sennheiser-ufm-tcc-2-5Sennheiser TCC2 future-proofs Guatamala university
Thursday, 8 July 2021

Guatemala - The Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala City, also known by its abbreviated name UFM, is one of the top universities in Latin America. For 50 years, UFM has been ardently following its mission of teaching and disseminating the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible individuals. The university is the original founder of the ITA scholarship programme which identifies the most highly qualified and motivated students among Guatemala’s poorest and makes it possible for them to earn a life-changing UFM degree.
Recently, the university’s IT and AV team worked with installer Farei to deploy Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) microphones in 52 of its classrooms and various faculty auditoriums.
Whilst the plans for getting a new professional audio system had been in place for several years, the pandemic acted as a catalyst in the modernization of the university’s AV and IT infrastructures. The situation also resulted in adaptations to UFM’s collaboration and communication strategy, which now prioritizes hybrid teaching models, social distancing and touchless audio.
“To start with, we had to follow certain protocols and reduce the student capacity in all of our classrooms by distributing everyone into two groups of in-classroom and remote attendants,” said Víctor Zetina, chief of network infrastructure at UFM. “We then had to find a way to simultaneously teach and support both of these groups effectively by offering live sessions where everybody could join in.”
“When UFM

silesian-uprising2ChamSys helps celebrate Third Silesian Uprising
Thursday, 8 July 2021

Poland - Michal Hyra could have been forgiven if he wondered what else could go wrong. Chosen to light the grand finale of the two-month long celebration of Tryptyk powstańczy - pamięć ziemi, which marked 100th anniversary of the Third Silesian Uprising, he found his rehearsal time for the on 25 June event severely curtailed by unrelenting rain.
Despite this issue, Hyra was able to create a captivating lighting design that engrossed the large crowd gathered in Byton’s historic Market Square as well as those watching the livestream of one of the most important events in Poland.
His smooth colour changes and seamless transitions flowed naturally with the traditional Polish folk dancers on stage. Later in the evening, when the initial performers were replaced by a rock band, he created a tour-like show.
Helping Hyra accomplish this feat was the ChamSys Magic MQ 500 Stadium console that he used to run his eight-universe show. “I started learning MagicQ almost exactly a year ago and I've been using MQ500 since September of 2020,” he says. “It proved its worth on this project, which was carried out as a final part of the Metropolitan celebrations.”
Recalling the 100th anniversary project’s challenging start, Hyra says: “Due to the heavy rain, we had to programme the whole show with only a reduced number of dancers, our director Karolina Widera, and our LD Paweł Murlik, present. We had to listen to a partial rehearsal from the day before to figure things out. This is where the MagicQ stepped in.”
Hyra credits his console’

claypakyexo1Claypaky Sharpys create lighting effects for Exo
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

France - Playmodes is utilising 15 Claypaky Sharpys to illuminate its immersive installation Exo, part of the Constellations 2021 international digital art festival in Metz, France, running from 1 July 1 to 4 September.
The Barcelona-based Playmodes collective works with tailor-made technologies mixing creativity, software and hardware to create immersive installations, projection mapping, architectural lighting, digital scenography, audiovisual instruments and sound design.
Exo is presented with the support of Vinci Construction France and staged inside the Temple Neuf, a Protestant church in Metz. It explores the structures of language and communication by using light and sound as an audiovisual language.
“With Exo we’ve tried to experiment with how a new form of life, which is audiovisual, might communicate: Basically we’re talking to an organism made of light and sound,” says Eloi Maduell, CEO of visual research at Playmodes.
“We’ve used our own custom software, based on low frequency oscillators and mathematical manipulations, to drive data that drives light and sound,” he explains. “The language core is a stream of data that feeds light and sound engines, so we end up with super tightly synched audiovisual contents.”
Exo’s” creators have developed a procedural workflow based on randomness, noise and probabilities so the show never repeats and is always algorithmically calculated in real time. The light and sound behaviours they create might mimic a conversation, for example, wit

apex-x-dts-pngDTS returns to US with Apex Technologies
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Italy/USA - Italian lighting manufacturer DTS llluminazione has announced a new exclusive collaboration with Apex Technologies in the US. Apex Technologies, which was recently set up by respected industry professionals including Bill Morris and Ola Melzig as a new entertainment technology solutions provider, will now distribute DTS’ range of products.
Simone Francia, DTS executive vice-president, says the collaboration will only contribute to brighten the company's future. “Coming back to the American market has been in our plans all along,” he explains. “Accomplishing this goal is only further proof that we're moving in the right direction: it was crucial to us, as it's a stepping-stone that will strengthen our future as a company.”
Bill Morris, president of Apex Technologies, comments: “DTS have proven through steady growth and recent product introductions that they are ready to fulfil that role. We are extremely honoured and proud to have DTS as a flagship product line at Apex Technologies.
Carmen Savarese, DTS international sales manager, adds: “We're excited to have a distributor in the United States again. We have worked very hard in the last few years to create top-notch lighting equipment. We're very proud of DTS's new range of products and are sure they will be able to satisfy the more demanding lighting requests in North America. This new partnership is one of the greatest personal and professional challenges. Apex people are amazing - this adventure together will nurture us as people and as a company, and I can't wait to sta

rgt-logo-mission-horizontal-colourRiggit joins Broadweigh’s global network
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Canada - British Colombia-based Riggit is the latest company to join Broadweigh’s growing global network of product partners. For more than 25 years, Riggit has been providing rigging, lighting and labour solutions to the entertainment and events sector across Canada.
Rick Smith, Riggit president, comments: “We are delighted to partner with Broadweigh and to bring the entire product range to market. We believe Broadweigh products will add a higher level of assurance to the venues and clients we work with to ensure we continue to build on our reputation as a leading company in safety, innovation and reliability. The ability to provide real time load monitoring to our clients is another step towards assuring safety in our venues.”
Riggit is the exclusive rigging supplier to the Vancouver Convention Centre, exclusive production labour provider at Rogers Arena and exclusive provider of rigging services, labour, equipment, motors and truss to Vancouver’s Hyatt Regency Hotel, as well as being their preferred lighting supplier. Over the past decade the company has expanded its scale and services by developing a strong presence as a leading supplier to the local film and television industry, performing custom events and project installations and delivering rigging reviews to multiple clients.
Smith adds: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to give more exposure to the Broadweigh brand in Western Canada. With our connections in big venues, film and television, we’re confident it will become the brand of choice for the industry here. We will

atecproaustriandistributorpanacousticsATEC Pro to distribute Pan Acoustics in Austria
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Austria - Pan Acoustics has announced a partnership with ATEC Pro for distribution in Austria. ATEC Pro takes over local sales, design and support for all Pan Acoustics products in the region.
“I'm pleased, that with ATEC we have found a solid company to take care for our customers and projects in Austria. I’m sure that ATEC, with their competent team and friendly cooperation with clients is an excellent choice and will perfectly transport our key values - reliability, honesty, fairness and quality - throughout the market,” says Johannes Kampert, head of global sales at Pan Acoustics.
“Pan Acoustics fills a gap in our portfolio, which allows us to approach projects even more holistic. After first tests we were instantly convinced of the active beam steered systems (Pan Beam) but also of the quality of the passive speakers. We can now offer our clients best possible one-shop-stop solutions even in projects with most demanding acoustics,” says Manfred Prochazka, general manager at ATEC Pro.

digicoElectronica 2001 invests in DiGiCo Quantum 7
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

El Salvador - San Miguel-based Electronica 2001, with seven branches across the country, has been at the forefront of El Salvador’s entertainment technology industry for the past 35 years. Most recently, it has invested in Central America’s first DiGiCo Quantum 7.
“For many years, DiGiCo has been the benchmark in professional audio consoles,” says the company’s sales manager, Eduardo Gomez. “As a service company, we need to be at the cutting edge to address the demands of both producers and engineers who specify the best consoles for their shows.
“DiGiCo’s range of products is the first choice on most technical riders. Our philosophy has always been to work with the best in the industry and owning DiGiCo consoles has allowed us to provide the equipment necessary to do any world-class show here in El Salvador.”
“We are very proud to be part of the DiGiCo family and to be able to accommodate the demands and professionalism with which the most prestigious shows are now produced,” adds Diego Gomez, who is in charge of international relationships at Electronica 2001, which also has an SD12, an SD10, four fully loaded 32bit SD-Racks and two D2-Racks in its inventory. “This is part of our DNA as a rental company. Owning three of the best consoles in the world is amazing. It has helped us achieve the high level of commitment we have to always live up to the exacting demands from our industry.
“Whilst we have all faced challenges, adding Quantum 7 to our inventory means that we are ready to continue this commitment into the fu

syvaL-Acoustic Syva reinforces Scottish Rite Theatre
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

USA - The Scottish Rite Theatre (‘The Scotty’) in Peoria, Illinois, was built in 1925 as a Masonic cathedral. Recently, the Gothic-styled building underwent a $5m-plus renovation and now offers downtown Peoria a modern performance and event venue. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Scotty encompasses an 800-seat theatre, luminous stained-glass windows, a lower-level ballroom with capacity for 300 people, and more than 10,000ft of usable space, as well as a full basement kitchen and banquet facility. And it now boasts an L-Acoustics Syva sound system installed there earlier this year by the Chicago office of integrator Creative Technology.
“Syva was the perfect solution for audio reinforcement at the Scotty,” says Greg Moore, installations project manager for creative technology. “It had to sound great, which it does, but it also had to disappear. The aesthetics of this project were of paramount importance to the client. We were able to essentially camouflage the Syva, which we ordered in white from L-Acoustics, by installing them in the fluted trim around the sides of the proscenium.
“We used a combination of the manufacturer’s own mounting solutions and a custom Unistrut bracket to hang them. The slim-yet-powerful Syva form factor is a perfect fit with the venue’s proscenium architecture.”
The Scotty’s new system comprises one Syva enclosure mounted to each side of the stage, a white Syva Low sitting on the stage below each main Syva column, four KS21 subs in the orchestra pit, and six 5XT coaxials spread o

phantomHighlite International extends Phantom series
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

The Netherlands - Highlite International has extended the Showtec Phanton line of high-end lighting fixtures. The Phantom 12R Hybrid has recently been added to the series as the most powerful fixture yet.
The Phantom 12R Hybrid is a versatile hybrid moving head with a 300-watt discharge lamp that produces up to 8600 lumens. It is equipped with motorised zoom, generating a beam angle from 2.2° to 48.8°, focus, frost, and strobe function. Two overlapping prisms of eight and 24 facets can be used simultaneously, creating very dynamic projections.
Together with the motorised zoom and/or prism, a metal gobo wheel with 17 static gobos and a second gobo wheel with eight removable, rotating glass gobos plus open, it is possible to create numerous unique gobo morphing effects. A colour wheel with 12 dichroic colours plus white provides the necessary lively colours. Although it is possible to control the fixture manually through control buttons and a graphic display on the unit, the most likely and convenient way is to use the 14 or 18 channels of DMX of the Phantom 12R Hybrid. The manual controls might prove indispensable for fault checking of cables or outputs, though.
Despite its strong light output and multitude of effects, it is still quite compact at 55x32x22 cm and weighs in at 16 kg. Rigging the Phantom 12R Hybrid is made simple with the Quicklock brackets. The optional W-DMX (external module, sold separately) eliminates cable clutter in your truss and avoids long cable runs in large venues.

green-hippoHippotizer punches powerful visuals for Triller
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

USA - Lighting and video designer Tony Caporale was at the visual helm for the new Triller boxing and music event in Atlanta, harnessing the punch and power of Hippotizer Boreal+ Media Servers to drive a host of LED screens at the city’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
Music heavyweights including Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Diplo joined boxing big-timers Jake Paul and Ben Askren for the event, which took the US by storm.
A pay-per-view audience of more than 1.5m watched as the fights were interjected by pop performances, with each requiring a feast of visual delights to match the action. The boxing ring area had two portrait LED video screens for fighter entrances, a single LED video wall above the announcer booth, with another LED screen used as a fascia for Diplo’s DJ booth. The performance stage had five screens.
“This was a lot of video, right?” says Caporale, who was brought in by project lighting designer Tom Kenny and PRG account rep Anthony ‘Looch’ Ciampa. “But that’s not all - we also rigged a load of Revolution Blade LED strips and VDO Sceptrons throughout the set scaffolding, driving the content across the whole stadium. We pushed the visuals to the limit, and I’m happy to say the two Boreal+ servers handled it all, considering how hard we were pushing them.”
Caporale discussed the hefty visual requirements in pre-production with Luke Lewis and Anthony Wilson from PRG and landed on the Boreal+ Servers.
“I knew we had to have Hippotizer’s + models out there to handle the weight of this show,” explains Capora

rl256-frontNixer Pro Audio joins Ravenna community
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Europe - ALC NetworX has confirmed British pro audio tools and interface experts, Nixer Pro Audio, as the latest Ravenna partner.
Based in Dunstable, Nixer Pro Audio specialises in the design and development of professional AoIP monitoring, mixing and diagnostics solutions. Founder and CEO Nick Fletcher has an impressive pedigree in product design and development, having spent over 30 years designing and building equipment, including over a decade as director of R&D at Cadac.
“We already have a number of products built on the Dante protocol, but our new RL Series (launched in June) was specifically designed to have Ravenna capability in response to requests from customers within the broadcast market,” explains Fletcher.
RL Series is a range of 1U rack-mounted AoIP mixing and monitoring units available in 64, 128, 192 and 256-channel versions, configurable at purchase to be either Ravenna or Dante. RL Series units allow two modes of operation: a mixing mode which can mix up to 256 channels at 48kHz (128 channels at 96kHz) plus a microphone input (via headphone connector) and AES input to create a 259-into-2 mixer; alternatively, it can be set into a simple listen mode where touching a channel instantly routes to the L/R output and cancels any previous selection.
“Given that Ravenna is now an integral part of our product range, becoming a Ravenna partner seemed the logical option in order to keep ourselves and customers updated on all Audio-over-IP developments,” observes Fletcher.
Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna evange

holidaycards300x2002021Behind the Scenes Holiday Cards revealed
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

USA - The 2021 Behind the Scenes Holiday Cards are on sale now at the BTS Boutique. It’s important to let family, friends and colleagues know you are thinking of them and these unique holiday cards say it perfectly. They are also a personal and inexpensive way for a company to keep in touch with its customers and let them know “We are here and you are important to us”.
Sending a BTS holiday card helps spread the word about the charity and lets your recipients know you are supporting industry colleagues who are ill or injured as well as the BTS Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.
Cards are available in a variety of options: card packs of 10 with a standard greeting, personalized cards with a company logo and custom message, and electronic cards in multiple file formats and an array of price points starting at just $20.
This year’s cards feature a mix of new designs by Elektra Buhalis, Maureen Freedman, Ola Krazspulska, Robert Mendoza and India Smith. Returning is one of the all-time favourite designs by Melissa Pfeiffer.
Orders for printed cards will be taken until September 30, 2021 to arrive by late November. Electronic card orders will be taken until 17 December. View and order cards at
Also available are industry-themed holiday decorations, from LED ghostlight Christmas trees and Hanukah menorahs to nightlights and tree ornaments.
For more information about

tfgSAW supplies Pixel Plus for Cape Town store
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

South Africa - The Foschini Group (TFG) is a South African JSE-listed retail clothing group headquartered in Cape Town. Recently, TFG announced that they were opening a new store in Canal Walk shopping centre, Cape Town, which required a visual overhaul. Stage Audio Works provided two large Pixel Plus LED digital signage screens outside each entrance of the store, supplied and installed by digital communications specialists, AVT.
Working with the integrator, SAW specified two Pixel Plus Xcell-I Lite screens, each measuring 3.2m wide and 1.95m high, to match the location, visibility and the budget of the client. The purpose of these screens is to clearly communicate the brand’s clothing line and image, consequently driving traffic into the store. SAW also designed and manufactured custom wall-mount brackets brackets.
The screens were specified with a pixel pitch of P4, which refers to the density of the pixels (in this case 4mm apart) and influences the optimal viewing distance for a display.
To complete the Foschini setup, AVT supplied two Novastar TB6 LED processor and multimedia players for signal processing and smooth control of high definition content playback.
AVT account manager Jerome Bullock comments, “The project went off without a hitch. This was our first project with Stage Audio Works, and I’m pleased to say that it was a great experience. Everyone played their part perfectly, and even exceeded expectations to complete this time-sensitive project without delay. From the screen selection process to the handover, their sales m

apex-3d-1Apex Technologies debuts as US distributor
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

USA - Several respected industry figures have joined forces to form Apex Technologies, a new company that will “distribute exclusive worldwide entertainment technology solutions” to the North American market.
The founders Bill Morris, Anders Karlsson, Tarmo Krimm and Ola Melzig have run some of the biggest companies and productions in the industry. Their mission is to seamlessly deliver lighting, AV, staging and power supply products that are not currently represented in the US market. Most product lines Apex will represent are well-established on stages and venues in other parts of the world, says the company.
CEO Bill Morris explains: “Apex Technologies is the brainchild of a few of us that saw an open niche in the marketplace to bring exciting products to the North American market. All four of us have either lived in or travelled the world extensively and can clearly see the creative differences in the way live productions are done outside of the USA. There are some great products that just need to be available to the American market. So, we decided to form a U.S. distributor of exclusive products to help facilitate a more global live entertainment industry.”

robe-rm-multimedia-restructures-p1190490-pRM Multimedia restructures and expands
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Italy - Distributor RM Multimedia has restructured and is expanding following the untimely death of Marco Bartolini in February this year.
Marco, Paula Porolisseanu and Ermanno Tontini all founded the company in 2007 since when it has grown steadily. Operational continuity will be maintained by Paula as owner and managing director and Ermanno as chief technology officer.
Paula has extensive industry connections and a wealth of commercial experience, while Ermanno is well-known and respected in the world of moving lights and as a technical specialist as well as for his customer-focussed approach.
Paula and Ermanno will be leading the RM Multimedia sales team headed by Michele Sgolacchia that includes a network of regional sales agents covering the whole of Italy.
RM Multimedia reports a recent increase in business as activities in Italy pick up over the later summer, with plenty more planned for the latter half of 2021.
Says Ingo Dombrowski, Robe key account manager for Europe: “There was never any question of RM Multimedia continuing as Robe‘s distributor in Italy. Everything will move forward with the same spirit and dedication to delivering excellent sales and superlative service. The company has performed strongly and consistently since its inception in 2007 and is among our busiest and most successful European associates.”
Robe CEO Josef Valchar adds, “RM Multimedia is not just a brilliant, efficient and well managed enterprise with an impressive standing and reputation, it and all those associated with the company a

hairspray-19-06-21-london-coliseum-2232-copyUnusual ensures firm-hold rigging for Hairspay
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

UK - Hairspray the Musical officially opened its doors last week. The show had been delayed by more than a year following the COVID outbreak. Unusual Rigging was part of the team that helped bring the all-singing all-dancing production to the stage.
Production manager Rich Blacksell reports: “I cannot begin to explain how delighted we are to finally be raising the curtain on Hairspray. We were just four days into week one of rehearsals and about to start fitting up when COVID-19 shut down all live events. We’d brought Unusual on board to handle a rather complex job because we’d planned to rehearse and tech at the English National Ballet’s new home on City Island. We intended to replicate the Coliseum at ENB, install some Kinesys systems and then move at the speed of light into the theatre for the show’s opening.”
As is the case for almost all live events affected by the pandemic, plans have evolved and changed over time, determined by everything from allowed opening dates, to social distancing requirements and budgets. Rich continues: “We started with a Plan A back in March last year when I met with Jeremy Featherstone, one of Unusual’s senior design engineers at the Coliseum to conduct a grid recce
“We were talking about fabrication of diverts and other bits and pieces but with a sense of foreboding. We knew even then it wasn’t looking too likely that we’d get to open the production on schedule. What we didn’t realise is that it would be more than a year. In that time, we’ve probably changed things a fair few

mediatec-and-ct-headerMediatec Asia Pacific rebrands as part of CT
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Australia - NEP Group, technical production partner for content producers of live sports and entertainment, has announced that Mediatec Asia Pacific has rebranded to become part of Creative Technology (CT), a sister company also under NEP.
The Mediatec and CT teams have worked together for many years across countries and markets, collaborating on projects for large corporate clients, international sporting events, Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and more.
A change in name and branding only, the move is in line with similar strategic rebranding initiatives, including that of Mediatec Europe’s business in early 2020 to support NEP’s goal of using the global brand that best represents what the company provides to its clients. The combined brand also now enables NEP and CT to support its corporate and sport client segments in Australia and New Zealand as a true 360° supplier in the region and worldwide.
As a 360° live events supplier CT’s and Mediatec’s clients will share the same experience in dealing with one brand across the globe for all their projects.
The CT Australia and New Zealand business unit will service projects and events across the region, with the customer support, studios and other production facilities clients have come to rely on for their events. The operation has office locations, warehouse facilities and local staff in Auckland, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Wellington.
CT Australia and New Zealand president Owen Davison comments: “Although our Mediatec brand is no longer in the market, I’m excited to brin

3t-1VDC backs Tour Tech Training initiative
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

UK - In the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a live music training initiative was launched, designed to provide a broad set of technical skills to black women who wanted to break into the industry.
The 3T (Tour Tech Training) course was founded by singer-songwriters Nao and Mura Masa who wanted to provide visibility and confidence for black women.
The initiative had three key principles: It had to be free to participants (it was funded by Native Management, Sony Music UK and supported by donations from several other private individuals and companies within the industry); It was to take place over 12 weekends (24 days in total) and It had to cover the fundamentals of touring to be useful to attendees (such as loading/ unloading trucks, cable making, changing strings on guitars, building LED walls, tuning RF kit, audio patching, reskinning drums, looming etc.)
The programme attracted almost 600 entries in three days and 10 individuals subsequently were chosen to participate in the sessions. Successful applicants were selected on their personality and transferable skills.
A number of organisations in the industry were approached to help support the initiative in terms of time or donations of equipment. VDC was one of these. It provided free audio, video and data cables to enable the course attendees to learn how to solder and make cables, a vital skill on the UK touring scene.
AJ Sutherland, course director and freelance production manager, said: “We are very proud of the difference that this initiative will make to under-r

japan-jamMLA boosts return of Japan Jam 2021
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Japan - Japan Jam 2021 took place at Soga Sports Park in Chiba over the country’s big May public holiday weekend. The annual event, which has already taken place three times at this venue, had to be cancelled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic - therefore, this was the first event in two years, and it was held under strict infection control conditions.
Last time around, more than 30,000 people participated daily in the festival; however, this year the number was limited to 10,000 per day, and the event was devoid of alcohol. The audience needed to obey the rules such as wearing masks and were able to enjoy the live performance in 1m square frames arranged in front of the stage.
As in previous years, Martin Audio MLA was adopted as the main speaker, with 10 MLA elements (including an MLD Downfill) and three stacks of subwoofers, nine per side in total, on main stage, with the middle sub rear-facing for the cardioid pattern. In addition, four WPM were equipped as front-fill/out-fill.
Many precautions were taken to avoid infection, even at the stage area. Bunshiro Hote, of sound rental company, MSI Japan Tokyo, reflected on this. "The microphones that would normally have been reused, were completely replaced. As a result, we used five lines (including spares) to operate only the announcements. We introduced a UV irradiation desiccator for some mics that needed to be used by multiple people, while the console was sanitised every time the sound engineer changed. All microphones (vocal mics for the artistes and talkback mics for the engineers) were

aidaoacreditprudenceupton856Brompton drives Opera Australia’s Aida
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Australia - Opera Australia (OA) presents more than 600 performances around the country every year, with more than half a million people seeing their work on stage and even more tuning into OA’s radio broadcasts and cinema releases. OA’s integrated digital technologies were used to transport Davide Livermore’s interpretation of Verdi’s Aida to a whole new level thanks to giant LED screens driven by Brompton processing and deployed by Big Picture at the State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne.
A ‘feast for the senses’, 175sq.m of UniView Tekken LED screens were arranged in 10 towering LED columns seven metres tall, creating an immersive theatrical experience, with video designs ranging from symbolic pictures to picturesque landscapes of Verdi’s world of Egypt brought to life by 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors that conveyed the scale, depth and grandeur of this monumental opera.
A fully redundant Disguise system comprising four GX2c servers managed eight 4K content layers as well as dealing with incoming data streams from OA’s custom Raynok automation system, which was used for individual screen rotation and tracking on and off stage.
“We originally chose the UniView Tekken 3.9 because it fitted a very particular brief that we had been given from Opera Australia during the design process for the Opera Digital Stage,” says Nick Bojdak, technical director, Big Picture. “To work with the automation system, it needed to be relatively light per square metre. It also needed to be high enough resolution for still images to resolve li

novapolis-kuopio-microkatu-savilahdentie-16Genelec seeks ‘creativity and entrepreneurship’
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Finland - Genelec is establishing the first branch of its new G Innovation Lab in Kuopio, with the goal of nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship in the Savilahti region of the country and attracting imaginative professionals to the area.
Starting with a Discovery Event Pitch Challenge this August, Genelec aims to recruit a team of ‘start-up minded’ individuals to further develop the innovative thinking that has helped inspire the company’s technical breakthroughs over the last four decades.
Opening this August in Kuopio’s KPY Novapolis Microkatu, the G Innovation Lab will be the home to ‘talented individuals with complementary skills, but with a deep shared interest in the audio industry’, who will begin work this autumn. The Lab’s location is also designed to facilitate even closer co-operation with regional universities and educational institutions, something Genelec has long valued and nurtured.
To kickstart the recruitment process for the G Innovation Lab, the Discovery Event Pitch Challenge takes place on 23-24 August, and is a hybrid live/online event organised in conjunction with Finnish ‘talent pond’ experts Pondi. At the event, career seekers and entrepreneurs will be given a chance to present their ideas to a panel of senior figures at Genelec. This creates an opportunity for candidates to find out more about Genelec and show the panel how they and their ideas can help make the company’s business, and the pro audio industry in general, stronger.
Genelec managing director Siamäk Naghian comments: “The ongo

justin-mooreHES supports Justin Moore ‘Outta the Country’
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

USA - With live music now returning after a lengthy absence, country music star Justin Moore is touring again, and recently brought his show to The Ford Centre in Evansville, IN. Moore first hit the Billboard charts back in 2008; now with eight #1 country hits under his belt, he released Straight Outta the Country in April.
Lighting designer Aaron D. Luke handled the production and lighting design for this tour, which is ramping up to play more dates throughout 2021. For the Evansville concert, Cincy Entertainment Services supplied High End Systems SolaFrame 1000, SolaHyBeam 1000, SolaPix 7 fixtures and Hog 4 control to augment the production.
Company president Braden Hasselbeck says The Ford Centrechose their company “for our gear and our team”. “I think Justin Moore’s team was relieved to see we had nicer gear. The only complaint we got from Aaron was that these fixtures have too many features. We chose the SolaHyBeams and SolaFrames based on their similar output, hanging 12 of each on GT truss for the mid-stage. The downstage truss featured a dozen SolaPix 7s - they’re the right size, very punchy, and clients love them.”
Hasselbeck says Cincy Entertainment Services began as a niche DJ lighting company, subsequently moving into full scale production support. “We started out with High End Systems SolaWash fixtures. We looked at all the manufacturers and felt like HES not only had these great products but were going to be in our corner - so we got onboard.
“Prestige and Mac Productions are friends of mine here and we of

the-sugarmillWhite Light supports Sound + Vision
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

UK - Launched in 2017, the Music Venue Trust (MVT)’s Sound + Vision initiative aims to deliver a 21st century live music experience to artists and audiences in every part of the UK. White Light (WL) has been a collaborative partner of MVT on this journey and to date, has supported over 40 Grassroots venues.
Despite some projects being delayed to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing funding restrictions, MVT and WL have worked tirelessly to deliver as many system upgrades as possible within Government safety parameters. The latest of these were at Stoke-on-Trent's The Sugarmill, a live music venue and night club, which benefited from a new d&b audiotechnik xS-Series system.
Jason Larcombe, WL’s project manager, comments: “Thanks to MVT’s ongoing work and previously ringfenced funds from Arts Council England, we are delighted to have been able to continue providing support during this turbulent time. This has enabled venues to return with a bang and support vital campaigns such as #ReviveLive. Working with d&b we are proud to have once again introduced an industry-leading manufacturer to Grassroots venues. Our support package includes the provision of ongoing support and training, ensuring the venues leverage the full potential of their new systems.”
Danni Brownsill, head of promotions at Sugarmill adds: “It was a huge relief to reopen with some socially-distanced gigs, after a difficult 12 months, and there was no better way of coming back than with our brand-new d&b system. Great sound is key to running a live music venue. Small

amber-jonesAudiologic expands application team
Tuesday, 6 July 2021

UK - Audiologic has announced the expansion of its application team with the hire of Amber Jones, who joins the company as junior application support engineer.
Jones joins the company as the fourth graduate hire from the University of Hertfordshire after studying Audio Recording and Production.
The role reports to Ben Spurgeon, senior application engineer who comments: “Even throughout the pandemic we’ve seen a continuous rise in the demand for support from our application team. After the fantastic roles we’ve managed to shape with Anna and Kamil through our graduate hiring scheme, we decided once again to work with the University of Hertfordshire for this new position. Amber’s hire takes us to a team of six, once again proving how vital the technical offering is to Audiologic.”
Amber Jones adds: “Having recently graduated, I was eager to get into the industry in a technical-based role. The opportunity with Audiologic has worked out perfectly, allowing me to train in a hands-on technical environment, with a wide variety of opportunities ahead.”


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