witchita-isd-2Chauvet LED helps learning in Wichita Falls
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

USA - A cosmetology salon with 26 stations isn’t something you normally find at a high school. Neither are an industrial certified welding shop, nor a fully scaled commercial kitchen, but the $28m Career Education Centre opened this year by the Wichita Falls Independent School District is clearly not your ordinary high school. Dedicated to providing its 1,300 students with real-world experience in everything from microbiology to farming, the 123,000 sq. ft. school provides students with realistic learning centres in 26 different career pathways.
To round out the hands-on educational process, the school gives students an opportunity to market their newly developed skills. So, the cosmetology centre welcomes visitors who want their hair and nails done. The culinary centre operates a thriving bistro. And students in the AV programme get to showcase their work on a giant video wall made with 100 F3 LED tiles from Chauvet Professional that were supplied and installed by ESP of Texas and Commercial & Industrial Electronics.
“We bid on this project with Commercial & Industrial Electronics,” said Mike Utzman, president of ESP of Texas. “Roy Horn, president of C&I, and I have partnered in the past, and we figured that doing so again would be a good way to cut costs on this project.”
The actual installation of the wall in an area of the school called The Learning Stairs offers students some important lessons about adapting design concepts, and how resourceful engineering can overcome obstacles.
Originally, the school distri

purPUR rocks the house with Harman
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Germany - Audio rental company 8 Days a Week recently deployed a complete JBL by Harman VTX Series audio system for a major concert by German pop-rockers PUR at Veltins Arena.
PUR has played multiple concerts at the arena since it opened in 2001, and Frank Müller of 8 Days a Week has been the systems engineer for all of them. One of the biggest challenges at Veltins is the lack of good options for deploying subwoofers. When PUR played the arena in 2014, Müller hung the subwoofers in a 40-cabinet cluster above the centre of the stage, which created weight and placement issues for the video and lighting deployments. To avoid those difficulties at this year’s show, Müller forwent a traditional subwoofer deployment and instead relied on the superior bass response of JBL VTX V25-II loudspeakers to cover most of the bottom end for the performance.
"If you set up a VTX V25 rig, and you use the preset where the bass is all the way open - with no cut at 60 or 80 HZ - you get an incredible amount of low end,” Müller said. “You can easily mix a show on just the V25 loudspeakers without missing any lows. The usual question I get from people who aren’t familiar with VTX is, 'Can you turn off the subs for a second so I can listen without them?' I tell them, 'There are no subs on - it's all coming from the loudspeakers.'”
PUR's setup featured a four-sided stage, which provided good viewing angles for everyone in the venue. Using wireless gear, the band members were able to move around the stage at will. To accommodate the unique stage setup, Müller

fifa-palladiumLED Creative at the Best FIFA Football Awards
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

UK - Specialists illumination company LED Creative supported the Infinity Creative Events production crew with a variety of products at the 2017 Best FIFA Football Awards filmed live at the London Palladium.
Featuring a set designed by Dominic Tolfts built using clean, modern lines that added a dynamic sense of perspective and depth, the design created a tunnel like effect that cleverly drew viewers inwards, beyond the iconic theatre’s proscenium arch.
The sci-fi stylish installation included almost 400m of LED Creative Sigma flex controlled using the company’s proprietary BYTE Controllers. The designer’s smart utilisation of LC Sigma, which included framing the entire width of the stepped stage front, allowed the team full creative control of colour, intensity and movement over a host of key elements throughout the ceremony.
The flexibility of the LED installation also helped lighting designer Nigel Catmur and gaffer Mark Gardiner to restyle the set in an instant, to create the rock and roll experience that accompanied the show’s high octane ‘half time entertainment’ provided by Kasabian.
In addition to the main auditorium set up, the green carpet arrival/interview areas featured a selection of ‘easy install’ LC Alpha Wand rental kits, plus BIT Controllers which the LD and gaffer Matt Chalk put to great use lighting up an A-list audience which included some of the world’s greatest footballers who joined the team for the evening.
Speaking about the project, LED creative director Ges Smith says, “It’s been an honour

ikea-goyang-1Community installation at IKEA Goyang
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Korea - Furniture retailer IKEA has opened its second store in Korea, in the city of Goyang near Seoul, with Inter-M Corporation providing the background music and announcement system across the new 164,000sq m building.
Handling design, supply and commissioning directly, Inter-M used the services of Samjin Elex to assist with installation. For the high ceiling height of the warehouse-style store, Mr. Byoung Dock Choi from Inter-M’s SI Team chose Community pendant loudspeakers for their acoustic performance and aesthetics.
The system designed by Inter-M uses a combination of Community’s DP6 and DP8 two-way, high output pendant loudspeakers. The coaxial six and eight-inch designs use separate magnets for the LF and compression HF drivers, giving reduced distortion and sensitivity. In total, the system uses 105 x DP6 and 62 x DP8 loudspeakers, driven by Inter-M DPA Series amplifiers. The multi-zone system uses Inter-M 7000 Series electronics throughout, providing input, control, monitoring and zoning.
Inter-M’s carefully calculated design took full advantage of the efficiency and wide coverage angle of the Community loudspeakers and achieved an even coverage of 80~85dB. This comfortably exceeded the required specification and met IKEA’s requirements for clear announcements with quality background music.
(Jim Evans)

lost-lake-festivalLost Lake Festival launches with Bandit Lites
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

USA - Superfly, organisers of the inaugural Lost Lake Festival in Phoenix, Arizona, entrusted long-time collaborator Bandit Lites with providing the lighting for the event’s two mainstages.
The lighting company supplied the lighting package for the Camelback and Piestewa stages, where performances included The Killers, Chance the Rapper, Pixies, Huey Lewis & The News, The Roots, Dreamcar, Run the Jewels, Odesza and Major Lazer.
“The main brief for the two SAM575 stages was to make them individual, so they each had their own character, and to make them logistically friendly for changeovers and any band lights or scenic pieces that would come in,” said Bandit production manager Dizzy Gosnell.
The Camelback stage had over 130 fixtures and featured Magic Panels, Rogue Hybrids, Cuepix WW2, VL6000 Beams and Illumipanel architectural washes controlled with a pair of grandMA2 full desks.
The Piestewa stage had another 120 fixtures including Clay Paky Mythos, Clay Paky Sharpys, VL3500 Washes, VL 3000 Spots, Flare, Illumipanel washes and DWE 4 lite fixtures, also controlled by two grandMA2 full size consoles.
Bandit’s crew for the three-day weekend included Vanessa Sexton, Brenna Rae, Jessie Hochinyavong, Joseph DiLeo, Ty Veneziano, Cody Cheatham and Jason Giaffo, with major support provided by project manager Gene Brian.
“The seven crew onsite really did a fantastic job of prepping, hanging and running the lighting systems,” added Gosnell. “There was a lot of tight tolerances in getting both large systems on the Sta

adj-imageLeisuretec appointed ADJ UK distributor
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

UK - Leisuretec has become the new UK trade distributor for ADJ.
Mike Henden, Leisuretec's managing director, comments: “Distributing ADJ is an exciting new prospect for us. Their products are smart, easy to use and have a very competitive price point. We appreciate that the choice we provide our customers is essential when they’re specifying for their clients.
“ADJ is a high-quality yet affordable lighting solution that our customers can offer their clients when faced with challenges like tight budgets and niche applications. We believe we’re a consolidated source for our customers and our new partnership with ADJ emphasises that strength.
“Expect strong stock holding, technical support, training events and efficient delivery across the ADJ range. We will also host ADJ training events in the TecZone for those who want to grow their knowledge on the brand.”
(Jim Evans)

ladyanttampa2017wm-38Green Hippo on Lady Antebellum spectacular
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

USA - SRae Productions and Clear All Visuals were responsible for the video & lighting production design for Lady Antebellum’s world tour.
Matt Geasy of Clear All Visuals specified two separate setups, each with a pair of Hippotizer Boreal Media Servers. Both setups were used to feed the LED screens and each one was triggered depending on the performer, switching between two or three outputs.
During the global event, the SRae team ran Hippotizer in conjunction with an automation system. The Kinesys motor control system fed PSN data to the servers, so that they could live-track the screen positions in real-time. The end-result was the content tracking of the screens as they moved throughout the show.
For Lady Antebellum’s automated screens, the system provided information regarding the vertical position of the two motors for each truss. This was a challenge, but using MacroManager, they were able to interject formulas between the automation data and SHAPE. This allowed them to take the vertical position of each motor and the horizontal distance between them to calculate the vertical position and rotation of each truss at over 60 times per second. This was vital as the team needed to know the resultant height and rotation of each truss in order to get the content to track across the screens as they moved through the ‘virtual canvas’.
This also allowed them to build in variables for the touring crew to adapt to changes in rigging setups for different venues - meaning that no matter the rigging limitations in a venue, they didn’t hav

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Backstage Wages - Backstage and FOH staff are being urged to vote in favour of a pay offer from West End managements that is less than half the increase they originally demanded. In August, backstage and front-of-house union BECTU announced it was seeking a one-year deal for West End theatre staff that included a 9% pay rise. At the time, BECTU said it had submitted an ambitious claim that was justified by the increasing cost of living in the capital.
However, after "intensive" negotiations with the Society of London Theatre at the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service failed to secure an agreement, members will now be balloted on a significantly reduced proposal.
It sets out a 3.5% increase for 2017/18, and the same again for the following year, with a 2.5% rise in 2019/20. Under the offer, the third year's deal would be subject to the Consumer Prices Index inflation rate to be announced in September 2019. If CPI varies by more than 0.5% in either direction, the offer will be adjusted accordingly.
BECTU is describing the deal as an "improved offer". Assistant national secretary Helen Ryan said: "It's a gamble from both sides, but it does afford some protection in times of uncertainty."
Home and Away - Morrissey has announced his first full UK tour since 2015 - but has caused a stir by leaving out his hometown. It appears the man who once sang Oh Manchester, so much to answer for still holds a grudge against the city following the announcement on his recently created Twitter page. The former Smiths frontman publis

jdc101GLP promises ‘tour de force’ at LDI 2017
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

USA - GLP will set up a ‘village’ at its 2,500 sq ft booth #1173 at this year’s LDI 2017 expo on 17-19 November in Las Vegas.
Volt Lites’ Matthew Shimamoto will be combining all GLP tools into an integrated lightshow in a bid to emulate his award-winning 2016 stand lightshow.
The product display will be bathed in a party atmosphere as GLP’s impression brand marks its 10th anniversary. The whole family, from the original impression 90 onwards, will be showcased for the benefit of nostalgists.
Lighting professionals looking for new solutions can see demonstrations of the JDC1 hybrid strobe for the first time while the new impression S350 will be launched during the event. The fixture has been designed to meet the demands of lighting designers looking for a single fixture that can be used in multiple applications.
Also making its debut will be the Force 120 fan effect fixture. Measuring just over 4.5ft square, the Force 120 is a break from the traditional moving lights from GLP. The housing contains a large diameter variable speed fan which can run at speeds as low as 30 rpm, right up to 750 rpm and be able to switch from one extreme to the other at a super quick speed.
Away from lighting, GLP will show the SNAP innovative cable management system, recently accoladed with a WFX award, having already collected an award at rAVe InfoComm 2017.
GLP’s primary suppliers Cosmic Truss and SceneX will occupy stands adjacent to GLP. Cosmic Truss will demonstrate how to create designs using their full range and just a few custom pi

slimpar-pro-qz12-usbChauvet DJ to showcase Eve series at LDI
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

USA - A collection of new par washes and atmospheric effects designed to offer cost-effective design solutions for the event lighting market will be displayed at the Chauvet DJ booth #1415 at LDI 2017.
Covering a range of colour options, the new Eve units include the 130W tri-colour Eve P-130, the 140W variable white Eve P-140 and the 150W ultraviolet Eve P-150 UV. The three new Eve units have a bright, flicker-free output that makes them well-suited for events of all sizes. All the fixtures are fan free and silent for use in video recording applications.
“We’re excited about the level of output and versatility that our new Eve fixtures are offering to the event market,” said Chauvet DJ senior product manager Allan Reiss. “Visitors to our LDI booth will be very pleased not only with the performance but also the flexibility of these fixtures.”
Along with its Eve offerings, Chauvet DJ will be showcasing a new wash from its SlimPAR series. The SlimPAR Pro QZ12 USB, is a quad-coloured D-Fi USB-compatible wash light with motorized zoom, dimming curves that simulate halogen filaments, built-in gel frame holder, and 7½-inch accessory slot for optional barn doors.
A pair of mood changing atmospheric effects are also sure to be trending at LDI. The Cumulus uses an ultrasonic agitator and water to create a low lying “dancing on the clouds” effect without the need for dry ice. The unit’s fast heat-up time allows for quick operation and fog on demand. Joining the Cumulus is the Hurricane 2000, a high-volume fog machine that produces a thi

tech-fest1Unusual thinking lights up Tech Fest 2017
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

UK - Technology with Heart was the theme of Jaguar and Land Rover's inaugural Tech Fest which took place at Central Saint Martins in London in September.
Organised by London-based creative agency Imagination, the event explored how technology contributes to the auto industry and was packed full of innovative displays which demonstrated how technology is being used to make a positive difference.
Jay Plomer, senior production manager, Imagination commented: "The venue for this event is a fantastic space but it is a listed building and right from the start we were told that it would not be possible to install any fixing points in to the walls and ceiling. This posed the challenge of how to light all exhibits in a big area within the space – and so we brought Unusual Rigging on board to help us solve that problem."
Paul Rhodes, senior rigging supervisor, Unusual Rigging explained: "We've worked with Imagination long enough for them to know how much we relish a challenge like this and so we got our heads together to devise a way in which to light the venue effectively while taking every care not to impinge on the fabric of the building in any way."
Unusual proposed a free-standing truss structure that attached to the existing lift shaft, thereby providing the necessary height. Jay continued: "Unusual did an enormous amount of R&D to ensure that this was the most cost effective and safe way to achieve the goal. We then put together a proposal and presented it to the venue which served to demonstrate that we have the best relationships

pyroMA dot2 hits the spot for Pyrojunkies and Kaiser Chiefs
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

UK - Since Pyrojunkies first dipped their toes into the world of MA control they have been busy servicing the needs of productions such as Bros, Jason Derulo, the Diversity Genesis Tour, the Ghost European Tour, the Kaiser Chiefs, Stormzy at Brixton Academy and the Capital FM Summertime Ball.
“We have been using an MA dot2 console to control our effects for a while and been really impressed by what the system offered us in terms of programming and creating new profiles,” opens Pyrojunkies’ sales and project manager, James Priddle. “By the time we took the Kaiser Chiefs’ system out we were confident that we had found the console that was perfect for our unique requirements. For that tour, we hired a dot2-XLF as a final test before we took the plunge and ordered a dot2 Core from Ambersphere Solutions.
‘We worked very closely with Thor André and the rest of the Ambersphere team to get custom profiles and to understand exactly how we wanted the desk to work for us. Any teething user teething problems were efficiently resolved by the team at Ambersphere who took my calls – sometimes rather late at night – nothing was too much trouble.”
Pyrojunkies offer a broad range of pyrotechnics and special effects: from pyrotechnic waterfalls and outdoor mines and comets, laser and flame effects, snow machines to confetti and streamers, their box of tricks is continually expanding. The New Magic FX PsyCO2 Jets are new additions to the magical toolbox of visual effects. They create instant and rapid jets of CO2 that reach up to eight metres so pre

mix3capanyaMiami’s Mix3 expands EAW inventory
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

USA - Miami-based Mix3 Sound recently added 24 Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Anya array modules to their rental inventory, bringing their total up to 48 Anya and 24 Anna.
James Newhouse, North American sales director for EAW, says: “John Ferlito and the folks at Mix3 have been fans of Adaptive since they purchased their first Anya system in 2015. Since then they have found that the flexibility and adaptive nature of the systems keeps it in high demand. It was an easy decision to increase their inventory to meet their clients’ needs.”
Mix3 put the new boxes to use at CAP (La Conferencia Apostólica y Profética) 2017, an Apostolic and Prophetic Conference held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Mix3 also provided an EAW Adaptive System for the stadium last year. The event draws more than 20,000 every year.
“We have used Anya for CAP since 2015,” adds Mix3 owner John Ferito. “The system works incredibly well in the arena, providing exceptional coverage. The additional Anya modules will easily accommodate the growth of the conference now and into the future.”
Mix3 Sound Inc. is a full-service production company that provides service and equipment for a wide range of clients and events in south Florida. They currently have Anya and Anna line arrays as well as EAW KF730, KF740 and KF650 line arrays, SB subwoofers, SM stage monitors and the NT family of products.
“We have consistently led the market with technology,” explains Ferlito. “We have found Anya to be extremely versatile with amazing audio quality. Adding to

anthemchurchRoland digital desk for Anthem Community Church
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

USA - Anthem Community Church in Gainesville, Florida, holds itself to a high standard of contemporary worship, matching its affiliated church, Atlanta-based North Point Ministries, which is among the largest churches in the US. High-energy music is a characteristic of both churches, so when Anthem built its new location, which opened in January 2017, it sought out the best professional audio systems possible. That included the Roland M-5000 OHRCA Digital Mixing Console as the hub of the church’s sound infrastructure.
“Anthem Community Church is a very tech-savvy church, and they had a very specific set of input/output requirements in mind,” recalls Jeremy Moyers, president of the Moyers Group, the AV integration company that has worked with that church since 2008. “For instance, they mix all of their monitors, including eight stereo channels just for IEMs, from the FOH console, so they required a lot of I/O and a lot of very configurable, flexible I/O in that console.
“Also, they will have a very wide range of users running sound at the church, from professional engineers to volunteers, so whatever console that was going to be selected would need to be extremely flexible when it came to how it’s operated. That narrowed down the field of candidates very quickly.”
Moyers says there were only two console candidates, and the Roland M-5000 was quickly selected. The M-5000 met all of the church’s requirements and then some, including 48-channels of playback and recording with no re-patching necessary, and a dedicated app that supports r

pavorittiDiGiCo sextet at Pavarotti tribute show
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Italy - On the 10th anniversary of Luciano Pavarotti’s death, Friends & Partners Group and the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation produced a show paying tribute to the world-famous tenor.
Un Emozione senza fine (An endless emotion) was staged in the Verona Arena and aired live in prime time nationwide on TV and radio.
As well as a 70-piece orchestra, an electric rhythm section and numerous singers performing virtual duets with ‘Big Luciano’, the engineers had to mix a variety of sounds, from the raunchy tones of Zucchero, to the crystalline flute of Andrea Griminelli, Giorgia’s soaring jazz-tinged vocals and young opera talents from the Pavarotti Foundation.
Agorà of L’Aquila, the event’s audio and lighting contractor, deployed no less than six DiGiCo consoles at the impressive event, manned by several of the country’s most respected engineers.
At the FOH platform, Daniel Tramontani (audio chief and designer of the event’s complex set-up) and Marco Monforte, were supported by Francesco Passeri.
“I used an SD7 for the orchestra mix and sent a L/R feed to Marco, who manned another SD7 and added the rest - band, vocals, etc., putting together the final mix for the audience,” Daniel explains. “I’ve worked with DiGiCo consoles for years and recent applications have included Beethoven’s 9th Symphony with Zubin Mehta conducting in Milan cathedral and Carmine Burana at Caserta’s Royal Palace.
“As well as the great sound quality, my favourite SD7 features are its great resources and the Opt

taiwanL-Acoustics tames challenges of Taipei Arena
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Taiwan - Winly Engineering & Trading was tasked with designing and supplying an L-Acoustics system for the 28th Golden Melody Awards (GMAs), the Chinese speaking territories’ highly-regarded music awards.
Winly, who has worked on the GMAs from its first edition, designed and prepared a lighting system to cope with the venue’s deep, narrow configuration, basing its design on L-Acoustics K1, K2, Kara and SB28.
“A big challenge for the system design was the shape of the venue, its limited rigging possibilities and the fact that the production requested no fill system in front of the stage,” says Winly’s president and production manager for the event, Andy Chen. “With the help of L-Acoustics’ Alvin Koh, we made an initial design of the system with L-Acoustics 3D acoustical simulation programme, Soundvision, to provide us with the optimum result.”
With the need for clean sightlines, and therefore no option to incorporate delays, the final design comprised two main hangs of six K1 plus 10 K2, one each positioned left and right of the stage. The K1s at the top of the hangs covered the raked seating at the rear of the arena, which extends to a distance of approximately 75m at its furthest point, whilst the K2s were angled downwards to cover the majority of the arena floor. Out-fills of two hangs of eight Kara each covered the seating areas to the sides and further hangs of six Kara down-fills handle the VIP area directly in front of the stage.
“There were many restrictions, one of which was that the main PA had to be pushed forwa

idolsPhilips fixtures to the fore on SA Idols
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

South Africa - Philips Lighting's latest lighting fixtures are playing a key role in the current series of South Africa's TV talent contest Idols.
The LED-based Philips VLZ Profile are enabling more finely colour-balanced television pictures for the latest series.
Produced by Mzansi Magic channel 161 DSTV, Idols is currently in its 13th season. The lighting designer, for the seventh consecutive year, is Joshua Cutts, one of South Africa's leading practitioners of the art of lighting entertainment shows for television. For this year's run, Cutts, along with director/executive producer Gavin Wratten, wanted to build on the show's highly successful 12th season by further enhancing the set and lighting design.
"I was looking for two things," says Cutts, "a strong, iconic backlight and a strong profile with framing capability for my keylight. It was also important for the television cameras that these fixtures had low levels of green within the lamp and reflector."
Cutts found what he was looking for in the Philips VLZ Profile, when he was introduced to the fixture by Philips Entertainment Lighting's local sales partner, DWR Distribution.
"I was very excited by the VLZ as a powerful LED profile that I could use as keylight," says Cutts. "I was amazed at its brightness and the color of the white LED on a person's skin. It was great to see an LED profile competing perfectly with the existing large profiles on the market. The VLZs have great optics, so my iconic backlight is very sharp and crisp, which is a great bonus."

D.A.S. Audio deployed at AmericanAirlines Arena
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

USA - The main area of the AmericanAirlines Arena has received a new sound reinforcement system.
The 21,000 capacity venue, home to the Miami Heat basketball team, is now equipped with new loudspeakers from the Aero Series 2 and UX Series catalogues of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio.
Jorge Arronte, manager of sound and matrix, along with David Vickery, the director of broadcast services, are the two key on-site personnel responsible for many of the arena’s key facility decisions and have upgraded numerous areas at the arena.
This latest loudspeaker upgrade brings the signature sound of D.A.S. Audio to the main arena seating areas. The facility enhancement includes 128 D.A.S. Audio Aero 40A enclosures, 16 Aero 20A cabinets, along with eight UX-218RA sub bass enclosures - all governed by Lake/Dante loudspeaker management & distribution system. Arronte and Vickery discussed the project and their reasons for deploying the D.A.S. Audio equipment.
“We started the upgrade on 1 September,” Vickery reports. “The various cluster arrays were cabled, lifted, and tested throughout the month and the new sound system came online for the Miami Heat’s first pre-season game on 1 October, 2017. As the main arena in-bowl PA sound system, it is used for all forms of audio presentation, including voice, musical instruments, Power Point presentations, video playback, special effect sound, and the like. Applications include the presentation of NBA basketball games, corporate events, concerts and shows, as well as arena facility training.”

robe-atm-poland-atm201246019ATM Poland chooses Robe
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Poland - Polish TV production company ATM has been adding Robe products to its inventory of lighting equipment in recent years.
The company initially invested in LEDWash 800s (for Euro 2012 held jointly in Poland and Ukraine) as well as LEDWash 1200s and, most recently, 50 Spikies.
The lights are also used to service ATM’s own productions and are available as part of the assorted technical packages offered to other production companies booking the studios.
ATM’s first purchase of LEDWashes was for 26 pieces, delivered by Robes Polish distributor Prolight, and from that moment forward the TV production company has only invested in Robe LED washes - it now has over 100 LEDWash 800s in stock.
The Spikies were purchased last year after ATM representatives saw the fixture at the 2016 Prolight+Sound Expo where it was launched. The Spikes have been in high demand ever since and were specified on Dancing with the Stars and Polish Idol by top LD Artur Szyman and will shortly be used on the new series of Your Face Sounds Familiar.
(Jim Evans)

funfear4Leisuretec joins Halloween celebrations
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

UK - The Howl Scream Park made its annual return to Mead Open Farm for 13 ‘nights of terror’ in October, where the likes of Topper the Clown and Grandma Lycanthrope waited to greet you with rotting arms. FunFear is a team of experienced engineers, technicians and designers who specialise in creating Halloween attractions and for the past three years, they have been in charge of turning the much-loved family farm into a land of torment and nightmare.
There were five haunts to be explored at The Howl including Toppers Twister, The Shed, Hotel de Basquervilles, Squealers Yard and the House of Hounds. In each maze you could expect to encounter impressive audio, lighting and special effects, along with a legion of terrifying actors which combine to create an immersive experience where you were the bait.
The maze with the highest “scare factor” saw you running for your life from flesh hungry cannibals in Squealers Yard, where Crown Amplifiers and E-audio speakers assisted in ramping up the fear factor. “We chose Crown amplifiers because of their high-quality build, immense power and renowned longevity. This meant we could rely on the amplifiers to produce clear, crisp and consistent audio throughout the event,” said Duncan, Funfear’s head twisted tech.
Pushing thick clouds of haze and fog into the mazes were numerous Chauvet Hurricane smoke machines, making it impossible to see further than a foot in front of you – the perfect environment for creatures and werewolves to stow away waiting to jump ou

sh-technical-tv-choice-awards-2017-00031set-2017S+H LED screens enhance TV Choice Awards
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

UK - S+H Technical supplied a 12mm LED surface for the 2017 TV Choice Awards.
The award ceremony brought together over 400 TV and entertainment celebrities at a gala dinner evening in The Ballroom at the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane in central London.
Stoneapple Productions designed and produced the ceremony for many years and S+H has been supplying screen for the last three.
This year, four columns – two per side - of the S+H’s 12mm LED product flanked a main projection screen positioned upstage centre. The LED columns each measured 7m high by 1m wide, and in between each of these was a vertical row of blinder lights.
The LED columns were used to display a variety of video content produced by Stoneapple for the event, including Awards graphics and aminations, for which they were highly effective.
The 12 mm is an ideal product for events like this. It was chosen for its brightness and good resolution, light weight and modular construction, and the panels were supplied in touring frames for speedy installation – for which S+H sent a crew to site to co-ordinate and tech the kit for the get in / out and the show.
Pavani Watt and her team at Stoneapple are constantly in touch with S+H to supply a variety of products including LED starcloths and LED floors which are utilised on a variety of projects.
“Terry and all at S+H are great people to work and do business with. They have an excellent range of products which are different, interesting and often featuring new technologies. The service is fast and efficient - and always

supersonic-2-830x623Supersonic Africa upgrades to Audient
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kenya - An Audient ASP8024 has been installed in Nairobi-based studio Supersonic Africa as part of a project to expand the facility.
The upgrade was prompted by the arrival of weekly music TV programme Coke Studio Africa, which was filmed at Supersonic earlier this year.
“Musicians from all over the world come together and work on original compositions and mashups,” says producer at Supersonic, Muna Chuba, explaining that this was the second year running that they have hosted the show. “This gives us a lot of coverage as a studio - it’s actually how some of the international musicians get to know about us.”
Those who’ve recorded and mixed at the studio include multi award-winning, local pop band Sauti Sol and international artist Wizkid. Enter the large format mixing desk from Audient, which according to music producer and Supersonic studio owner, Matty Peevers is the next step towards “expanding our horizons into the music sector. The routing system helps to make this an incredibly flexible desk,” he says, particularly admiring its “great sounding EQ”.
Resident producer at Supersonic and engineer behind Coke Studio Africa season four, Sean Peevers also described the Audient ASP8024 as “an extremely versatile desk”.
Comprising two studios equipped with digital and analogue gear, the business focus was initially television and radio advertisements. “Clients ask us to produce the entire ad - from voice over recording, creating the music to sound design and mixing,” says Muna, citing Coca Cola, KCB Bank, S

crcDWR helps Dreamweek Explosion open on time
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

South Africa - DWR Distribution provided new lighting installation for the annual Christian Revival Church (CRC) Dreamweek Explosion conference held simultaneously in Bloemfontein and Pretoria in October.
Phase 1 of the upgrade saw CRC Bloemfontein’s Main Auditorium receive a huge facelift. The 5 000-seater Auditorium situated in the South of Bloemfontein was extended to accommodate an additional 1 200 people. The ceiling was removed, air conditioning installed, and a new 24m wide stage, more than double the size of the original stage, was built.
The DWR team, headed by Robert Izzett, installed Prolyte H40V trussing above the revamped stage onto which both the church’s existing lighting fixtures and the new LED power saving units comprising of 18 Robe Spiiders, six Robe Pointes and 28 LED Parcans for audience wash were hung. An 8 Port Node was added to the MA system.
A 3.9mm Absen LED screen made up of 144 panels and measuring 8 x 4,5m, was erected on stage. Also on stage ,70 Absen LED panels to form two side screens. Over and above this, additional Absen LED screens were positioned on stage on custom made floor brackets, designed and manufactured by DWR’s Rob Young and Keith Pugin.
At CRC Pretoria, a 90m curved Prolyte truss was erected above the auditorium, midway through the venue above the gallery line, onto which 48 Robe LEDBeam150s and 18 LED Parcans were positioned. “It looked absolutely amazing,” said Robert Izzett. A 4 Port Node was added to the existing MA System.
On stage, to match the auditorium in Bloemfontein, 70

concert-hallThe Lighthouse installs d&b system
Tuesday, 31 October 2017

UK - The audio system in the main concert hall at the Lighthouse arts centre in Poole, Dorset has been upgraded.
The venue was originally conceived as the home of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and has adequate acoustics for classical performances, but the increase in speech orientated material performed there in recent years meant a new system was needed to improve speech intelligibility.
Jake Sutton, technical manager at the Lighthouse explains: “The system we had in place was really only suitable for public address and simple amplification for events. We augmented this for music and other performances that required more audio support but it was very hard work to get an acceptable sound. Our main issue was lack of direct speaker coverage and uniformity of sound across the whole auditorium. We, alongside theatre consultants Charcoal Blue, invited three PA companies for a speaker shoot out in the concert hall.
“The guys from d&b really understood our challenge. They talked us through the various options and advised on best performance. It was a really smooth outfit from the moment they pulled up to leaving the venue.”
The project was tendered out to Complete Production Solutions (CPS) who have a long association with both Lighthouse and d&b. Based on the venue’s requirements d&b suggested a system of primarily Y-Series arrays, driven by 30D and 10D installation amplifiers.
Adam Hockley of d&b GB’s Technical Sales team says: “The new system needed to be able to handle every programmed event from spoken wor


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