theentertainers4Dsouza lights The Entertainers with Chauvet
Friday, 19 May 2023

USA - At one point in Akshay Kumar’s show, The Entertainers, the Bollywood star seemed to be floating in the air. The harnessed Kumar then picked up dancer Mouni Roy and ascended over the audience with her. The sellout crowds at the three stops on this US tour might very well have felt that they were air surfing too, such was the uplifting magical mood of this three-and-a-half hour show that featured music and dancing interspliced with plenty of dynamic crowd interaction.
In addition to Roy, Kumar was joined on stage (if not in the air), by stars like Norha Fatehi, Disha Patani, Sonam Bauwa, Zahrah Khan, Jasleen Royal and Steben Ben, along with a large cast of supporting dancers, singers and musicians. Adding to the excitement was a multi-dimensional lighting design by Roosevelt Dsouza that featured over 80 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by AVL Productions.
Arranging most of his fixtures in a M-shaped overhead truss configuration with three horizontal rows behind it, Dsouza used them to create a seemingly endless variety of looks, each one of them carefully coordinate with video images shown on a large center stage LED wall, which was flanked by two vertical strips on either side.
Featured in the tour rig were eight Color STRIKE M motorised strobes positioned in the center of the design. “I used these fixtures to accent big moments,” said Dsouza. “It was very impactful to have this bright light source coming from the middle of the rig and reaching out into the audience for a big punch.”
Dsouza engaged the audience thro

rd-studiosSam Ryder records at sustainable RD Studios
Friday, 19 May 2023

UK - Eurovision star Sam Ryder recently paid a visit to London’s RD Studios as brand partner to Vodafone.
This marks Ryder’s first venture into brand association since his public breakthrough in 2020. Rising to prominence after posting music covers on TikTok during lockdown, he went on to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, finishing first in the jury vote and second overall, and was recently voted the UK’s favourite Eurovision entry of all time.
Captured in the colossal Studio 3, the shoot involved creating an entire concert (complete with Ryder’s band and dedicated fans) to promote Vodafone’s EVO plan, which offers more flexibility across new and refurbished phones.
As a project that promotes a sustainable alternative to buying new, the importance of utilising a sustainable production facility was paramount. Located in the heart of Park Royal, RD Studios was able to provide a state-of-the-art production facility in a central location, thereby minimising travel requirements and associated CO2 emissions.
The team were also able to take advantage of the automated dynamic truss to further reduce the carbon footprint of the production by eliminating the need to transport mechanical rigging and associated crew, as well as slicing rigging time.
Merman Branded producer Sam Linzell says: “We had a brilliant shoot at RD Studios, communication was really clear, and everything we needed was sorted with a smile. I can’t say how many times I had people comment on how nice the studio was, everyone w

danleyDanley double aims at installation and touring
Friday, 19 May 2023

USA - Danley Sound Labs has announced the availability of two new loudspeakers in its line of professional loudspeakers: the SBH20FF and SH110 loudspeaker. Both loudspeakers provide new solutions where physically larger loudspeakers may not be needed.
“The SBH20FF was actually developed from our upcoming line for the home hifi market,” said Skip Welch, director of sales and marketing at Danley Sound Labs. “The product we are soon to launch - called the ILE3 - offered an opportunity to develop a unique loudspeaker with incredible musicality and accuracy while offering high output.”
The SBH20FF utilises the same ParalineTM technology and neodymium driver as the ILE3 to achieve sonic accuracy while maintaining a very tight 20-degree vertical dispersion and an extremely wide horizontal dispersion of 150 degrees. This tight dispersion is built into a smaller cabinet with a clean and flat aesthetic, thus the product’s name “FF” or “Flat Front.” Also unique to the SBH20FF is a four-point rigging system on the rear of the cabinet for use with Adaptive Technologies MM-060 for discrete pan and tilt bracketing.
“The SBH20FF is ideal for situations where a loudspeaker’s vertical dispersion can cause too much reverberation in a room like a house of worship,” said Welch. “They are also ideal where a speaker could potentially be mounted in a wall to hide their aesthetic for a very clean look. We see this product also as an ideal solution in public assembly halls, airports, train stations, retail kiosks, stadiums and more.”
In addi

claypakywithicdClaypaky names ICD as exclusive US distributor
Thursday, 18 May 2023

USA - Claypaky and Inner Circle Distribution (ICD) have announced a strategic partnership effective 15 June 2023.
This partnership “pledges to invigorate the industry with a fresh perspective while preserving the high level of customer service and support that clients value. ICD's emphasis on dependable service, a robust dealer network, and strong customer relationships aligns perfectly with Claypaky's innovative vision”.
"We are delighted to partner with ICD, a company that shares our dedication to innovation and superior service," shared Marcus Graser, CEO of Claypaky. "This alliance underscores our commitment to advancing lighting technology while safeguarding the dependable operations our customers rely on."
Graser further adds: "In times of change, continuity is crucial. As such, George Masek, Claypaky's strategic marketing manager, will remain a key part of our team. George's deep product knowledge and strong client relationships will ensure a smooth transition, supporting all our customers consistently during this exciting evolution."
"This collaboration with Claypaky signals a transformative phase where the lighting industry is as dynamic as it is reliable," states Ole Kaack, CEO of ICD. "Our talented team is ready to elevate the Claypaky brand on a global scale, aiming to exceed customer expectations in terms of service and support."

koy-neminathanKoy Neminathan joins Elation in development role
Thursday, 18 May 2023

UK - Elation Professional has announced that Koy Neminathan has joined the company as director of business development. The industry veteran comes to Elation from lighting console manufacturer Avolites, where he worked for over 23 years in sales and business development, the last decade as sales director.
Koy will work closely with designers to keep them abreast of Elation’s growing line of lighting products while communicating market insight to the Elation product team
“Koy is a well-respected professional with a deep understanding of our industry and we are excited to have him join our team as a representative for the Elation brand,” stated Marc Librecht, Elation sales & marketing director Europe. “The collaborative relationships he will continue to build across the industry will be a great benefit and important asset as we continue to grow globally.”
Based in London, Koy started in his new role on 9 May and will be travelling frequently abroad to visit Elation distributors and customers. He stated: “I have always stood back and closely monitored Elation’s progress over the years, from products to personnel, and was impressed how they have done it whilst earning the respect from the market. I am overjoyed to be joining a strong team and looking forward to contributing heavily to grow all of the brands, which sit under the group’s umbrella.”
Koy is highly engaged in the industry. He currently serves as a manufacturer's representative for PLASA, where he advocates for the interests of manufacturers across all sectors, an

2023fulcrumacousticfulcrumimmersivepaulstephenFulcrum Acoustic debuts Fulcrum Immersive
Thursday, 18 May 2023

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the formation of Fulcrum Immersive. Fulcrum Immersive is the result of Fulcrum Acoustic’s acquisition of Concord, NC-based Venueflex. The goal of the acquisition is to provide a complete set of hardware and software tools that enable designers and integrators to design and deploy immersive solutions in a modular, scalable manner from small to large.
Fulcrum Immersive technologies tailor venues for optimum performance and, in the process, promote a higher level of audience engagement and a more consistent audience experience. The holistic approach includes software modelling tools, hardware and software signal processing modules, loudspeakers, amplifiers, and acoustic treatments that completely address project requirements from conception through installation. In addition to the technological aspects of the acquisition, Fulcrum Immersive gains the expertise of sales, technical, and customer service personnel.
Stephen Siegel, president of Fulcrum Acoustic, commented on the formation of Fulcrum Immersive and his relationship with Dr. Paul Henderson, formerly with Venueflex, who will now serve as Fulcrum Acoustic VP of Software & Immersive: “In the 20 years that I’ve known Paul, I’ve watched him create a number of compelling technologies. Paul demonstrated some of the spatial tools that he had developed and expressed interest in partnering to bring these to a broader market. As we discussed further, it was obvious that Paul’s technologies and team would be a natural extension of our core business."

robe-nrg-esc-2023-3-rRobe’s NRG in the spotlight at Eurovision
Thursday, 18 May 2023

UK - Five NRG members had the time of their life at this year's Eurovision Song Contest as RoboSpot operators. NRG Manager Jane Monk said: “Lighting designer Tim Routledge created this exclusive opportunity for local students to get involved. Working together, both LIPA and Cheshire colleges hosted NRG Introduction to RoboSpot training days - keeping the reason a secret.”
After weeks of rehearsals and meetings, each student took control of a RoboSpot and played an integral role in the team of 15 RoboSpot operators. A once in a lifetime opportunity that accumulated in a spectacular grand final featuring over 635 Robe lighting fixtures.
Lighting designer Tim Routledge said: "From my initial conversations with the BBC about taking this project on I wanted it to be as diverse a team as possible and to leave a legacy in Liverpool so that the money spent there gave local people opportunities for the future - this was the cornerstone of what we wanted to achieve. I reached out to Robe NRG, who I have a close association with, and they jumped on board to help us deliver those possibilities.
“I met some superb students at both colleges and to be honest I could have taken way more than the seven students I had space for with the great choice available. The students that came to join us, grabbed this opportunity with both hands and gave it their all with enthusiasm, professionalism and a want to deliver a great project - they shone and were integral members of the team - this was no normal student placement. To see them all grown in confidence an

iedfyne-1AtlasIED partners with Fyne Audio
Thursday, 18 May 2023

USA/UK - AtlasIED has announced a strategic investment in UK-based loudspeaker manufacturer, Fyne Audio. The partnership combines AtlasIED’s expertise in integrated solutions with Fyne Audio’s transducer technologies to ‘open broader market opportunities for both companies’.
Fyne Audio of Glasgow was founded in 2017, with support from investors including Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s national economic development agency. The management and engineering teams are all audio veterans, specifically in the field of point source technology for commercial and residential applications. The company has seven loudspeaker product ranges, ranging from the entry level F300 Series to the contemporary flagship F1 series.
“When we started looking at premium solutions for commercial audio our team knew they wanted to harness the advantages of point source technology and began a collaboration with Fyne Audio,” said Matt Czyzewski, EVP of AtlasIED.
John Ivey, President of AtlasIED, continues: “Our long-term commitment to the company and the technology was further demonstrated by making a significant investment in Fyne Audio, and establishing a collaborative partnership.”
“AtlasIED is one of the most respected companies in the industry and has decades of experience delivering commercial audio products and solutions,” said Anji Sosna, managing director at Fyne Audio. “As we’ve observed the evolution of the audio industry, we recognised AtlasIED as the ideal partner for us to reach our goals and create more opportunities for Fyne Audio t

kinesys-3g-productions-3g-team3G Productions invests in Kinesys
Thursday, 18 May 2023

USA - Las Vegas and Los Angeles based full production and rental specialist, 3G Productions LLC (3G), has invested in a substantial amount of Kinesys automation kit, adding to its already robust inventory.
The purchase comprises 500kg and 1000kg Kinesys Elevation Liftket motors with Elevation drives, Vector control console, multiple PD-ES Array Power Distros, and all necessary Libra Cell digital load cells, Libra Pro controllers, and networking switches.
3G has invested heavily in all departments since the pandemic, including rigging and automation, explained CEO Keith Conrad, who believes that automation will become an increasingly important element of future visual and stage designs.
The company works across multiple sectors including large-scale events, concert tours, festivals, and corporates, together with “significant” work up and down the world-famous Las Vegas strip.
The initial purchase of Kinesys motors proved hugely popular with a wide cross section of clients, so the decision was taken to expand and develop the automation department with future growth in mind.
Before the latest Kinesys kit had even arrived at the warehouse, it was already booked and specified to fulfil the design requirements of several upcoming shows and events!
For Keith and the team, “innovation, flexibility, reliability and the potential for the kit being used by clients/artists to differentiate their shows” are all key reasons for choosing Kinesys.
They use it frequently on ‘turntable’ festival stages for lifting a mid-stage v

dpa-juliet-3photo-credit-matthew-murphyGareth Owen makes Broadway magic with DPA
Thursday, 18 May 2023

USA - Known for crafting audio for musicals such as Bat Out Of Hell, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast and Sister Act, sound designer Gareth Owen recently worked his magic on the Broadway hit, & Juliet.
Owen’s work on & Juliet recently earned a 2023 Tony Award nomination for Best Sound Design of a Musical. This recognition can be credited in part to the clear sound of Owen’s trusted DPA Microphones solutions, which for this show include the 4066 Core Omnidirectional Headset Microphones, as well as the 4015 Wide Cardioid, 4099 Instrument and the new 4055 Kick Drum Microphones.
A long-time user of DPA, Owen regularly turns to the brand’s 4066 Core Headset Mics for cast members. “I think I probably use 4066s in one format or another on pretty much every show I do,” he explains. “Even if the show isn’t using boom mics on the side of the face, I can still get the 4066 down the forehead without having to put ugly tape on the face.
“Plus, I have yet to find another headset microphone that delivers the same audio quality that the 4066 does, especially while being placed in such odd positions - and staying there! They survive the rigours of pulling, pushing and moving; sweat, tears and fake blood; being ripped off the head and getting caught on costumes. I’m always impressed by how well they survive.”
When it came time to consider mics for the drum kit, Owen found himself testing out DPA’s new 4055 Kick Drum Mic. “This is the first time in a long time that I’m usin

ct-norway-at-llb-2CT Norway celebrates LLB with Green-GO
Thursday, 18 May 2023

Norway - Oslo-based CT Norway enjoyed a successful LLB exhibition in March, its busy booth including a showcase of systems from event and broadcast comms specialist, Green-GO.
LLB (Lyd Lys Bilde or Light Sound Picture), held every two years in Oslo, is a major social event for Norway’s industry, attracting professionals from all over the country. This year, however, following COVID, it returned for the first time since 2019, bringing an added anticipation for all concerned.
Part of the global Creative Technology Group, CT Norway provides audio, lighting, visual and staging technologies and expertise for all kinds of live, virtual and installed environments. It is also the exclusive Norwegian distributor for a number of leading brands, including Green-GO’s range of innovative, Ethernet network-based, digital intercom systems.
As well as making Green-GO technology a centrepiece of their LLB booth, CT Norway also gave a special ‘thank you’ to customers and partners with an after-show party featuring Green-GO systems as a central talking point. Senior account executive Jørgen Tharaldsen says: “The new Green-GO software - now on version five - is always a really popular thing to demonstrate to customers. The dashboard gives a complete system overview, and the drag-and-drop functionality is very useful.”
He adds: “Green-GO is an affordable solution too because it’s so flexible and scalable. You can start to communicate with just two products, and add more users or functionality as the budget allows. System setup is fast and simple,

spacebycoda3-1Coda Audio launches Space by Coda in US
Thursday, 18 May 2023

USA - First unveiled at ISE in partnership with electronic musician and composer, Jean-Michel Jarre, and contemporary French artist Eric Decastro, Coda Audio has announced the US launch of Space by Coda at InfoComm 2023. A full programme of demos and the opportunity to participate in a prize draw for an all-expenses-paid trip for two people to Coda HQ in Hannover, Germany are on the agenda.
Space by Coda combines advanced AV technology with art to create a seamless audio-visual experience that is scalable and adaptable to any environment - and where the mechanics of what is a concert-grade audio experience are rendered completely invisible.
“Conventional AV solutions are often a compromise between technical requirements and visual aesthetics,” explains Coda founder and MD, Svetly Alexandrov. “High quality AV solutions usually include projector and/or LED screens, multiple loudspeakers, mounting accessories, and a lot of cables, as well as acoustic absorbers and diffusors. This is usually at odds with the vision of the architect and/or interior designer who don’t want loudspeakers, acoustic elements, cabling and other technology cluttering up their interior design. Space by Coda resolves all these problems.”
“Space by Coda is transformative technology at every level,” says global marketing & sales director, David Webster. “It transforms the way we perceive audio, and it transforms and elevates spaces, both visually and aurally. It’s fully scalable and totally customisable. The only limit is your imagination.”

creative-technology-eurovision-featuredCreative Technology lights Eurovision 2023 stage
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

UK - Creative Technology was an official supplier of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - commissioned by Luke Mills and Gary Beestone of GBA on behalf of BBC Studios to provide a variety of LED solutions to bring together the impressive stage design by Julio Himede, realised by technical team headed up by Matthias Kublik alongside lighting designer, Tim Routledge.
With the event’s theme being United by Music, the stage design concept was created to reflect this - resembling a wide hug, the entire architecture of the set symbolises welcoming the people of Ukraine and Europe with open arms. Taking centre stage were seven ROE Black Quartz LED towers, two larger outer towers measuring 4x10 m and five slightly smaller inner towers measuring 3x10 m.
The towers were attached to an automation system supplied by Belgium-based company Wicreations. These systems not only allowed for upstage and downstage tracking of all seven towers but also rotation up to 720-degrees of the inner towers, enabling some incredibly dynamic and versatile stage sets for each of the 31 acts representing their countries throughout the two televised semi-finals and grand final show.
The two curved LED side walls enveloped the stage with custom fabricated metalwork created by Stage One, this gave the stage a visually interesting shape for all members of the 11,000 strong audience within the M&S Bank Arena as well as the 161m people watching across the three live shows from home.
“Black Quartz was chosen as it is such an impeccable looking screen and with 10-

studio36-1Butlin’s switches on to Sennheiser Digital 6000
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

UK - Long-established holiday destination Butlin's offers ‘action packed family breaks, adult only Big Weekenders and memorable conferences and events’. To enhance the overall guest experience, Butlin's has partnered with technical production and AV hire company Sound of Music to introduce Sennheiser Digital 6000 wireless microphone systems across all three resorts.
In addition to providing audio quality, the rider-friendly Digital 6000 offers flexibility and versatility for hosting events of varying sizes in Butlin's entertainment venues. Whether it is a large conference or an intimate gathering, Digital 6000 can be easily adapted to meet the needs of most events.
Andrew Sugg, technical entertainments manager at Butlin’s, was first introduced to the Digital 6000 just before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The team were experiencing interference issues, so Kevin Gwyther-Brown, Sennheiser UK’s business development manager, visited Butlin’s resort in Minehead, Somerset, to perform a demo. The system's flexibility in terms of RF was immediately apparent with positive feedback received from the internal teams operating the equipment in the Centre Stage venue. With Studio 36, a new entertainment venue, opening at all three resorts this convinced Sugg to go with Sennheiser.
“Each resort has four entertainment venues, so our aim was to standardise the audio equipment across our three sites,” Sugg explains. “We wanted a system that gives us scope to grow and is versatile, and Digital 6000 does exactly that. With Digital 6000, we have consistenc

lamixhalo1photocreditzackwhitford-moyenMixhalo strikes distribution deal with L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

USA - Mixhalo, a low latency networking technology that unlocks high-fidelity, augmented audio for fans at live events, has announced L-Acoustics’ comprehensive spatial audio ecosystem, the L-ISA 3.0. will now come pre-loaded with Mixhalo’s proprietary wireless networking technology as part of L-ISA 3.0 release.
Mixhalo is the first external application L-Acoustics will offer via L-ISA Processor II. Clients using L-ISA Processor II will now be able to leverage Mixhalo to deliver ultra-low-latency spatial audio directly to fans via their own phones and headphones. Because Mixhalo’s technology automatically and dynamically time-aligns with loudspeakers, it can complement a PA system perfectly, offering multiple mixes - such as a guitar mix in music, real-time play-by-play in sports, a foreign language interpretation at a conference, or L-ISA spatial audio over headphones - or even augmenting the audio in areas of a venue that are difficult to reach otherwise, says Mixhalo.
“I realised from the moment I first experienced Mixhalo that it had the potential to elevate and augment the listening experience at live events in a unique, transformative way,” said Laurent Vaissié, CEO of L-Acoustics. “Now, by pairing Mixhalo with the versatile and field-tested L-ISA Processor, we are taking those possibilities to new heights, giving partners options they never before had and supporting them as they embrace the future of live audio.”
By leveraging L-Acoustics’ global sales team and worldwide distribution network, Mixhalo’s reach will expand. A

guildhallGuildhall School grows Extended Reality facility
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

UK - Guildhall School of Music & Drama has confirmed the award of over £900,000 from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to develop a new research facility for Extended Reality (XR) production arts. The grant is one of the largest research-related funding awards Guildhall School has received to date.
The grant will be used to fund the procurement of two significant pieces of audio-visual hardware as well as IT equipment, together creating a dedicated studio for research into Extended Reality. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Extended Reality allows for either an entirely virtual world, or an experience in which the physical and virtual worlds are merged.
The research into this technology will help create conceptual environments for training performers, whether that be recreating opera houses for metaverse performances, or developing choreography with dance companies so the performance can be viewed from all angles.
The two pieces of audio-visual hardware include the Holosys Volumetric Capture Suite system, which allows for motion capture of people and objects in ‘six degrees of freedom/6DoF’, ready for use in augmented reality and virtual reality production, the Metaverse and location-based experiences; and a customised Stype tracking rig which permits 360° tracking of performers, lighting, media and projection, and spatial audio.
This new infrastructure will help position Guildhall School as a key player in the exploration and development of Extended Reality performance, which is reshaping the performance and

halecentretheatrelittlemermaidcopyright-leavittwells-2Hale Centre Theatre invests in zactrack
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

USA - Hale Centre Theatre is a family company headquartered in Sandy, Utah, USA, and dedicated to enriching lives through its world-class productions, which include a range of traditional Broadway and off Broadway plays and musical theatre shows - around 10 per season - staged in two venues under one roof.
The larger auditorium, the Young Living Centre Stage, has a capacity of 911 for its dynamic in-the-round format and has recently invested in a zactrack SMART real-time tracking system.
The venue’s head of lighting and video, Jaron Kent Hermansen, was lighting a recent production of The Little Mermaid directed by Ryan Simmons, which involved extensive people flying, and decided that the time was right to purchase zactrack, which he could see would be a massive asset to this and other productions.
Jaron has lit several flying-heavy shows before and was never happy with various aspects of being able to light the scenes, especially when the shows were performed in-the-round, as was the case with The Little Mermaid. This presented a scenario where he wanted main character, the lively and assertive Ariel, to be constantly lit.
He had previously seen a demo by zactrack dealer Barbizon around a year before, when he had been contemplating using this very intuitive tracking system on a production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He had also looked around at a few other options, before deciding that zactrack was the most appropriate solution for the theatre both for now and for future productions.
After this extensive resear

cyclingCycling congress relies on Bosch Dicentis
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Australia - Hosting the UCI Road World Championships - an eight-day celebration of cycling - requires a high level of co-ordination and planning. To ensure that everything runs smoothly for its flagship event, the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) convenes a congress in the host city to make all the resolutions to facilitate the event, deciding on management, budgets, admitting national federations, ethics, and upholding the UCI constitution.
Ahead of the championships in the city of Wollongong, the event organising committee called on the skill set of Congress Australia to ensure the smooth delivery of the UCI Congress. When it came to the conference solution, the Dicentis conference system by Bosch turned out to be the best solution for the event.
The multi-day event in September took place across two venues in the city, Novotel Wollongong and The University of Wollongong. It required many different configurations for audio, visual and interpretation, as well as online access for remote delegates for a variety of meetings including the president’s conference, management committee, junior conference, and main congress. As a member of the Congress Rental Network (CRN), Congress Australia had suitable systems to answer all these challenges.
The biggest need was that multilingual communication in English, Spanish and French at the event was flawless regardless of whether the delegate was there attending physically or remotely and that the hardware/software to facilitate it was not a thought or concern. The CRN network and Bosch conference product

christ-community-church66Christ Community upgrades with Elation Fuze
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

USA - One of five Christ Community campuses in the greater Chicago area, Christ Community’s St. Charles/South Elgin location recently received a key lighting and house lighting upgrade of Elation Professional Fuze Profile and Fuze Pendant fixtures. The new lighting system offers the church greater flexibility in creating lighting atmospheres while adding an immersive element to the worship experience. Additional benefits of the new system include savings on electricity.
The church sought assistance from JRLX, a Chicago-based firm specialising in systems integration and production and engaged Jason Reberski to devise a solution. Prior to the pandemic, Reberski had conversations with the church regarding upgrades to their house and key lighting, as well as new power controls. The church aimed to replace outdated infrastructure and equipment, while moving forward as a church.
According to Reberski, the church’s original key lighting system was both power hungry and limited. He subsequently specified the Fuze Profile LED moving head because of its RGBMA colour-mixing engine and myriad of features including animation, gobo wheels, framing shutters and high CRI in excess of 90.
Noah Kimmel, the production director at the St. Charles/South Elgin campus, worked with Reberski on the system. He comments: “The Fuze Profiles for key light have gone beyond being convenient for us to focus; they've allowed us at different times of the service to do different colours on the front line where one person is spot lit and the rest is washed in a colour.” He ad

klangKLANG and DiGiCo join Santiano tour
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Europe - Santiano, a quintet from Germany, creates a captivating fusion of sea shanties, European folk, schlager, and modern pop music with a distinctively rustic feel. This year, the band celebrates their 10th anniversary with the release of a new album Die Sehnsucht ist mein Steuermann - Das Beste aus 10 Jahren (The Best of 10 Years) and has embarked on an extensive anniversary tour.
The band’s monitor engineer, Ravi Rai, has opted for KLANG’s immersive in-ear monitor mixing solution, for which he is using a DMI-KLANG card-equipped DiGiCo Quantum 338 digital mixing console provided by rental company GrandPA Beschallungs & Lichttechnik.
As an experienced sound and monitor engineer of nearly 30 years, Ravi has worked with Santiano for 11 years and recalls the challenges faced when transitioning the band from wedges to an in-ear monitoring system.
"Being a mature band, Santiano are accustomed to old-school rock 'n' roll stages with wedges everywhere, and where they would typically go to the guitar guy to hear what he is playing,” says Ravi. “This is completely gone now. By using KLANG, the band has more freedom, and everyone is happy with this change. During rehearsals, I give them control of the system via the KLANG:kontroller, allowing all band members to play around with it on their own. On the road, I simply add it in. On one occasion, the guitar player was using KLANG during the rehearsal and was making changes in the system while I was simultaneously fine-tuning my own settings, resulting in a seamless and effortless p

danteFlexible licensing for Dante Virtual Soundcard
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

USA - Audinate has announced the availability of transferrable licenses for the popular Dante Virtual Soundcard audio interface software. This new license type allows users to easily move a license from one computer to another.
Dante Virtual Soundcard runs on Windows and macOS computers and provides an audio interface to applications for up to 64 Dante-enabled channels on the connected network. Dante Virtual Soundcard is used extensively in recording and live events, ingesting and delivering 100% lossless audio with minimal latency.
Previously, Dante Virtual Soundcard installations were locked to a single computer as per the license agreement. The new transferable license option for Dante Virtual Soundcard allows a user to overcome that limit and move their license from one computer to another with ease. This is especially useful when purchasing new computers, using disk images to deploy machines, or if a repair causes significant hardware changes to a computer.
The new transferable license option is available for new purchases and is also offered as an upgrade to existing DVS single machine licenses.

hiretracknxenhancedcrewscreenshotHireTrack NX adds major enhancement
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

UK - HireTrack NX has announced the release of its Enhanced Crewing feature. The feature provides a streamlined, integrated approach to managing crew across multiple jobs, eliminating the need for multiple systems and increasing efficiency and control.
The Enhanced Crewing feature offers a spreadsheet-like editor for managing shifts, detailed breakdowns of crew pay, charges, expenses, and accommodation options. A global editor allows for booking across multiple jobs, and a calendar-style display is also included.
Customers, including TSL and Pearce Hire, have already praised the new feature for its significant improvements to workflows, accuracy of information, and financial control. The Enhanced Crewing feature is the latest example of HireTrack NX's commitment to innovation and evolution within the live events industry.

vierikscapeKSCAPE appoints sales manager
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Italy - KSCAPE has appointed Vieri Parrulli to the role of sales manager. Parrulli brings with him over a decade of experience in the lighting industry, alongside ‘a wealth of knowledge and expertise’.
Parrulli studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. After a year of experience as a freelance professional, he decided to specialise in the field of lighting design, which he had always appreciated from an aesthetic point of view. Since then, Parrulli has gone on to complete several specialised courses and training throughout Italy.
“I am delighted to join the team at KSCAPE within K-array, an organisation that is at the forefront of innovation in the audio industry,” confirms Parrulli. “RAIL is an exceptional offering that has already set a precedent in a merging industry of light and audio, and I am eager to introduce it to the wider market.”
Parrulli has always been fascinated by the use of light to create spaces, define environments, and shape moods. In 2013, he began work at CREE, a multinational American producer of LED lighting fixtures for urban lighting, with European headquarters in Sesto Fiorentino.
After 10 years at CREE, Parrulli moved on to explore different worlds aside from urban lighting. This led him to KSCAPE, where he hopes to contribute to the commercial development of a new product.
"We are delighted to welcome Vieri to the KSCAPE family," says Tom Riby, KSCAPE global sales & marketing manager. “Today’s announcement marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for KSCAPE, not only because we

brant-web-feature-image1Brant Underwood joins Theatre Projects
Wednesday, 17 May 2023

USA - Brant Underwood has joined Theatre Projects’ New York office as associate principal. “Viewing industry consultants from the outside, I always knew TP was at the top of my list if I ever made the leap,” shares Brant.
Brant joins Theatre Projects from the world of fabrication, automation, technical direction, visual arts, scenic construction, and experiential design, where he held a broad resume, moving from union stagehand at various New York venues to lead project manager at Hudson Scenic Studios in a relatively short period of time (and with ample detours along the way). Working with Theatre Projects attaches him to the same communities and opportunities, but with an even broader impact.
“Brant and I have a long history together. We started in the New York theatre scene, assembling the tools we now share with clients at Theatre Projects. We spent time in the creative fires of modern dance. We forged a client services focus in the crucible of experiential marketing. And through it all, Brant remains one of the most intelligent, egoless, solution-oriented, and technically creative people I have ever met,” offers general manager Daniel Ordower. “I know his philosophy matches that of the reenergised Theatre Projects brand. Every day, we provide our partners with practical, innovative solutions to their goals, and Brant knows that success - creating positive solutions for clients - comes from truly listening. He is a consummate collaborator and an asset to our clients and growing suite of services.”
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