alcons-audio-press-release-south-korean-cgv-cinema-embraces-the-advantage-of-alcons-01aSouth Korean CGV cinema embraces Alcons
Friday, 23 October 2020

South Korea - Located in the city of Paju, South Korea, CGV Paju Yadang is the latest movie theatre in South Korea opened by CJ CGV - the country’s largest multiplex cinema chain and the fifth largest in the world. Opened at the end of July 2020, it has five auditoriums, all with recliner chairs and Barco laser projectors.
The main auditorium features an Alcons pro-ribbon system, specified and supplied by specialist cinema company Yuyukorea Co, based in Seoul. It was installed by the company’s head engineer, Mr Kang.
“We helped the customer with A/B demonstrations of different systems,” he says. “They were very satisfied with the Alcons Audio demo, saying ‘We love the HF from the pro-ribbon tweeter and could definitely hear a cleaner sound than from other systems’. They made an instant decision after the demo to choose the Alcons system.”
The system comprises three CR4 (three RBN401 4” HF, 2x 6.5” MF, two 15” LF) large-format screen systems for the main left, centre, right channels, with two CB362 (2x 18”) high-output full-size subwoofer systems and 18 CRS8 (1x RBN401 4” HF, 1x 8” LF) medium-format reference surround. The system is powered and controlled by two Sentinel3 and two Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.
“It is very rare in South Korea that an independent movie theatre chain chooses high-end audio like an Alcons pro-ribbon system, but the customer is very happy,” says Mr Kang. “It is not only the quality they feel and hear from the system, but also the response of movie-goers.

epic-virtual-production-lab-2-david-levvyROE Visual in Epic’s London Innovation Lab
Friday, 23 October 2020

UK - Epic, the company behind Unreal Engine, has finalised the refurbishing of its London-based Innovation Lab, including a complete virtual production LED stage featuring ROE Visual LED products.
Epic Games, known for its video games, develops the Unreal Engine realtime 3D creation tool. This game engine not only powers their internally developed video games such as Fortnite and Infinity Blade series but is used to develop the virtual backgrounds and sets that made virtual production in film possible.
Since the technique of LED virtual production was explored and the first pioneering steps were taken, both Unreal engine and ROE Visual have been involved.
“ROE had already proven itself at the very cutting-edge and high end of LED virtual production with its pioneering use on Star Wars Mandalorian. It was important for us at Epic to give customers and our own teams a chance to get hands-on with this world-class tech in the heart of London. More importantly though is the amazing working relationship we have with ROE Visual, so together we can experiment, discover and shift the boundaries ever further”, states Ben Kidd, technical artist and project lead for the LED stage.
“With the new London studio we now have the availability to try and test new features on a screen the size which is normally used for mid-sized to smaller virtual production stages and studios as well.”
The full-operational virtual production space, using ROE Visual products for the LED wall and ceiling, will not only be used for testing, but

prolyteProlyte appoints All Creation distributor for Japan
Friday, 23 October 2020

Japan - Established in 1995, All Creation is a professional construction team that provides stage setup, LED assembly, lighting installation, TV, movie set assembly, and other event services.
The collaboration between All Creation and Prolyte dates back to 15 years ago. At that time, bolts were the mainstream for connecting truss flange surfaces, and work would not progress without an impact driver. “However, Prolyte truss is easy to be connected by a hammer, and I was surprised and interested in the overwhelmingly fast assembly speed without worrying about forgetting to tighten the bolts,” says Koichi Okajima, CEO of All Creation.
Back in the day, there was a concern about the lack of experienced engineers in Japan. Safety issues and personnel training were the most discussed topics in All Creation. More importantly, they are the present and future subjects to be taken care of. "Using Prolyte products, I realised that not only can these problems be solved, but also the construction time can be shortened. Partnering with Prolyte helps us reduce cost; the costs in all perspectives. This is one of the reasons I choose Prolyte.
“In addition, next to the outstanding product that drives this partnership, the biggest reason is the close communication between Eddie and all the staff in Prolyte. They answered all our questions and fulfilled our requests sincerely and patiently by conducting multiple meetings. I look forward to continuing to improve my knowledge of products and expand Prolyte’s market presence in Japan.”
Eddie Slotboom, proj

etc-fos4-fresnelETC adds fos/4 Fresnel to studio line
Friday, 23 October 2020

USA - ETC has announced the addition of the Fresnel to the fos/4 studio family. With the addition of LEDs, however, many Fresnels became more about the technology and less about light. ETC’s fos/4 Fresnel ‘takes the most desired features of an incandescent Fresnel and adds in the nuanced colour mixing, smooth fades, and LED technology of ETC’s other professional grade fixtures. With fos/4, you get a true Fresnel with an LED engine, not the other way around’.
The fos/4 Fresnel includes ‘all the features you’d expect from a standard Fresnel’. Adjust the 15°-50° zoom from either the front or the rear of the fixture. Use the accessory slot to add any number of beam-control accessories such as barn doors and soft boxes. The adjustable yoke enables easy balancing of the fixture after focus, and the homogenized optic gives you an impressively seamless beam of light. Remote control and contactless features of fos/4 include wireless communication using City Theatrical’s Multiverse technology and contactless programming using ETC’s Set Light app via NFC from a mobile device.
Like the fos/4 Panel, fos/4 Fresnels are available in two arrays - Lustr X8 for the full gamut of colour mixing, and Daylight HDR for the brightest whites. Both arrays include deep red LEDs for the most nuanced rendering of skin tones, fabrics, and scenery of any fixture on the market. The fos/4 Fresnel outputs up to 9700 lumens.
fos/4 Fresnel is currently available with a seven-inch aperture, with 10” and 5” variants scheduled to be available in the coming months

orbitalOrbital hits drive-in market with Car-Link
Friday, 23 October 2020

UK - Orbital Sound reports “an outstanding summer season” for its Car-Link wireless in-car speaker series, designed specifically to address the drive-in sector’s demand for a high quality, reliable solution. Car-Link was created to address the challenges of delivering consistently excellent in-car audio, overcoming the myriad issues associated with reproducing modern movie soundtracks and live music performances without compromise in the growing drive-in market, says Orbital.
MD Chris Headlam expands: “Car radios fitted to vehicles are all different. Some have big bass speakers, and others just tiny tweeters. None really sound very good, and none are designed for accurate sound reproduction. As a result, it is totally impossible to relay clear and fair sound equally to everybody via the vehicle manufacturers’ car installation. Add to this a raft of other issues - including car batteries going flat, radios auto-switching off after five minutes and obtaining an appropriate licence from OFCOM, and you face a long and tortuous list of negatives.
“We recognised that the industry was breaking a fundamental rule: the responsibility of safely delivering the sound to the paying public had been moved from the organiser to the audience itself. Our phone was ringing constantly for better solutions to this hazardous situation, and we knew we had to pick up the design gauntlet. So, the Car-Link concept was born - with the brief to build our own self powered, stereo, wireless in-car speaker with true clarity of sound, that would work reliably day-in day-out

ana-casillas2Ana Casillas celebrates with Chauvet
Friday, 23 October 2020

Mexico - At the start of 2020, Ana Casillas released Tú a tu vida y yo a la mía which roughly translates to ‘You To Your Life, Me To Mine’. It is an apt title for the Baja California born singer at this point in her career, as she sets out the path to interpret regional and traditional Mexican music in a bold new way.
Drawing on her Michoacan and Jaliscience roots, she has worked with renowned composers and executive producer Juan Páez, Casillas to create a sound that builds on traditional music that celebrates the majesty and beauty of Mexican culture.
Casillas’ new sound was on full display this summer when she recorded a video at the Morelos Theatre in Toluca. Reflecting her music with intensely dynamic and colourful looks was a lightshow that featured the Maverick MK3 Wash, Maverick MK 1 Hybrid, Maverick MK3 Profile, Maverick MK3 Spot and Rogue R3 Spot from Chauvet Professional.
The impressive stage of the theatre was dressed in colours to complement Casillas’ interpretations of Mexican music, which were supported by melodies from the Mariachi Selección Especial company. The theatre staff were particularly impressed by the power of the equipment of the Maverick MK3 Profile with its 820 W LED. This fixture’s adjustable CRI helped the design team achieve optimal lighting to match the tones of skin and colourful costumes.
With the intention of continuing the promotion of her new album and in honour of the national holidays that are celebrated in September, Ana Casillas later streamed a performance from the Chauvet Profess

sound-hqSound HQ Solutions opens Festival Studio
Friday, 23 October 2020

South Africa - Making a decision to swim rather than sink, Sound HQ Solutions along with production manager Sharif Baker, who is also the chairman of TPSA and spokesperson for #LightSAred, have survived the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa with fewer bumps and bruises than many other companies during this tough time.
They recently launched their new Festival Studio in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, a hybrid and virtual facility which includes outdoor stages, and are confident that they are able to pull off a variety of festivals and events for their niche gospel, jazz and music markets.
Alvin Bruinders, the owner of technical supply company Sound HQ Solutions, started working with Sharif Baker some 20 years ago on MY Joyous Celebration, a gospel powerhouse formed in 1996 to celebrate the political change in South Africa and the peaceful transition into democracy.
For the past eight years, the duo has worked closely together. When the Covid-19 lockdown was implemented in South Africa and many companies temporarily shut their doors, Alvin and Sharif jumped into survival mode and formed Vex Hygiene, a sanitising and fogging company. The unexpected success of this venture enabled Sound HQ to hold onto their staff, build a new storage facility and transform the existing warehouse into what is now known as the Festival Studio. They recently hosted a number of open days where clients were invited to pop in, on the hour, to view the new space, and needless to say, minds were spinning with endless ideas.
“We know, as South Africans and Africans that h

synergetic-studio1Synergetic studio features full Elation rig
Friday, 23 October 2020

USA - Production and rental houses across the entertainment technology industry have had to think creatively in order to continue to serve the industry and stay in business. One of the more successful has been Synergetic of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, which has converted a portion of their warehouse to a professional TV studio for live streaming complete with a full Elation Professional lighting system.
President and CEO at Synergetic, Jason Weldon, says that opening the studio has allowed them to pivot from their usual business of supplying entertainment technology gear for live events in the Mid-Atlantic region. “We’ve been able to offer customers the ability to hold a virtual event in a professional setting,” he says while acknowledging that the redirection to a live streaming and professional recording space has also been an economic lifesaver. “While we’re not 100% or anywhere close to it, it has allowed us to stay in business and offer something unique, easy and useful for our customer base.”
Last spring, it took the team at Synergetic a month to solve how they were going to make the pivot to a TV studio space and another few weeks to educate and train themselves on the setup. “It’s a TV studio so it’s a different ballgame compared to our usual touring setup,” Weldon states. “Once it got out and people saw what could be done, our customers got excited. We’ve been able to give them a nice solution at an affordable price to hold a professional online event and importantly we were able to keep some jobs and pay some bills.”

foo-fightersBrit Row remote mixing solution drives Foo Fighters
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Foo Fighters recently played the #SOSFest livestream with Brit Row providing the virtual remote mixing solution. Performing at West Hollywood’s Troubadour, the gig was streamed to fans on 18 October as part of a collective action weekend in support of independent US-based music venues.
A total of 35 artists - including Miley Cyrus, The Roots, Major Lazer and Leon Bridges - played in multiple venues in cities across the US and joined the Foo Fighters in raising awareness and funds to keep North America’s cherished independent concert venues from closing indefinitely.
Named #SOSFest, the three-day virtual music festival was created to support the Save Our Stages initiative and America’s National Independent Venues Association’s (NIVA) Emergency Relief Fund. NIVA’s YouTube hosted the festival, with individual sets also aired on artist channels.
Prior to the gig, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl told Forbes why raising awareness is vital: “The smaller music venues are the ones that are really struggling and are not only culturally important, they are emotionally important.”
The LA-based rock band’s production team had just five days to produce an unforgettable show for the cause. With the pressure on to deliver a clear message, the long-time clients of Britannia Row Productions were in capable hands when travel restrictions called for a creative approach to their traditional monitor set up.
Monitor engineer Ian Beverage - the band’s longest serving crew member - was unable to travel from his home in Canada t

shureShure debuts subminiature DuraPlex
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Europe - Shure has unveiled DuraPlex, the company’s new subminiature (5 mm) omnidirectional lavalier and headset microphone. Designed to stand up to the toughest conditions, DuraPlex boasts Shure’s first IP57 certification rating, keeping dirt, dust, water, and perspiration from upstaging the audio.
The minimalistic form factor features the same cable durability of TwinPlex – Shure’s premium line of lavalier and headset microphones. DuraPlex was developed ‘with input from esteemed audio professionals and supports the diverse needs of film and television, theatre, broadcast, and corporate presentations’.
DuraPlex consists of the DL4 Omnidirectional Waterproof Lavalier Microphone and the DH5 Omnidirectional Waterproof Headset Microphone.
“In developing DuraPlex, we wanted to provide a simple, consistent, reliable solution, ready to tackle any environment,” commented John Born, senior global product manager at Shure. “The neutral response, easy-to-use accessories and design, combined with best-in-class cable durability and waterproof element, quickly make DuraPlex an outstanding leader at this price tier.”
DuraPlex comes complete with the accessories needed to support simplified usability: a carrying case, snap-fit and foam windscreens, single tie clip, and a presence cap are all included. DL4 also comes packaged with a sticky mount. The easy-to-conceal form factor and ultra-lightweight/easily mountable design allows for quick applications, costume changes, and discrete placement under wardrobe with no impact on sound quality.

romaniaLuxury hotels install Martin Audio Adorn
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Romania Two luxury hotels from an eventual complex of three have just been opened by Romanian-based Phoenicia Hotels Group in the popular coastal resort of Olimp / Mangalia.
Operating under the Phoenicia Blue View brand, the first two - Belvedere and Panoramic - which will flank the Amfiteatru Hotel when it opens next year, have been equipped with Martin Audio’s Adorn loudspeaker series.
These were supplied by Martin Audio’s long-term partner, Paradigma Teknik, who were awarded the contract.
Traditionally a popular tourist destination, the hotels had been closed for more than 20 years and became derelict until the Phoenicia Group purchased and rebuilt the original structures, investing €35m (a figure that is expected to rise to €50m by the end of 2021).
Paradigma have called on the powerful Adorn A55T several times on projects since its launch early last year, and along with the A40T these have been perfect for the outside terraced areas, installing over 50 of the two transformer based products, finished in white. They have been weatherised courtesy of Martin Audio’s AIPKIT weatherised cover, which upgrades these speakers to IP44 rating.
Explaining the layout, Paradigma project designer, Marius Craiu, said that all three hotels were designed to create an overall amphitheatre, which will be completed with the arrival of the Amfiteatru Hotel. While this is being built over six levels the two on either side occupy three levels only, with a total room capacity of 769. “When the complex was originally built, it was considered an a

viennaGLP supports Vienna’s Summer Night Concert
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Austria - With this year’s Summer Night Concert, an event that has been taking place since 2004, the Vienna Philharmonic wanted to send a signal of hope in the year of coronavirus. As a result, the concert went ahead - albeit with a small number of spectators on site - as a live broadcast event on the TV channels ORF2 and 3SAT.
The concert production itself, under the direction of Valery Gergiev, and featuring soloist Jonas Kaufmann, had to be optimised for television broadcasting. With highly experienced DoP Jerry Appelt at the helm, the production was able to fall back on a proven concept.
“The Summer Night Concert had already been broadcast on TV in previous years, so we didn't have to reinvent the wheel in terms of TV-compatible lighting,” stated Appelt.
For the important white light, he opted once again for the GLP impression S350 and S350 Wash. “The S350s are really an excellent solution when it comes to lighting specific situations,” said the designer. “I've been using them continuously over a long period. Their extremely beautiful, camera-compatible white light is usually the best choice.” As in 2019, he again set the S350 to the keylight positions, while the S350 Wash in the lower stage area gently brightened the entire stage scene.
Oliver Schwendke, key account manager at GLP, confirms that there is currently increasing demand for the impression S350, especially in the TV sector. “The feedback from this sector has been excellent and we are pleased to announce that the models are currently in active deman

comboGenelec provides the music for Combo hostels
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Combo’s modern approach to hostelling has materialised into an ambitious architectural and urban redevelopment project that has already opened its doors in Venice, Milan and Turin and is scheduled to extend to other Italian cities very soon. Here, travellers are greeted by airy common spaces, a trendy bar and eatery, and relaxed workspaces with several dedicated event, exposition and meeting spaces. There is also music throughout most of the common areas, thanks to a Genelec sound system.
Far more than the hostels of old, Combo bills itself as a cultural hub for citizens of the world, combining hospitality with music. The hostels in Turin and Milan boast their own radio booths, which broadcast full time in the hostels and online, and all sites offer rooms equipped with AV technology to host talks, screenings, live sets, listening sessions, art workshops and more. The AV systems across all three sites were conceived by Italian AV specialists Advicted and supplied by local Genelec AV distributor Prase Engineering.
Combo’s reception, restaurant, bar and public areas all boast a Genelec sound system based on the ubiquitous 4000 Series installation loudspeakers. These active loudspeakers were specifically requested by Advicted founder Salvatore Brigaglia for their combination of clean Nordic design and characteristic crystal-clear sound, and welcomed by architect Ole Sondresen. Dozens of 4030 and 4040 loudspeakers were chosen in black, whilst a number of smaller 4020s were selected in white.
"Genelec was an all-around quality choice,” says

das-audio-canopyDAS Audio at the Canopy by Hilton Downtown
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Spanning 14 floors and featuring dining options, a gym, more than 3,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, and a rooftop pool with a terrace bar, cabanas, and a fire pit, the Canopy by Hilton Downtown is a boutique lifestyle hotel in Tempe, AZ, USA.
To provide sound reproduction throughout the venue, management invested in the installation of a healthy assortment of loudspeaker systems drawn from catalogue of Valencia, Spain-based DAS Audio.
Skinny’ Greg Gilman, who is involved in a wide range of music and sound endeavours, including both work as a DJ and as an AV installation professional, was contracted to manage the Canopy’s sound system installation. Working in conjunction with Oakland Park, FL-based TM Sound, an AV design/build firm, the combined team deployed an assortment of DAS loudspeakers that drew from the company’s Quantum, Ovi, and WR Series catalogues.
“The hotel’s entrance is equipped with two black DAS Quantum Q-43-T loudspeakers and, due to installation limitations, we got creative and installed them facing the building so they reflect in the high-rise entryway,” Gilman reports. “Just past the front desk is the lobby, which also doubles as the first restaurant/bar. This space was fitted with ten white Ovi-12s, suspended 14ft above the concrete floors and 2ft from the ceiling, providing equal coverage for Alter Ego (the restaurant & bar) and Myrtle Corner (a lounge/waiting area) - without the undesired reflections from a nearby large room with glass garage doors.
“We also managed to hide four Q-10 subwoofers

eamotionChamSys makes magic for Fairgrounds’ laser show
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - The oldest, continuously operating motor race track in the USA has seen its share of historic moments since it opened in 1904. But on 18 September, the Fairgrounds Speedway gave lockdown-weary Nashvillians a chance to ride off into the future when it served as the site of Tempo Presented By Eamotion, a 60-minute drive-through experience that engaged the senses with an immersive array of sights and sounds.
Entering the track’s winding two-mile course, visitors were greeted by a dazzling mosaic of colourful images created by a sea of sparkling lights, along with over 2,000 video panels and 400ft wide projection mapped surfaces. Tying this panorama together was a matrix of laser light that seemed to envelop the entire course in its glow.
Dustin L Derry programmed and ran the laser show on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console. “This was an exciting project to be involved with,” said Derry, the owner of Stonewolf Studios. “Erik Anderson of Eamotion and Cour Designs, the creative force behind this project invited me to participate and I jumped at the chance to work with such a highly regarded team on something that has never been tried before, at least not on this scale. The future potential of this concept is incredible.”
Derry programmed the show “as I would any other laser project.” Putting his show on a 60-minute timecode loop, he had 825 unique laser lighting cues, which were triggered via a single timecode stack. (For some of the more complex sequences, he had some cues reference other smaller cue stacks.)

mercedes-benz-classic-centerElation KL Panel highlights classic cars
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Germany - The Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre in Fellbach is the official Mercedes-Benz showcase for classic cars and is a must-visit for any car enthusiast. It offers original parts, repairs, restoration and information for historical Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have been out of production for at least 15 years.
Mad Music Event Technology of Stuttgart was called on to upgrade a portion of the vehicle lighting at the Classic Centre and chose a large number of full-colour Elation Professional KL Panel LED softlights for the job.
The KL Panel creates soft white or full-colour washes of up to 24,000 lumens at a 100° half-beam angle. According to Mad Music CEO Mathias Bremgärtner, the decision to go with the KL Panel was because of the "very good options for colour temperature adjustment, the very good CRI value, the excellent homogeneous coverage and the exact colour rendering of the vehicle paint."

drive-thruADJ lights COVID-secure Nights of the Jack
Thursday, 22 October 2020

USA - Now into its third year, Nights of the Jack is a Halloween experience which sees the historic King Gillette Ranch in the Santa Monica mountains of Los Angeles filled with thousands of hand-carved jack-o’-lanterns. Arranged into themed displays, the pumpkins are further enhanced by colourful background lighting from ADJ IP65-rated LED wash fixtures as well as smoke and bubble effects from ADJ atmospheric generators.
Named after King C. Gillette, founder of the Gillette razor brand, who owned and developed the land in the 1920s, the King Gillette Ranch is a 588-acre site in the Calabasas region of Los Angeles that is now owned and operated by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.
Having successfully launched in 2018 and experienced considerable growth last year, Nights of the Jack 2020 was put in jeopardy – as with so many events – by Covid-19. In past years the attraction had a walkthrough format, with crowds of visitors strolling between the displays at their own pace. However, there was no way that would be allowed to happen in 2020. Fortunately, the organisers were able to pivot the attraction to provide visitors with a fun family activity that is also fully COVID-secure.
“For a long time we weren’t sure if Nights of the Jack was going to happen or not this year, because LA county is pretty locked down,” explains lighting designer, Michael Hoffman. “Then in July we did a site visit with the owners and creators of the show - Ben Biscotti, Bobby Rossi and Tony Shubert - and they came up with the idea of transitioni

prolightsProlights extends Asian reach with new distributor
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Singapore - Prolights has entered into a distribution agreement for Malaysia and Singapore, with Acoustic & Lighting Systems. The Asian company is a household name in distribution of professional sound, lighting and accessories solutions.
General manager, Eugene Yeo, comments: “We support customers in many sectors of the industry, and thrive to offer them the best solutions for their applications. We see Prolights as a manufacturer with a vast product catalogue, allowing to tailor our customer's needs to their offering. Their tech-savvy R&D and sales make our lives very easy - we can see they are product-oriented and very passionate about the products they release.”
“We wanted to reinforce our presence in Asia, and Acoustic & Lighting Systems are the result of our ambition,” says Paolo Albani, international sales manager for Prolights. “Eugene and his team are very knowledgeable and respected, with a wide customer network. We couldn't be more excited to have them as our distributors.”

backdroplondon20200902020disguise partners with ROE Visual for xR stages
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

UK - disguise has launched three Extended Reality (xR) stages in its London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong offices. The new stages provide a dedicated space for xR innovation and customer demonstrations, allowing disguise to present new workflows.
The stages are equipped with disguise’s xR solution and a proven complement of LED displays, cameras and camera tracking systems to ensure successful xR productions. For its London and LA stages, disguise has chosen long-term partner ROE Visual to deliver LED panels that bring high-quality visual effects to life on large display formats, creating immersive experiences for performers on stage and audiences at home.
“It’s a pleasure to have partnered with disguise on this fantastic project. We are pleased to be at the forefront of the ever-popular technique of virtual production and it’s great to have a fully functioning stage in the UK. I’m sure disguise and their team of experts will make a huge success of this growing technology,” comments David Morris, responsible for business development in the UK & Ireland for ROE Visual.
The London stage opened in August and marked its debut with a visit from creative studio dandelion + burdock. The space affords EMEA customers the chance to visit a permanent xR installation and gives disguise the ability to stream demos to clients around the globe.
“We felt very privileged to have been the first to come and play at the disguise London xR stage,” says Nils Porrmann, technical director at dandelion + burdock. “We were very cordially received,

claypakyldtalentcontest1Claypaky fixtures support LD Talent Club finale
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Germany - The LD Talent Club held its Warehouse Competition 2020 contest finale in September at the historic Zeche Zollern in Dortmund, where Claypaky fixtures were among more than 500 lighting instruments featured in show projects and on site illuminating architecture and landscapes.
Eighty-eight young lighting designers from Germany participated in previous legs of the competition, which afforded them a platform to showcase their skills. Just nine were invited to the finale where, using the same complement of lighting fixtures, they created live, time code shows to selected music tracks. A panel of senior LDs and online voters named Jakob Link the winner.
The event was live streamed by online event magazine Mothergrid and hosted by well-known German personalities. The result was a production very much like popular music talent shows The X Factor and The Voice.
Leading German LDs and lighting operators attended marking the show as an event of note for industry decision-makers. Dortmund-based NicLen Prime Dry Hire Services and well-known LD Flo Erdmann used more than 500 lighting fixtures to create setups in the impressive warehouse location of the historic Zeche Zollern colliery.
“We very much appreciate the support given to this event by the teams from Claypaky and VisionTWO, Claypaky’s German distributor,” says Joerg Stoppler, with NicLen.
“We are so proud of The LD Talent Club contest, which was a very high-pressure event to put together,” adds NicLen’s Nico Valasik. “We were grateful for the prese

ezgif-4-ad9eea7662d9Vectorworks Design Scholarship opens 1 December
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

USA - Continuing its commitment to cultivate future generations of designers, global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks will open submissions for its fifth Vectorworks Design Scholarship on 1 December.
The scholarship programme invites undergraduate and graduate students in major disciplines related to architecture, landscape architecture, landscape, entertainment and interior design to submit either new or old projects.
“Last year, we received over 1,600 submissions worldwide and we’re looking forward to getting even more submissions this year,” said marketing programmes director Alice Lowy. “The Vectorworks Design Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for students to take the next step in their professional development by submitting to win scholarship prizes while showing off their creative designs.”
Students will be able to submit their best work for a chance to win up to $10,000 and gain professional recognition. Winners will also acquire free Vectorworks design software for their school’s lab and free virtual workshop training.
Those who wish to enter can visit to learn more and to sign up via email to be notified when entries open.
Additionally, students can visit the academic portal to receive a free educational copy of Vectorworks Designer and check out the inspiration gallery of last year’s winners to help get started.

woosabiGdańsk restaurant relies on Mezzo backbone
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Poland - Overlooking the waters of the Motława river, Woosabi is Gdańsk, Poland’s latest high-end restaurant, with Asian-inspired food and drink and some of the best music and atmosphere the bustling city has to offer.
No expense was spared during Woosabi’s creation, with great consideration being given to the venue’s prospective audio system and the way it can affect diners’ experience.
Although the restaurant’s owners - Jocki Koeffler and Diana Sadłowska - had no prior relationship with local sound company, Offstage, they quickly identified the company as being the ideal partner for this particular installation.
Offstage’s Przemysław Waszkiewicz said: “I showed them around Gdańsk so they could hear some of our other installations with their own ears. They were more than happy with what they heard, so we then went on to discuss their specific needs.”
He continued: “The customer was quite certain about what kind of system they wanted. One of the main goals was a strong low end, but they wanted to make sure that the bass wouldn’t spill to the upper floors of the building.”
The look of cabinets was important as well, as Waszkiewicz explained: “Instead of using black or white cabinets straight off the shelf, we decided to build them from the scratch and put the Woosabi logo on them, together with their slogan, ‘good sound, good vibes’, on the other side.”
The four main speakers installed in Woosabi contained a forward-facing 10-inch coaxial driver and a backward-facing 6.5-inch driver, which created

jblirxfamilyproductphotoirx115sirx108btirx112btJBL Pro debuts IRX115S powered subwoofer
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer.
The JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer, the newest member of the JBL IRX Series, draws from JBL’s top professional touring technologies and offers 128 dB of low-frequency coverage in a rugged, compact cabinet weighing just 65.3 pounds.
“With our IRX Series, we’ve drawn from 70 years of JBL innovation to design a portable PA that’s lightweight, powerful and doesn’t take a lot of work to sound great,” says Craig Lambrecht, director, portable PAs, Harman Professional Solutions. “JBL IRX Series loudspeakers already deliver stunning sound in an incredibly compact footprint. By adding the IRX115S subwoofer, users can enhance their systems with room-shaking bass, without breaking anyone’s budget - or back.”
Inside, a 15” woofer with 3” voice coil produces powerful bass coverage from 35Hz to 147Hz (-10dB); a high-efficiency, 1,300-watt amplifier protects components while ensuring top-level acoustic performance. Selectable 80Hz, 100Hz and 120Hz crossover points smooth out system response, especially when used with JBL IRX Series loudspeakers; a tuned port optimises response and reduces woofer noise.
Simple, intuitive settings adjust crossover and polarity to optimise system response in any space.
A durable MDF enclosure features a tight-gauge, reinforced honeycomb grille that offers rugged protection without compromising acoustic performance. A built-in pole mount expands system configuration options. Transport is easy, thanks to thoughtfully

tori-kellyChauvet lights Tori Kelly’s Late Show set
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

USA - Cut off from her normal routine by the lockdown, the multi-Grammy winning artist Torri Kelly retreated to her home studio to embark on a musical journey of self-reflection and discovery. The result is her aptly named EP Solitude.
When Kelly appeared ‘virtually’ on The Late Show with James Corden late this summer to support its release, lighting designer Julien Reux deployed 18 Chauvet Professional STRIKE 1 fixtures supplied by PRG.
“I wanted to give off an angelic aura to the performance,” said Reux, owner of ReuxLight Design. “The warm white glow from the STRIKE fixtures was critical to conveying this mood.”
Kelly’s performance was videoed at The Beehive Studios in Los Angeles and livestreamed to Corden’s set at the CBS network facility. Arranged in a 22ft semi-circle behind the guitar-toting star, the STRIKE 1 fixtures created a transcendent effect that translated well on camera.
“I was careful to make sure that the lighting did not overpower what the cameras were trying to capture,” said Reux. “It was important to maintain a balance of what I wanted to achieve in the design while keeping in mind the needs of the video crew. Vinnie Ferra directed the whole shoot with a stellar camera team of Michael Newman, Alexander Federic, and Alex Hall. It was all videoed with Sony A7S bodies to capture the magic.”
“Creatively, this was a rewarding project to be involved in,” said Reux. “I’m grateful to Wesley Switzer for recommending me to Tori’s team.”


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