bromptonSynapse creates VP projects with Brompton
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

USA - Based in Los Angeles, Synapse Virtual Production is an immersive entertainment collective composed of industry-leading creatives and technicians across film and television, advertising, music videos, live events, broadcast, esports, and more. Blending their artistic instincts and technical expertise, the Synapse team specialises in virtual production with a creative-first approach, using their hard-won knowledge so that clients can have true creative freedom on set.
From the company’s inception, Synapse has relied on Brompton Technology’s LED video processors to help facilitate their virtual production projects. Synapse’s chief technology officer, Geoff Knight, explained: “Coming from a background in live events, I’ve been very familiar with Brompton for years, and know first-hand how excellent and reliable their processors are. Virtual production is so exciting right now because the talent pool is converging from all these different areas, and there’s a robust shared knowledge base for Brompton that we can utilise.”
The Synapse team constructed a temporary pop-up LED volume in early 2023 for hands-on R&D and production work while planning and building out their permanent facility, set to open this October at Los Angeles Centre Studios. The pop-up space utilised nine Brompton Tessera SX40 processors, powering the 60ft wide LED volume at 4K and 60 frames per second.
One of the most enlightening projects that Synapse worked on during this time was the music video for Jackson Wang’s Cruel, directed by Synapse’s chief

thepiecehallimg1L-Acoustics elevates audio at the Piece Hall
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

UK - The Piece Hall in Yorkshire has stood as a symbol of the region's rich history since its construction in 1779. As a hub for trading 'pieces' of woven woollen fabric, this architectural marvel has seamlessly blended commerce and culture from its inception.
Today, it continues to inspire and engage, hosting an array of site-specific performances, and contemporary music concerts as part of their Live at The Piece Hall summer season of gigs, featuring artists such as The Lumineers, Limp Bizkit, UB40 ft. Ali Campbell, The Charlatans, and Johnny Marr.
With its stately layout and 5,500-person capacity, The Piece Hall presents acoustic challenges, including a stage that is positioned in the corner, an open courtyard and VIP balconies. The PA system had to deliver high-quality sound to an audience standing in compact spaces, while minimising spill behind the stage.
Hull-based L-Acoustic certified partner, HPSS shares a longstanding relationship with The Piece Hall team, built on a mutual commitment to creating high-quality sound experiences. HPSS have been working with The Piece Hall since 2017, as the Live at The Piece Hall events have grown in both popularity and ambition.
Tasked with designing a sound system for the Live at The Piece Hall series, HPSS worked to the venue’s brief that included a noise containment objective, since The Piece Hall is located in a town centre.
“For the 2023 events, there was a requirement for a sound system capable of delivering premium audio throughout the entire audience, whilst respecting the local s

orchestraADJ fixtures shine on Kerkrade's Markt show
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

The Netherlands - The Markt (town square) in Kerkrade - the home of ADJ Europe - recently witnessed a symphonic spectacle that blended music and light seamlessly, as The Maestro & the European Pop Orchestra hosted their annual open-air extravaganza.
Utilising more than 100 ADJ lighting products, the event, aptly named The Maestro & the European Pop Orchestra Open Air Kerkrade 2023, captured the hearts of attendees with an enchanting performance that intertwined contemporary pop melodies with the richness of classical compositions.
Behind the scenes, XYMIO Event-techniek, founded in 1992 by Paul Pelen, orchestrated a technical marvel encompassing lighting, LED screens, and audio.
Guido Dieteren, known as ‘The Maestro’, is a famous orchestra leader, violin soloist, arranger, and composer from Limburg in The Netherlands. His European Pop Orchestra performs a fusion of classical and pop music, delivering a sound spectrum that ranges from delicate harmonies to powerful crescendos. Accommodating these nuances necessitated fixtures capable of seamless transition between dynamic and subdued lighting. The complexity of the setup was compounded by the need for extensive equipment hanging from the roof of the stage, which meant low weight fixtures were essential, compounded by the demand for exceptional colour fidelity, light output, and stability for TV recording.
"Lighting an open-air event of this scale posed unique challenges,” explains Paul Pelen, director of XYMIO. “The fusion of classical and pop genres demanded lighting versatili

robe-eyof-maribor-oc-2023-dsc5855-photo-by-tadej-moranoRobe lights Maribor EYOF ceremony
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

Slovenia - The European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) - the largest multi-sport event for young athletes aged 14 to 18 - came to Maribor, Slovenia’s second city this year.
Lighting designer Crt Birsa from design studio Blackout was asked to be part of a team creating a spectacular opening ceremony in Ljudski Vrt football stadium by show director Nejc Levstik, a project on which he worked closely with set designer Greta Godnič and nearly 200 Robe moving lights.
Crt and Greta are known for their design collaborations which always push the barriers of innovation and what is achievable. “I was extremely proud to be asked onboard,” commented Crt, “It is always interesting and exciting working with Greta and Nejc, and everyone involved wanted to deliver an outstanding show fitting to the occasion.”
Their biggest challenge was producing the show - complete with 165 performers and a flag parade containing 3600 athletes, broadcast live on Slovenian national television - within in a very short time and with multiple variables.
To ensure all lighting bases were covered, Crt included 10 Fortes, 70 Spiiders, 16 Pointes, 36 MegaPointes, 32 LEDBeam350s and 20 Tetra2s for the rig, which, together with other lights, were supplied by Ljubljana-based Event Lighting.
They started with the empty stadium space. It is the second largest stadium in Slovenia and some of the throw distances were well over 100m. “It might sound like stating the obvious,” said Crt, “but for a stadium show you need to make sure you can fill the space so you need l

av-company-copyrightcourtesy-av-company-3Durban’s AV Company invests in grandMA3
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

South Africa - Durban-based event production and rental specialist, AV Company, run by father and son combo of Craig and Keagan Browning, has invested in its first grandMA3 console with the purchase of a grandMA3 compact XT.
The company provides full turnkey solutions - lighting, audio, LED screens & video, staging, trussing, rigging and power - for a range of events, including fashion shows, awards presentations, brand activations, product launches all over KwaZulu-Natal and across South Africa.
The console, delivered by South African distributors DWR, is the second MA console in AV Company’s inventory, following a dot2 acquired in 2016.
As the company has grown and expanded, especially as events re-started so enthusiastically after the pandemic, “We simply needed a bigger console to handle larger and more complex shows that we do,” explained Keagan.
They looked at the options and decided that as a worldwide very popular industry benchmark for lighting and visual control, it made sense from that perspective to continue with MA, in addition to the dot2 having been a great workhorse over the last six years and still used extensively on the smaller gigs.
“MA Lighting is consistently on international riders, the brand has an excellent name, and in South Africa, DWR is not only the leading professional sales company, it’s also known for its outstanding service and support,” he further elucidated, concluding that all things considered, it was an obvious choice.
AV Company’s primary lighting designer / director Mbule

klangPaulus Choir relies on DiGiCo and KLANG
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

Germany - Paulus-Chormusical (The Choir Musical) by German church Evangeliums-Christen Gemeinde e.V is a project produced with only community resources for both its creative content and performance. With a limited budget, but challenging technical requirements, Markus Gorges of AV Support Nümbrecht, Germany, who acted as technical advisor and head of audio for the musical, recommended a combination of a DiGiCo S31+ and KLANG:vokal for the project’s monitoring requirements.
“In the end, 151 participants volunteered over two years to put together their own musical, in their free time, and that’s what makes this unique,” says Gorges. “In terms of numbers, 53 were choir singers, 11 musicians and 43 actors, and the rest did all the work around it.”
This was no small project. The show had to be performed five times in three different locations and, with the personnel, budget and transport costs kept as low as possible, Gorges chose a combination of an S31+ and KLANG:vokal to handle monitoring needs.
“The S31 has the advantage of many faders in combination with the Spill Set function, which gives quick access to multiple channels. In addition to the inputs for the band and the choir, there were also various external feeds and ambience mics, which is why in the end we decided to increase the input channel count with the software upgrade to S31+.”
Due to the budget constraints, wireless receivers were also used multiple times. “The challenge was to always equip the right person with the right microphone,” Gorges conti

virginiaMartin Audio WP reinforces Iron Blossom
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

USA - So successful was the inaugural Iron Blossom Festival, in Richmond VA, that the organisers have already confirmed that it will be repeated next year.
Contributing to this success was the sound quality provided across the two stages by Soundworks of Virginia, and featuring Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision optimised line arrays. This ensured a quality experience for headliners, Hozier, Noah Kahan, and Lord Huron - and the rest of the artists performing.
The Bon Secours Training Centre provided the venue for the festival, organised in a joint venture by Charlottesville's Starr Hill Presents, Virginia Beach's IMGoing and Richmond's Haymaker Productions.
Working in conjunction with Haymaker Productions owner, Tom Beals Soundworks chose Martin Audio’s large-format WPL for main stage and WPC for the second stage - run in two-box resolution from Martin Audio’s matched iKON multi-channel amplifiers. This design was perfected by the company’s Grant Howard and Bryan Hargrave in the belief that an event of this nature deserved the best system components available.
The exact deployment on main stage comprised 14 WPL elements per side, with 16 SXH218 subwoofers, in cardioid array, with four WPS front-fills and a pair of delay towers, each with eight WPC enclosures- flown at a trim height of 22ft, and each set at around 220ft from the stage. For the subsidiary stage they flew 12 of the smaller footprint WPC elements per side, with eight SXH218 in cardioid array, and four WPS as front-fills.
This provided even coverage for around 14,000

michael-huelskemper-vice-president-product-management-business-unit-lightingMichael Huelskemper joins ARRI
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

Europe - Michael Huelskemper has joined ARRI as vice president product management business unit lighting. In this role, he is responsible for further developing, improving, and broadening the product portfolio of the lighting division.
Huelskemper has more than 15 years of experience in the development and product management of LED luminaires and luminaire components in an international environment. He spent several years in management positions at global players such as OSRAM and Philips Lighting.
Dr. Matthias Erb, chairman of the ARRI executive board, says: “I am very pleased that Michael Huelskemper, a proven expert in the field of portfolio management for LED lighting products, has joined our ranks. With this important new addition to the team, we are driving forward the realignment of ARRI Lighting. I wish him a good start at ARRI and much success in his strategically important role.”
Michael Huelskemper adds: “It is a great honour and pleasure for me to continue the story of this iconic brand with exceptional lighting products together with the ARRI team. In the field of innovative, connected, and sustainable LED lighting, there is still a lot of development potential that we can leverage together with our customers.”

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 10 October 2023

In The Courts - Coldplay and their former manager have filed competing claims in London's High Court, with each party seeking millions of pounds from the other. Dave Holmes, who worked with the band from 2005 to 2022, sued them in August for £10m in unpaid commission. In a counter-claim, the group rejected his claim and said Holmes had allowed tour costs to spiral out of control, and demanded £14min damages.
The case could come to court if the parties do not settle. Holmes' original court case claimed that Coldplay owed him commission for two as-yet-unreleased albums. According to his lawyers, the band were paid an advance of £35m for their 10th album and £30m for their 11th and 12th albums.
Holmes maintains that he helped to organise recording sessions, clear samples and liaised with producer Max Martin before the band decided not to renew his contract last year. He is asking the High Court to declare that a contract covering the tenth and eleventh albums is valid, and to order payment.
For the band's previous two albums, Everyday Life (2019) and Music of the Spheres (2021), he says he was paid between 8% and 13% commission. When the case was filed, a representative for Coldplay said the claims would be "vigorously disputed" and, in a counter-claim filed on Friday, the band fired back.
Brighton Rocks - Two venues at Brighton Dome are to reopen for live performances after a six-year refurbishment. The Grade I and II-listed Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre will officially reopen from November. The £38m restoration incl

panou-new-elation-distributor-greeceElation partners with Panou for distribution in Greece
Monday, 9 October 2023

Greece - Elation Professional has announced expansion of its presence in Greece through an exclusive distribution partnership with Panou SA. The partnership, which took effect on 1 October 2023, marks a significant milestone in Elation Professional's commitment to delivering top-tier lighting products and services to the Greek market.
Panou SA, with roots dating back to its foundation in Athens in 1964, has long been a pioneer in the electronics and audio-visual technology industry. Over the decades, the company has experienced exponential growth and has established itself as a prominent player in the professional lighting market. Notably, Panou SA has evolved into one of Greece's premier companies for system integration.
The collaboration between Panou and Elation began in 2019 with Panou’s successful distribution of Obsidian Control Systems products. Building on this success, the new agreement cements Elation Professional as the exclusive lighting brand in Panou's portfolio, encompassing a wide range of products.
Vasilis Vlahos, sales director at Panou, comments: “The partnership with Elation was a natural progression following our successful collaboration with Obsidian lighting control solutions and Netron data distribution products. To seize this exciting opportunity, we are expanding our lighting and design team and are housing an extensive inventory of demo gear and stock to meet the growing demands of the rental market in Greece.”
Jonas Stenvinkel, international sales manager at Elation Professional, adds: "Panou is well-known in

q-sysVisual Productions joins Q-SYS programme
Monday, 9 October 2023

The Netherlands - Lighting controller manufacturer Visual Productions has announced it has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Programme. This programme enables software and hardware technology partners to create market-ready solutions that integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform.
As part of the programme, Visual Productions has worked closely with Q-SYS, who has fully vetted and endorsed the following plugin integration with a Q-SYS Ready badge (developed by Visual Productions and verified by Q-SYS).
The CueCore2 is a compact form-factor lighting controller for semi-permanent installations and architectural lighting. Designed for non-stop operation, the CueCore2 has no moving parts; the unit is completely solid-state and achieves a remarkable level of reliability that allows lighting engineers to ‘fit and forget’. Although it is bundled with various supporting software tools, once programmed, the CueCore2 can operate completely stand-alone. It will playback lighting shows, static scenes and dynamic effects through its two DMX-512 universes. The unit can be programmed to respond to a variety of incoming protocols or scheduled to time or day.
"We are thrilled to be an official Q-SYS technology partner with a control plugin for our CueCore2 lighting controller in Q-SYS Designer. We look forward to making additional lighting controller plugins in the future to offer professional level lighting control and automation to the vast majority of system integrators using Q-SYS," says Visual Productions' Maarten

disturbed-4Vari-Lite Wash matches Disturbed pyro
Monday, 9 October 2023

USA - Show designer Scott Holthaus of Happy Machine Design wanted “a big and bright fixture” for metal band Disturbed’s Take Back Your Life tour, and the Vari-Lite VL6500 Wash “checked all those boxes with flying colours”. The large format wash fixture from Vari-Lite, offered “a gigantic source of power” to the Disturbed show according to Holthaus, placed in a direct view position on stage where its high output stood out even against the pyrotechnics and other effects on stage.
“Lights have to compete with a thousand pounds of propane a show!” said Holthaus. “If the lights are not killer bright, leave them in the box.” The VL6500 Wash offers over 50,000 lumens of power, a large 14” aperture and distinctive Dichro*fusion blades, allowing it to stand out in the design. Ten VL6500 Washes were placed against the upstage wall, with four more hung inside automated pods that raised and lowered throughout the show. “The high output of the VL6500s provides a beautiful wash and doesn’t lose its power when competing with all of the fire on stage.”
“With such strong pyro elements and a lighting-dependent show with no video backwall, we needed a fixture that could still command the stage and set the tone for each moment,” explained associate show director Cort Lawrence of Raw Cereal. “However, this fixture also needed to blend in seamlessly amongst all of the other elements on stage. The VL6500s could do just that. The fixtures fit here perfectly amongst the sea of truss pyro and lighting, where their large yet precise output

nexoTrois Cafés Gourmands on the beach with Nexo
Monday, 9 October 2023

France - With their first album Un air de rien certified triple platinum and more than 300m views on YouTube, Trois Cafés Gourmands is one of the most popular groups in France.
Last month, they brought their distinctive blend of traditional folk music and modern pop to a free concert in front of thousands of people at the Théatre de La Mer in Valras-Plage, on the main square next to the sea in the south of France.
A Nexo STM system owned by the commune of Valras-Plage remains installed at the summer events site and includes side-by-side suspensions of nine STM M28 line array elements with six STM B112 bass extension speakers, and STM S118 subs ground stacked at the front of the stage. Nexo ID24 speakers are used for front-fills and PS15s for out-fills.
The team from local company Decibel Event (equipment supplier for the city) was present to operate the system, along with the city's technical staff. On-site technical assistance was provided by Nexo Engineering Support, with technical management for the city by Mr Moumard André.
“We were looking for a system for our outdoor events, and our partner Decibel Event offered us STM which we very quickly adopted, thanks to its versatility and dynamics” comments Mr Moumard André. “The configurations are different every week and demand a lot of adaptability from the sound system.
“Our technicians, supervised by Nexo Engineering Support, experienced the effectiveness of the STM system on a variety of summer concerts. A big thank you to Nexo France for their support with this inve

prolightsSunblast on tour with Håkan Hellström
Monday, 9 October 2023

Europe - Prolights Sunblast 3000FC illuminated Swedish singer Håkan Hellström's summer tour. Creative Technologies Sweden provided 32 of these fixtures, which powered a series of 15 shows nationwide.
The tour's lighting designer, Calle Brattberg comments: "I needed a punchy and bright strobe that could add both extra strobe effects and provide a fantastic wash with vivid colours.” Having previously used over 100 units of the Sunblast 3000 at Hellström's arena shows last year, Brattberg had full confidence in their capabilities.
Challenged by the unpredictable Swedish summer weather, notorious for its abrupt shifts in temperature and conditions, the Sunblast 3000 strobes showcased their resilience through their IP65 rating, consistently delivering. Calle Brattberg underlined their remarkable performance, emphasising their ability to shine flawlessly under ever-changing environmental circumstances.
Pontus Thorén, the tour's crew chief, praised the Sunblast 3000's robustness. "It's really a tank," said Thorén. "The lighting crew rigged and unrigged the units every day, in rain or sun, and not a single unit needed replacing over the entire summer."

eawsm121EAW unveils compact SM12 stage monitor
Monday, 9 October 2023

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has introduced the SM12 Stage Monitor. Inspired by the renowned Microwedge acoustic design, SM12 is the latest addition to EAW’s catalogue of stage monitors.
SM12 is a two-way passive loudspeaker that can be used as a stage monitor or fill speaker. A concentric driver attached to a CSA wave guide provides even coverage throughout the 90° x 60° pattern. A large ground coupled port extends low frequency response down to 60Hz from the 12” woofer mounted in the low-profile wooden enclosure.
When utilising the available mounting pattern, SM12 can be used on a flat surface with two cabinet orientations or mounted on a third-party pole. An integrated kickstand offers additional positioning options when used as a stage or floor monitor.
"Stage space is at a premium and artists have high expectations,” says TJ Smith, president, EAW. “SM12’s compact and rugged form factor provides exceptional output and coverage over a large area from a small space using a single amplifier channel. It's designed to be deployed in multiple orientations and wiring configurations, making it a flexible addition to your inventory.”
SM12 is designed to be used on a variety of stages, whenever high output and low-profile reinforcement utilising a single amp channel is required. Additionally, SM12 offers the durability and reliability expected for live events. Large rubber feet keep the loudspeaker from moving due to vibration, while a heavy-duty grille is capable withstanding typical on-stage use.
The monitor also offers

sphere-and-7thsenseSphere and 7thSense partner to power Sphere displays
Friday, 6 October 2023

USA - Sphere opened to the public on Friday 29 September in Las Vegas. Two of the venue’s signature features – its 160,000 sq. ft interior LED display plane, and its 580,000 sq. ft. exterior, the Exosphere – are powered by technologies from 7thSense.
At 16K x 16K resolution, Sphere’s interior LED display plane is the highest resolution LED screen in the world. Soaring to a height of 240ft, and with over three acres of display surface, the screen wraps up, over, and around the audience to create a fully immersive visual environment. Behind the scenes at Sphere, 7thSense's new suite of products, collectively known as the Performer Range, collaboratively breathes life into the LED displays.
“Sphere’s LED displays redefine the meaning of immersive,” said David Dibble, CEO of MSG Ventures, a division of Sphere Entertainment. “On the interior, never has an LED screen combined this immense scale and field of view with this level of clarity, while the exterior is a dynamic canvas that has already become a new global landmark.
“7thSense has been a valued partner in delivering high-quality video playback solutions for MSG for over a decade, and we trusted the team to work closely with us and push their technologies even further to meet the unique demands of Sphere. The result is an experience that takes audiences from simply watching content on an LED screen, to feeling like they have been transported to new places.”
Richard Brown, CTO, 7thSense said, “With the opening of Sphere in Las Vegas, we are excited to introduce our new Per

anolis-maidens-towerAnolis lights Istanbul’s Maiden’s Tower
Friday, 6 October 2023

Turkey - Istanbul’s Maiden’s Tower, which stands on a tiny islet at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus strait, 200m from the coast of Üsküdar in Istanbul, Turkey, has recently re-opened after restoration, complete with a new permanent lighting scheme designed by Martin Kuhn and featuring over 75 Anolis LED luminaires.
Martin was working for AV specialist Astel and end client, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He won a competition to design lighting for the newly renovated monument, also well known for its appearance in the 1998 James Bond Movie, The World Is Never Enough.
For the pitch, Martin researched the history of the structure and role in Istanbul’s culture and heritage. Parts of the current Tower date back to 1721, although way before then, a wooden tower was likely the first ever construction on the islet as part of a custom ship station around 408 BCE – for vessels coming in from the Black Sea.
He wanted to create a meaningful and educative lightshow that represented the significance and importance of the Maiden’s Tower.
The bigger idea with the piece was that visitors could tune in to the narrative in their chosen language via a special website or an App whilst watching the lightshow and have a multi-dimensional experience.
With this in mind, Martin teamed up with one of Turkey’s leading authors, Ayse Kulin, who storyboarded a short version which Martin, utilising Depence 3 software, then turned into a three-minute video showcase for the client.
After successfully winning the job, Mart

barcoBarco and DWR forge strategic partnership
Friday, 6 October 2023

South Africa - Barco has announced a new partnership with DWR Distribution. This strategic alliance solidifies DWR's role as an official agent for Barco’s solutions in the region.
Robert Izzett, sales director at DWR Distribution, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Barco is globally recognised as a leader in the AV industry, setting international standards for excellence, and we are truly appreciative of the opportunity to represent the brand in South Africa."
“The industry is seeing a demand for high-resolution, video-based installations that impress audiences with exceptional visual experiences. When it comes to meeting these demands, Barco’s image processing, screen management, and show control solutions check all the right boxes,” Izzet continues.
“At the same time, DWR has a strong presence in the staging and rental market to provide exceptional support for this high-end range of products. We are absolutely thrilled to have been appointed as a strategic partner and eagerly anticipate this exciting new chapter.”
“This strategic partnership signifies a significant step forward in expanding Barco's footprint in South Africa's dynamic audiovisual landscape,” adds Abdulghani Hejazi, META territory and country manager immersive experiences at Barco. “By combining Barco's technology with DWR Distribution's deep industry insights and track record, clients get access to cutting-edge solutions and services that will transform their visual experiences.”

mn-zooElectro-Voice elevates audio on Treetop Trail
Friday, 6 October 2023

USA - The Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley recently converted its elevated monorail track – closed for years – into the Treetop Trail, providing zoo visitors with a fresh perspective on the zoo’s natural environment. True North Consulting Group, headquartered in Waco, TX with a local office in Stillwater, MN, was hired to design a new security and distributed audio system for the trail, the latter incorporating 56 Electro-Voice EVID-S5.2X loudspeakers.
“Throughout the year, temperatures range from -25 to 115 degrees (F) with snow, ice, rain and sun – it was of extreme importance that we utilize loudspeakers that are designed to withstand the harsh weather environment in Minneapolis,” explains Jiggs Lee, technology consultant at True North Consulting Group. “The trail will be open year-round. The EVID-S5.2X offers exceptional audio quality and is known for its reliability and being built to last.”
The 1.25-mile-long walking path brings guests up to 32 feet above the ground. The EVID loudspeakers are bracket-mounted on poles distributed throughout and under the trail and are used for public address, and any other sound reinforcement needs the zoo might have.
“In addition to its ability to handle the weather, we chose the EVID-S5.2X speaker for the Treetop Trail PA because of its full range and wide, uniform dispersion,” adds Luke Mapes, Minnesota Zoo audio-visual technician. “Its small package and clean design offered minimal visual impact – another key component. We use the speaker system to make daily announcements and as an em

flyopenairChamSys makes magic at Fly Open Air
Friday, 6 October 2023

UK - For three nights this summer, Princess Gardens Park in Edinburgh, a 37-acre oasis of green in the middle of a downtown shopping district, took on the air of an EDM club as thousands of fans piled in to see stars like Kerri Chandler, Shanti Celeste, Mr. G, and DJ Boring, perform at the Fly Open Air Festival.
Setting an appropriately intense tone for the proceedings was a bright, bold, and fast moving 14-universe lightshow run by Steve McCracken on his ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium that featured a massive 40-meter-long EDM-club-worthy wall of light.
Working with a lighting design by Nick Jevons of NJ Designs, and fixtures supplied by LITE-UP Productions, McCracken, busked the entire weekend. He relied on the big wall to create chase sequences, intense colour washes, and other effects that transformed the park into an immersive club setting.
Like all such seemingly “magical transformations” however, this one was the product of some very down-to-earth hard work, along with generous servings of skill and resourcefulness on the part of the entire production team, including 19Mil, which – designed and assembled all the mirrored panels. McCracken explained how the magic happened:
“I was approached by Nick Jevons to operate this show for him. The spec his client wanted was beams, the bolder and brighter the better. So, my role was to work with our techs Chris Gowling and Russell Cobden to install the light, then programme the show and operate it.
“There were some issues we had to deal with in the installation process to make our wa

mhbMHB invests in ROE Visual Ruby
Friday, 6 October 2023

The Netherlands - ROE Visual has announced that Dutch-based MHB has made a strategic investment in ROE Visual's high-end Ruby LED panels.
MHB specialises in audiovisual productions by providing solutions for live, online, and hybrid events, bringing "Events to live" for corporate events, TV, festivals, sports events, and trade fairs. Combining its high-end rental fleet with an enthusiastic and experienced team ensures MHB's productions are rock solid.
The investment in 1000 Ruby RB2.6 LED panels is a testament to MHB's dedication to being at the forefront of the events industry and its continuous efforts to provide clients with the best visual experiences.
ROE Visual's Ruby series is renowned for being a "concession-free" LED system, characterized by its sleek design, premium materials, outstanding image quality, and high refresh rate. These unparalleled product specifications make Ruby the ideal choice for various applications, including broadcast, corporate events, trade fairs, and more.
Speaking about this strategic investment, Marten Hylkema, CEO at MHB, said, "We are thrilled to continue our partnership with ROE Visual and announce the acquisition of the Ruby RB2.6 LED panels. This week, we received the first delivery of our latest investment: no fewer than 1,000 Ruby RB2.6 LED panels. This investment in uncompromising quality substantially expands our growing LED stock.
“Our focus on high-end LED solutions is a logical step in our journey. We firmly believe there is an ongoing demand for quality, expertise, service, and innovat

robe-world-gymnaestradaRobe tracks 2023 World Gymnaestrada
Friday, 6 October 2023

The Netherlands - Production and rental company For Live supplied lighting for multiple stages across five halls of Amsterdam’s RAI for the 2023 World Gymnaestrada – a quadrennial global non-competitive gymnastics extravaganza – organised by TIG Sports, with all-Robe moving lighting rigs installed in Halls 11 and 12 which were also utilised for special shows.
Three high-energy 1.5 hour gala presentations were staged in Hall 12, produced by Patricia Kok and Roxanne Wilders from Medialane, choreographed by Stanley Burleson, featuring some of the best gymnastic / acrobatic acts from 20 countries. Lighting for these shows – based on the theme of water – was designed by Henk-Jan van Beek from Netherlands-based design studio, Light-H-Art.
For Live took the opportunity to invest in 24 new Robe Esprites for the project that was organised and produced by their client, Tig Sports. This purchase followed hot on the heels of another involving Robe Forte fixtures, so 2023 has already seen their Robe inventory jump in numbers.
For Live is involved in the lighting and technical production of many major sporting events, however it was the first time that Henk-Jan – well known for his work in television and concert touring – has designed such a Gymnaestrada gala.
The overall Hall 12 gala shows were designed by Michiel Maas from KNGU, the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union, and Stanley Burleson.
Henk-Jan then assessed the various countries’ presentations and visual needs, then proposed a dynamic lighting scheme based on a blend of theatrical dr

vogueChristie displays enliven Vogue anniversary
Friday, 6 October 2023

Portugal - Nearly 40 Christie projectors and LCD displays brought Vogue’s Iconic Party to life, held in September in Lisbon to celebrate the magazine’s 20th anniversary in Portugal, with technical production by ADLC Audiovisuais.
The Vogue Iconic Party, attended by a host of local celebrities, aimed to honour all those who produce, buy, and support the publication. The concept of the party was to bring together everything that makes people want to go out in one space, from meeting friends, and movies, to art exhibitions, nightclubs, and bars.
The organisers recreated a small city divided into two streets in the warehouse of the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon. Each street had its own flavour: one inviting people to go out and the other to live more quietly.
Twenty-two different projections were made on screens, walls, and floors, and LCD displays were also used to give colour and movement to the party. The content, adapted to each space, was conceived and created exclusively for this event by VJ Draft, José Santana, and Sofía Lucas.
Thirty Christie projectors, ranging in brightness, were used, including the Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector, and 1DLP laser models including the DWU850-GS, DWU635-GS, and D13WU2-HS.
In addition to the projectors, seven Christie LCD panels ranging from 65 to 98 inches were used in the space, including the UHD752-L, UHD652-L, and UHD982-P-A models, all of which feature 4K UHD resolution to deliver exceptional image quality and contrast.
José Cordeiro of ADLC Audiovisuais says, “Christi

pixeraSpace Museum over the moon with Pixera
Friday, 6 October 2023

China - An ultra-compact Pixera mini media server is punching above its weight at a new interactive exhibition focusing on the world's largest infrared space telescope.
Launched in July, Golden Eye on the Cosmos is a new permanent exhibition at the Hong Kong Space Museum spotlighting the innovative technologies and scientific goals of the James Webb Space Telescope, the largest infrared space telescope ever built. The exhibition features a model of the Webb telescope, along with projected displays of images captured by its cameras and exhibits demonstrating the science behind infrared astronomy.
As an exhibition that relies heavily on projected images and video, Golden Eye on the Cosmos required a media server solution that would ensure stable video playback and flexible projection mapping and geometric correction capabilities, explains Jason Yeung of Hong Kong-based system integrator CosmoVision. To meet this objective, Yeung and team specified a single Pixera mini Dual server, which handles all video content layering and output projection mapping, including the spectacular projection-mapped images of the cosmos which are the highlight of the exhibition.
The size of the Pixera mini Dual was also ideal for the Space Museum, says Yeung. “The installation was relatively simple but the exhibition space was comparatively small,” he comments, “so the Pixera mini was the perfect size to be hidden away behind the show exhibit while not compromising in terms of performance and stability.”
Due to the limited space for the installation, the Chri


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