PSL Invests in Catalyst
Thursday, 14 February 2002

PSL is the first video projection rental company in the UK and US to invest in High End Systems' new Catalyst image manipulation system, which turns ordinary video projectors into artistic tools. Winner of five technical awards in 2001-2002, Catalyst offers users a unique new tool that integrates the video and lighting industries.

At the heart of the system is the Catalyst Media Server (video processing computer and video/DMX interface). This provides an unlimited range of real-time image processing capabilities. Designers can load their own still or moving images or select from an extensive library of stock files. They can then scale, rotate, zoom, edit, morph, colour mix or overlay to create the desired effect. Images can be projected anywhere in three-dimensional space using Catalyst's unique orbital movement system. The head provides 250 degrees by 360 degrees of movement and can be fitted to most high-powered video projectors.

PSL has currently bought three Catalyst systems, two for the UK and one for its US Division. Mick Scullion, head of PSL's Lighting Division told us: "We’ve bought Catalyst because it uses the most up-to-date technology to produce a system that can create visual effects never seen before. All our lighting designers have shown great interest in the product and feel that it will give a new visual dimension to all our live shows, be they corporate events, product launches or concerts."

PSL is also in the exclusive position of being able to offer clients an in-house graphics and video production facility to complement the Catalys

Prize ProjectorPrize Projector
Thursday, 14 February 2002

Entering a high-profile competition to win a superb HK Audio Projector PA system as recently run by Music Mart magazine certainly paid off big time for one lucky reader. Trying not to look too stunned as he collected his sound reinforcement haul was Farnborough-based winner, Richard Payne. Richard, 21, who works in customer services in an energy management company, is a big fan of the south of England’s techno scene, and had been saving hard for a deposit for a decent PA system when he received the good news.

Richard collected an £8999 3.6kW self-powered active Projector system from the head office of exclusive HK Audio UK & Eire distributors, John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. Richard is already making plans for his new system, including getting it out working on the South’s techno circuit, and setting it up on a pitch at Glastonbury 2002.

(Ruth Rossington)

Vari-Lite Shines at Winter Olympics
Thursday, 14 February 2002

From the opening ceremonies until the last medal is awarded, Vari-Lite Inc will play a prominent role in lighting the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. More than 1,200 Vari*Lite luminaires are being used to light events within and surrounding the Olympic Games, including the nightly concerts following the medals presentations at the medals plaza.

Rusty Brutsché, chairman and CEO of Vari-Lite, said: "Just as the athletes have spent years training for the competition, organizers have shown the same dedication in preparing for the way the games and events are presented. We were up here exactly a year ago for a trial run on the opening ceremonies, so it has been a painstaking process to make sure the proper equipment is in place and being used. Vari-Lite is extremely proud to be an integral part in the way these events are presented worldwide."

A lighting package that included 204 VL2416 wash luminaires, 146 VL5 wash luminaires, 238 VL5Arc wash luminaires, 54 VL6 spot luminaires, 52 VL6C spot luminaires, 126 VL7 spot luminaires and two Virtuoso control systems lit the opening ceremonies and will be used during closing ceremonies on 24 February. Bob Dickinson is the lighting designer for the events. He is supported by lighting directors Andy O'Reilly and David Grill.

The medals plaza, which was designed by lighting designer Bob Barnhart, features a turntable stage that rotates following each night's medals presentation to form a headliner stage for concerts from artists such as Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, Creed, Dave Matthews Band, *NSYNC, Foo Fig

Blackout Triple E Creates Magic at St James’s Place
Wednesday, 13 February 2002

Blackout Triple E recently supplied two striking theatrical backdrops for the St. James’s Place Group’s one day annual company meeting held at The Royal Albert Hall. Attended by nearly 2,500 employees, the event successfully fused the annual meeting with St. James’s Place’ tenth anniversary celebrations.

Blackout Triple E’s creative team worked closely with the show producers Creating Sunshine, to realize the creative effect of the complex stage design. A stunning 16 x 6 metre fine grey gauze drape was custom designed, manufactured and hand painted at Blackout’s South London facility, to work as a semi-opaque screen in the foreground. This also provided a canvas onto which a light show, designed by Quentin Jarman, was projected from both sides. In addition Blackout supplied 30 metres of starcloth as the backdrop to achieve a galaxy-like effect.

(Ruth Rossington)

Klark Teknik Splits with Plus 4 and Johnny Vaughan
Wednesday, 13 February 2002

The recent Pop Idol and the current Johnny Vaughan show have been two of the UK's top music entertainment shows over the past months, and just part of the client roster of newly-formed TV sound suppliers, Plus 4 Audio. In order to continue to service its clients’ needs, the company has recently invested in three Klark Teknik DN1248 Plus microphone splitters supplied by Marquee Audio, with a fourth to come at the end of the month.

Plus 4's Stewart Chaney explains why he decided to create the company. "Quite simply I was frustrated at the lack of high quality audio facilities for TV, particularly in the music and entertainment sector where the need is particularly pressing. Having come from a rock and roll/corporate environment, both of which are extremely well provided for, I wanted to create the same service for the market I now work in, which is TV broadcasting, and so Plus 4 Audio was born."

The next question to address was equipment. "It soon became obvious that a high quality splitter system would make a big difference to the quality of service we could provide, so Fred Jackson, who does a lot of work with me, and I scoured the market to see what was available. We both felt that the DN1248 Plus from KT was the best system on the market for our requirements." For peace of mind Stewart decided upon the factory fitted dual power supply option for all of the units. "In live TV, failure is not an option," he stated.

Fred Jackson, currently using the three DN1248 Plus's on Johnny Vaughan Tonight, agrees. "There isn't nearly so

AMS Neve Shows its Support for the MPGAMS Neve Shows its Support for the MPG
Wednesday, 13 February 2002

AMS Neve has recently signed an initial one-year sponsorship deal with the Music Producers Guild (MPG). The aim of the sponsorship deal is to help further the profile and work carried out by the MPG and to maintain AMS Neve's awareness amongst the producer community. AMS Neve supplies analogue and digital mixing consoles and hard disk recorder/editors to facilities worldwide.

The MPG is an association made up of over 300 record producers, recording engineers and programmers. Andy East, MPG chairman says: "AMS Neve's sponsorship package is another significant development for the continued growth and future of the MPG. It underlines our commitment to the membership in aligning ourselves with an established and highly respected manufacturer that recognizes our members' contribution to the recording industry."

As part of their commitment to education, the MPG will continue to develop its successful UK-wide university tour and Specialist Interest Group (SIG) seminar programmes.

(Ruth Rossington)

New General Manager for RW Salt
Tuesday, 12 February 2002

Following the sudden death last month of its founder and managing director Bob Salt, RW Salt Communications has announced the appointment of its new general manager, Craig Buckley. In a statement from the company, RW Salt’s chairman, Richard A Lyon, said: "It is to Bob’s credit that even though he was taken away so unexpectedly, he left everything in good order, which has enabled our company to function very well indeed."

Lyon also welcomed Buckley to the company. Buckley, who is well known to many in the audio industry, joins RW Salt from Bose, where he had worked for 10 years, recently as national sales manager.

(Lee Baldock)

Australia Skyworks 2002
Tuesday, 12 February 2002

Laser Magic won the prestigious contract for the 2002 Skyworks laser show on the 26 January 2002. The laser team arrived one week before the event to install and programme the show to a custom soundtrack. Very large distances where involved with this event and to this end Laser Magic used (for the first time) the new Coherent Corona diode YAG laser, which has an output in excess of 80W. This was sited at Perth’s famous Bell Tower and is one of the largest entertainment laser systems in the marketplace.

Several other lasers were also used, including Emerald 40W Nd YAG lasers and some smaller 10W CW YAG lasers. Laser Magic even had a laser system bolted on to a fast motorboat, which created special effects as it travelled across the bay shooting beams in to the night sky. In total, five laser systems were used on this show all controlled via the latest Pangolin 2000 software and each system utilised SMPTE for show control. Laser Magic has already won the Skyworks 2003 contract and will be using both the StratoSphere and barges plus even more lasers.

(Lee Baldock)

Stage Light Design start the year in Style
Tuesday, 12 February 2002

South London-based creative exhibition lighting specialists Stage Light Design started the year busily, lighting two stands at the BETT education/technology show in the Grand Hall at Olympia. It’s the seventh year that the company has been involved with clients at BETT. This year both Intel and RM benefited from their lighting schemes.

Intel’s stand was straightforward for SLD, who lit a stage area and lectern used for presentations with Par 56 lanterns, controlled by a Pulsar Rock Desk and dimmers. The RM stand was more complex: as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of software and hardware to the educational market, RM wanted their stand to have plenty of impact. The stand design was totally new and included two demonstration theatres that were continuously in use. Lighting was designed by SLD’s Alastair Crooks, who lit the theatres with Par 56 and Par 36 lanterns for general stage lighting. Around the sides of the demo areas were numerous graphics, some screen printed onto voile material, which is particularly reactive to light, and others that were screened onto tinted glass. SLD highlighted all these graphics with Par 30 fixtures.

The stand’s massive ceiling canopy was illuminated with Par 64 cans programmed as a cross-fading colour wash effect, all controlled from a Jands Event desk, with Celco dimming. The stand designer in both cases was Surrey-based 2LK. Upcoming work for Stage Light Design includes the creative lighting design and consultancy for two stands at NAB in Las Vegas in April. The same two stands will then go on to IBC in

Laser Studio Launches new Colour DPSS laserLaser Studio Launches new Colour DPSS laser
Tuesday, 12 February 2002

Laser Studio - part of the i-Vision Group - has launched the latest addition to its new I-scan Performer range of DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) lasers. Following recent breakthroughs in diode technology, Laser Studio has produced the UK’s first commercially available Colour DPSS laser for under £20,000.

Laser Studio’s new 1W colour unit currently offers eight modulated colour outputs. The aim is to develop the system into a 256 fully modulated colour system in the future. This product, say Laser Studio, heralds a major change in laser technology and is an important step forward in replacing older, inefficient equipment that required complex cooling and hefty electrical supplies.

The ‘Beam in a Box’ concept - and specifically this product - has been designed with the conference, exhibition and club markets in mind, although it will also be suitable for theatrical and live performance applications. The new laser weighs just 31kgs, is approximately the size of a small travel case and plugs into a 13 amp socket. Brightness wise - utilising the high efficiency of the diode lightsource, this DPSS laser has an efficiency of 10:1 over ion technology, and the diode lifetime is expected to be in excess of 10,000 hours.

Laser Studio’s Geoff Jones comments: "This is the first of the new series of DPSS lasers we’re releasing over the next year. Thanks to diode technology, we can banish forever the ‘Here come the plumbers’ syndrome, whilst making available a highly affordable, bright, easy to rig-and-use laser for a huge diver

Poland’s Teatr Komedia Chooses JBL SystemPoland’s Teatr Komedia Chooses JBL System
Tuesday, 12 February 2002

The new EVO speaker system from JBL Professional has been installed at the high profile Teatr Komedia in Warsaw. The theatre, built in the 19th century, is one of the busiest and most successful in Poland, primarily due to its popular and accessible programme of entertainment.

The theatre was looking for a dynamic and highly precise sound system that would be applicable for a wide variety of shows. They approached JBL’s Polish distributor Polsound, with whom they have worked previously and arranged for a demonstration of the system. Impressed by what they heard, the technical team gave the go ahead for the design, supply and installation of the EVO/JBL system which was overseen by Polsound’s Wojciech Puczynski & Pawel Danikiewicz.

Four EVOi.324 speakers are used for the main auditorium left and right arrays. They are joined by two JBL Marquis Series MS28s for centre fills in the front rows of the stalls. Two low-profile JBL Array 4893A sub-woofers are rigged above the centre fills. This slightly unorthodox position was chosen because of limited options for placement. However it works extremely well for sound effects, blasting additional low end energies out over the stalls.

Four channels of surround sound throughout the curved auditorium are pumped out by an additional ten MS28s, making a total of seven discreet channels of sound, plus a low frequency subwoofer channel in the venue. All signals are routed through a Crown USM810 digital matrix mixer (now the BSS PSS8810), which takes care of all dynamics processing, delays, crossovers etc. The system uses a

Smart Day Out
Tuesday, 12 February 2002

Following the success of its previous open days, direct marketing company Smart Sound Direct has confirmed Saturday 28 April as the date for this year's event, to be held at Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey.

Visitors will see DJs demonstrating Smart Sound Direct's full complement of PA enclosures, monitors, power amps, mixers, rack-mounted effects and accessories. Exclusive to the show will be the launch of a new SmartLight range of lightweight speaker cabinets. These include bass bins which, when coupled with a power amp and mixer from the SmartLight line, provide one of the lightest portable and compact PA packages available. Visitors will also be able audition a variety of innovative products, including the CP8SP (according to the company, the only compact 1000W RMS sub-bass currently on the market) and the 'neighbour-approved' guitarists' gizmo, the Lockwood Isolation Box.

Admission is free, but only on a pre-bookable basis: anyone attending who purchases products totalling more than £500 will be entered into a free prize draw and the winner will receive a Jubilee Party PA package, worth over £500, plus a complimentary bottle of Champagne!

(Ruth Rossington)

New EVP-S Series from Wharfedale Pro
Monday, 11 February 2002

The new EVP-S Series from Wharfedale Pro is the second generation of the company’s successful EVP Series. At the heart of the EVP-S series is the all new WP-M44 high performance compression driver. Coupled to this is a sophisticated crossover design with built in dynamic limiter/protection. The addition of two new high performance stage-monitors further enhances the family. The EVP-S series gains additional valuable features in the new waveguide/horn, ergonomic handles, a recessed-protected input plate, metal stand adaptors, plus the new 15SB ST stereo input subwoofer with internal low-pass, high level sub woofer processing giving stereo PA systems cost effective and powerful low end extension in a compact and cost effective package.

(Ruth Rossington)

Entech 2002 & Award Winners
Monday, 11 February 2002

The organisers of Entech, the leading entertainment technology exhibition for the Australasian market have reported increased attendance for last week’s three-day show. Darling Harbor proved a popular destination for Entech, with greater interstate attendance (up 8%) and more local visitors. International visits were static, with decreases from destinations other than Singapore (up 10%) and New Zealand (up 5%). Audited actual attendance was up, a record 5,143 trade attended, in addition to 1,272 exhibitor personnel.

The Entech Awards dinner once again sold out, held again at the Metro in George Street. A complete list of winners is attached. Voting was done on the trade show floor, for the first time, in addition to votes garnered from all those who nominated products and people. The Award for Best Lighting Product at the show went to AVR for the Arc Screen; Best Audio Product at the Show went to the Yamaha DM2000, and Best AV Product went to High End Systems for the Catalyst.

Entech will return in 2004 in a new format, which organisers say will be revised to meet the needs of exhibitors and trade visitors. More details are expected in the near future.

(Lee Baldock)

Full Monty and Taboo Chose White Light
Monday, 11 February 2002

White Light and The Moving Light Company have been chosen as the lighting suppliers to two new musical productions in London, one - The Full Monty - the West End production of an established New York hit, the other - Taboo - a new show in a new West End venue.

The Full Monty, a stage adaptation of the hit British film, has been playing to enormous popular acclaim in New York - and is now making the journey back to the UK, where it will play at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Lighting designer Howell Binkley will re-create his New York design, making use of an automated lighting rig of six Martin MAC 2000s, 12 MAC 500s and 38 High End Studio Colors controlled from a WholeHog 2 console. The rig also features around 325 ETC Source Fours, 55 of which are fitted with Wybron colour scrollers, and Orion and L&E Ministrip floodlight units, 80 StarStrobes, police beacons, Robert Juliat Aramis followspots, and MDG Atmosphere and Look Solutions Tiny Fogger smoke machines. The conventional rig will be controlled from an ETC Obsession 2 console. The show's production electrician is Pete Lambert, with Stewart Crosbie and Simon Marlow serving as production managers.

Taboo, by contrast, is a brand new musical written by eighties pop icon Boy George, which is playing at a new 300-seat venue called The Venue, located just off Leicester Square. Designed by Tim Goodchild, the show is being lit by Chris Ellis using a four Martin MAC 600s, 12 MAC 250s and five MAC 300s, alongside a conventional rig that includes ETC Source Fours and Source Four Pars with a Source Fo

Capital Invests in Allen & Heath
Monday, 11 February 2002

Capital Sound Hire has added a pair of Allen & Heath consoles to its hire stock. The London-based rental company bought the mixers - a 32-channel ML3000 VCA mixer and a 40-channel GL4000 - through Ray Bradman of Bonza Sound Services in Surrey, with whom Capital has had a close relationship for around 20 years.

Within hours of delivery the ML3000 went straight out onto the road to perform monitor duties for critically acclaimed drum 'n bass outfit Kosheen, whilst the GL4000 made its debut front-of-house on tour with former Level 42 front man Mark King. Both consoles are now scheduled to go out on David Essex's Theatre of Dreams tour, starting on March 15th.

Capital Sound Hire's project manager Martin Connolly explains why he chose the A&H consoles: "What we needed were dual purpose compact mixers that could go out on smaller jobs at either end of the multi-core. I am expecting the Allen & Heaths to see a lot of touring use as opening act packages, with the ML3000 probably at front-of-house thanks to its VCA facilities."

(Ruth Rossington)

Behind the Scenes
Monday, 11 February 2002

BBC Television is to broadcast five programmes this week which will feature interviews and behind the scenes footage from various West End shows. A Week in the West End will be broadcast daily at 3.30pm on BBC2.

(Ruth Rossington)

Audio-Technica opens new office complex
Friday, 8 February 2002

Audio-Technica officially opened the doors of Technica House/AstroStudio, the company’s newest office complex, on November 13, 2001. Local officials, friends and key representatives from Audio-Technica’s corporate headquarters and subsidiary offices worldwide attended a dedication ceremony that included a gala party, a tour of the AstroStudio facility and a speech by Audio-Technica Corporation president Kazuo Matsushita.

Located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, the eight-story building has a unique architectural design based on a giant transducer, symbolizing the importance that A-T places on listening and responding to the needs of the audio community. As well as the impressive office environment it provides, Technica House also features AstroStudio, a world-class Dolby 5.1-ready surround recording, mixing and monitoring facility.

Speaking at the dedication ceremony, A-T corporation president Kazuo Matsushita explained the thinking behind the inclusion of the commercially ready studio. "AstroStudio provides Audio-Technica with a real-world, 5.1 environment to test and evaluate microphones and new transducer technologies prior to releasing products on to the market. We also wanted to create a familiar meeting place for our family of artists who provide us with input and feedback on market trends. AstroStudio meets all those goals."

The studio offers state-of-the-art 5.1 recording capabilities featuring an AMEK console, a 5.1 Genelec Active Monitoring System, outboard gear by Lexicon, Focusrite, Eventide, Aphex, Tube-Tech, t.c. electronics and Neve as well as

Rental Management Systems introduces RMS22
Friday, 8 February 2002

New features of the latest version of the rental management software package include a whole set of new clear icons, built-in support for backup and restore of data and reports, saving of the last used sort-order and sorted column in all List-tabs and Finder-windows, a new facility for multiple contacts per company, default country and telephone settings and much more.

For a full run-down of all the latest features from RMS22, visit the company website at the address below.

(Lee Baldock)

beyerdynamic launches new division for Installed Sound Products
Friday, 8 February 2002

West Sussex-based pro-audio distributor beyerdynamic has introduced a new division dedicated to promoting its expanding range of products for the installation and sound contracting markets.

Headed by beyerdymanic’s Bob Harrison, the new division will form an active part of the company’s existing operation and will focus on providing both new and existing customers with a full range of standard audio products, including speakers, amplifiers, microphones and signal processing equipment, through to integrated digital audio systems for the most challenging installations across a variety of applications.

beyerdynamic carries an extensive product portfolio which incorporates the company’s own wired and wireless microphones, headphones and conferencing systems, and also features DSP-based signal processing from XTA, automatic mixing and noise masking from BIAMP, and 100v line and low impedance amplification and speaker products from dB Technologies.

Distribution agreements have recently been signed with Cue s.r.o of the Czech republic for its range of media management control systems. These allow for the centralized control of audio, video and any other electrically activated devices. Bob Harrison, national sales manager, told us: "With the launch of certain innovative products, including Audia from BIAMP, SiDD from XTA and Cue Director from Cue, we’re in a unique position to offer complete system solutions for a variety of applications, from background music systems to sophisticated leisure build installations, themed environments and conferenci

Arbiter at Pacha, London
Friday, 8 February 2002

Arbiter Pro Audio has helped facilitate a rich sounding JBL sound system in London’s latest club venue - Pacha. The club is located in Victoria and is owned by Billy Reilly, who’s enjoyed massive success with The Cross in Kings Cross.

For the sound system Reilly turned to Pete Dyer of Tarsin, well known for designing, supplying and installing sound systems to some of the highest profile clubs worldwide. Reilly himself specified the JBL system. In turn, Dyer approached Arbiter, and collaborated with Dave Budge (Arbiter’s project co-ordinator for Pacha) on the sound design for the club.

Pacha has two rooms and three bars, with no walls between the two main spaces, so particular attention had to be paid to ensuring that sound spillage between areas was minimized. This was achieved with careful speaker positioning and by maximizing the directivity of the various JBL units used. For the main room, eight full range JBL VS3215-6 loudspeakers from the Venue Series are combined with Sound Power SP128 subs. Preserving the architectural integrity of the club’s interior was essential, so Arbiter specified customized brackets that allow the VS3215s to be rigged off the oval-shaped balcony surrounding the main room.

For infill and the bars, Dyer and Budge chose JBL MS112 speakers, used with a combination of subs. To achieve exactly the right sound for the second room - The Funky Room - MS112s are utilized as main system speakers, combined with SP128 and VS125HS subs. The Funky Room is being used to stage new talent from the UK and abroad during Friday night

ISCEx 2002 Launched
Friday, 8 February 2002

The Institute of Sound & Communication Engineers (ISCE) has launched a new event to serve the installed sound sector. ISCEx 2002, which takes place at the Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr, Birmingham on Wednesday 27th February, will combine a one day seminar programme and a small exhibition. It will also feature the first ever Warren-Barnett Memorial Lecture.

The seminar programme will feature presentations on Audio for Video Conferencing by Jon Raper; Getting the Measure of Intelligibility by Peter Mapp and Helen Goddard; The Future of the VA Standards by Phil Pratt; Teaching an Old Bear Tricks by Helen Goddard and Robert Thornton. The Warren-Barnett Memorial Lecture - Getting the Message Across - will be given by Peter Mapp.

Exhibitors at the event include AMS-Mapp Acoustics, Baldwin Boxall Communications Ltd, CIE Group Ltd, Communication Technology Ltd, Duran Audio UK Ltd, Federal Signal Ltd, Hayden Laboratories, M&D Designs, Mackie Designs UK plc, Next Two, SigNET AC Ltd, Sound Partner. Further details are available from the ISCE office, telephone:+44 0151 639 5211.

(Ruth Rossington)

LiX-C Series from Wharfedale Pro
Friday, 8 February 2002

Wharfedale Pro has launched the LiX-C Series. Based on the successful LiX range, the new series offers several new models, as well as cosmetic improvements to existing models.

The LiX-C12x has been designed for enhanced low frequency performance at high output levels. This model, as well as the LiX-C15 and 15M (monitor), feature a purpose-built high frequency compression driver using a specially formed titanium diaphragm with a 50mm voice coil. Also new to the LiX family is the LiX-C18MB (Modular Bass) which is available in two versions for optimum coupling to amplifier types and installation requirements. The LiX-C range also offers a 15" sub and 18" sub with massive motor structures designed to sustain high output over long periods. Understanding that sound systems are often asked to perform beyond their original design parameters, the LiX-C range features Wharfedale’s integral Pro-Tech driver protection system.

(Ruth Rossington)

Vari-Lite Fixes it for Bob the Builder
Thursday, 7 February 2002

Since his TV debut in 1999, Bob the Builder has become a household name and has recently announced his very own 65-date arena tour and Vari-Lite Europe will be there to help him ‘fix it’!

The lighting designer is none other than Patrick Woodroffe, who will work alongside programmer Dave Hill and operator Mark ‘Sparky’ Risk. The Vari-Lite supplied rig includes 22 VL2Cs, 8 VL6C spot luminaires, 38 VL5, 12 VL5 Arc wash luminaires, all controlled from a Virtuoso console. Conventional equipment will consist of 108 Par 64s, 17 Bambino Fresnels c/w colour changers, six Starklite 1200W HMI followspots. The tour sets off in Sheffield, then moves to Nottingham, London Arena, Newcastle, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow. It will then travel to Wembley Arena and then finally to Birmingham.

(Ruth Rossington)


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