etc-presentation-to-btsETC tops $300K in Pledge-a-Product donations
Friday, 8 December 2017

USA - On the LDI show floor this year, ETC presented Behind the Scenes with a cheque for $24,873.84, representing this year’s proceeds from the company’s iRFR and aRFR focus remote applications. Since the launch of the iRFR in 2009, ETC’s mobile app sales have generated an impressive $322,825 in donations, helping the charity bring assistance to many ill or injured entertainment technology colleagues and their families.
The iRFR and aRFR mobile apps enable convenient, touchscreen-based remote control for Eos family consoles and controllers. ETC rolled out updated versions this year which enable mobile access to an even wider suite of control functions. You can learn more about the apps from the ETC website and download them from the iTunes or Google Play stores.
“I am proud that this programme has been such a success,” says ETC CEO Fred Foster. “It is important to note that the source of the funds that ETC contributes actually come from the people who have purchased the apps, and I thank each one of them for their help in supporting the invaluable work of Behind the Scenes.”
On accepting the cheque, BTS Foundation Board of Directors chair Rick Rudolph also spoke warmly of the programme’s continuing achievements. “Behind the Scenes has now broken through the $800,000 level of grants provided to our colleagues in need. Hats off to everyone at ETC for their continuing, major support of the charity that has made such a huge impact on our ability to continue providing this assistance.”
Members of the Foundation Board of Directo

chuck-green-avanteAvante Audio appoints sales manager
Friday, 8 December 2017

USA - To coincide with the release of its Achromic Series of active loudspeaker cabinets, Avante Audio has announced the appointment of Chuck Green as its sales manager. Part of the ADJ Group of Companies, Avante Audio is a new professional audio brand.
Having spent most of his life playing music, Chuck Green started out as a sound engineer while still in High School. He provided PA services for live bands at a wide variety of venues and developed a love for the industry that eventually developed into a career. During his twenties, he worked in music stores, managing two different PA departments, and building up a wealth of live audio contacts and experience. He then joined the ADJ Group where he has spent the last 15 years working in a variety of roles, most recently that of international sales manager.
Now also taking on the role of sales manager for Avante Audio, Chuck will be responsible for providing worldwide sales support for the brand. He has already spent the summer demonstrating the new Achromic Series at a variety of trade shows and dedicated Listening Sessions across the USA where the speakers have been enthusiastically received by potential users impressed by their audio quality, advanced features and attractive pricing.
“I have always hoped to help further the ADJ Group’s desire to step up into the Pro Audio world,” enthused Chuck. “I have seen how the company has made quality professional products more attainable for working musicians, DJs, production companies and churches, and I think Avante is really going to help these cor

staryNexo Geo line array rides high in Gdansk
Friday, 8 December 2017

Poland - Nexo Geo S12 line array has been chosen for one of Poland’s newest live music venues. Stary Maneż has been transformed from a historic military riding academy into Gdansk’s foremost club stage for national and international artists.
The colourful history of Stary Maneż goes back to the famous Polish hussars: it is located in the Garrison district, which has served as an army, police and security services base for first the Germans, then the Free City and then the Poles.
As the district is redeveloped, Stary Maneż has become its showpiece: the most modern concert venue in the Tri-City area (Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia) with adjacent restaurant and craft brewery, which accommodates 1500 music fans for a wide variety of music and cultural events.
Lauda Audio, the Tri-City pro-audio importer and installation specialist, has designed and supplied a powerful Nexo Geo S12 line array system. Lauda’s senior audio installation engineer Maciej Olejniczak first applied extensive acoustic treatment to reduce the reverberation in the all-concrete riding school. Geo S12 cabinets were hung in left/right arrays of nine modules per side, supplemented by three Nexo RS18 subbass units either side, running in cardioid mode. Additional Geo S12 modules are used for front-fill.
A wide balcony level runs almost the full length and width of the venue, necessitating PS10 cabinets to provide under-balcony-fill, and a pair of PS10s for rear balcony-fill. To complete an all-Nexo story, there are PS15s for on-stage monitoring. All power and processing for mai

mads-hother-hopfnerPascal appoints new account manager
Friday, 8 December 2017

Denmark - Pascal A/S, the leading OEM amplifier module provider for the global pro audio industry, has announced the appointment of Mads Hother Høpfner as account manager. The appointment is in direct response to the continuing growing rate of expansion at the Copenhagen based company.
Høpfner brings six years of sales, marketing and purchase experience in the surface technology industry to his new position at Pascal. He joins key account managers Aage Hejgaard and Nikolaj Pihl in Pascal's expanded account team.
Welcoming him to the company, VP of business development Peter Frentz said, “The fundamental aspect of our client relationships is a sustainable long term approach, in which we effectively partner to help them achieve faster times to market and better risk mitigate their projects. It is the relationship skills and mind-set that this requires that Mads brings to Pascal from his previous experience and that makes him exceptionally qualified for this position. Not to mention his terrific personal passion for audio.”
(Jim Evans)

furia-latinaRogues get ferocious at Furia Latina
Friday, 8 December 2017

Curaçao - For Jim Lo-A-Njoe, the inspiration for putting together the Furia Latina lighting rig began with the first word in the 4 November concert’s name – Furia. Looking to reflect the fury of reggaetón music’s powerful and unsettling emotions in light, he wanted to create looks that would blow through the stage with the ferocity of a sudden storm. Lo-A-Njoe of Massive Productions got the intensity he was seeking, and then some, by building his rig around 78 high-output Rogue moving fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Furia Latina is a show organised by Color Events that is built around passion,” said Lo-A-Njoe. “It brings together some of the hottest artists from around the world like Ozuna and Plan B, as well as local artists from Curaçao like Chaika, Jaido & Dongo. The intensity of the music is non-stop, and we wanted to match that passion with our lights.”
Lo-A-Njoe arranged 24 Rogue R2 Wash, 24 Rogue R2 Beam and 30 Rogue R2 Spot fixtures around the stage, positioning some of the units on the downstage deck for aerial effects, flying some over mid-stage for down washing and having others on the upstage deck and risers, where they were used for back washing performers. For accenting and colour washing the stage, Lo-A-Njoe used eight COLORado 1-Quad Zoom and 16 COLORado 1-Tri Tour fixtures.
“Having a large number of Rogues on stage allowed us to create a big impression,” said Lo-A-Njoe, who designed the show for most of the local artists. “The Rogue R2 Spot in particular is a monster. We were really able

robe-martin-garrixMegaPointes for Martin Garrix in Amsterdam
Friday, 8 December 2017

The Netherlands - “One of the best show’s our team has ever done!” declared production designer and show director Gabe Fraboni after two recent performances by popular Dutch DJ and music producer Martin Garrix at Amsterdam’s RAI, both bathed in a lighting system with nearly 300 Robe moving lights on the rig, including 50 new MegaPointes.
The RAI design was created by Gabe based on a new live show concept that was launched at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco in May. The base model - that travels everywhere - has a large video ‘plus’ sign flanked each side by a matrix of 90 x Robe Spikies.
For the RAI shows, the ‘plus’ was still there in the centre, with everything else around it seriously scaled up.
A 10m high structural trussing design repeated the shape of the central ‘plus’ to each side, giving it a 45-degree twist in the meantime which introduced a natural flourish of asymmetry and extended the stage width to 42m. Gabe worked with designer Bart Stravar on this element of the production which was constructed from 30 cm trussing and a selection of corner blocks.
Multiply was one of Martin’s 2017 Ibiza summer residencies, so when the RAI show design started evolving, Bart and Gabe played with the idea of multiplying logos.
The goal was to dramatically reimagine the touring rig and maintain the industrial aesthetic, which was accomplished by adding a 40m wide by 10m high 16mm LED wall behind the truss structure, which worked brilliantly for outlining and silhouetting the trussing architecture.
The 5

vodacomceoawardsMGG takes a bow at Vodacome CEO Awards
Friday, 8 December 2017

South Africa - The prestigious Vodacom CEO Awards took place at Vodaworld in Midrand and for the very first time, MGG were appointed to supply the full technical. With a modern vintage theme, lighting designer Francois van der Merwe created pomp and hype on the grandMA 2 full size, while audio engineer Fanie Pieterse ensured the theatrical performance was complimented with exceptional sound. Fanie ran the show on a DiGiCo SD10 and used his new DiGiCo 32-bit Stadius Mic Pre-Amp for the live sound aspects.
“It was a fantastic event,” said Francois. “The acts varied from theatre to ballet and from drama to rock. While we had a list of requirements to meet and worked closely with the producers and creative team, it was a lot of fun and the gig came out very well.”
Francois ran the show on the grandMA2 full size, and says his star performer of the night were the BMFLs which he used for FOH and backlight. “They rocked my world again,” he said. The entire lighting rig consisted of 24 x Robe BMFLs, 12 x LEDWash 1200, 12 x Claypaky Mythos, 26 x Robe LEDWash 600, 10 x Philips SL Nitros, 18 x Robe LEDBeam 100s and 24 x Robe Pointes.
For the past five years, Fanie Pieterse has operated on the DiGiCo platform and professionally and meticulously ensured excellent audio at the Vodacom CEO Awards. “The DiGiCo is the most flexible console I’ve ever worked on,” said Fanie. “It sounds great, but because it’s so adaptable, working on this platform is made easy. The SD Range is intuitive, enables you to patch the console to anyone’s patch list n

crossroadchurchinteriorAshly-based system installed at CrossRoad Church
Friday, 8 December 2017

USA - CrossRoad Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa was at a crossroads. The sound system it had relied on to deliver spirited services in its 450-seat auditorium had never possessed the kind of intelligibility the church members and staff had hoped for and age wasn't helping matters.
Originally called in with the hope that improved acoustics could do the job by itself, A/V integration firm Communication Innovators (Des Moines, Iowa) diagnosed the larger and deeper issues that were preventing congregants from fully immersing themselves in CrossRoad's services. The church's new Dante-connected digital system relies on a bank of high-value, high-reliability Ashly Audio nX-Series multi-channel amplifiers with optional Dante I/O.
"CrossRoad Baptist Church already had some acoustic treatment to deal with the reflective surfaces and they hoped they could address complaints by getting the remaining exposed surfaces covered," explained Eric Bishop, AVLI engineer with Communication Innovators. "We analysed their space and their existing system and found that the acoustics could be improved but there was also uneven coverage from the speakers preventing them from getting the kind of intelligibility they desired. In fact, reduced reverberation in the space may have reduced the perceived coverage of the speakers! We outlined the improvements that made logistical and financial sense given the age and capabilities of their existing equipment."
The main element worth keeping was a relatively new Midas M32 digital console. Bishop replaced the analogue snake they were usin

mereCloud system installed in Monica’s Mere
Friday, 8 December 2017

UK - Situated on the less hectic northern end of London’s Charlotte Street, recently opened Mere restaurant is owned and operated by husband and wife team, David and Monica Galetti. Monica currently appears as a Masterchef Professionals while David’s background includes being Le Gavroche’s sommelier.
London based specialist AV integrators Sound Division were originally called in during late 2016, after being recommended to Mere’s owners, to design an audio-visual solution for the new restaurant. Installation of the solutions recommended by Sound Division followed, with the new restaurant and bar opening in 2017, Sound Division opting to use Cloud Electronics products for the restaurant and bar’s audio requirements.
David Graham, managing director for Sound Division comments, “We are pleased to have been invited by Mere’s owners to provide a high-quality audio-visual solution for the restaurant’s staff and diners. Knowing Monica’s reputation for her eye for detail, we opted to use a discrete and high-quality audio solution from UK manufacturer Cloud Electronics.”
At the heart of the audio system is a Cloud DCM-1 Digital Control Mixer with audio outputs to Cloud CXV225 and Cloud CXA450 amplifiers. These provide power to a number of Cloud ceiling and surface-mount speakers across six audio zones. Source selection and localised volume controls are provided via the DCM-1 with Cloud CDR-1 flush-mounted control panels discretely positioned in convenient locations.
“Localised volume and source selection controls allow key

etcETC celebrates Thea Award winners
Thursday, 7 December 2017

USA - Control systems from ETC have been used in the majority of winning schemes at the 2018 Thea Awards, the US company has reported.
The awards recognise excellence within the themed entertainment industry and are organised by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). Across the 2018 winners, ETC has had a hand in nine of the Thea Award-winning projects.
“We’re delighted for each of our partners recognised with a Thea Award, and congratulate the winners on their vision,” said Karl Haas, national sales manager for architecture at ETC. “These projects showcase ETC’s dedication to creating lighting system solutions that are powerful enough to control entire park lighting systems, and creative enough to fit in to these highly specialised environments.”
ETC’s Unison Paradigm and Mosaic lines, Sensor3 power dimming technology, Response data distribution, Echo Relay panels and more were the unseen backbone for the projects, providing reliable, accurate, user-friendly systems, and supporting the most demanding venues. ETC celebrates the creativity of our partners and congratulates them on this honour.
Since 1994, the Thea Awards have been “bringing recognition to achievement, talent and personal excellence within the themed entertainment industry”. In addition to recognising industry luminaries and classic parks, TEA gives Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement (AOA) across several categories. The awards will be presented at the Thea Awards gala, 7 April 2018.
(Jim Evans)

royaldjurgardenbSGM LEDs enhance Royal Djurgården by night
Thursday, 7 December 2017

Sweden - The Royal Court of Sweden added 100 x SGM’s P-2 LED wash lights to the entrance of Djurgården – the Royal National City Park in Stockholm.
With Sweden’s infamous dark winters, the planned light installation needs to improve the environment around the entrance of the Royal Park and provide different colours of lighting throughout the year. The installation uses 100 compact SGM P-2 LED wash lights along the main road leading into the King’s Island of Djurgården.
”During the planning process, we looked for a rugged, fairly small, fixture that would deliver most bang for the buck. That led us to SGM and the P-2 range,” says lighting designer Fredrik Jönsson Jönsson about his choice of fixture.
Project manager Inge-Björn Mossige-Norheim adds: “We did look at other alternatives, but ultimately selected SGM’s P-2 for its much clearer colours and the small form factor, presenting a lot of “bang for the buck” or “light output per kilo” - and the fact that it will withstand the climate. We were told that the fan in the unit can freeze without damaging it. We have tested that, and found it to be true.”
Located in Stockholm’s city centre, Royal Djurgården is a popular place both locals and tourists, attracting more than 15 million visitors per year – more than those visiting the Great Wall of China.
(Jim Evans)

twstdMLA Compact joins the Circus at TWSTD Festival
Thursday, 7 December 2017

UK - Martin Audio partner Stage Audio Services (SAS) fielded the MLA Compact PA at the UK’s biggest indoor winter music festival, TWSTD Festival in Skegness.
The company has regularly serviced the event, which this year had a Circus theme and was held on two consecutive weekends in November.
SAS was contracted by event production company Zero Degrees Events and flew 10 MLA Compact elements per side and 10 MLX subs in a broadside array.
SAS’ Nat Hopking says: “MLA was proposed by Zero Degrees as a solution to getting the most from the event without having to compromise on noise levels, and the restrictions imposed due to local residents in the area. But thanks to the way this system works the acoustician monitoring the off-site noise had no issues.”
With artists such as DJ EZ, Lethal Bizzie, Hannah Wants, Sigma and Tom Zanetti appearing, SAS had originally hoped to fly hangs of 12 enclosures but this proved unnecessary. “In the end 10 was perfectly sufficient as the MLA Compact is incredibly loud for such a small box. We had four [Martin Audio] DD12’s available for fills but the way the stage was built, and the position of the barrier, they just weren’t needed.”
Hopking acted as system tech and FOH engineer, mapping out the room in the DISPLAY software to ensure the measurements were correct, and ‘hard avoiding’ the stage.
Consequently, he had no trouble reaching the required levels. “This box is truly witchcraft,” he says. “At 45m distance I was able to maintain a constant 112dBA at front of house

ns-got-talentClaypaky fixtures support Nu Skin in Salt Lake City
Thursday, 7 December 2017

USA - Cosmetics company Nu Skin held its biannual four-day meeting combining philanthropy, business sessions, recognition and entertainment in a dynamic mix.
Nu Skin turned to Atlanta based Executive Visions (EVI) to create a tailored experience for distributors and guests from around the world.
For 2017, EVI president & CEO Michael Marto had something very special in mind. “Nu Skin is an especially rewarding company to work with,” says Marto. “We wanted to weave an experience unlike any other, that broke new ground for a customised corporate event, and told the whole Nu Skin story.”
He adds: “We wanted to use a massive social program to attract young people to the company as part of a strategy for growth for Nu Skin. We didn’t have Maroon 5 and Hans Zimmer just because they are massive global talents, but also because they speak especially clearly to a millennial audience through the international languages of music, and movies.”
John Featherstone, principal at lighting and visual design firm Lightswitch picks up: “Several years ago Michael ‘dared me’ to dream of a bespoke corporate experience that featured musical genius Hans Zimmer, and since then it has been a shared goal of ours. Michael does nothing by half measures, so he wrapped this exclusive concert experience in a targeted message of excellence and virtuosity, and bookended the audience experience with a massive opening fundraiser for Nu Skins charity Force for Good, featuring Maroon V. Then for good measure, he arranged for the whole thing to be webcast aro

the-oh2Chauvet for The Oh! 24 year anniversary
Thursday, 7 December 2017

Belgium - Originally created in the late ‘90s as a side project of Belgian Eurodance masters DJ Pedroh and producer Phil Wilde, The Oh! quickly garnered a reputation as one of the most legendary club nights in Belgium thanks to world class DJ sets and supporting single hits including Won't you show me the way and Got to be free.
Almost a 25 years later, new generations of Belgian dance music lovers continue to discover the energy and vitality present in those early club nights, thanks to annual anniversary The Oh! events.
One such recent event at the Waregem Expo celebrating 24 years of The Oh! saw acts such as Frequencerz, Ran-D, B-front, and Mark with a K share the stage with founder DJ Pedroh. Creative Rental Solutions provided punchy visual support for the occasion with immersive stage lighting provided by 64 ÉPIX Strip, 24 Rogue R2 Wash, and 12 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
Building the unmissable visual centrepiece of Lieven Tacq’s stage design was an angular lighting structure comprised of the ÉPIX fixtures split into two opposing 'V' shapes. The 1m long LED strips provided a number of scenery defining looks and effects, thanks to their pixel mapping capabilities and wide viewing angle, accentuated by an optional frosted dome shaped diffuser increasing visibility to 185°.
"The ÉPIX fixtures were perfect for this particular event, thanks to their linear form and versatile effects," commented Thomas Vandekerkhove, project manager at Creative Rental Solutions. "Not only did they provide punchy,

clairbros1point5amplusClair Brothers extends One Series
Thursday, 7 December 2017

USA - Unveiled earlier this year at Prolight + Sound 2017, Clair Brothers has introduced a new addition to its successful line of One Series 12- and 15-inch coaxial stage monitors: a self-powered version of the 1.5AM monitor called the 1.5AM+. This Clair Brothers extends One Seriesfollows on the heels of last year’s introduction of the powered monitor 1AM+, the amplified sister of the 1AM monitor.
The 1.5AM+’s internal, factory-programmed DSP loudspeaker processing gives users Xover, EQ, Limiter, and a total of four preset options. Of interest to current 12AM owners, the 1.5AM+ features factory-programmed processing that delivers two ‘12AM Emulation Mode’ preset options (32dB gain or 38dB gain); these presets provide similar frequency response voicing and low-frequency phase response for seamless compatibility for 1.5AM+ to be deployed harmoniously with existing fleets of 12AM monitors.
The two remaining presets are options designed for low-frequency optimization on stage as the 1.5AM+ may be coupled with other two-way monitors or with stage subwoofers. The “Mon A” preset offers a two-way phase vs. frequency characteristic and the Mon B preset includes an all-pass filter that aligns the low-frequency phase response seamlessly with subwoofers across the lowest octaves. It’s recommended to combine these monitors with Clair CS or kiT-Series subwoofers.
Like the 1AM+, the 1.5AM+ contains a lightweight, powerful amplifier module made exclusively for Clair by Powersoft; this module allows users to power a passive (non-powered) 1.5AM with a s

kl-fresnel-4Elation debuts warm-white wash lights
Thursday, 7 December 2017

USA - Elation Professional has introduced the KL Fresnel series, a new line of warm-white LED Fresnel lights that provides “the attractive warmth of tungsten halogen with all the benefits of LED”. Available in 50W, 150W and 350W models, a 3000K fixed colour temperature and high colour rendering capacity “ideally mimic the warm glow output of traditional Tungsten halogen lights while surpassing them in output and efficiency”.
The KL Fresnel series (KL for Key Light) has been designed to produce the warmer, natural key light that designers desire while providing high CRI’s to make colours radiate, accurately reflecting an object’s true colour. They are designed for the wide variety of white light illumination needs required in broadcast, theatrical or stage environments from highlighting performers or scenery on stage to illuminating speakers.
The KL Fresnel 4 and 6 models house a manual zoom while the KL Fresnel 8 features a motorized zoom system. All models include removable barn doors and a filter frame.
The KL Fresnel 4 uses a 50W warm-white LED engine calibrated at 3,000 Kelvin to emit a smooth wash of light that simulates the warmth of a Tungsten halogen source. With a high CRI of 91 and superior light quality, the KL Fresnel 4 has the ability to better distinguish colour and contrast. Total lumens output exceeds 1,600, on par with compatible Tungsten halogen models. For easy adjustment of beam size for more precise coverage, the fixture incorporates a 14° to 31° manual zoom. Consistent lux levels are maintained throughout the zoo

intelli-x3Apex launches next-generation Intelli-X3 series
Thursday, 7 December 2017

Europe - Building on the success of Apex’s flagship Intelli-X2 series, the company has introduced the first model of the next-generation Intelli-X3 series, the Intelli-X3 648 system management processor with optional Dante networking capacity for full network redundancy.
Like its predecessors, Intelli-X3 has been designed in close collaboration with sound engineers, system techs and system integrators. With internal processing up to 192 kHz, high-end, studio-grade analogue circuit designs and mastering-grade compressors as standard, Intelli-X3 delivers “premium audio performance in a robust 1U form factor with a powerful and intuitive front panel user interface”.
Intelli-X3 provides all the system management tools necessary for comprehensive system alignment and EQ, through to the provision of IIR and custom FIR-based crossovers. I/Os can be selected (in pairs) to be either analogue, AES/EBU or Dante, enabling a mix of audio formats to be used simultaneously.
Designed to be plug-and-play, the Intelli-X3 is simple to configure and integrates easily into any network via internal 3-way Ethernet switches. Both automatic IP (DHCP) and static IP configuration is provided as standard, enabling plug & play connectivity and more rigid IP assignments for use in fixed installations. SNMP support is also provided. Wireless access points can be directly connected to Intelli-X3 devices allowing direct control over a wireless network.
A comprehensive library of factory presets ensures that Intelli-X3 is at home in any application, be it as a stan

dubaiSennheiser and Lawo deliver Dubai 3D audio workshop
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

UAE - Sennheiser, Dolby, Neumann and Lawo conducted a workshop dedicated to 3D audio to educate regional specialists on capturing, processing and mixing techniques.
Company representatives presented sessions on capturing sound in 3D, mixing, controlling and monitoring immersive sound formats, and establishing efficient encoding workflows for optimum results. Also included were listening sessions designed to expose attendees to audio content originally recorded in 3D as well as recordings up-mixed using Sennheiser's patented algorithm.
Attendees were also introduced to 3D and object based audio formats – Ambeo by Sennheiser and Dolby Atmos respectively. Sessions that were particularly well received included one on Mixing immersive sound formats, conducted by Lucas Zwicker, technical product manager audio production of Lawo and the session by Dolby presented by senior content manager, Vikram Joglekar, which brought attendees up to speed on the company’s latest developments and roadmap.
Peter Van Dam, technical advisor - CEOs office at LIVE HD Broadcast Facilities, said: “For now in the region we are limited to 5.1 in TV broadcast while immersive audio in TV broadcast is not really on the agenda. Workshops like this help create awareness to the region. Having the right people to explain it in a way that everyone can understand and see the need for it, combined with the new video technology and video standards, is a very good initiative.”
Bruno Silva, one of the managers of Sound and Broadcast at Royal Opera House Muscat who also at

robe-gibonni-arenazg2017-19Gibonni rocks Zagreb Arena with Robe
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Croatia - Singer, composer, musician Gibonni is one of the most popular and influential artists in Croatia and across the whole region, known for blending contemporary rock and pop with Dalmatian folk songs for a sound that’s gained him a huge following.
A recent show at Zagreb Arena featured another spectacular lighting design by Sven Kučinić of LumiLas d.o.o. who used Robe Pointes, MMX Spots and MMX WashBeam moving lights to bring the stage alive and keep the visual thrills and spills rolling for 20,000 excited fans who packed into the venue to enjoy a memorable evening.
Sven has worked as Gibonni’s LD for the last five years, and for this seminal show he collaborated with Olgierd Kamienski on the video design. The scenography followed a show theme suggested by Gibonni himself, where the main set feature was a life-size cross-sectioned boat mid-stage, complete with a selection of sea-based props sourced from the Adriatic coast. This also provided the starting point for Sven’s lighting design.
Four highly-distinctive curved trusses which also corkscrewed around thanks to a series of custom corner blocks, were flown above the four corners of the performance space, metaphorically representing wind and waves to keep the nautical theme.
Gibonni takes a keen interest in his show presentation, but when it comes to technical specifications and matters, Sven has a free hand. Having built up an excellent rapport with the artist over the five years, he is effectively an additional band member when it comes to planning any live work.

macbeth-at-dcpaphoto-credit-adamsviscom1Elation LED for modern Macbeth in Denver
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

USA - The Denver Centre for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is staging an inventive and re-imagined version of Macbeth that features an all-male cast, EDM style music and modern design elements. Lighting the contemporary version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is Alex Jainchill, who uses LED lighting from Elation Professional to meet lighting challenges and create magical moments in the show, including special black light UV effects.
This modern version of Macbeth which takes place in the DCPA’s newly remodelled in-the-round Space Theatre and, is directed by Robert O’Hara, who has infused the story with fresh ideas and used the intimacy of the space to create an engaging production. Jainchill puts his own creative imprint on the play as well using Elation LED lighting fixtures - Satura Profile and Platinum Seven LED moving heads, SixPar 200 and Arena Par Zoom LED Par lights, as well as other lighting. “The show is very current, if not futuristic, so LED seemed like an obvious choice,” the designer stated of the LED fixtures’ modern appeal.
Jainchill explains that the design concept was based on a line in the play where the character Hecate tells the witches to ‘meet me at the pit of Acheron’. “The concept was based around a ritual performed by warlocks in the pit of Acheron, sort of a cave at the end of the world. We were very interested in this version of the ritual being almost futuristic, certainly modern.”
There are also sections of the show that don't exist in the Shakespeare original, the designer says, segment

starserviceshowmatchBose ShowMatch Systems score worldwide
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

World - Within the past few months, numerous sound and AV rental company owners around the world have chosen the new Bose Professional ShowMatch compact line array system with DeltaQ variable-coverage technology as a go-to solution for their rental inventories.
In the United States, Total Production Group (TPG) of Cerritos, California, is an example of a full-service AV rental company that has adopted ShowMatch. Owner/partner Steve McAllister said going with a ShowMatch system was a very easy decision: “I’ve heard many different systems over the years, and I was very impressed by the coverage and clarity of the Bose ShowMatch system. ShowMatch is a great system for our company because it allows us to scale the rig for anything from a small corporate gig all the way up to stadium-size shows – and do it with amazing quality.
“It’s small and compact, and it's just as capable of handling a symphony as it is for EDM shows – simply by reconfiguring the boxes. We’re finding lately that there is more interest in smaller, mid-sized systems that are scalable, because it gives us and our clients flexibility and easier logistics for moving the system from show to show. I know ShowMatch is going to become the workhorse of our audio systems.”
Across Europe, ShowMatch systems are in use by over two dozen rental companies helping to fulfil production contracts for product launches, business conventions, jazz festivals, civic ceremonies and rock shows.
As examples, rental firm Xeos (Strasbourg, France) recently completed a series of events fo

wild-n-out4Chauvet Vesuvio transforms Nick Cannon stage
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

USA - When the multi-talented Nick Cannon announced that he was taking his hit MTV programme Wild N Out on the road, some critics wondered how well the fast-clipped, hip-hop improv comedy show would translate into a live tour format. They needn’t have worried. The hugely successful show (one of its episodes was the most watched in MTV2 history) is proving to be equally compelling on the road.
This was very evident when the tour rolled into Cleveland’s jam-packed Wolstein Centre on 25 November with Cannon and special guest Waka Flocka Flame of Oh Let’s Do It fame. Adding impact to the evening’s performance was an intensely bright lightshow designed by Marc Wasserman of 3 With 1 Grab Productions that was made even more dramatic by six Chauvet Professional Vesuvio RGBA LED foggers supplied by Audio Spectrum of Boston.
Show director Angel Perez of Fine Quality Events (New York) positioned three of the battery-powered, high output foggers across the downstage deck and had three additional units arranged on the floor upstage. Sending colourful plumes of water-based fog high in the air, the Vesuvios immersed the stage in coloured clouds at key moments during the show.
“The fog added a great deal of impact,” said Perez. “It also was very useful in helping us mark off one section of the show from another. The colour of the fog made it stand out even more and allowed us to coordinate it with the colours from the lights.”
Board operator Andy Peta controlled the Vesuvio units via DMX, coordinating fog output with the lightin

davekoz1Bandit creates Christmas magic with Dave Koz
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

USA - Dave Koz returned to the stage for the Dave Koz 20th Anniversary Christmas Tour with special guests David Benoit, Rick Braun, Peter White and introducing Selina Albright.
Chris Lisle Lighting Design relied on Bandit Lites once again for the lighting package to illuminate the acclaimed saxophonist and nine-time Grammy nominee and his friends who reunited as members of the original 1997 cast.
Erik Parker of Chris Lisle Lighting Design built upon Lisle’s concept of curved truss around risers saying, “I knew that I wanted a fixture to line the entirety of it and wanted it to look more like a functional scenic piece then a standard truss with lights. I also worked closely with production manager, Brian Foisy, to fine-tune everything and to make sure the lighting and scenic pieces blended well and flowed with the anniversary theme of this year’s tour.”
Bandit Lites supplied Martin MAC Vipers, Elation 360i, Elation 360 bar, GLP X4s, Robe Patt 2017 and Philips Nitro 510c. Vipers act as the main component of the flown rig for colour and texture, while three pipes are on each side of the stage with GLP X4s and Nitros for band wash and extra punch.
“The Elation 360i lines the truss structure to give us big looks following the shape of the truss and 360 bars line the band risers for great effects behind the artists,” Parker said. “We bring the Patt 2017s in for one section of the show dedicated to their 20th anniversary Christmas album released this year.”
And while the holidays can be a time of hustle and bustle, Band

shoreline-church-destin-4PixelFLEX adds creativity to Shoreline Church
Wednesday, 6 December 2017

USA - Located in Destin, Florida, Shoreline Church has always tried to find creative and different ways to share their message while changing the perception of a typical church. As their congregation has continued to grow, the church recently had the opportunity to continue their ministry vision with the renovation an old nightclub into a modern worship facility.
Knowing they wanted to install the technical elements that would allow them to further the creativity of their worship services, they found a key component to their new design in a FLEXLite II 3.9mm LED video system from PixelFLEX.
“We have used LCD video projection in the past and recently while visiting the WFX Conference, I began seeing how LED video has now become a viable solution for the house of worship market,” began lead pastor Eric Partin. “Since we were in the process of completing a new building, we started looking at the quality of LED video over LCD projection. Before, it seemed that only the big churches with large budgets could afford LED video systems, but once we saw it was also an affordable solution for us, we decided LED video would be the best option for our new worship experience.
“If we were going to try and use LCD projectors in the new space, it was going to create some problems as far as the throw distance, and space required for rear projection should we need it,” continued Partin. “When looking at LED video, it was much more effective due to its high-resolution images that were more clear and crisp. The projectors we currently had were older technolo


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