batten luminaires, strip lights have graduated from static, single-purpose wash lights to more maneuverable, adaptable lighting effects that can fulfill a number of purposes in a single show. This new range of multi-purpose LED batten wash luminaires features a wide motorized zoom, dynamic 220° tilt axis movement and the power to compete with LED video.
“With the continued improvements in LED technology, the possibilities to use linear LED battens for everything from dynamic visuals to more practical lighting solutions have increased,” said Elation sales director Eric Loader. “With the advent of pixel control used as direct eye candy and the ability to use it as a stage wash or foot light, the Chorus Line represents the latest in LED pixel bar effects. The added zoom optics on the LEDs allow it to be used to light objects, scenery, cycs and stages, and the tilt motor function allows it to position or move dynamically during a show, all adding to its capabilities.”
Chorus Line is available in two versions, the 8-pixel bar Chorus Line 8 and the 16-pixel bar Chorus Line 16. Both luminaires house 40W RGBW LEDs with full pixel control and are ideal for use as visual effects, foot lights, wash lights, cyc lights and more.
The new high-power Osram 40W RGBW LEDs allow the Chorus Line to perform on the largest stages and compete with the bright LED video screens used on most large productions today. Well-defined LED pixel spacing also allows for more impact and aerial effect on ca

zero-88-plasa-2017-innovation-award-pla191016031-1Zero 88 wins again in anniversary year
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

UK - Eaton’s Zero 88 team enjoyed a busy PLASA this year, in their 45th year serving the entertainment industry.
The new FLX S consoles were on display and proved very popular - designed for applications where space, time, ease of use and flexibility are key factors. Also on show at PLASA for the first time were the Chilli Pro 12 range of relay, dimming and bypass dimmers and the versatile Alphapack 3 in a new powerCON TRUE1 version.
Zero 88 continued its winning ways, collecting a coveted PLASA Award for Innovation for the inventive RigSync application, a feature available with the latest version of its powerful and flexible ZerOS console software. RigSync demystifies the work of DMX addressing for console users, allowing them more time to focus on being imaginative, while the technical elements sort themselves out via the console talking to the lighting rig. The judges commented: “RigSync opens up lighting creativity opportunities for non-technical people in an entry-level environment.”
This is the second PLASA Innovation Award that Cwmbran, Wales based Zero 88 has won in two years, adding to 2015’s recognition of the new FLX lighting console.
“We are absolutely delighted to have won another Innovation Award so soon,” stated Zero 88 general manager David Catterall. “We believe in making lighting control affordable, straightforward and fun, and this is a great example of ingenuity from which many people will benefit.”
(Jim Evans)

commanderRC4 Wireless Commander software makes debut
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

USA - RC4 Wireless has revolutionised the configuration of its expansive line of wireless DMX devices with its RC4 Commander software programme which debuted at PLASA 2017.
RC4 Commander allows users big and small to easily configure systems with the click of a button.
"Several years ago, we introduced RC4Magic PC, and it's been a real workhorse," said James Smith, RC4 founder and chief product developer. "But we've always known we needed OSX support, and for the interface to feel more user-friendly. We have achieved both with the RC4 Commander software.”
The RC4 line of dimmers and pixel drivers have an ever-growing set of functions and modes in order to solve all of the challenges faced in the entertainment world. The RC4 Commander software allows easy configuration of the versatile list of features using an all new graphic interface. Users of the RC4Magic PC will notice that changes no longer have to be sent to devices in order to change settings.
RC4 Commander delivers real time changes to the devices as users pick from drop down menus or buttons. Adjusting PWM frequency for film or live performance, setting dimming curves for lamp sources or just assigning DMX addresses, is now easy and intuitive for all users.
RC4 Commander has now made configuring multiple devices in a show almost effortless. The RC4 Commander software automatically detects and populates all of the information from the devices in the system. Upon first use, a user is requested to enter Unit IDs and has the ability to assign device names. This makes it easy to id

protec-officeProtec continues to grow
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

UAE - The Dubai headquartered company that is celebrating its 18th year of business continues to show growth whilst retaining its undisputed position in the industry not only as the region’s leading event solutions provider but also a major player in the world market.
The company that already owns one of the world’s largest event rental stocks that include the latest equipment in lighting, video, audio, rigging & trussing, scenic & staging, automation & SFX, conference equipment, robotics & motion tracking, has once more invested heavily in new technology and equipment over a busy season in 2017.
The season has seen Protec at the core of some truly exceptional events that has taken them across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The year was kicked off by the multiple award-winning IDEX opening ceremony in Abu Dhabi, one of the season’s highlights. This is a spectacular show that the company has produced since 2013 and seen live by almost 75,000 people and broadcast to millions of television viewers and that doesn’t include the enormous social media engagement across multiple platforms!
The next few months saw the company’s involvement in events of every kind - from conferences to concerts and everything in between. The end of season’s highlight was another spectacular and enormous success in the form of the Dubai edition of Unite with Tomorrowland for which the company delivered the entire scenic and staging, lighting, audio, video, rigging and backline.
On the back of this busy year, the company has

radioheadAndi Watson radios in on GLP’s big guns
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Germany - Radiohead’s long-serving lighting designer Andi Watson has been using 48 of GLP’s X4 L LED spots as well as 14 of the award-winning X4 Bar 20 battens (as well as several shorter X4 Bar 10) on the band’s latest A Moon Shaped Pool tour. These were supplied by Upstaging in the States, while Neg Earth picked up the European leg of the tour.
“My job is to create an environment for the Radiohead songs to exist within the stage. With so many layers to what they do, many different instruments and lots going on, I have to build complex arrangements to represent the songs visually.” He confirms that there are over 240 layers of video mapped to multiple projection and LED surfaces in order to reinforce typically between 80 to more than 100 unique songs.
For the rig structure he has favoured curves. “There are two front trusses, one for the front line and one for the two drummers and bass player,” Watson continues. “I need to keep the angle of incidence high to avoid bounce back on the elliptical screen, which has been sprayed silver and covered in glitter.”
As for the GLP effects, he says, “I’ve always been a big fan of the X4, but when we came to do this tour - knowing we would be headlining festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury - I knew I couldn’t really light the crowd adequately with those fixtures. So instead, on those two front trusses, we have these lovely X4 L.”
In addition to lighting the audience there are a further 14 fixtures upstage, used to backlight the band, and a further 14 on the floor.

robbie-williamsDiGiCo boxes clever for Robbie Williams
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

UK - The beginning of June saw Robbie Williams kick off his Heavy Entertainment Show tour on home turf at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium. The tour has continued throughout the summer, taking in stadiums, fields and arenas across the UK and Europe.
The tour’s audio requirements are provided by Robbie’s long-term supplier Britannia Row Productions (Brit Row) and has DiGiCo’s flagship SD7 consoles at both the Front of House and monitor positions.
Simon Hodge, Robbie’s Front of House engineer, has been using an SD7 for the last six years and continues to rely on it to handle this complex show. Jonathan Digby takes care of monitors, keeping the seat warm for Robbie’s long-standing monitor engineer, Pete Mc Glynn, who is recovering from an accident he had shortly before the tour took off. Jonathan is also deploying a SD7.
“The show is complicated, so both SD7s are running to timecode,” explained Brit Row’s Josh Lloyd. “There are 18 people on stage, as well as the techs all being provided with monitors. The timecode enables multiple Snapshot sequences to be fired for mix changes within a song, or to allow musical segues to happen seamlessly, so that Jonathan can focus on mixing the show for Robbie. At FOH, much the same timecode removes the need to hit various critical cues between musical transitions and allows Simon to focus on the creative side of mixing and making sure Robbie’s vocal is always heard. This is something not many other desks can do so easily.”
Both SD7s use Gain Tracking and are on an optical loop, with t

jhankaar-school-of-dance1Mavericks reflect passion of You’re The Fire
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

South Africa - Dance has been an integral part of Indian culture since ancient times. Over 3,500 years ago, the Vedas’ carefully choreographed rituals were used to convey spiritual themes. This tradition lives on in beautiful fashion in South Africa today, where the Jhankaar School of Dance in Lenasia keeps dance (often with a more modern twist) in the forefront of the cultural life of the nation’s large Indian community.
Reaffirming its mission, the school, which was founded in 1986, stages an annual production of celebrated Indian dances. On 9-10 September this year, Jhankaar 2017, featured a moving and passionate performance of the contemporary Indian dance You’re The Fire. Accenting the longings and desires that weave their way through this powerful story of self-discovery is an equally intense Shaniel Laloo lightshow that draws on the output of 26 Chauvet Professional Maverick and Rogue luminaires supplied by JYM Sound and Light.
“We specified the Mavericks and Rogues for Shaniel’s show because they provide the intensity needed to match the energy level of this dance,” said Vishal Nana of JMY Sound and Light. “At the same time, they gave us the rich colours we wanted to accent the beautiful scenery in this production.”
Laloo used four Maverick MK2 Washes, six Maverick MK2 Spots, 10 Rogue R2 Spots and six Rogue R1 Beams in his design for the dance. He flew most of these fixtures approximately 25 feet over the downstage deck. A collection of two spots and two washes was flown from horizontally oriented truss on either side

amadeusAmadeus 3D sound system brings history alive
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

China - Amadeus has announced a 50-speaker install with '3D Sound' control. The sound system compliments 20 giant 'soft LED' screens and performances of 700 actors in China's first live event dramatizing the historical 1938 Xi'an Incident - which is credited with creating modern China.
The State-run theatre is located in the exact location where the Xi'an Incident happened. Amadeus worked with its distributor, Guangzhou Sign King ET Co., Ltd., Swiss-based company Sonic Emotion, and British manufacturer of digital mixing consoles DiGiCo to design and install the sound setup within the massive new building.
Wymen Wong, of Guangzhou Sign King ET Co., Ltd., states, "Amadeus delivered the best solutions, both in terms of products and services, matching the design constraints and goals that the Show Director' expectations. The audience also expects a lot from a sound system and AVLS combined everything as a whole."
Gaetan Byk, Marketing Manager at Amadeus adds: "The set-up's complexity, as well as its artistic dimension, implied dual implications for Amadeus, both material and immaterial, offering a savoir-faire, an expertise, more than just offering well-developed speakers. Amadeus' legitimacy stems from the prestigious legacy gained in the professional audio world over the last 25 years. Our long list of users includes many of the greatest sound engineers, composers, mixers and producers in France.
"Our great relationships with major French theatrical, musical and cultural institutions, and with professionals with talents, sensitivi

penn-elcom-new-chinese-facility-exteriorPenn Elcom expands Chinese operation
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

China - Multinational flight case hardware and 19-inch racking manufacturer Penn Elcom has opened a new 2000sq.m distribution centre close to Beijing, which will run in conjunction with its busy manufacturing operation in Guangdong.
The company hopes holding a large amount of stock for immediate dispatch in a major commercial hub like Beijing will further boost the speed and delivery of products across mainland China and to Penn’s Asia-wide operation.
“We needed to invest to fuel further growth,” explained Penn Elcom chairman and founder Roger Willems, “and to capitalise on those flightcase users in all sectors who are requesting that their case makers – our clients – utilise Penn hardware by default”.
The new facility will be headed by Huang Xue Lin (Linda Hwang), a multi-skilled manager and customer relations specialist who has worked for Penn Elcom for the last 15 years, most recently, running the company’s Malaysian facility.
Linda attends all the primary trade fairs and expos in the region, handles key client accounts and is very much a public face of Penn Elcom in Asia. Initially working with a team of six, from the new Beijing facility, Linda will help maintain the super-fast and efficient delivery for which Penn is renowned.
Penn has already been manufacturing flightcase elements in China for several years, resulting in becoming well-established in Asian markets and a go-to reference brand for reliable and innovative premium flight case hardware.
More recently, sales of Penn’s 19-inch racking product have

hk-audioHK Audio proves a hit for SORM
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

UK - The School of Rock & Media Ltd (SORM) is a social enterprise based in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, that works with young people and people with learning & physical disabilities.
The brainchild of John Bolton and Tony Saunders, amongst its many enterprises, it provides PA & stage services to the wider industry and are currently working at grass roots festival level providing services for Nice & Sleazy Festival, 0161 Festival, Seaside Specialised, as well as providing sound & stage for Leeds & Bradford council events, and have provided sound for bands such as The Beat, The Specials, Sham 69 and Peter and The Test Tube Babies.
In 2018 they will be providing sound to one of the stages at Bingley Festival, and are in discussions with 80’s Ska legends Madness for next years Specialised festival.
Commissioned through Leeds & Bradford council delivering social care, youth services and educational services, SORM works at grass roots level and from a professional music industry point of view is considered a feeder to the industry.
“We provide tuition in guitar, bass, drums and DJ skills,” says production supervisor Andrew Illingworth “and we host various music workshops for people with autism and learning disabilities. We are also able to provide tuition in live sound, sound engineering and recording.”
Having recently moved into new premises located in the historic buildings that once house the Quaker school, SORM has self-funded and renovated over three floors to install a fully-equipped recor

warehouseThe Warehouse schedules Adamson showcase
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

UK - The Warehouse Sound Services is to host a presentation and demonstration day of Adamson Systems loudspeakers. The event will be held at The Backstage Centre in Essex on Tuesday 3 October 2017 at 1pm.
The Warehouse Sound Services is the UK distributor for Adamson. The company has invested heavily in Adamson equipment over the last year to help get these systems established in the rental and installation markets within the UK. The company will be showcasing its S-Series and new IS-Series of premium loudspeakers, with key personnel from Adamson and The Warehouse on-hand for the demonstration.
Adamson’s S-Series of tour-grade loudspeakers, including the flagship S10, will be demonstrated. The two-way, true line source sub-compact line array cabinet has been deployed in the U.K. for recent shows by the likes of Bryan Adams and Shawn Mendes, plus major events like the Edinburgh Festival production of Trainspotting, Rock the Stadium in Falkirk with Madness and Jess Glynne, and the Montrose Music Festival, headlined by The Beach Boys and Deacon Blue.
Additionally, this summer, The Warehouse deployed over 100 Adamson loudspeakers – including the S10 – at the Virgin Money Fireworks Concert, which closed out the Edinburgh International Festival with a performance by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.
Adamson and The Warehouse are also hosting the first UK demo of the install-focused IS-Series in the U.K., which packs the company’s sophisticated tour-grade technology into sleek architecturally friendly boxes with rugged and unobtrusive ri

wicreations-rolling-stones-no-filter-2017-img1128Wicreations on Rolling Stones No Filter tour
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Europe - Entertainment engineering experts WIcreations has constructed several major set elements and developed associated rigging systems for the spectacular stage architecture designed by Stufish for the Rolling Stones’ No Filter European tour.
WI’s team, led by Hans Willems and Koen Peeters, had to create a cantilevered stage roofing system above the main performance area; devise a method for rigging and securing four 23m x 11m LED video screens to the front of four large steel towers; and build two mobile technical areas.
Koen Peeters has worked on previous Rolling Stones Tours in 1998, 2002 and 2005. He said: “It’s great to be back working with the band and an amazing creative and technical team. We have really enjoyed the challenges and the collaboration, and I think the end results are something of which we can all be proud.”
After discussing the key design points with Ray Winkler from Stufish, Wicreations was approached by staging and steel specialist StageCo and asked to develop and fabricate two cantilevered roofs - two complete, steel, tower and roof systems.
Winkler wanted the stage roofing system to look ‘slick and streamlined and industrially super-chic’, with no visible raw metalwork and a full drainage system.
The four curved 12m-long steel roof beams are clad with aluminium panels and each beam breaks down into two sections. Each 12m section contains nine integral Martin MAC Viper moving lights, which are central to Patrick Woodroffe’s lighting design.
The lights travel in purpose-built bea

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Live & Gigging - Live music now accounts for almost a quarter of UK music industry revenues, new figures reveal.
Concerts brought in £1 billion in 2016, over £300m more than recorded music - which includes sales of CDs, vinyl, downloads and streaming.
In total, 30.9 million tickets were sold for concerts and festivals in 2016, up from 27.7 million in 2015, but UK Music warned that the closure of small venues posed a threat to up-and-coming artists.
"Live music did have another great year," said CEO Michael Dugher. "But future talent will never get the chance to shine if we continue to see cuts in music in schools and closures in venues where artists need to learn their craft in the first place."
He also repeated calls for artists to be fairly compensated for their music - singling out media giants YouTube and Facebook for criticism. "Unlike the subscription services, those platforms often offer little adequate reward to the investors and creators of the 'content' - i.e. the music - that drives so much of their traffic," he said.
The report noted that YouTube was the most popular way to consume music in the UK, with 31% of the population using it at least once a week.The company recently defended its royalty rates, claiming it pays around $3 (£2.20) for every 1,000 ad-supported streams in the US.
Royal Appointment - Birmingham Conservatoire has been granted a royal title by the Queen. Joining a select list of performing arts institutions, the music and drama academy will be renamed the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Th

atlonaalexmossAtlona strengthens UK sales management
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

UK - Atlona has strengthened its UK and Ireland sales team with the appointment of industry veteran Alex Moss as senior sales manager. Reporting to Atlona general manager Ronni Guggenheim, Alex will leverage his broad industry expertise to support sales initiatives across end users, partners and systems integrators as he works to expand the company’s regional presence.
Alex’s trajectory has followed parallel sales and technology paths through much of his nearly 10 years in commercial AV industry. Since late 2013 until joining Atlona on 1 October, Alex held technical sales consultant and sales manager positions at various times with Cabletime, a leading manufacturer of IPTV, digital signage and media distribution products.
“With the addition of AVoIP, control and wireless collaboration, Atlona’s product offering has evolved toward a full solutions-oriented approach,” said Guggenheim. “The sales process has therefore grown more demanding as we cover a broader scope in commercial AV installations. Alex brings the relevant background and experience of complex systems sales, and working with end users and systems integrator – both qualities that Atlona needs to continue its growth momentum throughout the UK and Ireland.”
(Jim Evans)

next-proaudiopxh95NEXT-proaudio introduces the PXH95
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Europe - The new NEXT PXH95 is the Mid-High Speaker that belongs to the PX system, a system that can offer high SPL, reliability, an aesthetic design and high sound fidelity throughout the venue. This system is designed for portable applications as well as small concerts. Side-fill or DJ monitoring are also one of the many applications that the PX System covers.
When used by itself, the new PXH95 can be used in a variety of installation projects, including sports facilities, performance spaces, auditoriums, or worship facilities.
This new element was engineered to be a powerful medium/longthrow mid/high-frequency cabinet in a coaxial configuration. The frequency response range varies from 150 Hz to 19 kHz, with a precise coverage pattern of 90°H x 50°V over a frequency range from 400Hz–17kHz, ensuring equal sound within the coverage area. As the PXH95 cabinet is square based, it can be rotated to achieve 50ºH x 90ºV coverage pattern.
To obtain the highest possible on-axis sound pressure levels over long distances, the PXH95 mid/high unit is entirely horn-loaded creating an additional sensitivity and improved pattern control. The HF range, from 1.15kHz upwards, is reproduced by a Neodymium 1.4” driver with a 3” voice coil and a Constant Q horn, whilst the mid-range, from 150Hz to 1.25kHz, is provided by a low power compression 12” driver loaded by a midrange horn.
Wider horizontal coverage can be achieved using multiple PXH95, laterally stacked or flown. The PXH95 cabinet must be rotated by 90test

steve--nik-at-the-finishing-lineCUK Audio driving for charity
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Europe - CUK Audio’s retail sales channel manager, Steve Barton, has just completed – and won - a gruelling 2,500-mile rally across Europe to raise money for the motor industry charity, BEN. A total of 28 teams took part in the event organised by Bilstein Group UK which took them through 10 countries in seven days via some of Europe’s most beautiful – and challenging – driving routes.
Barton and his team-mate, Nik Edwards drove a CUK Audio-branded 2005 MG ZT-T diesel estate (don’t be fooled, they were pretty fast, aggressive drives in their time!) to take part in the Banger Rally that left Marden in Kent on 15 September to cross the finish line seven days later at Bilstein’s new state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Markham Vale.
Sponsored by CUK Audio, the vehicle sported logos from several manufacturers in CUK’s MI/retail portfolio, namely dB Technologies, HEDD, ADK microphone, Caymon & Procab. The route took Team CUK through some of Europe’s most difficult and spectacular driving terrain including the Stelvio pass in Italy, the Grossglockner and Hahntennjoch passes in Austria and the Butter Tubs pass in Yorkshire. So far, the event has raised over £25,000 for BEN, a charity dedicated to the support of persons and their families who have worked or are working in the automotive industry.
(Jim Evans)

real-friends-2Real Friends at home with Chauvet Professional
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

USA - At a time when some bands are using exotic, abstract and hard to decipher scenic elements on stage, pop punk phenoms Real Friends are taking an entirely different approach. Touring the USA, Mexico and Australia in support of their second studio album The Home Inside My Head, the Chicago-based quintet is performing in front of a downright homey set, complete with a family room couch, Afghan blankets and lamps that look like they popped out of mid-century America.
This set is meant to convey the honest connection that Real Friends has with their fans, rather than nostalgia or drowsy comfort. Although there are some gentle acoustic tunes in the tour’s set list, most of the time the band kicks things into raw punk gear with hard driving songs like Mess and the staccato Empty Picture Frames. Supporting the gentle set and the edgy music is a flexible Steve Kosiba designed lightshow that features Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Squeek Lights.
Kosiba’s rig performs a wide range of functions from backlighting and silhouetting the band during sing-a-longs, to warming the stage with side lighting, to creating aerial effects, to highlighting crowd surfers (a common sight at Real Friends concerts). This versatility is particularly impressive, given the compactness of his rig, most of which is set up on four pipes with tees.
“We have two 4’ pipes and two 6’ pipes,” said Kosiba. “Rogue R1 Spots are positioned on top of each pipe and a pair of Nexus 4x1 bars are mounted on the front of each pipe. Then we have a pai

sanxayPhilips Lighting supports Opera Sanxay
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

France - Philips Lighting reports that it has worked closely with Opera Sanxay to introduce the first-ever moving light rig for the celebrated Soirées Lyrique de Sanxay opera festival, staged from 10-14 August. The use of the latest stage lighting and control technology successfully enabled a new level of dynamic design possibilities for this highly respected outdoor spectacle.
Now in its 18th year as one of France's leading lyrical arts events, Soirées Lyrique de Sanxay maintains presentation standards as high as any international opera event. Illuminating the elaborate scenic and costume designs to the required standard calls for the highest quality and reliability lighting.
The carefully chosen lighting rig for this year's production, Mozart's The Magic Flute, successfully combined traditional and LED light sources. Moving lights, including Philips VL4000 Spots and VL6000 Beams, plus LED-based Philips VLZ Wash and Philips Showline SL BEAM 300 FX luminaires, were used alongside fixed units. Control was provided by the latest Philips Strand NEO system.
In exploiting the possibilities of this advanced set-up, lighting designer Nevio Cavina enjoyed comprehensive on-site support and programming assistance from Philips Entertainment's Bobby Harrell and Gregg Brooks.
"The lighting package allowed a new dynamic in the narrative to be explored," says Cavina. "I was impressed by the richness of the colour and effects and the accuracy of the stored positions of the moving lights. The water and fire effects were particularly satisfying.

litedeck-stock-at-fruition-eventsProlyte supplies LiteDeck to Fruition Events
Tuesday, 26 September 2017

UAE - With the delivery of a large batch of over 500 pieces of LiteDeck staging platforms, Prolyte Group and Fruition Events LLC embark on a fruitful cooperation in the Middle East region.
Prolyte Group will deliver the LiteDeck staging elements in two batches, the first to be completed in September, just in time for the start of the season in the Middle East region. The second to complete later in October.
Fruition Events aims to become a recognised event delivery partner in the Middle East region.
They choose to achieve this through continuous investment into a world-class team of industry professionals and sustainable product lines that can meet creative challenges. They focus on offering a professional and full-service infrastructure for the events sector. Fruition Events have extensive regional experience and can boast varied strategic partnerships, guaranteeing expertise and knowledge.
“Investigating the opportunity of local production with the Prolyte Group fulfilled our commitment to not only invest into a sustainable product line, but also to enhance availability in the UAE market,” comments Warren Barlow, managing director of Fruition Events. “Prolyte Group manufactures leading products, which are widely recognised and used across the globe. LiteDeck offers a clean aesthetic look in comparison to existing steel products, whilst retaining simple functionality and creative design principles.
“Coupled with the extensive backup of the Prolyte network, we will have the added capability of developing special components locall


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