K-array suspends factory activity due to coronavirusK-array suspends factory activity due to coronavirus
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Italy - Loudspeaker specialist K-array has written to friends and partners.
“We hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. With things changing at such a high speed, we personally want to assure that every member of our extended family is informed on an ongoing basis.
“At K-array, with the safety of our staff as the top concern, we have already been taking necessary steps to adapt our operations while remaining committed to driving business by enacting remote smart working for those who can, which has enabled us to interact with our customers and suppliers in a more safe and active way than before.
“Our next action, in respect to the latest restrictions imposed by the Italian government 22 March, is to suspend all activity within the factory. Effective immediately, K-array will remain engaged and available for support Monday through Thursday only by smart working through 3 April.
“We appreciate your flexibility and understanding while we work together to navigate these circumstances. We reiterate our commitment to keep you updated and ask that you do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.”

A message of hope from DWRA message of hope from DWR
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

South Africa - DWR Distribution has shared a message to the industry.
“When Duncan Riley established DWR Distribution from a tiny office in his home in 2006, he and his wife Sherryn decided to do something different. Abandoning the security of a salaried job, Duncan set out to build on an idea - that the people, not the gear, makes our industry special.
“It’s all about the people has been the guiding vision and mantra of DWR Distribution for the past 14 years. The DWR family has grown from a team of three to a team of more than 60 people, all of whom service the industry in South Africa with passion, dedication and, above all else, humanity. It is more important now than ever that we stand together and make every moment we have all about the people.
“You might be feeling scared right now, just as we are. We are scared for our families and loved ones. We are scared for our own health and for the health of those around us. We are scared of what the shutdowns are going to mean for our livelihoods and for the industry that we all love so much. We feel the pain of our friends in China and across the European Union, where so many have succumbed to the deadly Covid-19 disease, and our thoughts remain with the thousands who are still fighting for their lives.
“We are also heartbroken for the thousands of stagehands, riggers, operators, engineers, and designers all over the world who have no idea where their next meal is going to come from. We stand in solidarity with you all. Keep in mind that no matter how difficult it is to breathe when

ADJ and Elation operate reduced scheduleADJ and Elation operate reduced schedule
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

USA/UK - Elation Professional and the ADJ Group of Companies “wish to bring a heartfelt message to everyone in our beloved lighting community”.
“Like you, we are shocked and saddened by the devastation the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the world, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected,” say the companies. “Throughout our 35-year history, we have always been a company that cares deeply about our personnel, and therefore place the health and safety of all our employees and their families as our top priority.
“In order to provide a safe and secure working environment while continuing to support our customers, we are adjusting staff levels and operating on a reduced schedule going forward. To further minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to adapt to the current business climate, we have decided to temporarily adjust our US operations to Monday through Thursday, with Friday closed until further notice. Our European facility in Kerkrade, The Netherlands, is still operating on a Monday through Friday schedule.
“When the news of this threat first broke, we took immediate action to protect our people and we continue to do all we can to help prevent the spread of the virus by following WHO and CDC guidelines to protect our most valuable assets: our employees and customers! The actions we have already taken include: full restrictions on travel, deep cleaning of our facilities each evening, promoting personal hygiene and social distancing awareness amongst our staff, as well as implementing other hygiene measures

Club Beehive creates a buzz with AyrtonClub Beehive creates a buzz with Ayrton
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

China - Shanghai, a metropolis with a population of more than 24 million people, has a new venue - Club Beehive. Two Eindhoven-based design companies were behind its design: multidisciplinary design studio, 250K, created the Beehive concept and commissioned The Art of Light to come up with an equally stunning lighting design for this new club venue. The partnership follows a successful first collaboration for Club Myst in Suzhou, west of Shanghai.
In keeping with the Beehive theme, Mees Bouman, 250K’s set designer, developed a concept based around a tornado of hexagon shapes arrayed in a honeycomb design. An organic, tree-shaped centrepiece is sited behind the DJ booth which, in turn, is flanked by curved LED screens.
The honeycomb theme is repeated throughout the entire club interior as well as across the set design and décor. The honeycombs spread up and out above the dance floor, with moving, tilting chandeliers extending the depth and variety in the shape of the room.
As a company, The Art of Light designs, programmes and performs next-level light shows for artists, festivals and corporate events all over the world, and its work for this club is no exception. In between the distinctive hexagons, Marco, The Art of Light’s lighting designer, decided to place a large number of Ayrton Khamsin-S, Bora-S and Mistral-S LED fixtures to add richness and variety to the design. “We chose the Ayrton fixtures because they all have an impressive LED-engine, great colours and a very complete gobo package,” he says.
Marco interspersed a total of


RBI Music to distribute Samsystems’ IntegralRBI Music to distribute Samsystems’ Integral
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

USA - Samsystems UK has announced the appointment of Texas-based RBI Music, as USA distributor for its Integral close cab miking system.
Available in 10in or 12in format, Integral can be used as an innovative solution to augment or replace traditional external close cab miking techniques, in a live or studio environment.
With less mike stands on stage, Integral also helps prevent overspill, feedback issues and offers quicker band set up times. Installed in minutes within cabs or combos, Integral features a circular constructed rigid frame, mounted internally between the cabinet grill and existing speaker.
A super cardioid, dynamic microphone with a high/low, full range frequency response and pressure tested at extreme volumes, is housed within the central ‘pepper pot’ strategically aimed off-centre of the speaker coil, delivering the true, balanced, accurate analogue output from the speaker via an XLR connector to the mixing desk and onward to monitors or FOH PA.
Samsystems technical director Richard Smith comments, “We look forward to working closely with RBI Music in the USA, to put Integral firmly on the entire North American Map. Our relationship has successfully evolved following Summer NAMM 2019, where Integral has since been successfully road tested on the live circuit within the many clubs and bars in and around Nashville’s downtown Broadway scene.”
RBI Music’s product manager artist relations, Rick Taylor states, “The Integral close cab miking system represents the future of sound reinforcement for guitarists perf

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Eurovision Alternative - Organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest are investigating an ‘alternative’ show after this year's event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although the format has yet to be decided, they stressed the programme would not be a competition. However, the show will “honour the songs and artists” that were due to take part of the contest this May. “With that in mind,” organisers said, “this year's songs will not be eligible to compete when the contest returns. Participating broadcasters may decided which artist(s) to send in 2021, either this year's or a newly chosen one.”
The event's executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand added: “We are very proud of the Eurovision Song Contest, that for 64 years has united people all around Europe. We regret this situation very much. The event will return stronger than ever next year.”
Operatic Moves - Scottish Opera has re-purposed lorries ordinarily used to transport its set to venues in order to help restock supermarkets. The opera company’s drivers have been using their cabs to help deliver food to Tesco stores in Scotland, as supermarket stores in Scotland, as supermarkets face unprecedented demand from shoppers during the coronavirus crisis.
Rather than transport the set for Scottish Opera’s forthcoming production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh - which has been postponed until further notice along with all of the company’s public work - two of its lorries have instead been used to help deliver supplies to

Encore SFX adds MDG for The Greatest DancerEncore SFX adds MDG for The Greatest Dancer
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

UK - When forming special effects company, Encore SFX, George Baker and Anthony Earles, both of whom have many years’ experience in senior roles in the SFX business, decided to invest in the highest quality special effect products available, and knew exactly which company and products they wanted to partner with.
“We needed great products from a reliable company who could offer not just the quality but the essential support required, and immediately thought of MDG,” says Baker.
The company purchased four MDG Ice Fog Q HP low fog generators with DMX interfaces, and four pneumatic Round Floor Pockets with remote control boxes. The Ice Fog Q HP produces a thick, low-lying fog with zero residue. The award-winning Round Floor Pocket is DMX/RDM operated and can be embedded in the stage floor or set wall to conceal a fog output and deliver low fog or fog to precise locations.
“The ethos of our company is to make effects more accessible and give our clients the best products for their money. The only way to do this is to offer the best,” says Baker. “We have worked with many different brands of fog and haze machines over the years, and as we are not tied to any one brand, we can choose which we want to go with. When we started the company we were in a unique position of having no pre-existing stock, so could make a fresh start by investing in the best, and latest, products on the market.”
Baker and Earles have very definite reasons for their faith in MDG: “We believe the Ice Fog Q HP is one of the best-built units we have seen. The v

James Blunt rocks empty ElbphilharmonieJames Blunt rocks empty Elbphilharmonie
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Germany - James Blunt’s concert at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg planned as one highlight in the Telekom Street Gig series was heavily affected by the spread of the coronavirus. Respecting the demands of the coronavirus outbreak, but not wanting to disappoint invited fans and viewers, Telekom and James Blunt took the decision to continue with the concert - but to perform to an empty hall and stream the concert to the public.
With Telekom already commissioning Peter Brandt and his team at Remote Recording Network to mix and record the concert, the current changes meant only minor adjustments to the production. The company has been handling the sound for the Telekom Street Gigs since 2007.
To ensure the recording of the concert in excellent studio quality, Peter Brandt relied on remote mixing and his Remote Mix Room in Cologne, 400 km away from Hamburg. For on-site conversion of the audio signals and transport between Elbphilharmonie to Cologne, equipment from audio specialist DirectOut came into play.
The signal chain started as close as possible to the musicians. All analogue audio signals coming from James Blunt and his band were fed into two DirectOut Prodigy.MC units as mic-preamps directly on stage and converted into a MADI stream. The MADI stream with 64 channels audio routed to a van from Remote Recording Network, placed in front of the Elbphilharmonie and serving as a hub.
Within the van, the team recorded all audio signals and forwarded the mix to the Remote Mix Room Studio Boecker in Cologne, using public internet connections. To

LSi launches COVID-19 support pageLSi launches COVID-19 support page
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

- LSi Online has launched a dedicated page with training and information resources for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Available at www.lsionline.com/covid-19-support, readers can access the latest business reaction including online training initiatives, industry campaigns and information on the latest financial support packages available to the industry.
The page is regularly updated and is devised as a key resource for those looking for a reliable guide to all important announcements concerning the industry.
Readers who wish to share relevant initiatives or resources should get in touch with the LSi team on info@lsionline.com
Meanwhile, PLASA is sharing information with its members via daily emails and through a closed Facebook Group.

Bandit sets mood for L’Amour du VinBandit sets mood for L’Amour du Vin
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

USA - The Knoxville Museum of Art held the 17th annual L’Amour du Vin, its primary fundraising event that features a wine dinner and auction. The soiree took place on 7 March, and Bandit Lites donated a lighting system for the event, lighting spaces ranging from the façade of the museum to multiple interior spaces and the tents into the gardens.
“For these locations, we chose the Chauvet Freedom Par Quad-4 IP,” said Bandit Lites general manager Giff Swart, noting that most of the spaces had limited power available. “Another advantage of the Freedom Par is that they can be controlled wirelessly, and this keeps cables from cluttering the floor and creating trip-hazards.”
“As an event planner and designer, I can attest that few other event elements have the same impact as lighting,” said event designer Carla May Paré. “It has the power to transform an experience and create magic, which Bandit has done for the Knoxville Museum of Art fundraiser L’Amour du Vin for over 15 years. I am proud and grateful to work with Bandit to create beautiful, ever-changing designs from year to year. Their professional and talented team always help to elevate my vision to more than I could have imagined.”
The moment guests arrived at the museum, they were greeted with the museum’s façade constructed entirely out of pink Tennessee marble illuminated with glossy colours. Crossing the threshold into the foyer with several auction items, Bandit ensured the lighting set the mood for the gala.
“From there, guests moved into the Great Hall for

LumenRadio acquires Wireless SolutionLumenRadio acquires Wireless Solution
Monday, 23 March 2020

Sweden - Gothenburg-based LumenRadio AB has announced the acquisition of Wireless Solution Sweden AB.
The two brands will maintain their market identities and operate separately. The combined business will have a yearly turnover of more than €10m and more than 50 employees, with complementary products and solutions, addressing a much bigger customer base.
Alexander Hellström, CEO of LumenRadio, comments: “We are really excited about this! Together we will define the wireless standard for the future and with all the great technology and know-how Wireless Solution has built up over the last two decades, we strongly believe that our existing and future customers will benefit from the combined offer. Professional lighting is a high-stakes, no-nonsense business, putting high pressure on suppliers to always deliver, something that Wireless Solution, under the dedicated leadership from Niclas Arvidsson, successfully has done over the last two decades.”
“I am happy and positive that the Wireless Solution brand will continue to thrive within the new LumenRadio context,” adds Interlite’s owner and CEO, Niclas Arvidsson. “I think this merger is very good for our customers and the industry in general. The conditions for a truly global standard for wireless DMX are now in place.”
(Jim Evans)

Rigger: Rigger: "Hard to understand" why they can't pay the self-employed
Monday, 23 March 2020

UK - Glyn Owen, a self-employed rigger at the ACC Liverpool, expressed his bewilderment at why the UK government has not offered comparable financial backing to the self-employed.
Last week, the chancellor Rishi Sunak opened up access to the Universal Credit system to workers including freelancers and zero-hour contractors. However, claiming from the welfare system would only secure £94.25 per week for a self-employed worker, whilst the government promised to cover 80% of the salaries of employees.
On Sunday, the communities secretary Robert Jenrick recognised “this isn’t perfect”, adding: “It isn't easy, it's not as simple as supporting those who are in employment. The purpose of our employment mechanism is to help continue the connection between employees and their business so once this is over - and it will be over - those individuals can return to their usual work and that link isn't broken.
"It is operationally very difficult to create a scheme akin to that for the self-employed but we are reviewing this. If there are further steps we need to do, we will take them."
Speaking on the Jeremy Vine show this afternoon, Owen said: "What I can't understand is, they all say it's not easy to assess a self-employed person. But we all fill our tax returns every year - they know exactly how much we've earned over the years. So I can't understand why we are being penalised for being self-employed when [salaried] employees are being offered 80%."
At a suggestion from Vine that the government could use previous tax returns to c

SFL urges industry to ‘stand by your team’SFL urges industry to ‘stand by your team’
Monday, 23 March 2020

UK - Event production supplier and AV integrator SFL is calling on the entertainment technology and events industries to stand by their teams as the COVID-19 outbreak threatens the liveliehoods of many industry workers.
“Events of every kind have been seriously affected in a very short space of time,” comments the company’s managing director, Tom Jeffery. “As with many organisations, this is a significant part of our business, but we know we have to look to the future. At SFL, we consider our team to be our family - one that we will stand by. We have always run a financially-prudent business and we are grateful to be in a position to be able to weather this storm and put our team’s needs first in such a difficult time.”
As well as looking close to home, SFL is finding ways to support positive expressions of community on a wider basis, as new ways to communicate and support each other are found.
The company is already involved with the UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective which stems from the work of the Arts Centre Melbourne in Australia. Established in April 2019, it links like-minded organisations and individuals around the UK to improve health and wellbeing in the arts, cultural and heritage employment sectors.
“Mental health has always been something we’re acutely aware of as a company, but it’s more important than ever,” says Jeffery. “We were proud to be part of the organisations first conference, and will continue to give our support in whatever form it can take.”
SFL is looking at ways to help its custom

Illumination Physics on road to recoveryIllumination Physics on road to recovery
Monday, 23 March 2020

Hong Kong - LED lighting manufacturer Illumination Physics has reported it is now in recovery mode after its business – with bases in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Delhi and Europe - was among the first wave of companies to be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We have certainly faced some challenges caused by the effects and reactions to the current coronavirus pandemic,” say the directors. “Our factory and the attendant procurement chain was shut down effectively for more than a month and various levels of difficult planning and logistics followed that. But we are now part of the first wave to recover.
“Thanks to the hard work and excellent strategy employed in our manufacturing operations, Illumination Physics is now back at 100% operating capacity.
“We have clawed back the lost time and we are preparing to deliver three large projects on time n time In Las Vegas, in Sydney and another in Toronto. We now also have available manufacturing capacity. We have hundreds of lines of products available for both direct view and indirect view lighting.
“We have built our business on agility and we can rapidly adapt our products; or design anew for any of our clients that are experiencing delays with their projects.
“Our offices in Hong Kong performs the core liaison with our manufacturing facilities and all of our staff have been connected by a virtual office for a year previously so it is business as usual.
“Our Melbourne and Bremen offices are part of that remote network and every member can operate from home w

Three SSLs for the road for Céline DionThree SSLs for the road for Céline Dion
Monday, 23 March 2020

USA - Céline Dion recently brought the curtain down on her residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas after more than 1,100 sold-out performances and embarked on a 12-month tour in support of her Courage album.
Solotech has provided sound, lighting, video and rigging - everything except the stage - for the Courage World Tour, including multiple Solid State Logic Live L550 digital mixing consoles, one at front-of-house and two at monitors.
Denis Savage, who has been Dion’s tour manager and FOH engineer for several decades, began using SSL’s Live series desk at Caesars Palace in 2013. But this tour has provided the opportunity to implement some changes that have further enhanced the performance of all three consoles on the production, he says. “Just before Christmas we switched everything to 96 kHz and the difference was incredible. Everything got lighter and smoother and brighter.”
The production also switched band monitor engineer Martin Paré and Jean-Sébastien Boucher, Dion’s engineer, to L550 consoles at the end of last year. “Everybody in the band was very happy about it,” reports Savage. Boucher has been using an early version of L550 software that enables him to control an analogue SSL Sigma Delta summing mixer to eliminate latency in Dion’s in-ear monitor signal chain. That control functionality is now standard in the recent SSL Live V4.10 release.
Francois ‘Frankie’ Desjardins, systems engineer for Savage and Dion for the past 27 years, is also VP of R&D and technological solutions for S

Ireland in the stream on St. Patrick’s DayIreland in the stream on St. Patrick’s Day
Monday, 23 March 2020

USA - Every year since 1996, Dropkick Murphys in Boston has marked St. Patrick’s Day with rollicking live performances of their irrepressible blend of Celtic, punk and rock music. This year was no different . . . almost!
Given the prohibition on large public gatherings due to the coronavirus crisis, the band went digital to reach their fans on the day of Ireland’s patron saint, performing a livestreamed show. Sent out over four platforms - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch - the show was seen by over 10m fans, making it one of the most viewed livestreamed concerts in history.
Lighting designer Brian Lareau conveyed the energy and excitement of a Dropkick Murphys live music venue performance with a fast moving and green-tinged lightshow that featured over 100 Chauvet Professional fixtures and video panels designed and supplied by Derry, NH-based Events United, which put together the lighting rig and studio set up in 48 hours.
“It was a nonstop effort,” said Tim Messina of Events United. “Everyone involved in this show pulled together in very short time; our team alone consisted of 25 production crew members. It felt amazing and stressful at the same time accomplishing this in the face of everything going on today with the coronavirus. The energy in the studio was incredible. Maybe it was because of the immense amount of pressure to put on something so big in such a short amount of time, or maybe it was the combination of the Dropkick Murphys band and crew working so well with our team.”
The Dropkick Murphys livestream rig wa

Neutrik: ‘Adapting and innovating’Neutrik: ‘Adapting and innovating’
Monday, 23 March 2020

UK - Neutrik (UK) would like to take the opportunity to provide reassurance to staff, distributors, resellers, suppliers and customers that, in the face of the current evolving Covid-19 emergency, “we are rapidly adapting and innovating, wherever possible, to provide and maintain the greatest possible level of service.
“In the first instance, the company is taking every possible means to ensure the safety of our personnel, implementing all government and WHO recommendations relating to onsite hygiene and employee safety in the workplace. Wherever possible, those who can are already working from home.
“Having put these measures in place, we are able to fully maintain production, fulfil and ship orders at this time. All frontline sales and support team members are contactable on all the usual channels of communication.
Managing Director Neutrik (UK) Mark Perrins adds: “As circumstance surrounding Covid-19 changes we will adapt in line with current legislation and guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. If this involves any operational changes, we will notify our customers and suppliers immediately. In the meantime, on behalf of the entire company I would like to express to everyone our best wishes for their wellbeing, and our hope for a speedy end to the crisis.”

Code Orange live streams album partyCode Orange live streams album party
Monday, 23 March 2020

USA - Expectations were high when metal band Code Orange announced plans for their Underneath album release party. The excitement level for Sam Jimenez, their new 20-year old lighting designer and production designer was “through the roof”.
Describing himself as an “extreme fan” of the band, Jimenez had sent unsolicited renderings months earlier to Eric ‘Shade’ Balderose, their keyboardist and content creator, offering his design services. Shade in turn shared them with Reba Meyers, the band’s guitarist and production manager.
The dream came true! Jimenez was brought on by the band. Everything was all set, with the album release party slated for  14 March at the Roxian Theatre outside the band’s hometown of Pittsburgh. Then, just like that, everything was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, with one door slammed shut, the Code Orange team opened another, staging a 53-minute opening party show at the empty theatre that was live streamed on Twitch.
Fans may not have been present at the theatre, but head banging energy and excitement were. The place was pulsating with visual energy too, as an array of content created by Shade was flashed on a massive 9ft x 11ft centre stage videowall created with Chauvet Professional F2 panels supplied by Star Design Event Services.
Code Orange, Roadrunner Records, along with long-time friend and noted hardcore videographer Sunny Singh and Jimenez organized the live stream event. Singh directed the livestream which Jimenez recommended the video wall for, with Meyers product

Amate Audio implements ‘adaptive measures’Amate Audio implements ‘adaptive measures’
Monday, 23 March 2020

Spain - Barcelona-based Amate Audio’s founder and CEO Juan Amate says the company has implemented “adaptive measures” in this time of unprecedented crisis.
“All of us are faced with challenges outside of our common experience, for which we are unlikely to have prior contingency,” he says. “At Amate Audio, we are moving rapidly to confront and meet those challenges. We are taking immediate action to secure the integrity of our supply and distribution chains and our clients' business, as well as our continued financial health and corporate wellbeing, throughout the course of the crisis and beyond.
“To this end we are able to guarantee the continued delivery of orders to our clients during any reasonably foreseeable interruption to production, as may be required by the civil authorities. Likewise, our ability to quickly restart and achieve volume production secures our distribution and fulfillment capability as far as is possible.
“We do this with the utmost attention to the health and safety of our employees, whose wellbeing is always our first concern.”

Highlite expresses supportHighlite expresses support
Monday, 23 March 2020

Europe - Highlite International has vowed to support its clients affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
“For almost everybody who is active in the entertainment-business our line of work is no profession. Entertainment is a passion which, for most of us, started long ago as a hobby and gradually over the years became a calling, if you will. How else can you explain all these short days and long nights building, rigging, producing, controlling and entertaining and doing the same thing the next night. Every DJ, bass player, singer and entertainer knows this feeling through and through.
“There is nothing greater than being able to put smiles on people’s faces, let them feel good during a couple of hours. Be it at a festival, a family reunion, on tour, during a fashion event or a children’s birthday. Entertainment comes in many forms as does joy.
“The coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to so many entertainment possibilities. This affects everybody who puts their passion for this line of work first. But sometimes you need a bit of dark to appreciate the light and there are always ways to find the right light. Of course, to be able to perform and to find the light you need the right equipment, no matter how large or small your event is. But that is not the power of entertainment. You need the location, possibility and know-how as well but that also is not the power of entertainment.
“The true power of entertainment is you. Your passion is your drive and your motivation is the energy to keep going when everything else tends to stop. An

Industry organisations launch roadie benefit initiativeIndustry organisations launch roadie benefit initiative
Friday, 20 March 2020

USA - A group of leading live event industry organisations has joined together to create a GoFundMe campaign to raise $250,000 in donations to provide relief to eligible freelance professionals affected by the coronavirus pandemic due to event cancellations.
The campaign is initially being sponsored by Alive Risk, Clair Global, the Event Safety Alliance, Griffin360, Merch Roadie, Show Makers Symposium and Take1 Insurance, with other companies expected to join the cause. The goal of the campaign is to reach out to entertainment industry businesses and live entertainment fans worldwide to raise $250,000 in direct contributions to the Roadie Relief GoFundMe campaign that will then be distributed to eligible freelance professionals through MusiCares. Information about the Roadie Rescue Campaign, who it benefits and how to apply can be found at www.roadierescue.com
“Everyone needs to join together to help the people in their industry most impacted economically by the novel coronavirus, and in the live event industry that group is the tens of thousands of tireless and dedicated independent contractors, the roadies, who bring every live event to life,” says Take1 Insurance executive vice president Scott Carroll said today. “The live event industry can provide this relief quickly and most efficiently by working with MusiCares, which has been providing assistance to music people in need since 1991.”
According to Event Safety Alliance president Jim Digby: “The Road

21CC Group launches #ThinkOthers campaign21CC Group launches #ThinkOthers campaign
Friday, 20 March 2020

UK - Edinburgh-based event company 21CC Group Ltd who deliver events throughout the UK has launched an online campaign #ThinkOthers with the aim of connecting those who need help and those who can offer help during the coming weeks and months as a result of the effects of COVID-19.
Director Geoff Crow says, “Our business, 21CC Group, is about bringing people together through events. Like many businesses we are working to come to terms with the impact that the coronavirus is having on the nation, our families, neighbours and our business.
“Events are our business; however, events have been halted across the country at this time in an effort to curtail the spread of the virus.
“Whilst we are not able to deliver events in this current state of nationwide shut down due to the Coronavirus, in the midst of panic and fear, our team want to deliver a message of hope and care. We want to use our resources and our connections to be part of something that is bigger than us, and is a positive way. #ThinkOthers gives us all the opportunity to connect people who need help, with people that can offer help; everyone can be part of this.”
21CC Group started in business in 2000. The company now employs 18 permanent staff and seasonal staff and manages a pool of over 50 event crew, regularly hosting events and shows around the country for corporate groups, festivals, local authorities and private clients.
#ThinkOthers is an online campaign working from Facebook and is easy to use and

Industry rallies to offer training during COVID crisisIndustry rallies to offer training during COVID crisis
Friday, 20 March 2020

World - Industry professionals looking to make use of any downtime caused by the coronavirus disruption across the events industry can now access various web workshops and seminars for free.
Lighting professionals can look to the Avolites website for upcoming online tutorials, webinars and support on the company’s Titan and Ai platforms.
Ambersphere has added ‘free for freelancers’ grandMA2 user training and network introduction classes, details of which can be found at training@ambersphere.co.uk. The grandMA2 user course will be 24-26 March and the grandMA2 Network course will be the 27 March.
Meanwhile, ETC has made its LearningStage classes free until 15 May; these include Introduction to ETC’s Prodigy training, training on the Element console, the Eos family and the Mosaic Designer software. 
Obsidian Control Systems is offering free online classes covering the Onyx control platform and Netron data distribution range. The courses take place weekly on Tuesdays (Introduction to Netron), Wednesdays (Onyx 101) and Thursdays (Onyx Advanced) each week.
MA Lighting's free e-learning portal MA University is the place to check for all things grandMA.

LEA Professional partners with ProactiveLEA Professional partners with Proactive
Friday, 20 March 2020

Mexico - LEA Professional has partnered with Soluciones Proactive Latin América to serve the company’s growing customer base in the Latin America region. Based in Mexico City, and owned by Berenice Gutierrez, Proactive will represent LEA Professional’s full suite of products - including its cloud platform set to launch next month.
“We are delighted to partner with a nimble and innovative brand like LEA Professional. LEA continues to break barriers in the industry, and I look forward to working with LEA and some of the top distributors in Latin America to help strengthen the industry,” comments Berenice Gutierrez, owner and director Pro Active LATAM.
“We are proud to add S. Proactive Latin America to our growing network of global sales representatives and distribution partners,” said Scott Robbins, VP of sales for LEA Professional. “At LEA Professional we have always punched well above our weight and this announcement is further reinforcement of this. We have ambitious growth plans for LEA over the coming months and this partnership further strengthens our global presence.”


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