fpracks-venueFirehouse Productions relies on Dante networking
Monday, 30 October 2017

USA - Sound production company Firehouse Productions has found significant value in the sound quality, quick deployment and low total cost of ownership of Audinate’s Dante audio-over-IP networking.
Over the years, the company, which has provided sound production systems and support services to major rock concert tours is also integrally involved with sound production for special live events, such as the 2017 International Indian Film Festival held in mid-July at the MetLife Stadium, as well as live events for corporations including Macy’s, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Biogen and Wyndham.
In television, the company has played a key role in producing audio for live broadcasts, such as The Tony Awards, NBC’s The Wiz and Peter Pan, The Daily Show, In Performance at the White House, the iHeart Music Festival and Global Citizen Festival.
“Whether they take place in a stadium or a studio, these events all have one thing in common - they are live. There are no do-overs to get them right,” said Luis Espinal, senior RF/PL technician for Firehouse Productions. “As we move toward more networked architectures, Dante brings the reliability, routing flexibility and capacity we need to do it right the first time.”
He adds: “Given the complexity of today’s networked live sound infrastructures, it’s not enough to just bring in trusted brands of legacy audio gear. If the third-party audio devices don’t network together seamlessly, with uncompromised quality, low latency and spot-on timing, even the slightest glitch

Archwave in AES70 working demos
Monday, 30 October 2017

USA - Audio and networking technology developer Archwave joined other OCA Alliance members in a series of AES70 demo sessions at the AES 2017 show in New York.
The focus was on the practical implementation of AES70 (also known as Open Control Architecture or OCA) rather than the theory. How to make an AES70 device and How to make an AES70 Controller offered step-by-step instruction and working demonstrations on how to build fully functional AES70 implementations.
The sessions were led by Bosch’s Jeff Berryman and showed the practical combination of AES70 for controlling and connecting network devices in conjunction with the AES67 standard for audio-network streaming. The demonstration included a Focusrite audio source, a BOSCH Dante implementation and RAVENNA/AES67-enabled Genelec monitors, all connected in a single network and centrally managed by Archwave’s uConnect connection manager software.
Archwave’s uConnect software demonstrated that building on today’s technologies and open standards, it is possible to create a seamless integration of various products from different manufacturers by utilising the AES70 standard for controlling and connecting devices and AES67 for audio streaming over networks.
Archwave Technologies CEO Arie van den Broek comments: “Sessions like these are a vital part of the education process, and we are pleased to note that we are now moving beyond the stage where we need to explain what AES70 is and how it fits into the audio networking landscape to showing people how to actually use it in t

vietnamHarman supports Vietnam National Drama Theatre
Monday, 30 October 2017

Vietnam - Ba Sao Investment recently installed a complete audio system by Harman Professional Solutions at the Vietnam National Drama Theatre.
The theatre, which was built in the 1950s, was recently redeveloped and Ba Sao Investment upgraded the audio system with a complete Harman audio solution.
Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO of Ba Sao Investment, says: “Vietnam National Drama Theatre asked us to install a modern audio system with perfect coverage at every seat in the house. The new Harman system delivers clarity, depth and intelligibility across the entire 620sq.ft theatre, with no audible delay. Management is very pleased with the solution, especially because it offers the flexibility to easily integrate new components in the future.”
The system comprises JBL VRX900 Series line arrays, JBL PRX700 Series powered speakers, Crown Macro-Tech I Series amplifiers, a BSS Minidrive loudspeaker management system and a Soundcraft Si Expression series digital mixing console.
The JBL VRX928LA compact two-way line array speaker’s amplitude shading feature makes it easy to adjust each speaker’s high-frequency output for a consistent response in the theatre. JBL VRX915S bass-reflex subwoofers offer powerful bass frequencies in a compact footprint. PRX712 two-way powered speakers provide front-fill coverage for the first few rows.
The system is powered by Crown MA 5000i amplifiers, offering powerful performance and unmatched reliability. The speakers are tuned using a BSS FDS-334T Minidrive loudspeaker manag

tmb-laTMB celebrates staff anniversaries
Monday, 30 October 2017

USA - TMB Los Angeles celebrated the 10-year anniversaries of three of the company’s cable assembly technicians.
TMB’s Pro Cables division has worldwide cabling staff of over 50, with an average tenure of close to eight years.
TMB global operations manager, Jonny Starr, says: “Half our cabling staff have been with TMB for more than 10 years, and frankly, it shows. Experienced, conscientious and highly trained cabling techs such as Lidia Rodriguez, Rosa Hernandez, and Jose Granados, who were recently recognized in LA, contribute significantly to making TMB’s cable assemblies the standard to which all others are compared.”
TMB has supplied entertainment production and staging professionals with power and data cables and assemblies since 1983. The company developed a range of specialised proprietary cables for permanent installations, and has partnered with many of the world’s leading venues to design and supply of specialised custom cables for many different and challenging applications. TMB manufactures cable assemblies in Los Angeles, London, New York, and Toronto.
(Jim Evans)

forge-audio-vi3000Forge Audio chooses Soundcraft Vi3000
Monday, 30 October 2017

New Zealand - Auckland-based event production company Forge Audio has increased its Soundcraft mixer inventory by investing in the Vi3000 digital mixing console.
Marc Benedict, owner of Forge, explained that while the company was happy with their Soundcraft Si Expression digital mixers, a larger format digital console with a high channel count was needed and the Vi3000 was chosen for its straightforward, analogue-like design that allows instant responses for operators, top audio quality and reliability.
“Our range of services is built around the best equipment with a comprehensive array of reliable audio, lighting and video technology,” says Marc Benedict. “The capabilities of the Vi3000 are amazing; with plenty capacity for inputs and outputs. We found that it is easy to clock-sync with other products and extremely dependable – perfect for our larger gigs and our goal to continually improve ways to satisfy our clients’ expectations.”
“Soundcraft mixers have always delivered industry-proven reliability and Vi3000 is building a legacy in the New Zealand digital console market,” adds Tim Robertson, who is tour sound manager for the local Soundcraft supplier Jand. “The console is loaded with features like the automix function, while the Faderglow colour coding on the faders is proving popular and the touch screens make mixing so simple and easy to follow. Vi3000 – and now with the addition of the compact Vi1000 and Vi2000 consoles – Soundcraft now have a professional digital console sized for every occasion.”
(Jim Evans)

venuetech-logoElation announces Middle East distributor
Friday, 27 October 2017

Middle East - Elation Professional has appointed Venutech Audiovisual & Lighting Systems as its exclusive distributor in the Middle East.
Venuetech has been a providing professional products and services to the entertainment industry in the Middle East since 2003. Headed by one of the Middle East market’s most experienced operators, Nour Assafiri, Venuetech’s team of industry professionals is focused on all aspects of the audio, video and lighting market, from sales to technical support.
“The major target has always been to be able to provide a complete solution for our clientele, therefore we see Elation as the missing piece of the puzzle,” says Assafiri. “We believe that our experience in entertainment lighting along with Elation’s strength and reputation, as well as their continuous production of innovative products, will open doors for a strong relationship and the proper share in the market.”
Venuetech has just wrapped up a successful Prolight + Sound Middle East show at the Dubai International Convention Centre, where they represented Elation products for the first time. Supporting the Venuetech team at their stand was Elation sales and marketing director, Eric Loader, as well as Elation key account manager, Frederik Afif.
“We are excited to have Venuetech join the Elation team and grow the Elation success in the GCC region,” Eric Loader stated. “I’ve known Nour for many years and value the relationships and experience he and his team have in the region. We look forward to the opportunities this partnership wi

flashdance-2--brian-hartleyWhat a Feeling as White Light supplies Flashdance
Friday, 27 October 2017

UK - White Light has provided the lighting equipment for the UK tour of Flashdance – The Musical.
Based on the Paramount Pictures Film, the musical tells the story of 18-year-old Alex who dreams of attending the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy and becoming a professional dancer. Yet when a romance complicates her ambitions, she harnesses this to drive her dream.
Flashdance – The Musical is being produced by the award-winning Selladoor Productions and features a lighting design by Mark Howland. He comments: “Having never actually seen the film, this allowed me to approach the piece with a completely fresh perspective as though it were a new piece. The show is very rooted within 80’s music so I was keen to push some of the bold 80s colours which are largely associated with the music videos and concerts of that time. We also keep a lot of the lighting rig in view.”
By having the rig in constant view, this meant that it became a part of the aesthetic. Mark comments: “The boom towers worked well with the par cans making a strong feature at the side of the stage. These dance towers provided a powerful crosslight as well as being a strong visual feature in which we could frame the rest of the scenic design.”
Alongside his artistic approach, Mark was also conscious of ensuring that the rig he designed was tourable. He comments: “The rig has to remain manageable due to an extremely busy touring schedule. As a result, a number of moving lights were used to fulfil a range of roles. All of the overheads are moving lights.

selen-guler-and-liam-winter-of-absen-with-the-av-award-trophyAbsen unveils new version of flagship panel
Friday, 27 October 2017

Germany - Absen has celebrated an industry award for its flagship M2.9 rental staging panel with the introduction of the new Absen M2.9 Pro.
Since its introduction in September last year, the M2.9 has taken the rental staging industry by storm with its innovative and patented locking system which allows technicians to mount and lock cabinets in as fast as three seconds, and a self-cooling module design and high-refresh rate which make it the perfect solution for indoor staging.
In keeping with its mission to provide the most advanced LED solutions, Absen Europe announced the availability of the M2.9 Pro – a new version of the M2.9 – taking the product a further step ahead of the competition.
The M2.9 Pro is a sub-3mvm pitch LED solution which features a patented fast locking system that typically saves up 50% of building time compared to standard LED panels, while ensuring perfect alignment and protecting against pixel damage thanks to its advanced design, making the build-up of a video wall even faster.
Weighting only 8.6kg, the new M2.9 Pro is Absen’s new flagship black SMD panel. Boasting a contrast ratio of 7,500:1 in a 168x168 pixel cabinet (500 x 500 x 96 mm), the M2.9 Pro can be stacked to create a ±5° concave or convex screen surface without the need for any additional tools or accessories, taking modularity to another level.
The new version has been improved with advanced embedded image processing to ensure a more striking and eye-catching content for the audience: An 18bit+ display improves grayscale performance under l

ovation-f-915fcChauvet shows expanded Ovation series at LDI
Friday, 27 October 2017

USA - Chauvet Professional’s Ovation series is taking the colour mixing magic of its RGBA-Lime LED system to new places. At the upcoming LDI show, the company will be debuting the industry’s first full-colour RGBAL Fresnel and house light fixtures. Joining them at the Ovation booth (1415) will be other new products, including a variable white Fresnel and ellipsoidal.
Leading the way are the Ovation F-915FC, a high-output Fresnel with a motorized zoom that has a 30°-73° field angle, and the Ovation F-55FC, a 3-inch “inkie” Fresnel for short throw applications. Both fixtures feature Ovation’s RGBAL colour mixing system that allows them to render an endless spectrum of colours, from subtle pastels to punchy saturates. Virtually silent, the two fixtures are designed for theatrical and broadcast applications. Other features shared by the two new Fresnels are 16-bit dimming, a virtual colour wheel and colour temperature presets.
“The Ovation F-915FC and Ovation F-55FC incorporate lime LEDs into their color-mixing system,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Designers have been very impressed with the results that they’ve been able to achieve with our Ovation RGBAL ellipsoidals, so we’re excited to extend this capability to Fresnels. Both fixtures were designed from the ground up as RGBAL Fresnels. The Ovation F-915FC is also the first fixture of its kind to feature a motorized zoom.”
Also bringing a new level of colour-rendering possibilities to theatre, house of worship, retail and other applications is the new Ovation H-605FC.

mosaic-touchscreencolor-wheelETC creates touchscreen station for Mosaic
Friday, 27 October 2017

USA - A new tile has been added to ETC’s Unison Mosaic family, the new Touchscreen interface. The 4.3-inch (10.9cm) screen can be added to any Mosaic system running Mosaic software 2.4 or later, giving users a new option for monitoring and control over their installation with virtual faders, buttons, colour pickers and more.
“With the same user interface capabilities as the Tessera Controller the new Mosaic Touchscreen provides a simple way in for users to customise access to their Mosaic system,” says Bryan Palmer, architectural market manager at ETC. “This addition provides a fully-configurable interface at a lower price point, making the dynamic control system approachable for anyone.”
The Mosaic Touchscreen is modelled on the existing Tessera interface, which gives users a full controller feature set and also address output. The new Touchscreen removes the address output while providing users the same great interface offered with Tessera. The result is an advanced, cost-effective station, allowing users to add more screens to complement the size and intricacies of their system.
The power of the Touchscreen Station lies in its ability to let users interact with an entire Mosaic installation through a customisable interface. Buttons, faders, colour pickers and more, can all be presented on the Touchscreen, giving users extensive – or limited – control over an installation. Users can also set up the Touchscreen to monitor an entire installation, or just part of it. It can even send triggers to external devices for non-lighting effects

adamson-krystof-oct17-hrAdamson reinforces Czech superstars Kryštof
Friday, 27 October 2017

Czech Republic - Kryštof, one of the Czech Republic’s biggest bands, packed Prague’s Evžena Rošického Stadium – better known simply as Strahov – for a pair of back-to-back shows with an expansive Adamson Systems Engineering reinforcement system provided by longtime partner ZL Production.
To ensure that every single patron spread across the massive stadium had clear and lucid sound, ZL Production deployed main and delay systems comprised of Adamson’s E-Series and S-Series loudspeakers.
“Kryštof is one of the best-known and best-selling bands in the Czech Republic, and considering the size and significance of these shows, we needed to deliver a world-class production,” says ZL Production’s Ondřej Tureček. “We trust Adamson to support our biggest tours and festivals. The band’s engineer, Topol, trusts Adamson. And we had a lot of space to cover, so there was never any doubt about the best system for the job.”
The main stage system included left and right arrays comprised of 15 Adamson E15 three-way, true line source array cabinets per side, with six S10 compact two-way, true line source cabinets underneath each. The two side arrays also had 15 E15s with three S10s underneath each. The delay tower had left and right arrays with 12 E15s and three S10s per side, plus side delay hangs with a dozen E12s per side. A complement of six SpekTrix boxes handled front-fills from the stage lip.
As for low end, massive arrays of 32 Adamson E219 subwoofers were flown per side, with six T21 subs per side stacked beneath the stage.

visuelAPG’s Uniline powers moZ’aïques festival
Friday, 27 October 2017

France - Technical provider Visuel once again took charge of the stage set up and audio requirements for world music festival moZ’aïques held in Le Havre, France.
For this eighth edition, 40 concerts were planned, with 100 musicians performing across two stages. Visuel decided to deploy APG’s loudspeakers at the festival over the brand they had previously used, with the goal of handling a complex acoustic challenge: two main stages facing each other only 200 metres apart, with musicians performing in front of an audience of up to 4,000 people.
“When you are lucky enough to host incredibly talented musicians and singers, it is absolutely critical to offer a sound quality that is capable of giving back the energy and the warmth drawn by the artists,” explains Jérôme Le Bay, director of moZ’aïques festival and a knowledgeable audiophile.
“Kudos to Visuel and APG for being able to offer a system that is flexible enough to do justice to every nuance of musical diversity, from the most intimate performance at one end of the scale to the most rousing from a 40 drum band.”
In order to cope with such a complex sonic challenge, Visuel opted for APG’s Uniline Compact (UC), a small ‘line source’ system based on the Modular Line Array concept invented by APG.
“From an operational perspective, the Uniline Compact is also easy to handle and install, which saved a lot of time on stage during the installation”, adds Jérôme Le Bay. “I have to say that the Uniline Compact’s reach in front fill is greater than

voyagerlawomc256Music Mix Mobile upgrades Voyager with Lawo
Friday, 27 October 2017

USA - Award winning facilities company Music Mix Mobile has completed an upgrade of their audio console in the company’s Voyager production truck.
States Joel Singer, co-owner and chief engineer of Music Mix Mobile (M3): “Our goal was to create an even more powerful remote music truck, and the Lawo system allows us total flexibility for music recording and broadcast, along with the brilliant sound quality required for music applications. W–e previously had a smaller Lawo mc²36 in this truck, but with the increase in larger input shows we’re doing, we decided to dedicate that mc²36 to one of our smaller mobiles and put a larger Lawo mc²56 into this truck. We now have three mc²56 trucks and one mc²36 truck on the road, doing some of the largest music broadcasts and recordings in this hemisphere.”
The newly installed mc²56 has a 48-fader surface supported by Lawo’s HD core with four 8-port MADI cards offering 2,048 bidirectional channels and six DSP cards supporting over 560 DSP channels and the use of dual master cards in both the console core and all DALLIS frames providing dual-star redundancy to support critical live-to-air applications.
M3’s Voyager unit had its inaugural run with the new, larger Lawo system at the Tidal Music Festival in Brooklyn, New York. Slated follow-up projects include the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina 2017 in Miami, and the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas both in November. In addition to the mc²56, Voyager’s new audio gear complement includes two Lawo DALLIS mic-preamp racks with more I/O for larger ev

ver-brosVER partners with MIRRAD to stage Bros comeback
Friday, 27 October 2017

UK - Returning from a 25-year haitus, Matt and Luke Goss - Bros - headlined two shows at London’s O2 Arena, giving a fresh airing to their back catalogue of 80s pop hits.
Working alongside Jamie Thompson and David Cohen at innovative show and lighting design outfit MIRRAD, the team at VER London provided the crew with an extensive LED, video, lighting and camera package to help build the suitably vibrant installation.
Featuring a 6m upstage wall created using over 160sq.m of Everbrighten 15mm LED, angled for added depth, the performance area was stepped front to back across two levels. The band were positioned directly below the screens on the first ‘step’, overlooking the main stage floor, with the drum riser rigged centre stage.
VER provided over 200 lighting fixtures, rigged using 400ft of HUD trussing in a double halo configuration with a classic mirror ball at the centre. The rich mix of automated heads and effects specified for the show allowed lighting director Francis Clegg the creative scope to shroud the performance with an almost limitless mix of moods, colours and textures.
The show also featured a selection of video sequences and effects played out over the LED backdrop. A mixture of band footage, both old and new, was interspersed with a live feed of the on stage performance, captured live using a VER supplied, three camera image package and video crew.
Commenting on the show, VER business development manager, Lester Cobrin said, “The entire crew did a fabulous job in bringing a huge slice of classic 80s pop magic

generatorhilma1creditmartingustafssonGenerator Hostels enjoys superior sound with Yamaha
Friday, 27 October 2017

Sweden - Hostel chain Generator has installed a Yamaha audio system throughout its public areas at its Stockholm hostel.
The hostel features a 24-hour reception, café, restaurant, chill-out areas and meeting rooms, plus a bar and a first-floor space which both host functions and club nights. The main Yamaha system is controlled by an MRX7-D matrix processor with EXI8 input expander and features 15 pairs of VS4 full-range loudspeakers and six pairs of VXC4W ceiling speakers. There are separate systems in the bar and first floor space, comprising four IF2108 full-range loudspeakers and an IS1112 sub and four IF2208Ws plus IS1118W sub. The main system is powered by XMV8280-D and XMV8140 amplifiers, with three P5000S and a P7000S taking care of the function areas.
“Generator wanted a cost-effective, high class audio solution. Other Generator hostels had different systems, but we knew Yamaha would satisfy both of the required criteria in a much better way,” says Jonas Hamrin, chief technical officer at Swedish AV specialists Watt & Volt, who were contracted as the venue’s AV consultants and installers. “For us the choice of equipment was easy. The wisdom of that choice has been proved by comments from both staff and customers alike being universally positive.”
It was such a success that Watt & Volt were asked to add a second phase, extending the Yamaha system when the hostel opened its Hilma bar, restaurant and nightclub. Unusually it also includes a tattoo studio.
Here four pairs of VXS8 and two pairs of VXS5 loudspeakers were i

sting--bodo-nordlandshallen-with-alcons-lr18North Norway’s Lydteamet invests in Alcons LR18
Friday, 27 October 2017

Norway - Norwegian event production company Lydteamet has invested in Alcons LR18 compact mid-size line-array.
Lydteamet works on events throughout the North Norway region and needed a sound reinforcement system that would reproduce a wide range of musical styles with equal excellence and be suitable for small, medium or large events.
“We have been a longtime user of other loudspeaker brands and Alcons systems were new to us,” says Lydteamet production manager Holger Hansen. “We took a long time looking into various systems; the compact size of the Alcons LR18, the rigging arrangement and its fantastic output made it an easy choice.”
The pro-ribbon technology of the LR18 module makes it a very versatile solution. As well as delivering exceptional audio quality and power, its accurate directivity and ease of rigging means that an inventory can easily be used as a number of different-sized systems.
Supplied by Alcons Audio’s Norwegian dealer Lydproduksjon, Lydteamet has invested in 36 LR18, 24 BF362 high-output subwoofers and 18 Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers, which can be deployed as one large system, two mid-sized or three smaller systems.
“It’s very easy to rig and the weight is very low, making it easy to transport and able to be flown in many venues. Its directivity is very controllable and it sounds great,” says Holger.
The system has been in constant use, recently being used on a performance by Sting in the Bodø Nordlandshallen and at the town’s Parkenfestivalen outdoor festival (featuring Fra

prolyte-rigging-invitation-2017new0005DWR schedules Prolyte rigging training 2018
Friday, 27 October 2017

South Africa - DWR Distribution has announced the 2018 Prolyte Rigging Course, in conjunction with Prolyte and Rhino Rigs, to be held in Johannesburg from 29 January to 3 February 2018.
The internationally recognised five-day course will once again be presented by Rinus Bakker. On the sixth day, delegates will enjoy a practical hands-on session presented by DWR’s Robert Izzett. Interested delegates must be competent in mathematics.
Delegates who pass the course will receive certification and 48 SACIA CPD Points. The cost is R9 500, and a 50% non-refundable deposit will secure your booking as seats are limited. The course will be held at DWR Distribution, Block C, Unit 1, Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark Honeydew. Bookings can be made on-line. Visit: http://dwrdistribution.co.za/register/prolyterigging2018/
(Jim Evans)

harmanHarman solutions for Kuala Lumpur Church
Friday, 27 October 2017

Malaysia - Mahajak Trio Electronics recently supplied a complete Harman audio system at Open Union Church, a Korean ministry church located in Malaysia.
Established in 1988, Open Union Church recently relocated from its old building located in Ampang Jaya to a newly renovated 4,000sq.ft building in Kuala Lumpur and a new sound system was specified as part of the renovation.
The church had used with JBL, Crown and AKG solutions at its previous facility and chose a Harman system again.
“The reliability and performance of our solutions impressed the church management when it was time for them to upgrade,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “The church had been using Harman Professional products since their inception, and this carried through at the new building. We are pleased to see our customers coming back to us with confidence.”
The complete system consists of six JBL VT4886 loudspeakers and three JBL VT4883 subcompact dual 12" subwoofers on each side of the stage, with four JBL AC18/95 AE Series speakers used as delays. The system is powered by Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD and Crown XTI Series amplifiers.
For vocal reinforcement, the church deployed three AKG WMS470 multichannel wireless microphone systems. Audio is mixed on a Soundcraft Si Performer 3 digital live mixing console, which is paired with a 32-channel Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32R for additional I/O. Two JBL LSR305 powered studio monitors are used for monitoring. The Harman system was installed by local integrator Acoustic Calibration

tube-diwali-manchester-2017-sjs6508tube is a Blessing for Manchester Diwali 2017
Friday, 27 October 2017

UK - Audio specialist tube uk supplied the sound system for A Blessing, a public performance produced by outdoor arts company Walk the Plank as part of Manchester’s Dashehra Diwali Mela 2017 celebrations.
The show story was structured and directed by Walk the Plank’s Nick Clarke with words and scripting by Louise Wallwein, with tube’s Adam Taylor designing the sound.
Positioned on a small stage in Albert Square the Mahishasura, played by actor Sagar Arya ,took to the stage in Albert Square while a 10ft high mechanical tiger puppet took its position opposite.
The most important thing for the sound system was to be highly directional, so the actors, exchanges and sound effects came from their respective stages.
tube positioned two ground stacks of d&b V-Series PA speakers either side of the Buffalo stage on the Town Hall side of the site, which in addition to amplifying his mic also served as the main show PA for all the crescendos and big moments.
Either side of the Tiger stage was a stack of d&b Y-Series speakers that ensured the Tiger’s microphone and sounds – like roaring – and other content could be amplified and heard.
The mics chosen were Sennheiser 5212s fitted with DPA 4066 capsules, chosen for their good vocal characteristics.
A QLab system was utilised for all the playback audio, sound effects and music tracks plus the narration, running via Dante into a Yamaha QL5 console on which Adam Taylor mixed the show. He was joined by Jamie Taylor-Sharman as systems engineer, who fine-tuned the syst

belfast-empire1L-Acoustics delivers at The Belfast Empire
Friday, 27 October 2017

UK - L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo system was specified for the Belfast Empire’s Empire Laughs Black Comedy Club to cope with the venue’s challenging configuration and architectural restrictions.
Owners Wine Inns Ltd required a new, high specification FOH sound system installed that would deliver excellent audio coverage across the venue’s dancefloor, as well as the raised tiers of seating areas and audience vantage points. The company’s technical manager, Will Barrett, contacted technical production company, Adlib, who recommended the L-Acoustics.
“The venue operator required an updated sound system that would supplement and support live performances for a wide number of genres from spoken word and comedy, to folk music and rock ’n’ roll at their vibrant and very popular city venue,” says Adlib director, Roger Kirby. “The venue’s ornate interior architecture presented challenges and limitations for any installation, with original wall surface finishes of wood panelling and extensive panelled timber surfaces amplifying and exciting mid-band frequencies,” Roger explains. “There is also a very large feature mirror feature in place forming a 10m long back bar, which again had the potential to generate additional unwanted high frequency reflections.”
Adlib arranged an initial on-site meeting with the client to undertake listening tests, SPL measurements and to discuss the pros and cons of the existing rig before finalising the brief for any new system, which would take all these elements these into account. The venue was then modelled

absen-2017Absen LED partners with DWR Distribution
Thursday, 26 October 2017

South Africa - Absen LED has appointed DWR Distribution as its new distributor in South Africa. With subsidiaries in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Russia, UAE and Hong Kong, DWR is confident that Absen LED Display Applications will provide clients with a wide range of quality and affordable products.
Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic was founded in 2001 as an integrated service provider and manufacturer within the Optoelectronics industry, focusing on premium quality turnkey LED display solutions. Since this time, Absen products have been shipped off to over 120 countries, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa included, and used in over 30 000 projects.
From the design of each product until its completion on the production line, strict quality control is put in place. “From the very beginning we carefully select the material used for each product and only work with the highest qualified material manufacturers,” said Ricky Qiu, brand manager at Absen. “We can say that if comparing similarly priced items, our quality and material will be better than our competitors. Should the material be identical, then Absen’s price to the client will be lower because we have the volume to give to our supplier.”
“Absen in South Africa means good value for money backed up with support and technical assistance from DWR,” said Schalk Botha from DWR who will manage the brand in South Africa. While the emphasis is on the quality, Absen offers a great variety for indoor and outdoor applications.
“We look forward to this new relationship and are confident th

wings-engine-raw-webAV Stumpfl to present projection screen accessory and media servers at LDI 2017
Thursday, 26 October 2017

Austria - AV technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl will present a projection screen accessory prototype, a line-up of projection screens and media server products at this year’s LDI exhibition in Las Vegas.
The T-32 Shift projection screen leg allows an easy adjustment of the height of a a mobile projection screen without the need of disassembly. T-32 Shift is compatible with all AV Stumpfl 32mm projection screen frames. It will be officially released at the beginning of 2018, but LDI visitors have the opportunity to experience the latest prototype hands-on at the AV Stumpfl booth.
The company will also present their latest media server hardware and software products, including Wings Vioso RX 2.0, which will feature the Hot-Backup option, allowing users to specify hot backup clients for multiple playout clients.
The Wings Engine RAW 8K server will also be shown at the exhibition. AV Stumpfl claims it’s the most powerful media server of its kind for uncompressed content playback, and can deliver up to four simultaneous streams of uncompressed 4K (4:4:4) content at 60fps.
Booth visitors will also be able to try out the automatic Wings Vioso camera-calibration feature and interactive Wings Touch controls.
AV Stumpfl will exhibit at the LDI show on 17-19 November at booth #1461 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

lucasHK Audio unveils Lucas 2K compact PA
Thursday, 26 October 2017

Europe - The active 2.1 stereo Lucas 2K is set to become the new companion of choice for on-the-go events like weddings, galas, and parties, says HK. There are two models available: Lucas 2K15 features a 15” wooden bass reflex subwoofer, while Lucas 2K18 comes with an 18” sub to offer even more low-end. Both systems are completed by a pair of 8”/1” satellites.
Designed, engineered and built in Germany, Lucas 2K features premium-quality components, a newly developed 2,000-watt power amplifier and advanced DSP technology. All this allows DJs to strike the perfect balance between soothing background music, crisp and articulate speech reinforcement, and huge, dancefloor-filling beats with ease.
Lucas 2K’s painstakingly-tuned filters ensure it works equally well with all kinds of signal sources, and the systems can easily be scaled up when even more bass is required using the Linear Sub 1500 A (Lucas 2K15) and Linear Sub 1800 A (Lucas 2K18) subwoofers.
Practical features like HK Audio’s MultiGrip recessed handles and M20 speaker pole mounts make handling Lucas 2K extremely simple and convenient – the 53 kg Lucas 2K15 system can even be transported and set up by just one person – while MonoTilt technology allows the DJ to precisely angle the satellites towards the audience. A range of practical accessories is available.
Rudiger Forse, HK Audio’s senior product manager, said: “Back in 1998, a new PA category was born when HK Audio invented the original Lightweight Ultra Compact Active System – in short, Lucas. In Europe, Lucas q

sq-5and6-pressAllen & Heath launches latest SQ mixer series
Thursday, 26 October 2017

UK - Allen & Heath has unveiled its 96kHz SQ series of digital mixers for live sound, AV and installation.
The SQ-5 and SQ-6 mixers are founded on Allen & Heath’s XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine, delivering high resolution audio with a latency of Both consoles can be expanded up to 48 inputs via a family of remote expanders and feature an audio networking slot for optional Dante, Waves and other card formats, expanding the scope for system integration, FoH / monitor splits and multitrack recording.
A built-in SQ-Drive makes it easy to capture high resolution 96kHz stereo and multitrack recordings direct to a USB drive. SQ can also be hooked up to a PC or Mac via USB to become a plug ‘n play, Core Audio or ASIO compliant 32x32 audio interface, with MIDI and DAW Control capabilities. Allen & Heath’s DEEP processing plug-in architecture allows boutique compressor and preamp emulations to be added to the SQ mixer and embedded directly within its inputs and mix channels without adding system latency or setup hassles. SQ also features a fully integrated Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM), handling conferences, panel talks and TV shows.
“SQ is such a great solution for AV, corporate, rental and installation scenarios,” commented Allen & Heath’s product manager, Keith Johnson. “It’s compact, connected, great sounding, and capable of mixing anything from a panel discussion to a full live band, all with incredibly low latency and pristine 96kHz audio. The console is DEEP processing ready, so when users register their SQ they’ll be able to get


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