knoebels-amusement-resort-1Community chosen for amusement resort
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

USA - Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, Pennsylvania has completed the first phase of upgrading its park-wide audio systems. Located in the bottom of an abundantly green valley formed by two converging streams that flow through the very heart of the park, Knoebels is America’s largest free-admission amusement park, with over 60 rides, award winning food, swimming in its 900,000 gallon Crystal Pool, games, and gift shops. Visitors can also enjoy golf at Knoebels’ Three Ponds Golf Course.
Drew Kanaskie, Knoebels’ audio technician, was in charge of the project from conception to implementation, with design assistance provided by Moyer Electronics of Pottsville, PA. Kanaskie explains: “The audio upgrade is planned for completion over several years of off-season projects. The first phase of the upgrade was to replace our aging 70-volt system, with a new system that has more comprehensive coverage and which provided an open platform that we can continue to expand.
“The 45-acre park began back in 1926 and has grown steadily ever since. Finding a way to reach thousands of park visitors today is a different puzzle to solve than it was just 10 years ago. Our goal is to be heard clearly, everywhere.”
After much research, followed by on-site evaluation, Kanaskie settled on Community’s E Series column-format line source and point source loudspeaker systems. “We are able to create a canvas of sound using the advantage of E Series’ wide angle of coverage,” says Kanaskie. “In the environment of an amusement park there is ambient sound co

targetsoundchoosesoutlineTarget Sound invests in Outline systems
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Poland - Audio rental operation Target Sound has expanded its inventory with a major investment in Outline products, including GTO, C-12, Mantas 28, Superfly, X8 amplifiers and the Newton FPGA processor.
Based in the southern Polish city of Chorzów, Target Sound is one of Poland’s largest full-service production companies, providing lighting, staging, multimedia and audio for a variety of events including conferences, live music, festivals and TV.
The company is also an L-Acoustics K1 partner and owns a complete inventory of L-Acoustics products.
Target Sound’s owner Adam Guzdek describes his reasons for adding Outline: “We chose to make a large investment in Outline products for several reasons. Their systems are characterised by incredible precision in reproducing sound, with unprecedented SPL - the musicality of each of their products is overwhelming, as we discovered when GTO was presented to us last year. In the mixes of bands that performed, even with very densely arranged songs, there was a place for every detail and every single note.
“The transparency of sound offered by Outline systems puts them among the best audio systems available today, systems that will handle everything from symphonic music to heavy metal and all of them will sound amazing. That's why we decided to become a GTO rental network partner and to acquire all the major Outline line array systems.
“We are an L-Acoustics K1 partner but we want to expand our business to cover more of the European market, providing audio production services at the highest

apollo-50-left-images-copyright-frank-ganeProlights lands with Apollo 50
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

UK - Lighting designer Matt Tyler used Prolights LED fixtures to provide lighting for space-age performances by Orbital, Public Service Broadcasting and The Radiophonic Workshop at Apollo 50, a one-off event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.
Tyler utilised his own stock of Prolights Luma 700s, Diamond 19s and StudioCOB FC PARs to create the dynamic looks. “I needed to use quality fixtures that could truly do justice to this iconic event,” he explains.
Millstone Sound provided lighting and sound production, whilst Tyler purchased the Prolights fixtures from exclusive UK distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies.
Held at Cornwall’s Goonhilly Earth Station to celebrate the technological accomplishment of the Arthur satellite dish, which in 1969 beamed the moon landing footage live to 200m people in Europe, the anniversary was marked with a day of music, science, art and culture.
For the evening’s triple-bill concert, Tyler drew upon the technological advancements of Prolights’ LED fixtures to deliver spectacular lighting to bring the artists’ space-age themes and sampled astronaut voice recordings to life.
(Jim Evans)

ventsoVentso Productions adds DiGiCo S21
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

South Africa - Puleng Maponyane, the director of Ventso Productions, has recently purchased a DiGiCo S21 and D Rack from DWR Distribution.
The purchase was followed up with one-on-one training presented by Kyle Robson from DWR. “The training not only strengthened my knowledge, but Kyle showed me some advanced options that have really solidified my investment in the console,” says Maponyane. “I have admired Kyle’s work for many years now and having him teach me some of the more specialised actions has been really cool, he really knows his stuff.”
“Puleng’s work ethic and attitude is amazing,” adds Robson. “He is a talented young man and came in wanting to know more. The S21 is a perfect match for Ventso Productions, and with this kind of passion, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”
(Jim Evans)

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Cultural Affairs - Nicky Morgan has been appointed culture secretary by new prime minister, Boris Johnson. She replaces Jeremy Wright in the role, which he had held since July 2018. Morgan, who is MP for Loughborough, said her appointment to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport was “an enormous privilege” and described it as a “fabulous role”.
She said: “DCMS’s dynamic and much-loved sectors are at the heart of what makes the UK a great place to live, work and do business. They are our global calling card, encouraging investment, driving innovation and making the UK a country people around the world want to visit. I will be working hard to make sure the future for our world-leading sectors is a bright one.”
Morgan campaigned to remain in the European Union before the 2016 referendum and is a staunch opponent of leaving the EU without a deal, claiming that a no-deal scenario would “severely impact on the economy, employers and the finances of households”. Her appointment comes just a day after a creative industries membership body wrote an open letter to Johnson, warning of the danger to the sector posed by a no-deal Brexit.
A former education secretary, Morgan came under fire from the arts sector in 2015 when she claimed that young people choosing to study creative subjects at school could “hold them back for the rest of their lives”, and argued that the subjects that “keep people’s options open and unlock doors to all sorts of careers are the STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths] subjects”.

maestra-scenic-london-launch-justin-hammond-l-and-mark-davies-rMaestra Scenic launched in London
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - Technical production company Maestra Group has launched a scenic division. Based at Maestra’s London HQ, Maestra Scenic will offer services including CNC, carpentry and joinery, fabrication and engineering, painting and finishing as well as integration of other technical detailing - such as lighting, video or audio - into scenic fabrication projects.
The new division will employ a team of 20 full-time staff, who will be led by director of production Mark Davies, former director of technical operations at the National Theatre and sales director at Stage One Creative Services.
Davies comments: “The goals for good scenic companies are about meeting and then exceeding client expectations in all aspects - quality and build, finishing, being on-budget and ease of installation. It is essential to have the right people and processes all working harmoniously and with a full understanding of each project’s individual requirements. At Maestra, we strive to achieve this every time.”
Joining Maestra Scenic as head of its construction department is Paul Evans, former NT head of construction. Another key appointment is Jon Chute as head of production. Chute was previously an account director for Stage One Creative Services and a senior production manager for Imagination.
Meanwhile, the Maestra Scenic facility is made up of a 9,000sq.ft fabrication area which will include CNC equipment for carpentry and metalwork, and a mezzanine area that will be utilised for CNC poly carving and other 3D modelling. An external spray booth will deal with all fi

comefromawayuks0299-credit-matthew-murphyd&b Soundscape makes West End debut
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - The Broadway hit Come From Away landed in London’s Phoenix Theatre this February. The heart-warming production focuses on the kindness and fortitude of the residents of Gander, Newfoundland; a small Canadian town that welcomed 38 planes full of passengers in the wake of the Federal Aviation Administration closing American airspace on 9/11.
The production also marked the first d&b Soundscape show in London’s West End. An auspicious debut, the sound design provided by Gareth Owen, along with associate sound designer Russell Godwin and production sound engineer Andy Green won Best Sound Design at the 2019 Olivier Awards.
Using d&b Soundscape, Owen was able to overcome one of the major challenges of a show that features a 12-strong ensemble cast with actors playing multiple characters, often in the same scene: As he explains: “There are so many people delivering so many short lines very quickly that before we had Soundscape, the audience occasionally struggled to work out who is speaking.”
Prior to the London show, Come From Away director Christopher Ashley initially relied on lighting cues and movements from the actor to create the required focus. With the d&b software module En-Scene, up to 64 sound objects can be placed within a scenario so that what is heard aligns with what is seen.
”After doing the first run with Soundscape, the director said to me ‘This is a revelation. Suddenly I don’t need to worry about lighting or staging or what the cast are doing to know who is speaking. My ear is drawn

robe-smile-licht-en-geluid-utrechtAll smiles for Robe in Utrecht
Monday, 29 July 2019

The Netherlands - Smile Licht En Geluid Utrecht BV is a busy design and technical production company based in Utrecht.
The company has recently purchased 12 Robe VIVA CMYs and 32 LEDBeam 150s - to assist in the creative illumination of a wide range of events.
The company was founded in its present format by Remko Vossen in 1998. The name already existed, however Remko took it from a disco based operation to a full-blown professional production facility which has become very well known locally and across Benelux.
Smile supplies lighting, sound, AV, staging, and expertise to the events sector and has a reputation for imaginative flair and offering innovative technology and high standards of excellence. They have just moved into a large and spangly new warehouse and office space in Lage Weide, in the west of the city of Utrecht.
These were the first Robe moving lights Smile has bought for some time. With the changing needs and demands of events today, they needed to upgrade some of the kit and get some good, reliable, all-purpose LED moving lights onboard for their work - 70% of which is in the corporate world.
The LEDBeam 150s essentially replace old PAR 64 cans and bring a host more features and flexibility to the party. “We also needed a fixture to provide ambient lighting effects that could be focussed from the desk,” adds Guus Smorenburg, Smile’s first full time LD.
The first gig shortly after the fixtures were delivered by Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux, was the Choice Hotel Awards staged at the Kromhouthal in A

jeddahCT delivers for Jeddah World Festival
Monday, 29 July 2019

Saudi Arabia - The Jeddah World Festival Closing Ceremony was the first of its kind and saw acts such as Janet Jackson, Liam Payne, Future, Tyga, 50 Cent, Chris Brown and Steve Aoki perform. The ceremony marked the end of the 41-day festival, which comprised of a series of events to include performances from national and international artists.
The ceremony took place on 18 July in the vicinity of King Abdullah Sports Stadium, which gave festivalgoers a view of the stadium as a backdrop to the main stage.
The event was not only the largest music festival to have been held in Saudi Arabia, but it also marked ‘a milestone in KSA’s 2030 vision to expand the entertainment sector in the country’.
Creative Technology (CT) worked alongside client The Manual, technical director, John Adkins (World Class Events) and production designer, Mark Cunniffe to deliver all live video aspects of the sold-out event.
CT supplied 15 custom-mounted 4.8mm outdoor LED screens in the shape of diamonds at 4x4m each, two 4.8mm rolling DJ risers and 150 running meters of ROE LED strip which outlined the stage and catwalk.
The design was achieved through rotating the screens 45 degrees across the 90-meter structure.
Giorgio Devecchi, CT’s project manager, explains: “Mark Cunniffe’s creative design required an engineering safety approval before we could hang the LED panels 45 degrees along the scaffolding structure. Prior to delivering the project, we carried out pre-production testing of the large diamonds at CT headquarters in Dubai. During t

charlieravenBrit Row plays key role at Glastonbury
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - Britannia Row Productions continued a busy summer of festivals and tours with a packed roster at Glastonbury 2019.
The audio rental company supplied PA and control to the British festival’s Arcadia stage - this year named Pangea - and teamed up with US partner Clair Global to supply bespoke control and monitor packages for a host of major acts, including headliners The Cure.
Arcadia, through its Spider and Metamorphosis spectaculars, has earned a reputation for wildly creative, multi-sensory experiences. This year, Pangea - a towering crane structure loaded with dazzling projections, a plethora of pyrotechnics and vivid lighting designs - created a ‘blank canvas in the sky’.
The Arcadia team has worked with L-Acoustics for a number of years, and following a recommendation from the loudspeaker manufacturer, Britannia Row was appointed as the 2019 audio rental supplier.
Britannia Row’s Marc Soame explains: “The new stage is a real centrepiece and sets a great platform for future expansion of the show. Audio is a key component of any Arcadia show, and the production team are well versed in audio design and its considerations for being able to provide a high-quality experience for eager audiences.
“The Arcadia team is incredibly creative and forward-thinking, but also very practically minded. They’ve refined their approach over a number of years with the development of the previous stages and wanted to retain a similar approach for 2019 as it was a proven model.”
The main tower systems were inwards facing L-Acou

denzil-smith-and-jacques-pretorius-from-mggMGG invests in Claypaky Scenius Unicos
Monday, 29 July 2019

South Africa - Rental company MGG - the largest Claypaky stockist in South Africa - has purchased six Scenius Unicos from DWR Distribution.
“We initially received the Scenius Unicos as demo units and it was love at first light,” explains Denzil Smith from MGG. “In the end, they were never given back. The punch, brightness, versatility and fantastic gobo selection make it the first choice for events (budget dependent), and my personal favourite fixture.”
The Scenius Unico is able to perform in spot, beam or wash mode, and offers an assortment of solid colours. MGG’s lighting HOD, Jacques Pretorius, has test-driven the new workhorses and used them for front light and back light. What stands out for him is the full framing shutter, effective for applications like highlighting banners on stage as well as the renown Claypkay optical design.
“Claypaky is reliable and our crew is proud to be associated with the brand,” continues Smith. “MGG already own Alpha Profiles that are showcased on larger productions such as Afrikaans is Groot and EOH, the Sharpys are utilised on most day to day events, Mythos, A.leda B-EYE K10s and K20s.
“While the Scenios Unico may be the new kid on the block, the highly appealing fixture is a magnificent spot light and excellent wash light. But it’s the ability to generate a powerful narrow beam of super concentrated light makes it a formidable tool for lighting designers.”
(Jim Evans)

tarm25intelligentlightingdevicewebLaserworld releases intelligent tarm 2.5
Monday, 29 July 2019

Europe - The Laserworld Group has released the tarm 2.5 laser light systems, a new generation of Art-Net/DMX-controllable lasers that can create and store artwork straight onto the device.
The laser module in the tarm 2.5 has been improved by combining all laser sources in one white light module, which has professional mirror mounts allowing for precise module alignment with hex keys. Different laser software can be used to directly access the built-in DAC (digital-analogue-converter) via LAN for professional show control.
Meanwhile, mobile DJs or entertainers who cannot actively control the laser during performance can make use of the sound-to-light or the standalone operation mode, which - combined with the option to load custom graphics to the mainboard - makes the tarm 2.5 suitable for advertisement projections or use in architecture illumination.
The tarm 2.5 has an overall power of 2.7W RGB. Several modification options are available on request, including CT Scanner upgrades to maximum scanning performance.
“It has taken some time for lasers to become versatile, intelligent systems,” explains Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group. “The technical circumstances didn’t allow for developments like this in the past, but these challenges have been faced and the result are lasers that can easily be used as conventional intelligent lighting systems.”
(Jim Evans)

magpie-juniorsUnusual sponsors charity summer school
Monday, 29 July 2019

UK - A week-long summer school run by the charity Magpie Dance at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley has provided the opportunity for children and young people with learning disabilities to develop their creative dance skills, thanks to a donation from Unusual Rigging.
Magpie Dance was founded in 1985 by Avril Hitman BEM as a way of including, rather than excluding people because of their disability. Since its inception, the group has grown from 45-minute sessions once a week to 13 sessions per week plus outreach workshops, enabling over 300 people to access regular dance activity sessions each year.
Alan Jacobi, managing director of Unusual Rigging, comments: “We are delighted to have sponsored Magpie Dance’s summer school this year, to give children and young people the opportunity to access an activity which provides such enjoyment. Just as importantly, it helps build on important skills - communication, confidence building and improving self-esteem. The arts should be accessible to every group of society - regardless of age, social status or ability.”
Laura Graham, general manager of Magpie Dance, adds: “We want to encourage young people to realise that a learning disability should not be a barrier to personal and artistic success in dance. Our mission is to enable all our participants to reach their full potential through dance and to challenge other people’s perceptions of what people with learning disabilities can achieve.
“We rely on generous donations from our supporters to keep our much-needed programmes going and we are in

agb-events-halo-townsville-castle-hillAGB Events creates Townsville spectacular
Monday, 29 July 2019

Australia - After months of anticipation and secrecy, Halo - the light and sound experience designed specifically for Townsville, a coastal city in north eastern Queensland - has opened.
Created and produced by Sydney-based AGB Events, Halo transforms Castle Hill, the natural ‘halo’ that hovers above Townsville. Presented by the Townsville City Council, Halo runs in conjunction with the inaugural North Australian Festival of Arts, and has been made possible through the support of the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund.
“Townsville City Council wanted to create something highly memorable that would truly mesmerise and captivate the public’s imagination,” says Anthony Bastic, CEO and creative director of AGB Events. “We were thrilled and honoured to be asked to undertake such a prestigious and challenging project. We’re delighted with the results.”
Halo which runs from 19 July - 4 August between 6:00pm and 10:00pm - is the latest in a series of large scale multimedia shows produced by AGB Events. These have included Vivid Sydney Light Walk, Australia’s largest annual event; Parrtijma, a light festival in Alice Springs that took its inspiration from indigenous stories and culture, lighting up two kilometres of the MacDonnell Ranges, and the Lights of Christmas in Sydney and Brisbane.
Halo is a new event experience that showcases creativity in one of the most aesthetically compelling new art forms; light art,” continues Bastic. “Over the past decade, th

open-airNyíregyháza open air theatre adds Prolights
Monday, 29 July 2019

Hungary - The open-air theatre in Nyíregyháza recently upgraded their stage lighting capabilities with Prolights.
Located in the heart of the city of Nyíregyháza, the 1,000-seat theatre has been a key attraction in the area since 1955. Previously fitted with halogen fixtures, the renovation focussed on re-invigorating the space throughout and upgrading the technology to reduce running costs, increase energy efficiency and increase light output.
The new stage lighting system contains 20 Prolights Eclipse HD2 TU fixtures that were chosen for their brightness, even beam and clean shutter cuts, along with 20 Prolights full colour LED fixtures which provide a dramatically higher lumen level than their halogen predecessors. Both ellipsoidal fixtures were chosen for their versatility, broad functionality options and outstanding output levels and completed the reinvigoration of the space.
To complete the package, four Prolights Sunrise fixtures were installed; the theatre opted for the LED blinders as they could equal the brightness of traditional fixtures.
(Jim Evans)

bechtleesslingerzeitung1Yamaha in the news at Eßlinger Zeitung
Monday, 29 July 2019

Germany - A Yamaha audio and control solution has been installed at the multi-purpose conference room of regional German newspaper Eßlinger Zeitung.
The paper publishes in print and online, as well as having an online television channel (ES-tv), YouTube and social media presence. Used for meetings, presentations, interviews, staff and media briefings, the new conference room needed a flexible, high-quality AV system, which could be easily controlled by any member of staff.
events creative GmbH - based in nearby Hochdorf and with over 25 years in the AV installation and live production business - was asked to design and install the system. Managing director Markus Zimmer specified a Yamaha solution based on the MTX3 matrix processor and the MCP1 advanced surface-mount control panel, because it could deliver flexible control as well as high quality sound.
With up to 36 parameters assignable to the MCP1’s home page and its six sub-pages, it has allowed the entire system - including the inputs and power to an Epson laser projector, as well as the audio system - to be controlled from the same panel.
The system also includes a pair of wall-mounted Yamaha VXS8 full-range loudspeakers and a floor-mounted VXS10S sub, all with white finish to blend with the room’s décor. They are powered by an XMV4280 multi-channel amplifier, with an SWR2100P-5G L2 network switch supplying PoE to the MCP1 control panel.
“Thanks to the GPI connectors on the MTX3, we could not only supply a system with great sound, but with very versatile control,” says Ma

alicanteDAS Audio returns to Paellas Festival Live
Monday, 29 July 2019

Spain - DAS Audio systems returned for the second year to the eighth edition of the Paellas Festival Live 2019 in Alicante. Located at the 200,000sq.m Rabasa Multispace facility near the university, the Paellas Festival offers uninterrupted live music, gastronomy and entertainment from 10am to 9pm to a 30,000-strong audience.
Oxigen Sonido e Iluminación was in charge of the installation of the systems in the venue. A main system of 28 Aero-40A was enhanced with 12 Aero-20A for out-fill, eight Aero-40A for front-fill, 24 Aero-40A for delay and 16 UX-221A subwoofers.
The audio challenges faced in this edition were different from last year´s since the festival has shifted from being a multi-stage event to focusing on a single stage. On this occasion, the objective was to achieve uniform coverage and high intelligibility all over the audience areas, as well as delivering pressure and sound quality throughout.
To ensure these requirements were met, the systems were adjusted and optimised with DASaim for controlled SPL and directivity. DASaim also allowed the design of FIR filters for each cabinet of the arrays enabling optimal control of the of the Aero-40A and Aero-20A systems. Additionally, the acoustic prediction software EASEFocus 3 and DASnet v1.70 was used to optimise the design with DASaim.
The producers of the event, Babalú, and rental company Oxigen, which provided the sound equipment, opted for DAS Audio systems to rock the festival. Jorge Henderson, Oxigen's technical director, comments: "We work with DAS Audio for all types of insta

marcoBrompton Technology backs Marco Borsato
Friday, 26 July 2019

The Netherlands - Dutch popstar, Marco Borsato, recently returned to Rotterdam’s De Kuip stadium for the first time in 15 years to host a five-date concert series featuring an ambitious lighting and video programme. The 50,000-capacity stadium was fitted with a massive 85 x 15m rear wall screen as the backdrop to Borsato’s band and featured an innovative display of lighting and augmented-reality (AR) video images.
Commissioned by Musica è and Mojo Concerts, Faber Audiovisuals supplied the LED screens, play-out, camera, and video facilities, with Visual Solutions and Malfmedia developing the AR and 3D video design, and disguise programming. Faber selected more than 1,000 square metres of ROE CB5 LED screens, four kilometres of ROE LED strips, and 21 cameras, with the strips managed by just seven Brompton Technology Tessera M2 LED processors.
“4000 strips is arguably the highest number ever deployed in one single show to date. With numbers this large, when you start doing the pre-production and planning the infrastructure, only one thing comes to mind: ‘How do we set up so that if a problem occurs, we can resolve it easily?” explains Joel Schilder, project manager at Faber.
“With Brompton processors, you have the ability to use layers and groups, enabling us to separate large parts of the set into smaller blocks or even string level. This made it very convenient for us to keep a clear overview of what was going on during the show, because you can turn layers on or off and focus on what you’re working on.”
One of the biggest cha

claypakyteatroabc2Teatro ABC de Bogota adds Claypaky Axcor
Friday, 26 July 2019

Columbia - Teatro ABC de Bogota has added Claypaky Axcor Spot and Beam 300 fixtures to its rig to light musical and theatrical performances. Audio Concept de Colombia, S.A., Claypaky’s exclusive distributor in the region, advised on the purchase and provided technical support and service following the installation.
Teatro ABC opened in 2016 in northern Bogota as a multi-faceted cultural space; an extensive remodel in 2018 extended seating to almost 1,000 people and upgraded the technology deployed for a wide range of productions.
Lighting designer Dario Rodriguez, whose credits include working with Madonna, Metallica, U2’s 360 Tour and Cirque du Soleil, believed that Claypaky fixtures would optimise the flexible lighting design the venue requires.
“We went for a brand that could give us local support and new technology,” he says. “Claypaky’s Axcor line delivers colour temperature correction elements, CMY, gobos and textures, which help us with our theatre work.”
Since the Axcor Spot and Beam 300s were installed they have been used non-stop for an array of performances that enable Rodriguez’s team to explore the fixtures’ potential.
“The lights have been working perfectly, we have no complaints,” Rodriguez says. “Each day we find more and more options we can employ since the concerts and plays we do have such different lighting demands. The Claypaky fixtures work effortlessly. They’ve made a difference to our staging and the final result seen by the audience.”
Teatro ABC de Botoga director Said Martinez,

masque-soundMasque launches production services division
Friday, 26 July 2019

USA - Theatrical sound reinforcement and installation company Masque Sound has announced the launch of its Production Services division (MPS). The newly created division provides equipment rentals and production services for live and recorded events for clients outside of Masque Sound’s Broadway theatre productions business. MPS serves shorter term events such as concerts, TV shows, corporate presentations, galas and a range of special events.
The idea of creating MPS began when Masque Sounds’ Matt Dale and AJ Nittoli were providing production services and equipment for a Meyer Sound demonstration in South Carolina. In between system tunings, the duo discussed the possibility of Masque Sound providing services like these as a separate business entity. The concept took off from there, and it is becoming a major growth area for the company.
Masque’s Production Services division differs from Masque Sound’s core business as a custom rental package provider by offering system design, shop prep, show labor services, audio system maintenance and custom electronics work. With a network of technicians that work in all departments, MPS can provide full service (A/V/L), if requested.
“We are excited to announce the launch of our new division,” says Dale, professional services division manager, Masque Sound. “Masque Sound has a deep knowledge base and equipment pool. Leveraging these resources seemed logical to grow the business. The new division allows our in-house talent to exercise their abilities within the Masque Sound brand while utilising

toce-fallsElation Paladin lights alpine waterfall
Friday, 26 July 2019

Italy - The harmonising elements of light and water came magically together at Toce Falls by Lake Maggiore in the Alps of northern Italy (Cascata del Toce) during an evocative light and music show designed by Pierre Gèlil. For a special event held 28-29 June, the designer turned to colour-changing Elation Paladin lighting effects to visually paint one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region.
Gèlil, who also works as director of Teatro Maggiore in Verbania, was looking for a suitable product to illuminate the breathtaking but complex location. Seeking a watertight fixture that could put up with mist from the Falls as well as weather extremes, Elation’s Italian partner, Audio Effetti, proposed the Paladin, a versatile multi-functional LED wash light with high luminosity, chromatic performance and IP65 housing.
Sealed against water or dust ingress, the Paladin, with 24x 40W RGBW LEDs and six to 32-degree zoom, can flexibly adapt its beam to all surfaces and is particularly suited to illuminating objects located at very long distances. Gèlil used 10 fixtures mounted at various positions to illuminate the 143m drop of the waterfall, which spreads out at the bottom to a breadth of 60m. By synchronising the dynamic light show with music, the effect was especially moving and of great impact for those present. The event will be repeated on 20-21 September.
(Jim Evans)

municipalityNicosia Municipality Théâtre upgrades with Chauvet
Friday, 26 July 2019

Cyprus - The Corinthian columned façade of Cyprus’ largest theatre, the Municipality Théâtre in Nicosia, reflects the island’s theatrical heritage, but like a good play, the 1,000-seat venue holds surprises. Stepping inside the classical building, visitors will encounter an advanced and very modern theatrical lighting system made up entirely of 150 Chauvet Professional LED fixtures.
Nicosia-base V Hypersound & Light, installed the lighting and audio systems in the building, which re-opened on 18 June after being closed for more than a decade. “This was a very big re-modelling project, the biggest one ever relating to theatre in our market,” said the company’s Kypros Shekkeri. “Regarding the theatrical lighting, the theatre management wanted to have an all-LED system in the building.
“We won the project by offering a complete solution of compact and cost-efficient LED Chauvet Professional fixtures,” continued Shekkeri. “However, these lights were more than just affordable, they also offered the performance, versatility and output that were needed to handle the many different types of shows that take place here.”
The new lighting system includes 10 Ovation E-160WW and 10 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidals as well as four Rogue R2 Wash and four Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures on the first bridge. Hung from the second bridge are 10 Ovation E-160WW and 10 Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal units.
A collection of six Ovation E-260WW and eight Ovation E-910FC as well as four Rogue R2 Wash fixtures are also positioned on motorised counter w

club-stagePioneer Pro plays Stavernfestivalen Club Stage
Friday, 26 July 2019

Norway - Stavernfestivalen is a summer music festival that takes place in Stavern. It began on the town’s southern shoreline in 2001 as a one night, four band event with an audience of less than 200 and has subsequently grown over the years into a major three-day gathering, featuring an international line-up and attracting more than 30,000 people.
The 2019 line-up incorporated a wide range of music styles and featured leading international acts such as Swedish House Mafia, Travis Scott, Bastille and G-Eazy.
Oslo-based rental company G Production was engaged by the organisers to supply audio for the festival’s Club Stage as well as the VIP Stage and elected to deploy their new Pioneer Pro Audio XY-3B system, recently acquired from lNorwegian distributor First Audio.
John Moss of G Production added the system to his company’s inventory having been impressed with its flexibility and capacity to deliver power and detail in equal measure. Having tested the system at an earlier smaller-scale electronic music event, Moss was confident that the XY-3B would prove more than equal to this much bigger task. On hearing the system fully wound up at Stavenfestivalen, his expectations were confirmed.
“My immediate reaction was that it gave me a good ‘club’ feeling and really spoke to the purpose it was made for. It communicated exactly the vibe that you would want for a Club Stage. When we tested the system on a smaller gig just before Stavernfestivalen, what I loved about it was the fatness - that real thick, nice full club sound. I loved the wa

summerburstGLP KNVs hit Gothenburg’s Summerburst
Friday, 26 July 2019

Sweden - Summerburst is the biggest EDM festival in Sweden. The inaugural event was held in Stockholm back in 2011, and by the following year had also opened its doors in Gothenburg. Since then it has remained a two-city festival, both with a capacity of around 25,000.
Daniel Hellsten has worked closely with Summerburst since its inception, as production manager and designer. At the recent event at Gothenburg’s Ullevi Stadion he introduced GLP’s KNV Cubes for the first time as 25,000 came to see international DJs such as Tiësto, Alesso, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tigerlily, Salvatore Ganacci and many others.
He positioned 24 of the KNV Cubes in the arc roof surrounding the DJ booth following a design conceived by himself and assistant designer, Tobias Borén.
Explaining the rationale behind his design, Hellsten said, “They were placed in a central position and in such a way that gave the LDs the opportunity to use the KNV both as a blinder, a strobe and as eye candy effect, with its bright output.
“Daniel Löfgren was my main FOH lighting tech and programmer and he helped considerably, by making the KNV as useful as possible for the festival and visiting LD´s.”
Although the KNV Cubes took centre stage, they were far from the only GLP fixtures on view at Summerburst. In addition, 30 X4 Bar 10 battens and 44 JDC1 hybrid strobes also formed an essential part of the design, while 12 KNV Cube were positioned behind the artist on the smaller Garden Stage.
(Jim Evans)


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