nexo-nxamp-mk2sNexo releases additions to its amplifier range
Monday, 23 October 2017

UK - Nexo’s new additions to its range of NXAMP TDcontrollers are unveiled at the BPM Pro exhibition in Birmingham today (Monday, 23 October).
The NXAMP4x2 MK2 and NXAMP4x1 MK2 amplifier models are the result of close collaboration between R&D engineers from Nexo and its parent company Yamaha.
The new NXAMP4x1 MK2 and NXAMP4x2 MK2 present Nexo’s expertise in DSP control in lighter, sleeker 2U packages with touchscreen control.
Available in 4x 1000 Watts and 4x 2000 Watts, and weighing in at just 16kg and 16.6kg, these ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers combine 32-bit/96KHz converters and 64-bit signal processing to deliver significant advances in sound quality over the already highly regarded MK1 NXAMPs.
A native dual Ethernet port offers seamless integration with Nexo’s proprietary NeMo system management software. Amplifiers can be remote-controlled and daisy-chained via a remote control card fitted as standard, with optional Dante, EtherSound and AES/EBU network cards also available.
Four high-end analogue inputs use cascaded converters for low output noise, and four digital inputs are available through the
rear panel expansion card slot offering optional AES/EBU, EtherSound, Dante or AES67 inputs, all with automatic analogue fall-back.
Designed for use in touring and fixed installations, the amplifiers feature a universal power supply (100 - 240 Volts) using PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology for maximum efficiency and smooth current draw.
The NXAMP4x2 MK2 is a new design in the NXAMP range, suitable

arcade-fireAvolites provides 360° control for Arcade Fire
Monday, 23 October 2017

USA - Multimedia entertainment studio Moment Factory and lighting designer Christopher Bushell are using an Avolites Sapphire Touch and Titan v10.1 app to control the lighting during Arcade Fire’s Infinite Content tour.
The indie heavyweights are performing from a 360° stage in the round and Bushell worked closely with creative director Tarik Mikou from Moment Factory on the production.
"The overall brief was for a visceral lighting and video design that both formed and blended with the show's scenography,” says Bushell. "The arena design features a strong sporting event vibe, with a boxing ring stage in the centre of the room."
Much of the programming for the arena tour is developed from Bushell's preceding design for the band's festival circuit this year. The 'boxing ring stage' - a central, in-the-round performance space, is crowned with a square lighting grid clad in LED video screens. Out in the arena, vertical towers provide additional lighting positions to cover the stage and provide strong beam looks around the room.
"Working in the round comes with its challenges," says Bushell. "I can't check or update positions and cues until every piece of lighting and automation is up and running. This leaves me little time to get the pin-point accuracy required. To overcome this, I programme remotely from the console using a wireless router and the Avolites Titan v10.1 app. The app allows me to roam around an arena venue, updating fixture positions as I go."
The Avolites Titan v10.1 app works alongside any Avolites Titan console

dlive-v1-6Allen & Heath upgrades dLive firmware
Monday, 23 October 2017

UK - Allen & Heath has released firmware V1.6, code name Fistral, for its dLive mixing system. V1.6 adds Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) features, Multi-Surface capability, support for a range of new installation hardware, and new DEEP processing models.
dLive’s new AMM can handle up to 64 microphones, with the facility to assign mics to four different AMM configurations when running multiple conference rooms or panel discussions. The system offers two AMM modes: classic gain sharing and a Number of Open Mics (NOM) algorithm.
Multi-Surface capability with gain tracking allows up to four independent dLive Surfaces to control a single MixRack, opening new possibilities for installed and touring systems, including FOH / Monitor splits, sidecar mixing and Surface redundancy. V1.6 also adds support for the recently launched range of dLive hardware for installed sound, including the ultra-compact DM0 MixRack, GPIO interface, IP1 wallplate controller and new DX expanders, hubs and modules for flexible I/O distribution. The new firmware also enables Internet access to dLive systems for remote control and diagnostics.
Allen & Heath’s DEEP suite of embedded plugins has been bolstered with the addition of a Tube Stage preamp offering different valve topologies on one dial, and a new ‘Mighty’ compressor emulation, recreating a legendary aggressive compressor.
Allen & Heath product manager, Ben Morgan, says: “We’ve packed in some really exciting new processing models and a number of other enhancements that the dLive community has been a

eawalfcsanctuaryAbundant Life Faith Centre chooses EAW
Monday, 23 October 2017

USA - Abundant Living Faith Centre (AFLC) of El Paso, Texas, recently opened the doors at a second site, located on the west side of town. The new building boasts a 2,000-seat sanctuary along with an Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) ADAPTive sound reinforcement system.
The church leaders called upon Michael Garrison Associates (MGA) of Fresno, California, to reprise their role as consultant, designer and systems integrator for the audio, video, lighting and acoustic systems the new satellite location required. MGA has worked closed with ALFC since 2004, when design began for a new facility for the church’s main east side campus. This project, with a 3,600-seat main sanctuary, was completed at the end of 2007.
The church’s project team stated from the start that the new sanctuary’s audio system must support the same “concert level” performance as was achieved for the main campus.
“There were limitations on the first project that we hoped to overcome this time around,” says Michael Garrison, president and principal consultant with MGA. “Back then, due to the building’s interior height, the necessary use of front-projection video screens and the loudspeaker technology of the day, it was only possible to provide the desired sound coverage and levels with a 3-faceted monaural line array system
“Traditional line arrays have inherent horizontal coverage limitations”, continues Garrison. “And with their necessary ‘J-hang’ (or constant curvature) configurations, you cannot add an adjacent hang to achieve wider coverage without

harvest-night-by-erin-lee-allender1Music City food festival grows with Bandit Lites
Monday, 23 October 2017

USA - The Music City Food + Wine Festival returned to Bicentennial Park for another weekend that celebrated the culinary crafting of world-renowned chefs, mixologists, sommeliers and self-proclaimed foodies.
Bandit Lites joined forces with C3 Presents and Jeff Wendt to create a lighting package that would add to the ambiance, energise the space and bring colour and light to more than 20 tents, a DJ booth, and the Grand Pavilion Taste tent.
With food and spirits from more than 80 purveyors, ticket holders were given the opportunity to indulge in a weekend of artisan flavours and exceptional experiences including an intimate bourbon tasting with Preston Van Winkle of Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, BBQ from Martin Bar-B-Que Pitmaster Pat Martin, a Gospel Brunch along the Music City Walk of Fame Park, panels and chef demos and a Grand Taste Pavilion with tastings, showcases, book signings and more.
Bandit Lites supplied ETC Source Four Pars among the tents and 1,700ft of festoons on the grounds, along with Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes, Bandit’s exclusive GRNLite Pars and a Road Hog console for the DJ booth. Iluminarc Ilumipanels provided a wash along Nashville’s 6 th Avenue and nearly 50 trees along the site were uplit with GRNLite Pars.
In a move that combined the delectable dishes of the festival with the rich musical culture of the city, the Nashville Food + Wine Festival featured a Harvest Night, where famed chefs including Hugh Acheson, John Besh, Maneet Chauhan, Susan Feniger, Cassidee Dabney and more offered delicious dishes while

robe-suspekt-15Robe is a prime Suspekt in Denmark
Monday, 23 October 2017

Denmark - Lighting designer Johnny Thinggaard Lydiksen used 104 Robe fixtures to craft the light show for Danish hip hop band Suspekt.
The band requested the LD to create “a new live visual experience” for their tour, which kicked off at a stadium at the start of the year.
In addition to the Robes – comprising 48 x Pointes, 48 x Spiiders and 8 BMFL Spots - Johnny decided on a slightly old-school look, adding over 400 PAR cans to the stadium show rig and 24 strobes.
The overriding idea was that all versions of the design – large or small-scale – should share the same aesthetic. For the autumn club tour, the LD uses 10 x Spiiders, 10 x Strobes and 16 x 8-lite audience blinders on wind-up stands. “I wanted to keep it brutally stark. It was the vibe of the music that gave me the idea for the wall of PARs for an extreme contrast in lightsources and basically very moody and slightly scary lighting,” explained Johnny talking honestly about his concept.
Being a hip hop trio, Suspekt’s music doesn’t often follow a linear rhythm, which was simultaneously challenging and liberating for the design.
The Spiiders were positioned on seven floor standing wheel bases, arranged in banks of four fixtures - ACL style - deployed at different depths around the stage, with four mounted behind five truss pods in the roof.
The Pointes were outrigged on six double-stacked pre-rigged truss towers each filled with a double row of PAR cans facing frontwards.
The eight BMFLs were on downstage side trusses, serving as the main band key-l

road-to-ultramumbai2Elation on the Road to Ultra show in Mumbai
Monday, 23 October 2017

India - Electronic music festival Ultra hit the road under the moniker Road to Ultra played two shows in India in September, one of which included Elation Professional lighting gear supplied by Elation partner Star Dimensions India.
Star Dimensions handled lighting and trussing for the event and turned to 12 Elation Platinum SBX hybrid moving heads and Platinum Beam 5R beam effect moving lights for what Ashish Mehta, director of Star Dimensions, described as an “out of the box” design. “We had the SBX fixtures on both a front bar and back bar truss, creating mesmerizing effects on stage and towards the audience while the Platinum Beam 5Rs were used for nice mid-air gobo effects,” Ashish Mehta explains. “We rigged many 5R Beams across the stage and sound tower extension and their sharp narrow beam created a larger than life look.”
Star Dimensions has regularly had their inventory of Elation lighting out on many of the top music events in India, including Justin Bieber's 2017 shows, David Guetta's 2017 Mumbai show, Sensation India, A State of Trance and many others. “We have used Elation products for years and find them to be very reliable,” Mehta stated. “They stand up well to the tough conditions we often experience here in India and they have a performance to value ratio that is hard to beat. Road to Ultra was a great opportunity for us as well as the EDM scene in India and Indian EDM lovers were naturally eager to immerse themselves in the experience.”
Ashish Mehta and Star Dimensions also pro

robe-take-me-out-mzanzi-1o3a5419Robe on a hot date in Johannesburg
Monday, 23 October 2017

South Africa - The latest series of Take Me Out Mzanzi – aired on M-Net’s Mzanzi Magic network in South Africa – was recorded over six weeks at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg, featuring a lighting scheme designed by Rob Grobler, with equipment supplied by rental specialist Gearhouse South Africa.
Produced by Rapid Blue, the show has a style book and a specific look that has to be followed, explained Rob, who chose over 130 Robe fixtures to assist him in achieving this task on the lighting side. The methodology by which the various creative departments can arrive at these aesthetic conclusions… is left entirely to the expertise and imagination of the local production teams and professionals.
Beforehand, Rob received research material from Rapid Blue and watched numerous You Tube videos of other editions before drawing up the lighting plot, which featured Robe’s original DL range of LED moving lights, with 12 x DLS Profiles, 24 x DLX Spots and 24 x DLF Washes.
These were joined by 14 x ColorSpot 700E ATs, 36 x Robe LEDForce LED PARs and 24 x Robe CityScape 48s.
The set was designed by Michael Gill and built for the show by Sets Drapes Screens (SDS), from the Gearhouse Group of Companies, following the guidelines of UK broadcaster ITV (Independent Television). The lighting was largely designed around the set and where possible, Rob and Michael made sure that the two visual elements were harmonised and symbiotic.
One of the challenges of lighting Take Me Out Mzanzi is dealing with the camera angles and the slightly id

terminal21-2-0002Harman enhances Thai shopping experience
Monday, 23 October 2017

Thailand - A Harman audio solution was installed at the largest shopping mall in Nahkon Ratchasima.
Terminal 21 Korat spans seven floors, each of which featuring replicas of global landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge. In order to provide audio coverage for a wide range of entertainment environments and specialised areas, Terminal 21 Korat hired Mahajak Development to install a complete Harman audio system consisting of JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processors.
Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, project director, Mahajak Development Co., said: “The owners wanted a state-of-the art audio system that was user friendly, with independent volume control and source selection for different zones in the mall. The integrated Harman audio solutions work together seamlessly, providing maximum coverage and sophisticated control.”
The system features a variety of JBL solutions, including JBL CBT 70J-1, JBL Control 1 Pro, JBL Control29AV-1 and JBL AC18/95 loudspeakers. The entire system is powered by Crown XTi 4002 and Crown XTi 2002 power amplifiers. Signal processing is handled via BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 and BLU-50 signal processors, and BSS BLU-3 control panels provide easy volume control and source selection for each zone.
“JBL has so many different types of speakers for every imaginable scenario,” added Pongsakorn. “That made it very easy to customize the audio system as needed for each area. The JBL CBT 70J-1 speakers blend in perfectly with the Eiffel Tower replica on the first floo

rock-in-rio-2017-web4MA Lighting in control at Rock in Rio
Monday, 23 October 2017

Brazil - LD Terry Cook of Woodroffe Bassett Design (WBD) trusted in an MA Lighting system for this year’s Rock in Rio held in Rio de Janeiro.
The system consisted of four grandMA2 full-size and three grandMA2 light, four MA Network Switch, six MA NPU (Network Processing Unit), two MA 8Port Node, four MA 2Port Node and four MA NSP (Network Signal Processor) that were used as 4 Port Nodes. LPL Lighting Productions delivered the system and Lbits Ltda is the exclusive distributor of MA Lighting in Brazil.
Paulo Lebrão worked as the FOH/system manager said: “grandMA2 is the most complete system available today. I would say each lighting designer or operator likes to use a console that makes them feel comfortable and that grandMA2 gives us the most helpful tools. All bands visiting the festival and playing on the main stage used grandMA2 on their tours, so it worked perfectly well for this stage and all the people involved.
Lebrão continued: “We originally built the control system for Rock in Rio to accommodate all bands on the setlist with their different setups. When the bands arrived with their showfile their lighting designer or operator just had to send us the DMX data via Art-Net or sACN to include it into our MA system. We had two sessions for the shows. One was used as our main session with full access to the whole lighting rig. The second was used by the multiple lighting designers and operators of the bands to patch their showfile for our rig. This had the great benefit, that they could do their programming while we could do all t

chris-plasaPLASA appoints commercial director
Friday, 20 October 2017

UK - PLASA has promoted Christopher Toulmin to the role of commercial director. In this newly created position, Chris will oversee all sales and marketing activities in the organisation, driving the success of its commercial divisions which includes its event portfolio (PLASA Show, PLASA Focus Leeds and PLASA Focus Glasgow) and leading publication Light & Sound international (LSi).
The announcement follows one of the most successful PLASA Shows in recent history, where Chris had a major contribution in his role as director of events. In his new position, he will support the organisation’s strategy to grow both its events and media divisions, whilst exploring new products PLASA can deliver to further support the industry.
Chris’s career in the industry spans more than 35 years, which has taken him from a respected lighting designer, industry innovator through his work at Modelbox, creative design consultant, to his most recent role as director of events at PLASA; a position he has held for the past five years.
“Chris’s impressive professional background and knowledge of the industry will be a great asset to PLASA as we move forward as an organisation,” says PLASA managing director, Peter Heath. “With his creative vision, together with a talented sales and marketing team and market-leading products, we expect him to achieve great things in his new role.”
“I am delighted to embrace this new opportunity at such an exciting time for the organisation,” adds Chris. “PLASA events have been going from strength to strength

pixelflex-logoPixelFLEX joins NanoLumens partner programme
Friday, 20 October 2017

USA - NanoLumens, creators of interactive LED visualisation solutions, reports that Nashville-based PixelFLEX has joined the NanoLumens partner programme. Now able to exclusively market the NanoLumens' Nixel SeriesTM flexible LED under the name TrueFLEX visualised by NanoLumens, the partner agreement coincides with the settlement of the corresponding NanoLumens patent infringement lawsuit.
Monty Rains, president and COO of PixelFLEX said: "We are pleased to have reached this agreement with NanoLumens, and are happy to have joined the NanoLumens Partner Programme. Through this joint effort, we believe that our customers will benefit greatly from the technology, and we are excited to now offer the TrueFLEX visualized by NanoLumens LED video solution.”
"We welcome PixelFLEX to the NanoLumens partner programme and we look forward to working with them as they roll out their TrueFLEX visualised by NanoLumens flexible LED displays," said NanoLumens CEO Richard Cope. "NanoLumens has invested millions of dollars and man hours in the development of pioneering innovations that have been justly recognised by the United States Patent Office, and our new relationship with PixelFLEX works to the benefit of everyone."
(Jim Evans)

echo-responsive-controlsETC adds features to Unison Echo systems
Friday, 20 October 2017

USA – ETC has upgraded the software for its Unison Echo products. New features include the ability to manage tunable white fixtures, adding sequence control to Echo’s DMX controller, and more.
“The latest Echo software expands the functionality of Echo in exciting directions and includes new features that our customers have directly asked for,” said Lowell Olcott, ETC networking and architectural controls product manager.
The upgrade lets users control white-tuning DMX fixtures, choosing the temperature that best suits the space. Echo’s ability to control colour-tuning fixtures has also been expanded, allowing users to mix a chosen temperature of white as well as colours. The EchoAccess mobile application has undergone a graphics upgrade to ensure users can easily customise the look and feel of their system.
DMX functionality has also been expanded. Sequence control gives users the ability to introduce automated, dynamic colour control to their environments by stringing simple presets together. And a new trigger function allows the Echo DMX Scene Controller to interface seamlessly with external DMX sources. With it, users can dictate how the system should behave if a more sophisticated DMX source is plugged in, or what to do if a primary DMX source is lost.
Echo stations and sensors can now control presets in multiple spaces. This allows a single button push to control a number of rooms including the ability to turn off lights in multiple spaces. Echo photo sensors have a new option to prevent the sensor from raising levels in a pres

queens-theatreThe Queen's Theatre goes digital with DiGiCo
Friday, 20 October 2017

UK - A DiGiCo digital mixing system has been specified for The Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch in the London Borough of Havering.
Following a recommendation from the Bloomsbury Theatre, Autograph Sales & Installations were recently asked to assist with specifying and supplying a major upgrade to the existing analogue audio mixing system for the main auditorium.
Autograph’s Peppe Mallozzi recommended a DiGiCo SD9T for its combination of small footprint, plentiful input capability, bus flexibility, rider acceptance and its ability to host the theatre-specific DiGiCo ’T’ software.
Peppe conducted an introductory training session for the house technical crew at Autograph’s demo facility prior to delivery, followed after delivery by in-depth further tuition at the theatre. The SD9 control surface is accompanied by a single SD-Rack (fitted with DiGiCo’s fibre-optic data-transfer option), a UB MADI interface and an Optocore tour-grade digital multicore.
Chris Howcroft, the theatre’s technical coordinator, commented, “The Queens Theatre Hornchurch produces a lot of actor-musician shows and the T-series software gives us the features we need to respond to a designer’s requests quickly.
“We put the new SD9T in place just in time for our youth theatre production of The Wind in the Willows and instantly used more channels than we had available on our old system so it’s reassuring to know that we can easily add new racks and i/o cards in the future. The system supplied by Autograph and DiGiCo has also revitalised our PA, w

high-end-systemsStudio Gear adds SolaFrame 750s
Friday, 20 October 2017

USA - Lighting production company Studio Gear has announced their first purchase of High End Systems SolaFrame 750 fixtures. The newest (and most compact) Sola Series luminaire was launched at the 2017 PLASA trade show in London, and will be unveiled in the USA at the upcoming LDI show in November.
Studio Gear’s Mike Atkins commented: “Our first Sola product was the SolaWash 19, which has been great for us. Over the years we’ve made numerous purchases, and subsequently bought some SolaSpot 1500s for an installation. We were very impressed and on board with the 1500 right away. The biggest need we’ve recently identified was for a smaller white light LED instrument - something that could replace 700 watt fixtures that was small, relatively lightweight and full featured. When I first heard about the SolaFrame 750, it sounded too good to be true! Based on the specs alone, we gave High End a PO before we even saw one in action.”
Atkins says the bulk of Studio Gear’s business is corporate theatre such as sales meetings, event lighting, awards dinners and trade shows. “Often with corporate events we’re in ballrooms or tents with a low ceiling height, or there are power concerns. The 750 really fills that void for us; I can put a bunch of these in the room, not suck up a lot of power, and the compact footprint is very important. The fixture’s framing and zoom capabilities are amazing. The ability to shape the light is so useful, and the zoom on this light is incredible. With the 750’s useable zoom range, you can focus on a gobo throughout the

lighthousechurchMaryland’s Lighthouse Church switches to Danley
Friday, 20 October 2017

USA - A Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system has been installed in the new Lighthouse Church in Glen Burnie, Maryland.
Solsound designed and installed the system that includes Danley SH (Synergy Horn) loudspeakers, SM speakers, GO2 compact loudspeakers, TH (Tapped Horn) subwoofers, and DNA multichannel amplifiers with onboard DSP and Danley model processing templates.
“The new sanctuary takes up about 12,000sq.ft in the centre of the building and seats about 1,000 people,” explained Solsound founder Art Reiger. “We’ve been working with Lighthouse Church for many years now, doing system upgrades on their old system, training, and productions of special events. They asked for our help with the new facility, which was quite an audio challenge because the space is 120’ x 100’ x 22’ with hard surfaces throughout. Clearly, the all-to-common line array approach would energize the room too much; we needed a distributed system.
“I met with the folks at Danley at InfoComm last year,” Reiger continued. “I thought their products sounded outstanding, which was consistent with a friend and fellow A/V professional’s assessment. He’s an avid Danley integrator. The product’s sound quality, coupled with the very human interactions I had with the Danley team at InfoComm and after led me to investigate a Danley solution at Lighthouse Church. They have a wide range of products to fit a wide range of situations. What sealed the deal was the support I received from [Danley engineering director] Chad [Edwardson] and [Danley customer servi

hc-andersen-festivalElation Proteus Hybrid lights Andersen festival
Friday, 20 October 2017

Denmark - The Hans Christian Andersen Festival 2017 benefited from a light show powered by a range of award-winning Elation Professional moving lights.
While over the last five years complex projection mappings were popular, this year the festival director wanted a new concept and commissioned the Berlin-based artist collective, phase7 performing arts, with the task.
Under the artistic direction of Sven Sören Beyer, phase7 performing.arts handled concept development and implementation of the new show and used 40 new Proteus Hybrid moving lights from Elation Professional to realise it.
Based on Andersen's narrative Sunshine, freedom and a little flower, a Danish cast brought the show to life on an irregular, six-story Layher scaffold reminiscent of a fairy-tale castle. In addition to the figure of Hans Christian Andersen himself, embodied by Jesper Dupont, there was a singer, Marie Schou, dancers from the Royal Ballet School, and musicians from the South Danish music conservatory. The scaffolding stage was suspended front and rear with a cyc on which video was produced. Realtime-video content, designed by Frieder Weiss, was triggered by the dancers and actors themselves.
To light the exceptional stage, lighting designer Björn Hermann used 40 of Elation’s recent PLASA Innovation Award winning Proteus Hybrid lights, which saw its European debut before the public in Odense. "Many of my events take place outdoors, under the open air," says Hermann. "In theory, one can also use any other light open air, but then need a dome as weather p

dushanbe-tajikistan1034Dushanbe’s Loft comes alive with Chauvet
Friday, 20 October 2017

Tajikistan - Russian installation specialist Muztorg.PRO has provided Loft, a night club in Dushanbe, with a light system featuring 16 Rogue R2 Spot, 16 Rogue R2 Wash and 8 ÉPIX Bar Tour fixtures from Chauvet Professional.
“To give the impression of separate areas within the large single venue space, it became quickly apparent that a creative visual solution was required,” commented Roman Kosinov, project manager at Muztorg.PRO. “In addition to a modern sound distribution and partitioning system, the Chauvet fixtures enabled us to create the illusion of separate visually portioned areas within the bar, restaurant and club.”
On the ground floor of the venue, which incorporates a large dancefloor, bar and main stage, a selection of 240W Rogue R2 Spot fixtures - positioned from ceiling truss -- creates a dazzling array of fast-moving and colourful visuals for the club’s DJ and club nights. “With their fixed-slot, rotating gobo wheels and the 3-facet prism, the Rogue R2 Spots transform the main dancefloor area with their incredibly punchy looks,” said Kosinov.
Whilst the spots are generating dancefloor excitement, the Rogue R1 Washes that Kosinov hung on ceiling truss are adding a touch of elegance to the venue with their background washes.
“The R1 Wash fixtures have a small footprint, but their output and zoom range allow us to paint the entire dancefloor with beautiful saturated colours,” he said. “In this sense, the R1 Wash provides an excellent base upon which the R2 Spot fixtures can provide the necessary eye candy and pu

prideAvolites proud to be part of Brighton Pride
Friday, 20 October 2017

UK - An Avolites Tiger Touch II console was used to programme and control the lighting design for the Wild Fruit Summer of Love dance tent at the annual LGBTQ equality and diversity festival Brighton Pride.
The Summer of Love' tent hosted headline act DJ David Morales and featured sets from Jocelyn Brown, Angie Brown, Rozalla and Prok & Fitch. Providing the venue with a series of intense lighting looks was lighting designer Paul de Villiers who worked closely with Dean Parker of Wilde Ones Event Services who supplied and managed the event.
"We have worked with Dean and Wilde Ones on Brighton Pride for the past two years," says De Villiers. "The concept this year for the Wild Fruit tent was to 'go wide'. In the past, the tent's performance area was end-on, but this year we went broader and located the stage side-on."
To create the 'wild fruit' dance look, De Villiers used self-climbing truss goalposts toward the back of the stage framing a 12mx 4m, 6mm LED wall, supplied by Video Illusions, that displayed outlandish club visuals complete with custom logos and Pride sponsor footage dropped in over the top.
"We ran LED across the front of the DJ riser, creating a frame for the booth using lighting and truss," says De Villiers. "We then ran more LED screen down the two framing truss towers and had moving head beams and lasers on four truss uprights, two either side of the stage."
To complete the look laser systems were provided by Paul Teare from Shive-AV these comprised two Laserworld Purelight PL-10.000 with retro fit e

adamson-spectrum-snd-stadium-oct17-hrSpectrum deploys Adamson rig for Saudi National Day
Friday, 20 October 2017

Middle East - Dubai’s Spectrum Entertainment Services has joined the Adamson Network with the purchase of a E-Series system.
Spectrum’s new Adamson system is comprised of 24 E15 and 12 E12 three-way, true line source array cabinets, 12 E219 subwoofers, and 24 compact E119 subwoofers.
The new package has already been put to work at several large-scale events, including the 2017 Saudi National Day celebrations at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh.
“We’re seeing the demand for high-performance audio systems continue to grow and invested in Adamson’s E-Series due to its high-fidelity sound, phase coherence, even coverage, and clarity,” explains Julien Beyrouthy, general manager of Spectrum Entertainment Services. “We’re following our long-time clients to bigger venues while also supporting larger festivals and major international tours. Adamson’s rider acceptance has grown significantly and promoters in our market have made it clear they’re looking for seasoned companies offering Adamson systems.”
The company recently supplied Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh with an expansive sound system for its Saudi National Day celebrations. The event, held 23 September 2017, featured a performance of the operetta The National Epic for a crowd of approximately 50,000.
All of Spectrum Entertainment Service’s E-Series inventory was deployed, with the main stage arrays comprised of 12 E15s and six E12s per side. For low-end reproduction, the company relied on 12 E119 and six E219s per side.

open-air-opera-kremlin-point-sourceK-array delivers for Astrakhan open air opera
Friday, 20 October 2017

Russia - At the end of August, the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia, hosted an impressive classical music event which gathered an audience of more than 5,000 people. Set inside the old walls of the Astrakhan Kremlin, a stronghold fortress that began construction in the 16th century, the Astrakhan State Theatre of Opera and Ballet performed an open-air presentation of the opera, Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin.
On the night of the performance, the central square of the Kremlin was transformed into the seating area while the beautiful Cathedral of the Assumption and adjacent buildings served as the stage backdrop. A temporary 40 x 20m platform was assembled for the orchestra at centre stage.
All sound equipment used for the performance, including Allen & Heath dLive mixing consoles, a main K-array PA system, Audio-Technica microphones and wireless systems and QSC stage monitors, were provided by Russia distributor MixArt.
“We worked previously with The Astrakhan Opera Theatre on a few other projects including the Delta Jazz Festival, the premier of Giuseppe Verdi's Traviata and The Damnation of Faust at The Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, and they were extremely happy with the results which is why they invited us to work with them again on this project. We were able to rely on a similar setup of equipment to meet the challenging conditions of an open-air opera performance,” says Vadim Scherbakov, the head of MixArt office for the south region and the chief sound engineer of the project at the Astrakhan Kremlin.
The ma

eaton-usw-partnership-img2488Eaton strengthens ties with USW
Friday, 20 October 2017

UK - Live entertainment lighting control specialist Eaton has enabled the University of South Wales (USW) to enjoy the power and flexibility of a Zero 88 FLX console which has been added to their line-up of lighting control options.
This increases their stock of Zero 88 products, which already includes distributed dimming (both Alphapack and Betapack) and manual control of their new 1:8 scale mini rig from a Jester 12/24.
Eaton is also supporting modules on USW’s BSc Lighting Design and Technology and Live Event Technology courses.
First year students visit the Welsh factory in Cwmbran as part of their Introduction to Lighting module; while second years sit the Control Technology module that has been developed by the Zero 88 team. For the first time, final year students can work with Eaton employees during their Group Projects module, where they must design and produce a piece of hardware or software, supported by a marketing strategy.
Stuart Green, course leader for BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology, said: “We are pleased to be working with Eaton, a locally based company with global reach in the lighting and live event industry. The partnership enables our students to gain a variety of experiences, from work placements to having access to industry standard equipment and the latest expertise, all of this helps to prepare them for an industry career on graduation.”
Eaton has also welcomed USW year in industry placement student, Edward Smith, to the Zero 88 team. Edward explained: “Placements m

absenAV Stumpfl gives wings to Absen showroom
Thursday, 19 October 2017

Germany - Absen recently expanded and upgraded its showroom setup at their European HQ in Rüsselsheim, Germany.
In the new set up, the company is showcasing its bestselling models and a number of new LED solutions developed for a number of industries including corporate, retail, rental staging, OOH and sports.
The majority of the LED screens in the showroom are fed content from an AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Stage media server. The Wings software interface gives Absen technicians the ability to quickly change and replace professional audio-visual content, depending on the profile of the showroom visitors.
Oliver Straub, the Absen technician in charge of the showroom comments: “Since we opted for the Wings Engine media server, handling content has become a lot easier for us. We now have one main system interface, that we know is reliable and can easily be adjusted. In order to make the best use of the quality of our LED solutions, we needed a professional media server platform, because no matter how good your LED display is, you have to make sure that the content workflow is equally professional.”
Among the LED screens showcased in the showroom is the Absen HDV 1.2, the latest generation of UHD indoor wall displays for fixed installation. Boasting a viewing angle of 160°, the front install HDV 1.2 design helps to save up to 80% of space.
(Jim Evans)

transom-vertical-rgb-final-mediumLOUD acquired by Transom Capital Group
Thursday, 19 October 2017

USA - LOUD Technologies has been acquired by US private equity company Transom Capital Group.
The move is hoped to enable the growth of LOUD's brands, including Ampeg, EAW, Mackie and Martin Audio, and expand the company into adjacent markets.
The pro audio firm will now be named LOUD Audio and retain its executive management team to ensure continuity with product development, distribution and the supply chain.
LOUD CEO Mark Graham said: “This transaction is the first step in a broader strategic plan to enable and grow each of our iconic brands. Our brand and product strategies are greatly enhanced going forward as each will be working from a vastly improved financial structure and with access to growth capital. Transom is an exciting partner as they have experience in our industry and a great track record of building brands. Further, they share a commitment to our core values of customer focus and product innovation, and we are looking forward to working together to make our brands even more valuable to our partners and customers.”
Ty Schultz, managing partner of Transom Capital, added: “This transaction presents a great opportunity to work with the LOUD team to achieve the next stage of growth for these iconic brands. These brands are positioned well with major retailers, installers and production companies and bring with them an outstanding legacy of innovation and category-defining product introductions. We have been working closely with LOUD’s leadership to ensure continuity of the supply chain, channel relationships and LOUD’s


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