quasarscience052617051Quasar Science joins forces with MSE
Monday, 2 October 2017

USA - Quasar Science, the Los Angeles-based LED technology & logistics company has joined forces with Burbank-based Matthews Studio Equipment to create “the future of LED rigging support”.
Utilising MSE’s new MyWayGrip rigging system, the MyWayPlate Linear LED Mounting System is built for Q-LED linear lamps, making it simple to mount 1, 2 or 4 lamps off of a single stand. Or combine and configure multiple plates with optional MyWay adaptors.
“As people became familiar with the advantages of our linear LED lamps they began using them as singular fixtures but struggled with a simple and affordable mounting solution.” says Quasar CEO Steven Strong.
Up until now, LED tubes were often rigged using random clamps, tape, zip ties or other hardware not designed for the application. The combination of Quasar Science lighting technology and MSE grip support allows the user to rig mounting plates in any configuration they need, quickly and safely using an almost-endless variety of MSE MyWayGrip accessories.
“We wanted something that would be, above all, easy to rig,” explained Jay Yowler, Quasar Science co-founder and lead designer on the MyWayPlate project. “Combining the plates with the MyWayGrip system makes rigging quick and safe. Traditional clamps can damage the lamps and are awkward to use. Large shell housings are too cumbersome when you simply need a couple tubes.” Jay continues, “The MyWay system is extremely versatile and it shows when applied to LED lighting.”
(Jim Evans)

rednetx2pfrontFocusrite adds new RedNet X2P Interface
Monday, 2 October 2017

UK - Focusrite has announced the RedNet X2P 2x2 Dante audio interface.
With two Red Evolution mic pre’s, stereo line outs and a stereo headphone amplifier, the RedNet X2P allows quick I/O and monitoring expansion of Focusrite RedNet or other Dante audio-over-IP systems. Power, audio and remote control are supplied using an ethernet cable; a local input mixer allows “more me” monitoring control, while a control lockout ensures settings remain unchanged when used remotely.
The two digitally-controlled Red Evolution mic pre’s provide plenty of ultra-clean gain along with stereo linking, individually selectable phantom power, a high-pass filter and phase reverse. Additionally, they include Air mode, emulating the sound of Focusrite’s classic transformer-based mic preamps. The RedNet X2P provides high-performance audio conversion with over 118dB dynamic range. These converters have been expertly selected and calibrated to provide the best balance of sound quality, dynamic range and conversion latency.
RedNet X2P features a crossfader to enable level control of the local inputs versus network inputs assigned to feed either the line outputs or the headphone outputs. The unit can be mounted directly to a mic stand, keeping it out of the way and within reach.
Flexible control locks enable local control of mic pre-settings and output settings, or both to be locked. Artists can adjust their headphone mix and level, safe in the knowledge that they cannot accidentally adjust the mic pre-gain.
(Jim Evans)

steve-b-dbdB Technologies promotion from CUK Audio
Monday, 2 October 2017

UK - CUK Audio, long-standing UK and Eire distributors for dB Technologies, is launching an initiative to promote the extended five-year warranty offered for free on all dB Technologies products purchased from an authorised dealer. 
CUK is running three prize draws that will take place at the end of October, November and December and the winners will be reimbursed in full for the cost of their dB Technologies purchase.
CUK Audio MD Stuart Thomson explained: “We’ve actually been offering the free extended warranty for around three years now. Our aim was both to support the brand itself and to support UK retailers on the ground who offer a real added value compared to the online giants. It’s a clear demonstration of the confidence that we have in the quality and reliability of dB Technologies products, and we’d really like to underline this for our customers – that goes for our retailers, and of course the end users – hence the fantastic prize draws to promote this significant benefit.”
Previously, the end user was required to fill in a warranty card and return it to CUK Audio along with a copy of the proof of purchase for the warranty extension to be logged onto the system. With the advent of the new website, CUK has simplified the process with an online form that allows you to log all of the details yourself and even upload a copy of your proof of purchase, so there is no need to put anything in the post.
“It is now much easier for the end user to apply for the warranty extension,” continued Thomson, “so to promote this ne

crystal-mazeAurora Lighting on Crystal Maze revival
Monday, 2 October 2017

UK - Aurora Lighting is working alongside lighting designer Gurdip Mahal and gaffer James Tinsley on Channel 4’s hit re-boot of TV cult classic The Crystal Maze.
Based on the classic format and filmed at The Bottle Yard, Bristol on a custom-built set created by original series designer James Dillon, the aim was to remain faithful to the feel of the iconic zones, whilst adding a contemporary look to update the show for a modern audience and enhance the show’s newly added areas.
Talking about the show, LD Gurdip Mahal says, “The sheer scale of the show presented a number of challenges for the entire crew. With so many small studios and unique spaces, lighting the production was both new and exciting and presented a few difficulties which the terrific crew were able to resolve.”
The lighting specified for the show allowed the crew the flexibility to seamlessly shift between scenes and to custom create specific moods for individual zones. A variety of automated fixtures including Martin MAC Viper Profile, Clay Paky Sharpy and GLP X-4s allowed the addition of colour and movement. A number of Fresnels were also incorporated into the design, particularly useful in delivering the tungsten warmth of the 90’s original.
The LD continues, “Everybody worked really hard to create the right look for the show. We had some fantastic support from Ben Taylor and the team at Aurora, who made some key investment in new products, specifically for the The Crystal Maze.”
Of particular note was the level of LED products that Aurora w

church-house-westminster-2017-2882Church House enters new era with d&b
Monday, 2 October 2017

UK - The need to address historic intelligibility problems and improve the overall audio quality were the key factors behind a recent installation at Church House Westminster in Central London. The project focused on the site’s two-level Assembly Hall, a Grade II listed space that is primarily used for conferences and meetings.
The reputation and range of d&b audiotechnik meant that the brand was Church House AV manager Ian Locke’s first choice for the upgrade, but he engaged the services of freelance sound designer and engineer Phil Wright to ensure the most appropriate units were selected throughout the cylindrical, dome-roofed venue.
“We undertook some tests with the existing system in the downstairs area, and found that for any given impulse we put into the PA we could measure 10 to 15 distinct arrivals at the measurement microphone. From an intelligibility point of view it really was a bit of a disaster, so resolving that was priority number one for the new d&b system design,” explains Wright.
The answer came in the form of d&b’s Y-Series, designed to suit applications as varied as houses of worship, symposiums and car expos. The installation oriented Yi7P loudspeaker cabinets house two 8” low frequency drivers and a 1.4” compression driver. At Church House, Yi7Ps are flown either side of the main stage and a pair of Yi-SUBs provide low end reinforcement.
The Y-Series products are augmented by a total of seven E6 loudspeakers. These compact multipurpose loudspeakers, with integrated coaxial drivers, have been spe

digico-nigeriaMulti-Media Event Trading adds DiGiCo
Monday, 2 October 2017

South Africa - Investing in dedicated and committed people and the best equipment available has been a successful formula for Multi-Media Event Trading, which has 25 years’ experience in the South African market as a technical production supplier.
In March this year, sound engineer, Adriaan van der Walt joined the company, increasing the high standard of audio knowledge. More recently, the firm purchased two DiGiCo SD10 consoles from DWR Distribution, accompanied by two SD Racks on HMA Optics, Wave Servers, Orange Box and option cards, all of which are featured at The Voice, Nigeria.
Owning two SD10s definitely changes Multi-Media’s position in the market. “Traditionally there was only one house that stocked DiGiCo and the brand is now slowly starting to spread,” said Adriaan. “Having the SD10s puts us in a different league compared to a month ago, and the audio boys in the industry will look at our company in a new way.”
Kyle Robson from DWR comments, “I think it’s very exciting to actually see bigger consoles get onto the market and to see top end engineers using and loving them.”
Multi-Media’s SD10s are currently on The Voice, Nigeria. “DiGiCo is an amazing system because you can design it, lay it out, and work with it in a way that suits your train of thought,” said Adriaan. “On the run of The Voice, I completely re-ordered the layout of the console so that I wouldn’t be caught up in button presses to mix the show. I can mix the show in one state, and with a push of a button, the console po

robe-innibos-2017-jcclick-381-of-422Robe for Innibos Festival 2017
Monday, 2 October 2017

South Africa - Robe moving lights were the primary lightsources on the Main Stage at Innibos 2017, a high-profile arts and music festival staged in and around Mbombela (Nelspruit) in South Africa presenting Afrikaans music, theatre, literature and visual arts.
The fixtures were part of a striking visual design by Johan Ferreira of BF Production Services. There were 151 Robes on the rig, all supplied by Johannesburg-based MGG Productions, delivering full technical production and crew for the main sage for the third year. These fixtures were hung on a series of trusses in the roof including three 4-metre diameter circles hung mid-stage, all staggered in heights from upstage to downstage.
12 Robe Spiider wash beams were on the upstage truss; 24 x Spikies were on six side totems (vertical truss towers) together with 30 x LEDBeam 100s; 24 x LEDWash 1200s and 27 x LEDWash 600s were rigged on the circles and the FOH truss and used for general washing; 12 x Squares were positioned on two back truss totems and 22 x CycFX 8s were in the footlights position around the front of the stage thrust.
Lighting was designed to work harmoniously with the video design which comprised two 12mm portrait format side screens, each 8m high and 4m wide, utilised mainly for IMAG camera feeds.
Onstage were also two stacks of 5 mm screen upstage at the sides - concealing the drum kits - which were alternated with LED panels for contrast. Upstage, 66 panels of 5 mm screen were divided into three pillars with both horizontal and vertical runs of LED panels in between, breaki

Absolute automation at the Bridge Theatre
Monday, 2 October 2017

UK - Absolute Motion Control is providing the automation for Young Marx, the first production at the new Bridge Theatre, which opens this October.
The new Bridge Theatre opens on 18 October 2017 and is home to the London Theatre Company, founded by Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr after their departure from the National Theatre.
It is fitting that Absolute, also at the start of their own exciting new venture, has been asked to supply the automation for the theatre’s inaugural production. Absolute will be providing the control system to power the show’s effects, including a six-ton revolving truck.
Jamie West, one of Absolute’s directors said: “It’s a really exciting time for new companies working in the theatre industry, with several new theatre building projects underway in the capital. The Bridge Theatre is the first of those to be completed, and we’re excited to have this opportunity and join them on their inaugural production.”
The company has previously supplied smaller motion effects to productions, as well as working in collaboration with existing suppliers to provide automation for shows in the West End. This production marks their move into providing larger-scale automated effects created “in-house”.
(Jim Evans)

ol1IMS lamps fly over Golden Gate Park
Monday, 2 October 2017

USA - A festoon lighting system featuring IMS DMX-controlled RGBWW lamps flew high over the stage at the 10th annual Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival held in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.
Conceived by renowned stage and lighting designer Andi Watson (known for his tenure with the band Radiohead), with production, fabrication, and installation by Iron Bloom of New York, the Land’s End main stage structure featured 420 IMS Mk2 festoon lamps hovering overhead, conjuring abstracts of the Bay Area’s many suspension bridges. The stage was home to over 50 acts throughout the weekend, including Metallica, Gorillaz, and The Who.
“Andi was looking for something high-impact and low profile, and he chose the IMS system because of its brightness, rich colours, and versatility,” says Iron Bloom co-founder, William Irons. “The installation has to be struck each year and the IMS lamps are suitably durable, not to mention the system’s ease of integration into a live concert.”
Watson and Irons pixel-mapped the IMS lamps, using nearly 600ft of festoon cable with 16-inch lamp spacing, and seven IMS PortableMount Universe Drives. Says Irons, “The system worked like a charm and I’m happy to report that the effects were exactly what Andi was after.”
In addition to his extensive work internationally with acts such as Radiohead, Zazie, and Oasis, and now with his own shingle, Andi Watson Design, Watson has taken the post of creative director for Superfly, the founding production company behind Outside Lands.
(Jim Evans)

blackpool-iceAC-ET ProLights on ice in Blackpool
Monday, 2 October 2017

UK – The latest production of the Hot Ice Show has just come to the end of a successful run at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena, with the majority of the lighting coming from ProLights fixtures.
Billed as “a dream brought to life by the stunning lighting that reflects the mood and magnificence of each scene”, this year’s design featured 20 new ProLights Luma 1500 LED luminaires purchased by the venue from A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) to replace aging discharge fixtures. Delivering 26,000 lumens, each Luma 1500 is the equivalent of a 1,200W discharge fixture, but has a power consumption of only 650W.
Amanda Thompson, managing director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, said, “It’s great working with A.C. Entertainment (Technologies) to get the best in stunning lighting and customer care.”
Andy Mahaffey of AC-ET’s external sales team said, “The challenges of lighting the Ice show require a bright, feature rich, and versatile fixture. The Luma 1500 is one of ProLights' flagship products and ticks all of these boxes. Michael Seaman, the show’s lighting designer, has used them to great effect, helping to create a visually stunning and dynamic show.”
At the Arena, the Luma fixtures join ProLights Diamond 19 moving head LED wash lights with individual pixel control, Jade moving head hybrids, and Prime moving head beam lights.
(Jim Evans)

absenAbsen appoints Italy distributor
Friday, 29 September 2017

Italy - Absen Europe has signed a distribution agreement with leading Italian Pro-AV distributor Ligra to exclusively distribute Absen’s LED wall products in Italy.
Ligra has made a $450,000 investment in Absen stock to ensure immediate availability.
Ligra business manager, Raffaele Losi, commented: “We were seeing customers very dissatisfied with low cost and low-profile LED wall products, which they wanted to replace a year after purchase. The Italian market needs an appropriately-priced, high-quality, indoor rental product amongst other things and the Absen ranges fill the demand. Going forward Absen customers will find in Ligra a single supplier for a wide range of traditional and innovative ProAV products.”
Large rental service companies and major system integrators, as well as global contractors, design firms, architects and professionals will have in-country access to Absen’s N Series for indoor installation, Absen’s D Series for indoor rental, as well as Absen’s X Series rental staging range. Products from these ranges are available for demonstration now on Ligra’s Road Show.
In addition to the stock products, other Absen lines are available exclusively through Ligra as the preferred channel in Italy and imported on request. Ligra supports its channel with a complete offering of products for digital signage, videoconference, video projection, meeting room projects, professional solutions for audio signal distribution and management.
Alessio Giagnoni, Absen Europe’s business development manager for Italy, said:

Carlo Ratti to address ISE conference
Friday, 29 September 2017

The Netherlands - Integrated Systems Europe has announced that Carlo Ratti, the leading architect, engineer, inventor, and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will present the ISE opening address on 5 February 2018.
Ratti’s speech will follow shortly after the conclusion of the Smart Building Conference during which Ratti will participate in the one-day conference’s closing roundtable discussion.
Ratti commented: “I am delighted to be giving the opening address at ISE 2018. Social and technological developments in the evolution of smart cities and smart buildings are quickly shaping how we must plan to work and live in the future. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with the ISE audience.”
At MIT, Ratti directs the Senseable City Lab, a research group that explores how new technologies are changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities.
(Jim Evans)

nadine-wrayAVT Connect adds senior account manager
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - Nadine Wray has been appointed as senior account manager by AVT Connect, the live event and digital communication specialists. Wray will be based at the company’s Brighton head office, working with clients in the pharmaceutical, membership and educational sectors.
Director of client services Becky Deo said: “Nadine has extensive events experience having worked both in-house and agency side. She has deep knowledge in all aspects of event project management and planning with a particular emphasis on the international pharmaceutical industry. Her enthusiasm and dedication is obvious straight away and she has already delivered global projects to the very highest standard."
Originally from Yorkshire, her significant overseas and UK event experience was gained through working for companies such as Astellas, DePuy Synthes and GSK.
(Jim Evans)

clare-jackColston Hall appoints chief operating officer
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - Bristol Music Trust, the organisation that runs Colston Hall, has appointed Clare Jack, the development director at Bath Festivals, as chief operating officer. Clare will start at the organisation in October.
An experienced arts manager, Clare brings with her over nine years’ experience in the arts industry, following an extensive career in private sector change management.
In her new role Clare will be working closely with Louise Mitchell, chief executive of Bristol Music Trust, to take a strategic overview of the financial, commercial and operational competitiveness of the organisation. As chief operating officer, Clare will be responsible for driving forward the financial imperatives of the business in order to support, develop and sustain the charitable objectives of the Trust.
Clare joins the senior management team at Colston Hall, who are responsible for implementing Bristol Music Trust’s strategy across their individual departments and taking an overview of the day to day running of Colston Hall and Bristol Plays Music, their education arm.
(Jim Evans)

midas-pro-xHD Pro Audio backs Midas warranty move
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - HD Pro Audio reports that Midas is now offering a 10-year warranty on all its products, including M32.
Effective immediately, Midas is extending its existing manufacturer’s warranty duration to 10 years and products purchased since 1 September 2014 will be covered by this warranty timing extension. No other changes have been made to the terms and conditions.
HD Pro sales director, Andy Huffer, commented, “This is a major industry move that will be a substantial consideration for anyone looking to purchase a console of this calibre, particularly as the warranty includes faders. It provides users with a notable element of financial surety for a significant period of time.”
Huffer added, “As a long-standing MIDAS dealer we are very excited with this announcement and look forward to supporting the move with the benefit that our in-depth knowledge and experience provides for purchasers.”
(Jim Evans)

asia-gamesDiGiCo on track for the Southeast Asian Games
Friday, 29 September 2017

Malaysia - Australia-based Norwest Productions provided the audio for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Southeast Asian Games (SEA) Games held in Kuala Lumpur in August.
DiGiCo SD5s positioned at Front of House, SD9s deployed for audio patch control, and SD8s at the closing ceremony’s monitor position.
Norwest was introduced to the project by Nick Eltis, technical director for entertainment production company Technick, who was consulting on the ceremonies for Memories Entertainment (Malaysia). Norwest was asked to provide a turnkey audio service, from audio design and supply, through to crew and operation of all audio requirements, which included six DiGiCo consoles and an L-Acoustics loudspeaker system, which included 100 Kudo and 48 KS28 cabinets.
“The two SD5s for FOH were position in the Level 1 seating bowl, with Ian Shapcott expertly mixing,” said Andrew Marsh, special projects manager at Norwest. “We were utilising the consoles’ MADI I/O ports as well as their Optocore fibre ports and they were mirrored, despite one being on our main network and one being on our backup network. They also provided some of the monitoring duties, like headline artist IEMs and VIP areas, plus they fed the broadcast unit with stems and replay, etc.”
Audio patch control utilised two SD9s, operated by patch engineer Ian Cooper to mix programme and comms lines to feed Level 2 and Level 3 IEMs for the mass cast. Once again, these were mirrored and used both MADI and Optocore ports.
Because of its live nature, an additional two SD8s –

cpl-heythrop-theatre-1CPL completes Heythrop Park Resort upgrade
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - CPL (Central Presentations Ltd) has completed a full technical upgrade - staging, lighting, audio and AV - to the conference theatre at Heythrop Park Resort where the west Midlands-based company is also the house onsite technical support provider.
Heythrop Park Resort is a luxury venue set in 440 acres of stunning Oxfordshire Countryside and dating back to 1710. It currently has two hotels, an 18-hole golf course, a health club & spa and state-of-the-art conference facilities including a ballroom with capacity for 300 – 400 guests (in banqueting or theatre style respectively), the Conference Theatre which can hold 400 delegates and the charismatics Enstone Room for up to 200.
The latest plans have seen the addition of a marquee which can be configured as a 650-seater banqueting hall or an 800 capacity theatre space which will further expand the available resources to host a diverse selection of conferences and events.
A new audio system is at the heart of the refurbishment project, which has been designed and optimised for the theatre space to provide the clean, high clarity well focused audio demanded by clients.
These specifications and packages have all been fine-tuned and co-ordinated by Simon Haydon and Richard Burrow from CPL in close collaboration with Heythrop resort director Paul Russell.
A d&b Y8 line array with subs was chosen, powered by the new d&b D20 amps, with an Allen & Heath 24 channel digital console. Also integral to the audio package is a Shure UR4 mic system.
The stage itself has been co

20170827-bbk-o2-takeover-3075X4 Bar 20s hover above O2’s BBK Takeaway
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - An abundance of GLP’s award-winning X4 Bar 20’s left the VER hire fleet for a very important event at the O2 Arena recently.
They were commandeered by London-based lighting designer Sam Tozer (of Vision Factory) for a special grime event, when the Boy Better Know (BBK) collective, led by Jme and Skepta, took over the venue on August Bank Holiday Sunday.
The Takeover weekend as it was known, took the form of a multi-venue, multi-discipline festival featuring five-a-side football tournaments, skateboarding, BMXing, roller disco, gaming events, cinema, food and music across six stages.
This all presented quite a challenge for Tozer, who had been approached by David Davies, production manager from LRI, to create a new look for the event.
“There wasn't much of a design brief other than it needed to look unique and bring part of the Boys’ previous life to stage. Keeping in mind that this was about numerous artists as part of the collective, David and myself started to brainstorm and came up with the billboard as the centrepiece of the stage,” said the LD. “And once I had this I wanted to create a top rig that enhanced the stage but also had its own shape and imagery.”
This is where the impression X4 Bars came in as he sought to create the shape of upside down stairs. “I decided to hang the Bars on 36 drop downs at 45 degree angles to create this shape,” the designer explained. “I chose this fixture for the narrow channel of light it produces and capability of pixel mapping the LEDs.” This fixture worked extrem

wireless-mastered-heads-to-acAC-ET to host Shure Wireless Mastered events
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), authorised Shure Pro Audio Reseller, will be hosting Shure Wireless Mastered: Live Events, at their dedicated training facilities in High Wycombe and Leeds on 12 and 19 October.
Wireless Mastered demystifies the world of wireless by providing Front of House engineers, AV technicians and production professionals with the knowledge and confidence to operate reliable, secure wireless microphone systems in today's challenging RF environment.
Attendees will finish the day with an in-depth knowledge in the following areas: RF technology - how it works and how to operate a secure, reliable system they can depend on; recent changes to spectrum allocation - what they need to know, how it affects them, and what they can do to mitigate risk; digital wireless systems and the advantages they bring as part of ensuring reliable operation in the years to come; and training with Shure’s Wireless Workbench software, including how to scan the RF environment, coordinate frequencies, and monitor networked systems.
Additionally, attendees will have the chance to see Shure's wireless products, including; Axient, UHF-R, ULX-D, QLX-D and PSM1000.
To register, click here.
(Jim Evans)

zero-88-cirque-enchantment-2017-2Zero 88 does the trick for Cirque Enchantment
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - Lighting designer Richard Lambert chose a Zero 88 Orb XF desk – from Eaton’s popular lighting control brand - to control lighting for Cirque Enchantment’s 2017 UK tour.
He wanted a powerful, physically small and quick-to-programme console for the inaugural tour of an exciting new performance concept which blends the breath-taking audacity of circus acts and aerial performance, hi energy choreography and a powerful rock, pop and classical soundtrack, fusing the disciplines of circus, dance and concert performance in one edge-of-the-seat experience.
Produced by Umbrella Productions and directed / choreographed by Stuart Glover, Richard was delighted to rise to the challenges of tight get-ins, an expedient sized lighting rig – which had to stretch a long way to cover the show’s varied dynamics … and fit into a small van.
The Orb XF sat right at the heart of the lighting scheme. Richard specified it because it’s his favourite desk for fast programming. “When time is tight, you have to move very fast on site at each venue” he explained, “and the Orb XF has many assets including offline functionality so I could programme stacks, or set up groups and palettes utilizing pockets of down time.”
He also likes the fact that it feels like a busking desk, however you can record on the fly, another benefit when working in short timeframes.
He made the most of the ‘Learn’ function on this show, there the Orb XF records the follow time of the music automatically, so while it’s not directly synched to the backing track/s

robe-the-stage-debut-awards-best-designer-rosie-elnile-photo-alex-Robe supports The Stage Debut Awards
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - Robe lined up on the red carpet to welcome guests at the inaugural The Stage Debut Awards in central London, organised by The Stage newspaper.
The awards were instigated to recognise the best breakthrough actors and rising star creatives in theatre, with Robe sponsoring the award for Best Designer which was won by Rosie Elnile for her eye-catching set for The Convert, staged at The Gate Theatre.
The nine 2017 winners – eight judged by a panel of experts and one selected by public vote - received their awards in a ceremony at 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London, with Robe’s theatre project specialist Dave Whitehouse handing over the Best Designer award to Rosie.
The shortlisted nominations revealed some strong competition! From young actors to established stars making their theatre debuts, highlighting a plethora of new talent both on and offstage, categories celebrated performers, writers, composers and directors from all over the country. They illustrated a snapshot of the massive wealth of talent and creativity that the world of UK theatre and performance has to offer.
For Robe, theatre is a hugely important sector. With some seriously imaginative and innovative designers working across the visual performance arts spectrum – lighting, video and scenic design – this is a major reason why the brand was keen to support these high profile new awards.
Says Dave, “Robe has long recognised the importance of new and fresh talent for the stage. It is essential to the future health of the industry as a

ohwondersmOh Wonder lightshow flows with ChamSys
Friday, 29 September 2017

UK - The live tour of London-based band Oh Wonder is supported by an appropriately imaginative and far-reaching Ben Mansfield lightshow run on a ChamSys Magic Q MQ500 Stadium supplied by LeSmurf Lighting.
“There is no one set look for an Oh Wonder show, but many different looks,” said Mansfield of Tourlite Design. “I wanted to create an isolated performance environment that flows with the music. The idea is to create a canvas that I can build on, something that goes in different directions on different songs to reflect the scope of these two artists.”
Mansfield has his entire show timecoded. He builds cue stacks on this ChamSys console and runs them through with the timecode rolling, recording the go triggers with the Record TC function. To trigger bumps, flashes and executes, he records a macro that references external TC. “One of my favourite ChamSys features is being able to open a cue and change data without including it into the programmer,” he said. “I do this all the time during shows.”
Key to Mansfield’s design concept for the Ultralife tour was the creation of evocative visuals that could transition smoothly into a wide variety of venues on the US leg of the tour. “We really wanted a design that would convey the energy and vibes of the Oh Wonder show to anyone who sees it, wherever they may be, from an 800-capacity club, to a 6,000-capacity music hall, to a big festival in the day or evening,” he said.
Mansfield selected the Magic Q MQ500 Stadium for this tour in part because he wanted to ensure that his r

rock-in-rio023D Rock in Rio with Lawo's mc²96 console
Friday, 29 September 2017

Brazil - Lawo mc²96 Grand Production Console was used by Brazillian TV programmer Globosat during this year's Rock in Rio.
Globosat’s use of the mc²96 console was part of a rental package of equipment, support and training provided by Lawo for the event. The first mc²96 sale had been made prior to Rock in Rio, with two consoles having been purchased by Viacom Media Networks (USA).
Through Latin American system integrator and Lawo partner LineUp Broadcast Systems, Lawo provided Globosat with a 40-fader mc²96 fitted with Ravenna, AES and MADI Cards, along with a Sample-Rate Converter and a Compact Core for the console. The console was integrated with a Lawo Nova73 Router using RAVENNA. The set-up was able to take advantage of a legacy Globosat structure resulting from the company’s involvement in the Summer Olympics broadcast from the Barra Olympic Park last year.
“In 2015, we made the first live broadcast with 4K and Atmos to some of our viewers and this time we’re trying new mixing ideas, positioning some instruments in 3D with very interesting results,” explains Gabriel Thomazini, co-ordinator of audio at Globosat.
“For the Rock in Rio festival, we developed a specific workflow with a remote mixing room at our headquarters, 14km away,” he continues. “We received 128 input channels from the Mundo stage and 64 from the Sunset stage – we chose which stage we wanted to mix just by changing productions. For transport, we used Lawo V_link [video-over-IP transporters] and RAVENNA-based streams.”
Lawo’s V

current-rms-plasa2017-image-web-rgbCurrent RMS enjoys busy PLASA 2017
Thursday, 28 September 2017

UK - In their fourth year of attending PLASA Show, Current RMS have ensured their focus remains on evolving their software alongside the fast-paced AV and lighting industry it was built for.
PLASA Show 2017 was “a huge success” for the Current team, meeting lots of new and existing customers while demoing their cloud-based software on-stand. It was also the perfect opportunity to show PLASA visitors exactly what’s changed in the last 12 months, with over 20 voted-for new features being released since last year’s show.
Launching a new feature, Global Check-in, on the show’s second day, Current RMS has made it even easier to keep track of inbound and outbound stock in one centralised system. The much-anticipated Global Check-in lets users scan in returned stock from multiple jobs all from one screen, perfect for those busy mornings in the warehouse when different vans full of kit arrive at once.
Recently celebrating their three-year anniversary with 1,300 companies on board, Current RMS handles all aspects of your rental business from any device, anywhere. Create flexible quotes and orders to send online to your customers, check real-time product status and manage all crew, transport and venues all from within Current.
(Jim Evans)


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