xmXMove software makes waves in Sweden
Monday, 22 January 2024

Sweden - XM Automation started the new year on a high by successfully demonstrating its XMove software controlling a number of automated bars in an existing theatre system. The XM team were able to show how easy it could be to upgrade the control front-end without requiring costly upgrades to the existing hardware or electrical installation.
The demonstrations attracted more than 50 Swedish theatre technical directors, technicians and consultants, all keen to see how XMove, the new front-end software could be used to run an existing system with minimal changes to the back-end. According to one attendee,“This event is too interesting to miss.”
The ease of use and intuitive, familiar feel of the software also surprised many attendees, who were able to try programming and running even quite complex moves for themselves after just a short introductory tutorial.
As XM Automation’s founder and director, whose previous experience includes setting up and running the theatre automation company Stage Technologies, Mark Ager explains, “My aim was always to bring automation to a wider market with fewer barriers to entry for smaller and mid-sized venues. Over the last decade automation seems to have become more complex and prohibitively expensive. XM Automation aims to redress that balance by offering a genuinely cost-effective, intuitive, user-friendly alternative.”
This is important because there is a mismatch between the lifetime of the software compared to the hardware of a system. The expected lifetime for the electrical and mechanical equi

sundanceARRI lights 40th Sundance Film Festival
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - ARRI is the official lighting provider for the 40th edition of the Sundance Film Festival which takes place this month.
ARRI, together with wholly owned subsidiary Illumination Dynamics, is providing the Sundance Film Festival with ARRI’s lighting solutions, including SkyPanel S30-C, SkyPanel S60-C, and ARRI Orbiter fixtures. These professional and innovative luminaries are shining the best light on personalities, stars, and emerging filmmakers at premiere event venues, stages, and lounges at Sundance Film Festival’s 40th edition.
“As we mark our 40th Sundance Film Festival, we are excited to collaborate with ARRI and use their innovative lighting technologies to help us create dynamic festival environments and shine a light on all the creators who are taking part in press lines before introducing their films to audiences at the Festival,” says Tammie Rosen, chief communications officer, Sundance Institute.
“ARRI is honoured to partner with the Sundance Institute as the official lighting provider for this milestone 40th Sundance Film Festival,” says Dr. Matthias Erb, chairman of the executive board at ARRI.
Dr. Raphael Kiesel, senior vice-president, business unit lighting at ARRI, continues: “Our versatile, high-quality lighting solutions are helping to create an enhanced visual environment to showcase the tremendous filmmaking talent that Sundance celebrates each year.” Glenn Kennel, President and CEO of ARRI Americas, emphasizes, “ARRI has been an active participant of the Sundance Film Festival for many years and 202

microsoftCohesion reinforces Microsoft Ignite 2023
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - ATK Audiotek, a Clair Global Brand, demonstrated the versatility of the Cohesion catalogue at Microsoft Ignite 2023, the tech giant’s annual demonstration of new products and solutions, held in Seattle. The deployed Cohesion products emphasised their unmistakable clarity for thousands of eager developers and partners at the Keynote Stage and the IP (Interstitial Programming) Theatre Stage during the corporate event.
Andrew Waterman, Microsoft’s account manager for ATK Audiotek, explained that Microsoft’s top goals at any conference are “to be able to see what presenters are talking about, but more importantly, to hear them clearly”.
Waterman first heard Cohesion’s products during a demonstration two years prior, and they jumped to mind immediately for their clarity. The 45-year veteran front of house mixer was impressed enough to design for Ignite a system that relies on Cohesion’s trademark flexibility and precision.
“Cohesion is easy to rig, easy to fly, and sounds great,” said Waterman. “The EQ I have to do is minimal. I’m totally all in on Cohesion.”
While Cohesion products established their popularity and trustworthiness as the most preferred systems on international, top-grossing tours, they are quickly proving to be chosen for corporate, broadcast, and other aspirational professional applications.
The system at the Keynote Stage included 12 arrays of CO10 line arrays utilising both 120° and 80° directivities to ensure each of the 4,500-plus eager attendees were enveloped by crystal-clear sound.

robe-goosemas-2023-128-photo-by-abby-foxRobe flies high with Goosemas in Space
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - Jam band Goose eased into the 2023 festive season with four special concerts staged over two days at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia, all completely sold out.
Lighting designer / director Andrew Goedde chose Robe moving lights as the principal fixtures and worked closely on developing his design with lighting programmer / technical director Tony Caporale, using their 2023 touring rig as a starting point. From this they evolved some new concepts for the tenth annual Goosemas event.
They were then both delighted to hear that the band and their creative director Will Thresher moved away from traditional Christmas themes to embrace Goosemas in Space for this year’s show.
Goose has grown and substantially expanded its fanbase in the last couple of years, and for Goosemas 2023 wanted to make some big statements and give something spectacular back to everyone in terms of production values.
“We took this idea very seriously when imagining and programming the lighting,” stated Andrew, expanding that the theme offered plenty of creative latitude.
With no video playback or IMAG onstage or indeed in the venue, lighting and scenics were the main visual tools for getting the energy and magic off the stage and swirling around the audience, so Andrew and Tony set to work to produce something memorable with the assistance of 42 Robe Fortes, 32 MegaPointes, 46 Tarrantulas, 60 TetraX’s and 16 LEDBeam 350s.
Each of six flown mini diamond-shaped ‘pods’ were flown at different heights and depths in a symmetrical pattern - a derivat

struts2Chauvet keeps pace with The Struts
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - The Struts’ recently concluded North American tour was supported by a dynamic lightshow by Carlos Katsurayama that moved seamlessly through dramatic mood shifts with help from a LIT Lighting supplied rig that featured the Maverick Force S Profile, Strike Array 4 and Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash from Chauvet Professional.
Reflecting the UK band’s bold emotional swings, Katsurayama played light and darkness off one another to rev up the crowd. For example, his show started out in darkness, before moving to a lighted backdrop, and then busted out with intense blinding effects.
“Beginning the show in complete darkness is a classic way to build anticipation,” said Katsurayama. “Lighting up the backdrop was a big way to let the crowd know that the wait was almost over.”
Katsurayama worked his way in and out of shadows to great effect at every turn. “In this show, my priority was to keep the band members lit well, since they are known for being such an incredibly talented and energetic act,” he said. “However, doing that also lent itself to contrasting things with some dark and dramatic moments throughout the set.”
In addition to juxtaposing light and shadows, Katsurayama relied on colour changes to pump up the flow of emotions. “Each song's colour palette was chosen carefully to go with the specific vibe and feeling of each song,” he said. “I do my best to not take attention away from the music, so I tend to keep my colour choices pretty tame - at least most of the time.”
Contributing to Katsurayama’s evocative

skanThe National tour Europe with Skan PA
Monday, 22 January 2024

UK - Cincinnati alt-rockers, The National, use Skan PA Hire for arena-scale audio solutions with a boutique approach, deploying a d&b KSL PA system, and Avid Venue S6L consoles with E6L 192 Engines at both ends.
“The first time we worked with Skan, I immediately thought, ‘This is the way an audio company should operate,’” says production manager and monitor engineer, Stu Tenold.
“Every package I've received from Skan is built for the artist I’m with. There's real attention to detail in what they do. Now being part of Clair Global, I can see what director Chris Fitch can offer; there's a lot more resources at his fingertips. But, for those who know, Skan is a boutique PA company, and they provide a very specific service.”
The band - vocalist Matt Berninger, brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner (piano, guitar, keys), and brothers Scott Devendorf (bass) and Bryan Devendorf (drums) - favour a certain degree of controlled chaos when it comes to their live mixes, and with up to nine musicians on stage, Tenold doesn’t sit back.
He mixes on an Avid Venue S6L 32D with E6L 192 Engine, as does FOH engineer Adam Armstrong.
Tenold continues: “The band often has musical guests that I’ll find out about during changeover… they’re a little punk rock at heart! It requires a lot of thinking on my feet and acting as quickly as possible to accomplish whatever needs to happen. I have 16 mixes of Shure PSM 1000 IEMs, and I often use them all.”
To deal with this unpredictable influx of fun, all comms are integrated with shout

sparks-learner-of-the-year-2024Luceco supports Learner of the Year 2024
Monday, 22 January 2024

UK - The quest to find the SPARKS Learner of the Year 2024, supported by lighting sponsor, Luceco Lighting, is well underway with the six regional heats set to power up throughout January and February.
From the north-west to the south-east, Level 2 and 3 students will compete in a number of practical tasks, with Luceco Lighting products being used in the heat and final assessments, judged by NAPIT’s Technical Team, the official judges for the competition.
The winners from each of the six regional heats will then progress to the Grand Final, to be held at the Schneider Electrics Innovation Hub in Coventry on 24-25 April 2024.
Simon Shenton, head of LED at Luceco Lighting, and judge for the competition final said: “We are thrilled to be involved with the SPARKS Learner of the Year for the second year, as it celebrates our amazing young talent and provides rightful recognition for the important skills that our future electrical contractors are learning. It is incredibly encouraging to see such enthusiasm and commitment from our competitors but also to provide an opportunity to showcase their skills and talent at an early stage.”
Zoe Tanner, managing director at SPARKS said: “Good luck to everyone taking part in the regional heats - there will be some tough competition to make it through to the final in April. We also have some great support from the industry - we are especially pleased to have Luceco Lighting as our lighting sponsor this year - supporting the next generation of electrical contractors.”

ttNAMM 2024: TT+ Audio takes centre stage
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - TT+ Audio will feature strongly in the Anaheim Arena, with demos of the GTX Line Array. At centre stage, TT+Audio’s new GTX Line Array System addresses the full range of challenges faced by touring sound professionals and large-venue system installers while offering ground-breaking performance and sound quality, says RCF.
Unlike previous TT+ Audio products, the new GTX system separates the power amplification from the loudspeaker enclosure, relocating it to newly designed touring racks. Each rack accommodates up to three RCF XPS 16K 4-channel DSP amplifiers. This new approach to hybrid power management seamlessly integrates the externally-powered GTX System with self-powered TT+ modules all managed by the RDNet software platform.
GTX models include the GTX 12 three-way line array module, GTX 10 two-way line array module, and GTS 29 high-performance double 19" subwoofer. Rugged GTX enclosures consist of waterproof birch plywood coated with a long-lasting polyurea finish. Optimised rigging hardware offers touring and installation crews fast, efficient setup when suspended or stacked, with anti-rattle locks and a unique captive hinge bar mechanism that slips into position when set in tension or compression mode. The GTX Line Array System will be available for live demos in the Arena on both Friday and Saturday.
NAMM attendees also see previews of the new RDNet platform and Shape D3D simulation software. The RDNet management platform, now in version 5.0, comes with the new design, modelling, and simulation package Shape D3D which allows users to

ew-dxsystemshotcutoutmiNAMM 2024: Sennheiser hosts demo double
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - The Sennheiser Group will showcase its latest audio innovations in two demo spaces. The Sennheiser Group Live Room (located in demo room # 18806) and the Immersive Demo Room (# 18808) will feature the latest audio innovations from Sennheiser, Neumann, Dear Reality and Merging Technologies, as well as offering seminars and panel discussions with industry experts.
The Sennheiser Group Live Room will offer visitors a chance to explore the rich histories of Sennheiser and Neumann by showcasing both companies’ timelines. A focal point within the space will be the unveiling of Sennheiser’s latest addition to its professional studio portfolio, with NAMM attendees having the unique opportunity to engage with the product for the very first time.
Additionally, a dedicated wireless station will feature the Evolution Wireless Digital family of wireless microphones, Digital 6000 wireless mics as well as XS Wireless IEM and evolution wireless G4 IEM systems.
An insulated ‘Whisper Room’ will accommodate selected Neumann microphones for demo. Moreover, Neumann will announce three new products. The MT 48 audio interface will receive an eagerly anticipated feature update, which, among other things, will allow working in immersive audio formats. Another focus is live sound: Neumann will show an omni capsule for the Miniature Clip Microphone (MCM) system as well as goosenecks of various lengths. Also on display will be much-requested additions to Neumann’s renowned family of vocalist capsule heads for wireless systems.
Two workstations will offer

tempestISE 2024: Tempest’s Fly takes off
Monday, 22 January 2024

Spain - Tempest is launching its latest rental and staging projector enclosure system - Fly - at ISE 2024. Fly’s innovative chassis folds flat into less than half its volume for ultra-compact shipping and storage. Fly enables rapid setup and teardown, with minimal tools, saving on time and labour. Weighting in at just over 20kg (44lbs), Fly is less than ¼ of the weight of a standard Tempest Typhoon rental enclosure. Fly is available in four models and is compatible with a wide variety of projectors up to 50k lumens, including all the most popular models in the equipment rental space.
Fly comes with all the usual Tempest protection measures, against airborne pollutants, weather, heat, cold and condensation. Fly also features an AR-coated port glass door, that opens without tools, making last-minute lens changes quick and painless. For extra-long lenses, a deeper Lens Extender door is available.
“We are very excited to showcase our latest rental enclosure system in Tempest Fly,” says Tim Burnham, president, Tempest. “Its truly innovative design makes it perfect for event work requiring a lightweight and transportable enclosure solution, while maintaining the build quality and attention to detail that our professional partners expect from Tempest. The creative people we serve often change their minds, and to be able to switch landscape/portrait, or swap out lensing at the last minute, is truly priceless. Fly will save our partners time and money, while offering them the projector protection they need.”
For large outdoor events, the lightweig

ise-2024-press-releaseISE 2024: Lightware debuts corporate rebrand
Monday, 22 January 2024

Spain - Lightware Visual Engineering will showcase a range of solutions for the corporate, education and live event sectors at ISE 2024. Visitors to the Lightware stand (3N750) will be offered demonstrations of its Taurus product family, including the Taurus UCX Dual Screen, Taurus TPX and Taurus TPN, along with other innovative connectivity solutions. Lightware will also debut its recent corporate rebrand, which has been developed to better align the company's visual persona with its status as an innovator in the technology sector.
Lightware's Taurus TPN is a media-over-IP solution tailored for medium to large conference rooms, redefining the landscape with its reliability, technical sophistication and user-centric features. The Taurus UCX-TPN and HDMI-TPN devices, both leveraging SDVoE technology, form the core of the solution, allowing for the creation of adaptable media-over-IP matrices. Taurus TPN’s unique seamless management of HDMI 2.0 signals, supports up to 4K60 4:4:4 video resolution and its provision of full bandwidth USB 2.0 for high-quality data transmission across 10G Ethernet networks.
In addition, the Taurus UCX-4x3-HCM40 - Dual Screen UCX is an innovative dual display screen solution that redefines meeting room connectivity, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge features to enhance collaboration and deliver a first-class user experience. The UCX-4x3-HCM40's dual-screen USB-C input is a game-changer for the workspace, supporting 100W charging, a 1GbE USB3 network card compatible with diverse operating systems, and the ability to share exte

audiofocusISE 2024: Audiofocus adds curvature system
Monday, 22 January 2024

Europe - Audiofocus has unveiled its new ARRoCC constant curvature loudspeaker series. Conceived as a complete PA solution for medium throw sound reinforcement scenarios, the ARRoCC system comprises the wide coverage CC210W cabinet and its narrow coverage twin, the CC210N, plus the high-powered 118S compact subwoofer. ARRoCC makes its world debut at ISE 2024.
CC210W and CC210N each house a pair of V-mounted 10” LF transducers with Tetracoil double voice coils for additional power, precision control, improved impulse response and handling of transients. A large 4” titanium diaphragm HF compression driver allows Audiofocus to employ a lower crosspoint, resulting in better dispersion and control down to lower frequencies. Both cabinets achieve a peak SPL of 135dB and a frequency response of 55Hz - 19kHz.
CC210W and CC210N offer 25° x 90° and 12.5° x 90° coverage respectively and can be deployed either vertically or horizontally according to the needs of the event. ARRoCC is the first system to incorporate Audiofocus’ 3D printed SEVERIN precision waveguide for rigid definition of coverage patterns, ensuring the optimal listening experience for all audience members. Directivity can be adjusted further thanks to a forthcoming adjustable horn plug option.
“With ARRoCC we’re ready to challenge the market leading constant curvature arrays on power and performance,” reflects Audiofocus founder and CEO, Ann Leroy. “Opting for a twin 10” layout over a single, larger transducer has given us higher SPL and more control, especially with the po

we-are-giant-logo-1David Rappaport joins We Are Giant board
Monday, 22 January 2024

USA - The recently launched music community platform We Are Giant has announced the addition of live music and entertainment executive David Rappaport to its board of directors. The chief operating officer of global touring at AEG Presents will serve as a strategic advisor to We Are Giant founding CEO Andy Apple and his executive leadership team.
Rappaport is an industry professional who brings a deep tenure of experience across live entertainment and artist relations. Before joining AEG Presents, Rappaport also served as head of artist relations (Americas) at YouTube Music / Google, where he spearheaded new education and strategy initiatives geared towards artists, management companies, and agencies.
“David’s leadership and many years of experience executing deals - in addition to building deep relationships across genres - will contribute to our success as we continue to advance the music industry," said Andy Apple. “In addition to being widely respected as one of the industry’s top executives, his passion will be a catalyst for We Are Giant to create more value for artists and their communities. Gaining David’s support as our early stage board member and strategic advisor is invaluable as we embark on our next phase of growth.”
“I’m passionate about breaking down the traditional walls that have prevented artists from reaching fans and creating community. I strongly believe that We Are Giant is the solution the industry has been waiting for to turn music conversation into connection and I'm incredibly proud to be on the board at

dpa-uk-team-photoSound Network rebrands as DPA Microphones UK
Friday, 19 January 2024

UK - DPA Microphones has announced that its UK Division, Sound Network, has rebranded as DPA Microphones UK.
While the name has evolved, the DPA Microphones UK team continues its commitment to offering the highest level of service, expertise and support to all users and DPA partners, as well as embodying the personality and company culture that’s made the brand successful in this territory, says the company. “DPA Microphones UK’s mission is to continue to deliver exceptional audio solutions across the entire UK audio industry, as well as redirect more time and energy to open days, trade shows, educational training and product demos.”
Following DPA Microphones’ acquisition of Sound Network in 2017, this rebrand reflects a keen desire to focus all attention, activities and energy on the core brand, as well as align the UK team’s identity with the global DPA organisation.
“With the official launch of DPA Microphones UK, we look forward to streamlined operations and presence throughout the region,” says Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, CEO, DPA Microphones. “This enhanced operational collaboration between the UK and our headquarters in Denmark better positions the brand to manage new and existing customer requests in this part of the world.”
The rebrand will also streamline internal processes and bring the UK operation more in line with other DPA territories in Europe. This includes shipping all orders directly from the production facility in Denmark, where all capsules are carefully hand-crafted on-site with the highest levels of accurac

cadac-cm-j50-rear-angle-whiteCadac creates two separate business units
Friday, 19 January 2024

Europe - In a strategic move to ‘redefine its presence in the professional audio industry’, Cadac is dividing into two distinct, independent business units, reflecting the current evolution of its product development activities; namely Cadac Consoles and Cadac Immersive.
Cadac Consoles will retain its focus on the development of advanced digital audio mixing systems, with product development, sales and brand management remaining firmly in the UK. The business is rebranding under a new logo and corporate identity, with a renewed product offering scheduled to be unveiled at ISE; along with an all-new website that will go live shortly before the show.
Cadac Consoles effectively paused commercial activity at the outset of the COVID emergency, retiring its previous CDC series product lines, but continuing the development work on a new-generation product line. The near three-year intensive R&D programme has brought to fruition a new Cadac Consoles flagship product line, the CM-Series, being debuted at ISE in Barcelona, on its booth in Hall 7 (J700).
The new CM-J50 96 input, 56 bus live mixing console and range of compact ‘intelligent’ remote stage racks, together with an all-new iPad app and offline editor, comprise the initial release phase of the CM-Series mix platform.
Commenting on the new product development, James Godbehear, director of marketing and business operations, Cadac Consoles states: “While we have kept a very low profile throughout the tumult of recent years, behind the cloak of silence we have been solely focused on

act-trioACT launches pro division with new hires
Friday, 19 January 2024

USA - Following its recent partnership with PK Sound, ACT Entertainment has set out to enhance its professional live sound division with the appointment of several new industry experts.
Included among them is Ralph Mastrangelo, who takes on the role of director of sales: live sound; as well as Richard ‘Rick’ Coleman, who will serve as outside sales representative: live sound and Joe Langholt, as product specialist: live sound. The new team members will be in attendance at the 2024 NAMM Show.
“We are thrilled to welcome these three experienced industry professionals,” says Ben Saltzman, CEO, ACT Entertainment. “Their experience in the live sound industry makes them all great additions to our team. We are eager for them to use their expertise and skills to contribute to ACT’s mission of helping our customers realise their creative vision.”
A New York native currently residing in Nashville, Ralph Mastrangelo has spent his entire life working in the live event industry. In addition to having previously been a business owner and company executive, Mastrangelo is a touring and live sound engineer and production manager who spent over 20 years with Clair Global.
A native of Columbus, Ohio, Rick Coleman joins the ACT team from Meyer Sound, where throughout his 24-year tenure, he consistently ranked among the company’s top sales managers in the U.S.
Finally, Denver-based Joe Langholt is a sound engineer who has spent the past 20 years working with top production companies while simultaneously filling his passport touring with m

robe-full-frontal-23235f1-7937-photo-by-marc-haegemanRobe goes Full Frontal in Amsterdam
Friday, 19 January 2024

The Netherlands - Full Frontal is a new dance piece by choreographer Juanjo Arqués billed as ‘a ballet about real people and actual feelings’ set to Weather One, a musical score by Michael Gordon. It was presented by the Dutch National Ballet and staged at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam. It explores the stresses and tensions of our fractured and often polarised society as it faces physical obstacles that swap - ironically - with psychological projections of challenging conditions.
Full Frontal was the final work in Four Temperaments, a performance featuring the work of four choreographers, and was lit by Yaron Abulafia who enlisted the help of 40 Robe Tetra2 moving LED battens and an automation system.
He blended the intense emotion and paradox of dance with the drama and structural discipline of installation art to produce a truly outstanding visual encounter that immersed and enthralled audiences and the artists.
The Tetra2s assisted Yaron in sculpting his daring and combative light show for the 21-minute Full Frontal performance, which was created in close collaboration with Juanjo, set and costume designer Tatyana van Walsum and dramaturg Fabienne Vegt.
Choreographer Juanjo underlined the relevance of lighting: “Yaron proposed a beautiful light sculpture made of moving beams that are floating in space. The idea of having such a monumental structure over the dancers’ heads allowed me to drill down deeper into emotions, build tension, and achieve infinite light options, empowering the ae

cuban-brothers-sNexo sound powers Boisdale Canary Wharf
Friday, 19 January 2024

UK - It’s been a busy holiday period at Boisdale Canary Wharf. A popular venue for drinking, dining and entertainment, an all-Nexo sound system covers the main live music area and the downstairs bar.
Drawing from Nexo Geo M6, P+, ID and ePS speaker ranges and with networked power and processing from a rack of 11 NXAMP4X2Mk2 powered controllers, the system was installed by Oxford-based Event Production Services.
“The Nexo system delivers high-quality sound with even audio distribution throughout the room” comments Boisdale had of sound Ido Tavori. “Despite the challenging acoustics of the space, the system ensures clear and consistent sound projection.”
Returning to Boisdale in March, the Cuban Brothers said after their last show at Boisdale, “The Nexo sound system tonight has been ‘fantastico’. To come here and perform is always a pleasure.”
Also due back in 2024, Shakatak said: “The brilliant new sound system by Nexo at Boisdale is fantastic. It makes so much difference to any band’s performance when the sound is as good as this.”
“The incorporation of this state-of-the-art Nexo technology has significantly enhanced the sound quality of the venue” says Boisdale head of music Kavitha Rao. “As a result, the stage at Boisdale has become a top choice in London for attending live music performances. This upgrade is a testament to Boisdale’s commitment to providing exceptional entertainment experiences for its patrons.”

klangKLANG on song for The Time Traveller’s Wife
Friday, 19 January 2024

UK - Based on Audrey Niffenegger's bestselling 2003 novel that captivated millions worldwide, a new musical adaptation of The Time Traveller's Wife love story recently premiered at London's Apollo Theatre, showcasing an original score by Joss Stone and Dave Stewart.
Sound designer Richard Brooker and associate sound designer Nick Lodge collaborated closely with the production crew - including Callum Donaldson, Isabel McIntosh, Andrew Williams and sound effects designer, Pete Malkin - to bring forth this show, which has been running since October.
The production also marks Brooker’s first proper use of the KLANG:technologies immersive in-ear monitor mixing system, supplied by Stage Sound Services, for the show’s band.
Brooker shares, “KLANG was an innovation we wanted to introduce into our shows.” After initial discussions with Phil Kamp from KLANG:technologies, who offered full support in transitioning from the team’s previous system, Brooker also had the opportunity to visit DiGiCo’s offices to meet with Dave Bigg, product specialist at DiGiCo, who provided Brooker with a further opportunity to delve deep into the system.
“You just have to adjust your thought process to understand how KLANG works,” Brooker says. “It's much more aligned with how our ears and brains process information on a day-to-day basis, rather than simply putting on a pair of headphones and working with stereo limitations. It’s about trying to make it feel as natural as if you weren’t wearing headphones or in-ears. It just blew my mind!”

prolightsProlights shine on Italia's Got Talent
Friday, 19 January 2024

Italy - The 13th edition of Italia's Got Talent was lit by Prolights products. Broadcastfor the first time in Europe on the Disney+ streaming platform, the series relied on AMG International s.r.l. for stage lighting.
The lighting setup, consisting of 113 Prolights fixtures, included SmartBat Plus, HaluPix, and VersaPar. This combination ensured an engaging visual effect, both for the studio audience and for viewers watching the show via streaming.
The production team expressed great satisfaction with the use of Prolights devices, particularly highlighting their versatility, speed, and ease of use as decisive factors for the success of the show's lighting. "For a dynamic and creative programme like Italia's Got Talent, these features of Prolights products played a fundamental role in ensuring flawless execution," the team stated.

mxw-next-2apxd2-mxw2x1xangleISE 2024: Shure extends Microflex platform
Friday, 19 January 2024

Spain - Shure has announced the launch of Microflex Wireless neXt 2 (MXW neXt 2), the latest addition to its Microflex ecosystem, expanding the original Microflex Wireless platform. Designed with a combination of advanced features, the new Microflex Wireless neXt 2 is a versatile, two-channel wireless system designed to offer ‘a cost-effective, intuitive, and all-in-one audio solution for diverse spaces and hybrid environments’.
“MXW neXt 2 is an ideal new solution for those seeking enhanced meeting equity and clear sound reinforcement in videoconferencing and hybrid presentations, both in classrooms and business spaces,” said Doug Daube, director of conferencing, global product management, at Shure. “AV/IT professionals in corporate and higher education environments now require more flexible solutions for teaching, conferencing spaces, and other hybrid scenarios. MXW neXt 2 will help address their current challenges by simplifying workflows and affordably delivering exceptional Microflex audio performance, all in a user-friendly and convenient form factor.”
Microflex Wireless neXt 2 features a combination of advanced DSP capabilities and comprehensive audio I/O connections, including USB, Dante networked audio, and analogue audio. It pairs mics at touch-of-button, taking just a matter of minutes to set up easily.
MXW neXt 2 offers a choice of three different redesigned wireless microphone form factors, each with an added LCD high-resolution matrix display for monitoring remaining battery life and connection quality. The MXW1X Bodypac

gimx4l-fronte-e-lato-1ISE 2024: KGEAR debuts sub and mixer
Friday, 19 January 2024

Spain - Part of the K-array brand ecosystem, KGEAR has released two new product launches in the run up to ISE 2024. The pro-audio manufacturer introduces the GU210 subwoofer and GMX4L mixer to its product family, two releases that once again showcase the ingenuity of K-array’s engineering.
The GU210 subwoofer is suitable for fixed installations, especially in environments where a discreet audio solution is required.
Enclosed within a stainless-steel cabinet and grille, the subwoofer boasts an IP rating of IP64, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor installations. The GU210 also comes in both a black and white finish, allowing it to slot seamlessly into any project design.
“The launch of the GU210 is significant because it fills a gap in our portfolio by providing a performance subwoofer with a versatile 10” form factor,” explains Lorenzo De Poi, brand manager at K-array and KGEAR. “This expands the pairing possibilities and opens up more opportunities for fixed installations.”
Launching alongside the premium subwoofer, the GMX4L mixer is an expansion of KGEAR’s GM44L matrix and provides a complete solution for commercial, corporate and hospitality applications. User-friendly controls and accessible advanced options also make the mixer ideal for a range of abilities.
The compact four-channel analogue mixer comes with four mic/line inputs, one auxiliary line input, two balanced/unbalanced outputs and an adjustable output limiter. Sound can be customised using individual input assignment and +48V Phantom power. The GMX4

54-edge-pro-and-65-edge-transparentISE 2024: LED Studio enhances sustainability
Friday, 19 January 2024

Spain - LED Studio is expanding its EDGE series with the launch of the 54” EDGE Pro and 65” EDGE at ISE. The single die-cast cabinets are designed as a direct replacement for popular videowall LCD panels, offering increased sustainability with up to 40% energy saving vs LCD, as well as simplified installation and operation to make large scale LED applications more accessible.
LED Studio is on a mission to eradicate throwaway culture with its proprietary V1 Architecture within its EDGE series. This cabinet infrastructure allows for the pixel technologies to evolve as technology progresses, with options for Flip Chip High Bright Common Cathode and traditional SMD and the latest addition to the pixel offerings Chip on Board (COB), says the company. During the upgrade, only 30% of the display undergoes replacement, preserving the remaining 70% in its original state. This approach reduces waste, enables accurate forecasts for future technology developments and maximises ROI.
The addition of a Common Cathode driven pixels further enhances the EDGE Series sustainability credentials, making the 54” EDGE Pro a smarter and more eco-friendly choice for top tier fine pitch LED display applications. LED Studio has ambitions to bring the benefits of COB to the 65” model later in 2024.
The 54” EDGE Pro represents a significant advancement in the EDGE Series, featuring the innovative COB MicroLED pixel technology. This new addition offers substantial energy-saving benefits compared to the conventional SMD pixel. Users will experience an impressive reducti

oria-artistic-3NAMM 2024: Audient unveils ‘all-in-one’ ORIA
Friday, 19 January 2024

UK - Audient has introduced ORIA, an all-in-one audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically for multi-speaker arrays ranging from stereo to 9.1.6 setups - and everything in between.
“As immersive audio continues to become more prevalent across music, film, TV, game and VR production, our goal was to design a purpose-driven and affordable solution for those wanting to work in the immersive space,” says Audient’s Andrew Allen.
“ORIA is designed to prioritise immersive audio workflows, giving you onboard room and speaker calibration DSP, true immersive monitoring control and professional audio performance, alongside intelligent integrations with Sonarworks and Dolby Atmos.”
ORIA provides 16 outputs via TRS or AES, two dedicated relayed switched stereo outputs, two independent headphone outputs, BNC Word Clock in and out, as well as two Audient Console Mic Preamps, 16 ADAT inputs and an optional 16 input AoIP Dante card, which is ideal for large studio complexes and education facilities.
Designed with a dual purpose, ORIA is not only a powerful USB-C audio interface with 16 outputs, but it can also integrate into your existing studio setup as a standalone monitor controller via its ADAT Inputs or the Optional Dante Card.
Working with multi-channel speaker arrays requires a perfectly calibrated room and ORIA’s Advanced Speaker Processing lets users create up to 32 custom onboard calibration Profiles (presets) for any monitoring format, by utilising per channel 8-band EQ, Speaker Delay, Trim and Bass Management t


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