o-lineISE 2018: More powers for Martin Audio O-Line
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - Martin Audio’s micro line array, O-Line, has been given extra powers of coverage, consistency and control thanks to the addition of scalable resolution driven by Martin Audio’s new iKON amplifiers and updated DISPLAY array optimisation software.
O-Line has long been famed as a versatile micro line array designed for a wide variety of architectural applications – from houses of worship to transport terminals. In many applications an O-Line array can be driven using only one amplifier channel, with simple EQ and limiting the only processing required.
However, it can now also be taken into a new dimension of coverage, consistency and control when combined with an iKON iK81 eight-channel amplifier with onboard DSP to independently control and power each individual enclosure. This unlocks the full potential of O-Line - further refining coverage consistency and increasing the ability to ‘dial-out’ the influence of the room by accessing Martin Audio’s DISPLAY software functionality. The ‘hard avoid’ capability and electronically adjustable coverage make it ideal for the most difficult acoustic spaces.
This can also enable additional benefits to any installation. More often than not, many installations can suffer from height restrictions and the combination of both mechanical and DSP optimisation can compensate this challenge. There is also the scenario that following an installation something changes in the venue and rather than have to de-rig and re-rig, electronic optimisation alone can provide a level of coverage chan

l-acoustics-syvaMarquee AV installation for new-look Annabel’s
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

UK - Originally opened by Mark Birley in 1963, Annabel’s is probably London’s most famous private member’s A-list nightclub. It has welcomed legends of film and music, models, heads of state, aristocrats and royalty, including the Queen, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor.
Moving two doors down to far larger premises at 46 Berkeley Square, Annabel’s has completed a £65m transformation of the grand Georgian townhouse that is the venue’s new home. The Grade I listed four-storey mansion boasts some of central London’s finest Palladian interiors, including a cantilevered stone staircase
Now owned by West End dining tycoon Richard Caring, the original Nina Campbell interiors have been updated for the 21st century by designer Martin Brudnizki, who was also responsible for the makeover of The Ivy and the interiors of Mr Caring’s new restaurants Sexy Fish, located on the east side of Berkeley Square and at 34 Mayfair.
The nightclub in the basement embodies the decadence and energy of the original Annabel’s, with the four floors of the 26,000sq.ft building now comprising a collection of new restaurants and bars, private dining rooms, a cigar salon and workspace. A large terraced garden is fitted with a spectacular glass roof to provide year-round dining.
Marquee AV was commissioned to install the sound systems and production lighting for Annabel’s, with the emphasis being on providing the quality for a world-leading venue. The equipment choice throughout was therefore top-end, whilst ensuring it would merge aesthetically with the

kevin-hartShowtime surrounds Kevin Hart with Chauvet
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

USA - Showtime Sound LLC, Kevin Hart’s regular production company, recently met the challenge of a special in-the-round setup for his New Year’s Eve appearance at Orlando’s 10,000-seat CFE Arena. This challenge was tackled with help from Chauvet Professional Rogue and Nexus fixtures.
“There are different situations to deal with when you have a 360° open stage,” said Zack Bunner, head lighting tech at Showtime Sound. “We were able to use the fixtures in our rig to create a sense of space onstage, surrounding Kevin with light without interfering with the connection you get from the open layout. Working closely together with Kevin’s lighting director Ken Delvo, Showtime project manager Brett Angstadt did an excellent job designing the rig so we could achieve the balance we were looking for.”
The team from Showtime used 12 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures and 16 Nexus 4x4 panels to create the engaging look. They positioned the Rogue units on horizontal truss bars suspended 30’ over the 24’ x 24’ centre stage. Drawing on the fixture’s tight beam angle, they focused light on the stage truss, washing it in whites and an array of colours. They also used the Rogue fixtures for audience lighting.
“Our bread-and-butter fixture is the R2 Wash,” said Bunner. “We used this as a great crowd wash, as well as a stage wash throughout the show. The zoom is so versatile we were also able to use the light for various beam looks. As a crowd wash, it illuminated those in attendance, allowing our artist to see them and connect, without blinding anyon

brothersEhrlich Brothers’ illusions rely on Movecat
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Europe - In 2018 the Ehrlich Brothers are once again touring large arenas in Germany, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland with their latest show Fascination. The two brothers, Andreas and Chris Ehrlich, have developed a spectacular show featuring illusions in which high-tech stage equipment plays a major role and that is packing some of Europe’s largest halls and stadiums.
On their current tour, for example, the Ehrlich Brothers are making an eight-ton, 2,000 BHP monster truck materialize on stage out of nothing as well as "teleporting" individual spectators right across the hall.
To realise a production of such complexity, the Ehrlich Brothers have been relying on chain hoist systems and controllers from Movecat. To replace the kinetic systems previously used, Ehrlich Entertainment GmbH invested in Movecat‘s VMKS chain hoists, V-Motion-E variable motion controllers and I-Motion Basic-C show controllers.
The Movecat VMK-S chain hoists, which comply with BGV C1, DIN 56950:2012- 05 and EN 61508 SIL 3, are notable for their innovative technology and ultra-flexible handling whilst meeting the highest safety standards. Henceforth, Ehrlich Brothers productions will employ seven special versions of the VMK-S-1000 model as climbing hoists capable of lifting loads of up to 1,000 kg safely through distances up to 24m.
In combination with the VMK-S chain hoists, the Ehrlich Brothers are relying on seven Movecat V-Motion- 40-E-SIL3 variable motion controllers in their ‘E’ configuration. Unlike the basic version, these are equipped with spe

pt-rq22ISE 2018: Panasonic unveils beyond 4K projector
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - Panasonic Business has announced a beyond 4K laser-phosphor addition to its projector line-up aimed at live event staging, exhibitions, rental, and permanent installations.
The PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP Solid Shine laser projector comes in the same compact dimensions and the same 21,000 centre lumens brightness as the PT-RZ21K series, a WUXGA/SXGA+ projector, but is equipped with 4K+ (5120 x 3200) resolution.
“The PT-RQ22K completes the Panasonic 4K projection line-up, complementing the PT-RQ32K and PT-RQ13K, and meets the demand for a light weight, high-brightness 4K+ projector with film-like image quality, suitable for single or stacked projections,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic.
Heat-resistant phosphor wheels and solid-state laser modules serve vivid 4K+ images with “industry leading brightness, contrast, and accuracy”. The PT-RQ22K also offers BT.2020 emulation and supports premium HDR video content playback.
“We have combined class-leading picture quality and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) by shielding the optical engine with heat-pipe based cooling, eliminating the need for an air filter. The whole projector can operate with no maintenance for very long periods of time, even in dusty environments,” adds Hartmut Kulessa.
Designed for roles where absolute reliability is critical, the PT-RQ22K has a dual light engine, and can switch to a backup video signal instantaneously if a primary source goes down.
(Jim Evans)

ipx20-4ISE 2018: Dynacord debuts fixed install power amps
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - Dynacord has followed the successful premiere of C series amplifiers with the IPX series multi-channel power amplifiers incorporating OMNEO IP networking architecture. IPX series embodies several proprietary amplifier technologies developed by Dynacord engineering.
Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the IPX series from Dynacord comprises three 4-channel models and one 8-channel model, offering a power density of 5 kW, 10 kW and even 20 kW from a single amplifier with all channels driven.
With “outstanding audio performance, integration flexibility and reliability”, IPX series amplifiers can cover a wide range of demanding fixed install venues, from concert halls, art centres, theatres, and houses of worship to distributed sound systems in stadiums and entertainment centres.
IPX series offers high flexibility for a variety of installation scenarios. This is ensured by several power drive options utilising Dynacord’s patented VLD (Variable Load Drive) technology as well as the newly developed parallel and bridged parallel operation modes. VLD technology (IPX5:4 and IPX10:8) allows the available output power of 1,250 watts per channel to be used at either 4 or 8 Ohms, or via 70V or 100V lines in direct drive mode.
As installers increasingly utilize existing networks in building infrastructure, relying on IP technology often results in faster system integrations and lower implementation costs — including reduced cabling — for substantial cost savings. The integrated OMNEO interface with a primary and secondary port

glasgowSGM in colour changing project at Kelvingrove
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

UK - Using SGM’s P-5s, director of Teknique Systems Ltd., Tony Kennedy, created a magnificent colour changing lighting system on the exterior of the most popular museum in Glasgow, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.
“We chose to add 18 SGM P-5 fixtures because we wanted to use a quality LED fixture that was reliable, energy saving, and compact,” said Kennedy, who worked on the installation together with City Building Glasgow.
With over 40 years of industry experience, Kennedy designed a new cost-effective lighting system with a wireless pre-programmed control system, enabling the staff to easily colour change the building for special events.
“Our vision was to upgrade the existing lighting to a new modern LED system that would allow our client to keep the lighting colour temperature the same as the old fixtures, but have the advantage to be able to colour change the building for any special events or anniversaries at the touch of a button,” explained Kennedy.
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of Scotland’s most popular free attractions, featuring 22 themed galleries with a variety of exhibitions and displays. For this iconic building built in 1901, Kennedy underlined the importance of remaining sympathetic to the magnificent architecture and choosing the appropriate lights.
“We have been using SGMs P-5s since they first launched, and have found them reliable, versatile with various lens options, compact, bright, and easy to use with the wireless capability on board. SGM also offers a great service as well as

tsg-securesTSG secures SIA Approved Contractor status
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

UK - TSG and sister brand Definitive Security have won Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) accreditation, the set of standards overseen by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).
Independently monitored, the ACS endorsement process examines how well an organisation is managed, how effectively it services its customers and how well it treats its employees.
Companies are judged across nine categories including strategy, commercial relationship management, resources, people and leadership.
A spokesperson for the SIA comments: “Approved contractors are committed to customer service and the compulsory licensing of their staff. This means their customers can rest assured that every private security operative deployed on their premises will be working within the law.”
TSG managing director, David Boswell, says: “It is a great feeling to achieve Approved Contractor status. It allows us to engage prospects which might otherwise have been unable to consider deploying our resources. Now, any organisation that wants to can bring our solutions into their security and safety plans.”
(Jim Evans)

x-laser-mercuryX-Laser updates Mercury firmware
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

USA - With beta testing complete, X-Laser USA’s Mercury now includes firmware updates and fixture profiles supporting major lighting control platforms such as Avolites, ChamSys, grandMA, Martin (M-Series and LightJockey), Jands Vista, Elation, and more. X-Laser’s Mercury laser control interface is also now available in X-Laser’s five, 10, 20, 30 and 50-watt Skywriter fixtures.
“We’ve absorbed feedback from several professional lighting and laser designers, regarding Mercury and how we can make it the most useful to the most people in the live design world,” Adam Raugh, president of X-Laser USA, said. “With that feedback, we have created several training videos, new console profiles and plenty of visual material to show designers new and exciting ways to integrate laser more deeply into their shows."
Professional lighting designer Daniel Maxwell of True Grip Lighting in Knoxville, Tennessee, shared his thoughts on Mercury: "The Mercury laser control system is ideal for pro lighting designers because we can basically just plug and play the laser into our console workflow and program it just like a regular beam or wash fixture. It's an exciting step in the lighting world because it makes laser so much easier to integrate, smoothly and rapidly."
As mentioned by Raugh, X-Laser has published new videos showcasing the effects suite of Mercury laser control, as well as its programming workflow.
The newest video, showcasing the Skywriter HPX M-5 five-watt laser fixture, provides a quick visual overview of the most powerful features with

shurelogoShure opens Swiss office, ceases QSC UK & German distribution
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Netherlands - Effective 1 June, 2018, Shure will open its own office in Switzerland and take over direct distribution of its products throughout the country with the newly founded Shure Distribution Switzerland GmbH. The company has also announced that, from June this year, it will cease distribution of QSC products in Germany and the UK
The launch of a local team, responsible for all product distribution and customer technical support in the Swiss market, is designed to bring the Shure brand closer to its customers and give them regionally based Shure contacts. Long-standing Swiss distributor, Dr. W.A. Günther AG, will continue to offer customers the benefits of its considerable experience and expertise in microphone and wireless communication technology.
"We would like to thank our long-standing distribution partner, Dr. W.A. Günther AG, for all its hard work over the past 25 years," comments Marco Weissert, managing director at Shure Distribution GmbH. "Dr. W.A. Günther AG is renowned in Switzerland for excellence in audio and video, and we’re delighted that the company will continue to assist our customers as a commercial partner."
Herbert Muff, who, as director of Shure Switzerland has led Shure’s market development office in the country since 2015, and will now head the local subsidiary, adds: "The decision to assume distribution directly was made so that we can work with our customers on a more personal basis. By supplying Shure products and providing customer support directly, we can look after our clients in Switzerland and thei

digicoISE 2018: DiGiCo debuts installed audio solution
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Netherlands - DiGiCo is showcasing its new 4REA4 installed audio solution at ISE 2018. 4REA4 is designed to meet the expanding performance requirements of large entertainment venues, houses of worship, theatres and shared stages at festivals and music venues.
At the heart of the system is the 4REA4 processing engine with DiGiCo connectivity options and powerful 4REA4 control software, providing routing, processing and mix control that allows your performance area to expand across your installation. The 4REA4 processing engine rack has four dedicated mix areas, or zones, each with its own stereo master output, CGs, and allocated FX. With an available 128 input channel and 48 buss output processing strips, you can independently allocate processing to whichever area as required.
Managing the mixing and routing of each individual local performance area are a new range of premium designed hardware control panels and external I/O units, that work in conjunction with the 4REA4 processing engine and control software. New Ethernet connected controller options include the wall mounting single rotary ACONTROL1 with a TFT display for small area performance management, and the ACONTROL8 with eight 100m faders designed for more complex mix and function control.
“It’s a natural but very exciting step in terms of expanding our current range of live performance solutions,” comments James Gordon, managing director of DiGiCo. “4REA4 will allow our customers and new facilities to expand the function and reach of our live consoles today, whilst providing a

audiotechnicabeneluxIemke Roos becomes Audio-Technica Benelux
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Netherlands - Audio-Technica has announced that its Netherlands-based distributor, Iemke Roos Audio, will rebrand to Audio-Technica Benelux from 6 February 2018. While the name changes, all customers will continue to receive the same exceptional levels of service with an unchanged Iemke Roos team headed up by long-serving managing director, Gineke van Urk, says the company.
One of the longest established professional audio importers in the Netherlands, Iemke Roos has worked with broadcasters, musicians and audio-visual and hi-fi specialist retailers since 1969. The company has been an affiliate of Audio-Technica Group since July 2014 and the naming transition to Audio-Technica Benelux will further increase the Japanese company’s presence in Europe, adding to its offices in France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Dubai and UK.
Robert Morgan-Males, marketing director, Audio-Technica Europe said, “The launch of Audio-Technica Benelux is the result of many years of close collaboration with Iemke Roos and I’m delighted to further strengthen our relationship with the Netherlands and Belgium-based team.”
Gineke van Urk, managing director, Iemke Roos Audio said, “Working in close collaboration with Audio-Technica Europe has given us opportunities to grow our business and presence in the market, making use of the knowledge, experience and marketing resources of the Audio-Technica Europe team.
“The move will also prove positive for our distributed brands that we have represented for many years in the Benelux region and I’m looking forward to

arena-series-outlineISE 2018: Outline launches Arena Series
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Netherlands - Following on from the success of the Stadia Series of loudspeakers designed for permanent outdoor installation, Outline has announced the launch of a complimentary range at ISE 2018.
Stadia Series products have already featured in major stadium installations at Ekaterinburg in Russia and the Italian Zaccheria Stadium, their combination of weather resistance and controlled power providing a t solution for the demands of large-scale sports venue audio. The Arena Series extends that family while also providing a down-scaled solution for smaller projects.
Featuring the same ‘OutSide’ coating technology, the three-layer elastoplastic weatherproof protection as their larger siblings, Arena Series enclosures integrate into stadium installations with Stadia Series units, providing seamless audio throughout areas not covered by the main system. They also provide effective multi-purpose solutions in any application where high quality audio needs to be distributed around outdoor areas, such as theme parks, leisure facilities, tourist attractions and public spaces.
The Arena Series comprises two models, the 215 CX and the 212 CX. Both reproduce high-intelligibility full-range audio, the former from a 15” LF transducer and a 15” mid-low driver incorporating a co-axial 3” diaphragm HF compression driver, mounted on Outline’s proprietary moulded waveguide. The 212 CX uses the same acoustic design but is fitted with 12” LF driver and 12” / 3” co-axial transducer, providing a smaller and lighter option.
Outline will also

biampJands named Biamp distributor for Australia
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Netherlands - Biamp Systems has announced that effective 19 February, Jands will be the company’s distributor in Australia and New Zealand, distributing the Tesira, Devio, Audia, Nexia and Vocia product lines. Midwich, Biamp’s current distributor in the region, will remain so through 18 April.
“We’re excited for the opportunities this new partnership brings,” said Jim Seretis, consultant liaison and business development manager for Australia and New Zealand at Biamp Systems. “Not only will this benefit our current customers, but it will enable Biamp to add to the AV growth throughout the region.”
“We are immensely proud to have been chosen to represent Biamp in Australia and New Zealand,” said Paul Mulholland, managing director for Jands. “Having competed against Biamp for many years I am all too familiar with the company’s superior AV performance, their commitment to innovation, and their industry recognition. With Biamp, we have strengthened our commitment to representing companies that are leaders in their field.”
“I have always respected the technical innovations and capabilities of Biamp Systems. Personally, having been involved with Creative Audio products in the early days, this feels somewhat like a home coming to me,” said Jeff MacKenzie, technical resource group manager for Jands. “The entire training and technology team at Jands is happy to be part of the Biamp family, and we’re eager to start training Jands customers on Biamp solutions.”
(Jim Evans)

national-dayL-ISA delivers ‘best sound ever’ for National Day
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

UAE - The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) 46th National Day celebrations took place on 2 December 2017 with a series of events organised by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism. The centre-piece was a spectacular, hour-long event, which took place in a custom-built, temporary stadium and featured an L-ISA immersive audio system, provided by Delta Dubai with engineering services supplied by Australian Emmy Award winning audio-visual design company, Auditoria.
The Here is the Future event programme developed by event producers Done + Dusted UK featured a three-scene, 11-chapter spectacle showcasing a future that will benefit from innovations such as artificial intelligence, space sciences and renewable energy, all slated to enhance the living standards and happiness of the citizens and residents of the UAE. It was attended by the UAE royal families and leaders, senior state officials, heads of government, representatives of the armed forces and police, as well as local citizens.
“With an event themed on the future and innovation, Done + Dusted logically wanted to feature the very latest technology in their proposal,’ says Auditoria’s Scott Willsallen. “This was the ideal environment to deliver something really special from a sound perspective, so I briefed them on the L-ISA immersive system and how it can be used to create a perfect match between the show image and sound, enhancing the connection between the audience and the performance.”
Scott’s proposal was accepted and, in late summer last year, he set about designing th

stumplAV Stumpfl strengthens presence in China
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Netherlands - AV Stumpfl has officially announced the opening of AV Stumpfl China.
The AV Stumpfl office will operate with the aim to develop and expand AV Stumpfl's presence in the Chinese mainland's AV market. Headquartered in Shanghai, the hand-picked team consists of experienced system engineers, as well as AV and marketing experts.
Francis Lee, CEO of AV Stumpfl China, states: "We are seeing a lot of growth potential when it comes to AV Stumpfl's importance in mainland China. The company is completely independent and family owned, has a very good reputation, award winning products and an incredibly enthusiastic team.
“Our own AV Stumpfl China team will be able to supplement this great foundation further by providing direct technical training, product support and maintenance services. As a first step, we will be focusing on a number of key markets, including theme park attractions, museum installations and live-events."
The establishment of a permanent office in China follows a 12-month period in which AV Stumpfl has actively expanded its international distribution network to include partners in the US, Canada and Japan, with a particular focus on media servers.
Commenting on the strategic significance of the Chinese market, AV Stumpfl CEO Fabian Stumpfl explains: "It is not a secret that the Chinese market is of great importance to most international AV manufacturers. Since our family name is also the company name, we wanted to wait for the right moment and the right partner to expand our activities in mainland China. We belie

vii-terrace-secret-gardenFunktion-One hits right notes at Dubai’s VII
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

UAE - When it comes to luxurious glamour, expectations in the UAE city of Dubai couldn’t be higher. For any club catering to a high-end clientele, regular refreshes are an essential part of remaining vital to the late-night scene. It was with this in mind that nightclub and lounge, VII - located, appropriately enough, on the seventh floor of the Conrad Dubai hotel - recently undertook a complete overhaul, introducing a fresh look and a new Funktion-One sound system, supplied and installed by Em-Tec.
Club owner Rocky Bhatia first met Em-Tec’s Andy Williams and Alex Bracken at the Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Impressed by the Funktion-One sound system they were using there, he asked the pair to visit VII and devise a set-up capable of delivering that same sonic quality.
The initial brief was for a very high-end club/lounge space, but as the concept evolved, the emphasis shifted towards producing a high-end, DJ-led nightclub, instead – one enriched by the best audio equipment available. The aim was to make VII a world-class nightclub with Funktion-One sound across the whole venue.
To achieve this, Em-Tec designed a tailor-made sound system with a focus on providing impactful audio with even coverage throughout. Funktion-One’s Evo 6 loudspeakers, teamed with the manufacturer’s F221 bass speakers, form the core of the solution.
The full speaker system comprises: six Evo-6Es; four Res 2 full range speakers, two F101; four F1201; a BR118 and six BR218 bass reflex enclosures; two F221 and four F218mk2 bass enclosures; and an Infrabas

animals-as-leadersSqueek Lights goes Rogue for Animals As Leaders
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

USA - Animals As Leaders were eager to co-headline a tour with fellow progressive metal stars Periphery. The two bands share a similar philosophy of music making, and both feature ample amounts of outstanding guitar virtuosity. Having performed multiple one-offs together, they also connected on a personal level. But joining forces on the 24-city Convergence tour, which concluded in early December, did present a challenge for Animals As Leaders lighting designer Victor Zeiser of Squeek Lights.
Sharing the stage meant the band needed a rig that could be set up and taken away quickly. At the same time, since Animals As Leaders would be playing larger venues than on its previous tour, Zeiser needed a lightshow with greater output. The New York-based LD came up with a solution that balanced mobility and brightness with help from 12 Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Washes that he used to anchor a rig mounted on two custom-made truss carts.
“The team at Squeek Lights, Benjamin Jaret and Steve Kosiba, worked very hard to come up with the idea of using two pieces of truss as carts, one on each side of the drum riser,” he explained. “Each piece rode on its wheels and had Rogues and other lights mounted on its top of it, as well as on a pipe arch. We made the arch door height and had some fixtures flip down for travel. We built trays into the legs under the truss, which is where we stored cable runs and loose pars, as well as the distro and hazer. The whole rig lived in these two pieces of truss, so we did not need to send out a single road case on this

vector12Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

New Zealand - On Auckland Anniversary Weekend, on 27 Saturday January, Auckland Harbour Bridge was transformed by the launch of Vector Lights – featuring a renewable energy technology powered light show that ignited imaginations and demonstrated a smarter way to power the city.
The cutting-edge installation is designed, managed, installed and programmed by internationally-acclaimed Mandylights, vividly demonstrating the new lighting capabilities and a smarter way to power Auckland as part of a 10-year smart energy partnership between Vector Limited and Auckland Council.
The audio-visual performance is made up of three chapters – the first references Tama-Nui te Ra (the sun), the original source of energy, and the second Hikohiko (electrical energy) representing it as energy and technology, and the final Hei te Ao Marama (the future world of light) as an acknowledgement to the diversity and culture in Auckland.
The tender for this long-term project was won by Sydney-based design and production company, Mandylights.
“We approached this architectural project in the same way as we approach any light artwork, concert tour or special event design” said Richard Neville, managing director of Mandylights. “Put simply, we want to make it look cool. Our design, pitch and attitude has always been to eschew the traditional mathematical, paint-by-numbers architectural lighting design approach in favour of coming up with a highly spectacular design that turned the bridge into its own unique light show.”
Vector were looking for a way to ill

descanso-gardensLightswitch and Elation create nocturnal magic
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

USA - After visiting the award-winning holiday light show Illumination at the Morton Arboretum outside of Chicago a couple of years ago, Descanso Gardens asked lighting and visual design group Lightswitch to create and realise a new winter nighttime experience designed to attract guests and increase the popularity of the historic Southern California botanical gardens.
This year marked the second year Lightswitch has designed Enchanted Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens and the fifth year of Illumination at Morton Arboretum, creating visually stunning and memorable experiences using a bevy of Elation Professional fixtures, including the company’s award-winning IP65 -rated Proteus arc-source moving heads.
Lightswitch was responsible for lighting design and creative direction for Enchanted Forest of Light and Lightswitch principal Chris Medvitz, who is based in the LA area, was instrumental on the project. “Descanso Gardens was drawn to what [Lightswitch Principal] John Featherstone had created for Illumination. “Enchanted’ was inspired by it and we had a similar creative objective,” he said.
4Wall served as the preferred lighting vendor for Enchanted Forest of Light, providing all rentals, sales, systems integration and production management, labour and support services, all working under the direction and supervision of Chris Medvitz and Lightswitch.
Although Southern California is a wholly different animal than Chicago in the winter months, Lightswitch still had to meet the challenge of an o

choosing-accessoriesCurrent RMS releases Choosing Accessories
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

UK - The first of many seamless updates to Current RMS scheduled for 2018, January saw the release of Choosing Accessories, the most voted for idea on Current’s Customer Wishlist. This new update gives users even more of a chance to forward plan their stock allocation and ensure the right accessories are on a job when they need them.
When selecting products to add to a job, Current now shows the individual accessories linked to these products, plus their real-time availability, all on one screen.
“When I read the update message I was delighted! Choosing Accessories is already streamlining the quoting process, but also ensuring that prep lists in the warehouse are fully correct,” says Neil Walker, from Surrey-based events planning agency MGN Events. Neil and his team have used Current RMS for over two years to manage their business, hiring a range of decor, furniture, audio-visual equipment, lighting and staging for creative corporate and private events. The new update helps them manage their varied kit, especially at the all-important prep stage, where there’s no room for error.
“We transport our equipment in flight cases and it’s important for us to know the overall weight of everything on a job. Without Choosing Accessories, this number would sometimes be under or overestimated and we would have to go back and check that stock had the correct quantity of accessories. Now, it’s much simpler for us to update and to make sure we add on any additional items that might be needed.”
As with all major development updates, Choosing A

robe-parniParni Valjak rock with MegaPointes
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Europe - Croatian rockers Parni Valjak were the first in Croatia to benefit from Robe’s new MegaPointe luminaires, as part of a batch just purchased by technical production company Promo Logistika. Twenty-two of the fixtures were part of an eye-catching lighting rig designed by Miro Hrg for a special gig by the band at the 18,000 capacity Zagreb Arena.
In fact, Miro’s design was all Robe in the moving light department! He also utilised 20 x BMFL Spots onstage plus another two – at the back of the arena for follow spots – together with 12 x LEDWash 600s and eight MMX WashBeams.
Also new from Robe in the Promo Logistika rental inventory were 16 x LEDBeam 150s positioned in the stage wings to illuminate audience in front of the corner areas and also fire across those at the front of the arena.
Miro designed lighting, video and set for this large, high profile one off, the fifth such gig the band have performed this year. He also chose the playback video content which was created by Kristina Bengez and Viktor Krasnić.
The over-stage lighting was rigged on 12 upstage/downstage orientated ‘finger’ trusses flown in an arch, bringing a quirky dimension to the look of the performance space, together with some large scenic flats which were projected onto and framed the stage. Upstage, there was a large 4.8mm LED screen, which worked with two left and right portrait format IMAG screens.
Eighteen of the MegaPointes were hung on these trusses, together with the 20 BMFL Spots, and the remaining four MegaPointes were on a front truss and u

studiocarequestedQuested Monitoring UK Super Centres open
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

UK - After joining Quested Monitoring Systems as UK distributor late last year, Sound Network Ltd has already secured two Quested Super Centres – one to service the north and one for the south of England.
Studiocare Professional Audio Ltd is based in Liverpool and has the Quested S and V-range studio monitors on demo in their showroom.
“I have known about Quested for years and have always been a big fan; great build construction and sound fantastic, plus they’re built here in the UK and it’s good to support British manufacturing,” says Rick Whalley, Studiocare’s sales director. “We are very happy to become a supercentre and it’s always good to hold sales and demonstration stock to give our customers choices of the finest products the industry has to offer.”
Red Dog Music London is a pro audio store in Clapham, London and has a fully kitted out monitor demo room with Quested S and V-series monitors on site and access to the larger models at very short notice.
“We moved in to our new premises last year and Quested Monitors have just put the finishing touches on our new listening room,” says Mike Fletcher, associate director at Red Dog Music who oversees the London branch. “We’re big fans of Hans Zimmer’s work and if they’re good enough for him, we simply had to have them. It’s great to have really true, unprocessed monitors to switch back to and it’s always good to know you’ve got the support of a long-standing British company to work with.”
“Having the commitment and the support of the Super Centr

mts-donBandit Lites celebrates 50th year at AGM
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

USA - Bandit Lites kicked off its 50th year with its Annual General Meeting, a gathering of all Bandits from around the country to commemorate the previous year’s successes, laud those with significant anniversaries and outstanding service and to devise the groundwork for the upcoming year’s projects.
Among the performers and speakers for the day’s event were Republic Records recording artist and 2016 The Voice winner, Chris Blue, American radio host, Hallerin Hilton Hill, and Bandit founder and chair, Michael T. Strickland, who shared his continued vision of Bandit’s focus on excellence. Chris performed several songs, including his new hit single, Blue Blood Blues.
Allison Burchett (director of philanthropy and project manager), Sharon Gross (Media relations coordinator) and Brad Hylton (warehouse manager) all celebrated five years of service with Bandit while John Lucksinger (lighting director), Mark Steinwachs (general manager), Jeff Mercer (general maintenance technician) and Stephanie McSpadden (administrative and purchasing assistant) rang in a decade with Bandit.
Linda Sayers (accounting manager), Wayne Lotoza (lighting technician), Adam McIntosh (lighting technician) and Brad Rogers (inventory control) were honoured for 15 years with Bandit. Both Chuck Hastings and Rick Munroe were given awards for 20 years of service at Bandit. Hastings has worked on WWE, Toby Keith and most recently, Garth Brooks world tour, while Munroe’s storied career in lighting has included KISS and legendary performer, Jimmy Buffett.


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