lessons--carolsphoto-by-hayden-antal2Elation at Knoxville’s Lessons & Carols
Monday, 11 February 2019

USA - When Knoxville-based Shoreline Church, Hope Fellowship Church and City Church came together in December for a night of scripture and song called Lessons & Carols, Harmonic Audio and Concert Productions of Chattanooga accentuated the evening with mood-generating lighting using their inventory of Elation Professional lighting.
“Chuck Hooten, worship pastor at Shoreline Church, wanted to create a new tradition in Knoxville and came up with the Lessons & Carols concept, which combines teachings from the story of Christmas with music,” explains Harmonic’s Drew Hornback, production designer for the event. “It was an inaugural event and we turned to our Elation lights to accent what they were doing.”
Held in Knoxville’s historic Bijou Theater, Harmonic was called on to create a ‘massive look’ with lighting as the stand out element of the show. “They wanted an immersive design so we went to Capture and designed a rig that highlighted the Artiste DaVinci as our profile with Fuze Wash Z350s adding colour,” says Hornback, who also handled lighting design and lighting programming duties.
Lessons & Carols was Harmonic’s first show using their zoomable Artiste DaVinci LED moving heads and Hornback says they provided them with a great look. “The DaVinci was the right fixture for the job,” he states. “The CMY colour mixing and the gobos provided incredible texture to the stage. They really gave an impactful punch at an incredible price point. You can’t find another light like it.”
Eight Artiste

five-fingerChauvet lights Five Finger Death Punch
Monday, 11 February 2019

USA - Metal band Five Finger Death Punch is famous for forging close emotional connections to fans at its shows. This was very evident on their recently completed arena/amphitheatre tour with Breaking Benjamin, which featured memorable sing-alongs accented by warm audience lighting from Chauvet Professional STRIKE 4 fixtures, supplied by Christie Lites.
John Santos, the lighting designer for the band, had 10 of the STRIKE 4 LED fixtures spread out evenly on the downstage truss during the tour, which ended in mid-December.
“They were my primary source of audience lighting and my blinders,” says Santos. “The show is designed around the skull over the drum kit and the two bats crossed in the back. My general lighting is very raw and aggressive, like the music. I try to create a look that matches the rhythmic and percussive feel of the music to accentuate the heavy hits. But as I am doing this, I also want to use lighting to reach out into the crowd and connect them to the band.”
This crowd connection reaches some of its high points during the band’s famous sing-along moments. “There are some great moments created during sing-alongs for tracks like Jekyll and Hyde and Gone Away,” says Santos. “You can feel the energy in the crowd. My crew chief, Marc Durning, and L2, Axel Noel, who focused the lights every day, did a great job working the STRIKE fixtures as well as the rest of the rig.
“All of us felt that the warm white audience lighting set the mood,” continued Santos. “We liked the way that each cell of the

colour-sound-experiment-md-haydn-cruickshank-with-space-force-and-color-force-ii-72-belowColour Sound Experiment adds Space Force
Monday, 11 February 2019

UK - Event hire and production company Colour Sound Experiment has invested in Chroma-Q's award-winning Space Force and Color Force II 72 LED fixtures.
The Space Force fixtures were recently utilised on the E-sports gaming tournament FACEIT Major London 2018, which culminated in a live final at the SSE Arena, Wembley in front of 10,000 fans and a global TV audience of millions.
Haydn Cruickshank, Colour Sound MD, comments: "As an LED fixture, Space Force’s cool running and no fans means no noise, which makes it perfect for the demands of film and production work. Color Force II has, in my opinion, significantly raised the performance bar again for an LED alternative to traditional cyc, wash and effects lighting sources.
“Colour Sound has been using Chroma-Q LED fixtures for more than a decade. With innovative products such as theirs, we've built up an extremely strong offering for entertainment lighting over the years, and we have now expanded into our fourth warehouse this year."
(Jim Evans)

ten-conceptsDiGiCo S21 for Swaziland’s Ten Concepts
Monday, 11 February 2019

Swaziland - Ten Concepts, a Swaziland based hire company for audio, visual and lighting equipment, has invested in a DiGiCo S21 with D2 rack, purchased from South African distributor, DWR Distribution.
“When I saw the DiGiCo S21 on the internet I was sold,” says company founder, Thabani Ngcamphalala. “I love the touchscreen and being able to move files from one screen to the other without a problem. It’s so user friendly.”
He will be using the console for corporate events and shows, and is particularly looking forward to making use of the DiGiCo platform for live events.
(Jim Evans)

fredfoster1ETC CEO Fred Foster passes away at age 61
Friday, 8 February 2019

USA - ETC has announced that Fred Foster, its co-founder and CEO, has passed away at the age of 61. Foster started ETC in 1975 with the goal of installing the first memory lighting-control system in the New York Metropolitan Opera House. He went on to develop a wide range of innovative products including Mega-Cue, perhaps the first console to utilise digital multiplexed data over two conductors between the desk and dimmers; the Concept console that led to the Expression / Express line of control desks; the Obsession Console and the Sensor Dimming System. He also contributed to the design of the Eos, Congo and Ion desks and led the commercialisation of what became the Source Four family of spotlights.
A statement from the company reads: “Foster was a visionary, an innovator, and a role model. The ETC culture of family, support, and encouragement is attributed to Foster and his vision of a creating a people-focused environment. It’s difficult to put into words what it has been like to work for and with such an inspiring leader.”
“One of Foster’s greatest qualities was his ability to bring people together and rally them around a goal or a vision. Whether it was a new product technology, a tradeshow booth design, or an employee meeting space, he was always creating, always making, and always giving. His ideas were big, and his heart bigger.”
Foster is credited with countless industry contributions, ranging from product innovations to student mentorship programmes. He has been recognised repeatedly for his philanthropy from a number of organ

theohphotocredit-swdphotographyThe Oh! celebrates 25 Years with Chauvet
Friday, 8 February 2019

Belgium - For The Oh! dance music club night in Belgium, a tried-and-tested formula of world-class DJ sets and a string of high-profile singles is proving to hold the key to its popularity and longevity, which recently reached the quarter century milestone.
To celebrate 25 years of The Oh!, both old and new generations of Belgian dance music lovers were united in a recent anniversary party that reflected all of the excitement and energy that have made the club famous.
Tasked with providing energetic visuals for The Oh! once again was Belgium design house CRS Rental Solutions, which designed an immersive stage set-up with a Chauvet Professional rig that included 32 STRIKE P38, 12 Maverick MK2 Spot, 19 Rogue R2 Wash, 46 COLORdash PAR H12IP and 24 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures.
In order to build the visual centrepiece upon which artists could perform, Thomas Vandekerkhove and his team at CRS peppered the rigging structure above the stage with the STRIKE P38 fixture. As a result of the combination of audience blinder and strobe, the punchy 90W warm white LED source was on hand to elevate the EDM DJs taking to the stage by evoking that classic feeling of ‘90s dance parties.
"The P38s awarded the fairly cavernous venue with a proper club ambience," commented Vandekerkhove. “In addition to strobing and blinding effects for visual energy, the warm white tungsten effect ensured that we could introduce a classic house vibe to the stage, which really transformed key moments within several of the performances.”
While the P38s provided the famil

davidoClaypaky packs a punch for Davido at O2
Friday, 8 February 2019

UK - Nigerian music star Davido wowed 20,000 adoring fans with his epic production at London’s O2 Arena, lit by show designer Anthony Hazelden using Claypaky’s Mythos and A.leda B-EYE K10 fixtures.
Briefed with creating a production on the same scale as a Nicki Minaj or Drake concert, Hazelden took to WYSIWYG to plan a show for the artist, which included a catwalk and a flying stage. “I knew Davido wanted the production to be enormous,” Hazelden says. “As soon as I understood his vision, I began to draw out the rig to make it work for the different areas of stage.”
The set heavily featured video content displayed on a 10m x 4.8m video wall. “The Mythos were the main fixture over the stage,” explains Hazelden. “I needed a bright fixture that could punch through the video wall. I used Mythos’ gobos to create a number of different looks, and for each the light was still visible against the video running at 100%.” The Mythos is equipped with two gobo wheels as standard, including six beam reducers.
“The fixture is fantastic as both a beam fixture and as a spot,” says Hazelden who made the most of the Mythos’ 4-50˚ zoom range for various looks throughout the show. “The PAN/TILT capabilities are great, and it doesn’t struggle when I needed them to move at full speed.”
The 24 x A.leda B-EYE K10s were rigged on the truss at front of house and were used as crowd and effects lights during the supporting acts. Throughout Davido’s performance, they were employed as the main stage wash light. “The colours are accurate

robe-chamorro-city-hall-bogota-cha192250022Robe specified for Chamorro City Hall
Friday, 8 February 2019

Columbia - The Colombian entertainment technology and production industry is full of colourful personalities, and one of those is Andres Chamorro, entrepreneur event producer who has been an industry trailblazer for 25 years.
His very successful rental company is Chamorro Iluminación and his most recent ventures include opening two major live event venues – both called Chamorro City Hall – one in his hometown, the bustling metropolis of Bogota and another identical space in the vibrant commercial hub of second city Medellin.
Andres has invested in Robe moving lights to ensure that clients can receive the best and most comprehensive lighting packages when they are utilising these landmark venues which are unique in Colombia.
The 4000 capacity Bogota Chamorro City Hall is located in the north of the city and it’s already been a huge hit; an open space offering a full production set up - staging, lighting, sound, video, rigging, etc - tailored to each client’s needs, be it a band, a corporate entity or a private individual.
The City Hall venues are acoustically treated for noise containment as they are both in residential areas and artists can have identical technical production for two locations, so they can easily do double shows.
Andres likes the multi functionality of the most recent Robe products – BMFL, Pointe, Spiider, MegaPointe, and the fact you can do a lot with less actual fixtures, and because they are appropriate for so many different sectors.
Their Robe fixtures are used extensively in the TV work they servi

fultontheatreoutsidedayClair Solutions helps historic theatre upgrade
Friday, 8 February 2019

USA - The Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s long history began with its first production in 1852, launching decades of dramatic productions that cut across genres and that reflect the nation’s journey from before the Civil War to the present.
Shortly after its 100-year anniversary, the Fulton Theatre earned designation as a National Historic Landmark. Despite its age, the building has only undergone a handful of major renovations, the last one occurring between 1994 and 1995 and the one previous to that occurring in 1908. Constrained by outdated stage rigging and lighting, the Fulton Theatre worked with AVL integration firm Clair Solutions on a $1.3m upgrade.
Bill Simmons is Clair Solutions’ senior lighting designer and the person who led the project at the Fulton Theatre. “I first worked at the Fulton Theatre in 1979, when I was a freshman at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster,” Simmons explains. “I started full-time work there in the summer after I graduated and stayed on as the resident lighting designer for the next 15 years. The 1994-1995 renovation reduced its seating capacity to 680 and made a clean transition to support dramatic productions over its previous vaudeville setup. In recent years, executive artistic producer Marc Robin has made musicals a specialty of the Fulton Theatre.”
The biggest challenges arose from the building’s “vintage” wooden grid and the sheer age of the lighting infrastructure.
“Almost no theatres have wooden grids these days,” Simmons observes. “We wanted to repla

baptist-churchLubbock church upgrades with DPA
Friday, 8 February 2019

USA - Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas, holds five weekly services, three of which involve a full choir and orchestra. The church also offers seven weekly television broadcast programmes that reach a local and worldwide audience. Along with its weekly services, the church hosts an Internet live stream three times a week.
Rusty Trowbridge, technical director/lead audio technician at Southcrest Baptist Church, wanted to improve the overall sound quality for the prominent Northwest Texas church’s weekly services and broadcasts. After testing various options, Trowbridge found that a selection of DPA Microphones produced the best sound and were able to handle the church’s high-production demands.
The upgraded microphone package Trowbridge employed consisted of DPA d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones for most of the orchestra, including all of the stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass and harp), 12 DPA d:sign 4098 Supercardioid Ceiling Microphones hanging from the ceiling for the choir and a d:fine 4166 Flex Omnidirectional Headset Microphone for the church’s senior pastor.
“I felt that the microphones we were using unpleasantly coloured the instruments,” says Trowbridge. “We found that with DPA’s d:vote 4099 instrument mics, not only was the sound quality of the orchestra outstanding but the reproduction of the instrument sound was unmatched to what we had previously experienced. I also like how sensitive the microphones are. I do not have to give them a lot of gain to get them to a useable level. In addition, t

b4mediaproductionfounderandownerbeckie-campbellallenheathdlives7000B4 media production opts for dLive
Friday, 8 February 2019

USA - In the hands of Beckie Campbell, an Allen & Heath dLive S7000 mixing system is more than a console, it’s a base from which students can start their careers in professional audio. As the owner of B4 Media Production, a live event production company based in Vero Beach, Florida, Campbell’s business model serves a wide-ranging client base while empowering the next generation of audio engineers.
“I want to give young people work,” Campbell says, “as well as a leg up that I didn’t have when I started out so they can embark on a solid career path. I hire a lot of freelancers who are just out of college or give students a chance to earn credit hours for internships or complete program requirements. It’s challenging sometimes, but ultimately quite rewarding.”
B4 has a presence around the country at conferences, festivals, faith-based entertainment events, live concerts, and more. “I’m not locked into anything,” Campbell says of her gear preferences. “I just want to use the best. When I first used an Allen & Heath dLive S7000 console, I instantly fell in love with the classic, warm sound of its preamps, plus the feel of it, which, if you’re a traditional knob-turner like me, feels right at home. Conversely, if you’re a pinch, drag, drop, and swipe kind of operator, the desk has you covered there too.”
Since many of Campbell’s freelance front of house and monitor engineers are new to the game, they often arrive with experience limited to only one or two other consoles. “Despite its world class sound and advance

on-stageOn-Stage celebrates 40 years of success
Friday, 8 February 2019

UK - On-Stage, supplier of musical accessories and pro-audio equipment, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019.
After years of encountering the varied needs of musicians first-hand, Jim Hennessey set about designing the innovative solutions he felt were lacking in the marketplace. Utilising knowledge acquired during a career in aviation, as well as his experience of the music industry from his time at Ovation guitars, Hennessey designed the TRI Triple Guitar Stand, an industry first which became On-Stage's debut product.
“I've always been a creator and designer, so when I saw a need in the industry, I filled it,” said Jim Hennessey. “I'm so proud of where we are as a company today; we have all of the musicians that have used our products throughout the years to thank. It has been a pleasure serving you for the last four decades.”
Distributed in UK, ROI and Benelux by JHS, On-Stage now produces a wide range of MI goods, including stands, cases and cables, to cater to both live and studio-based situations. As well as equipping guitarists and bassists, On-Stage's accessories also includes brasswind, percussion and microphones. Additionally, On-Stage products are employed by music industry professionals around the globe, with leading venues including Liverpool's Cavern Club, where On-Stage are the stands of choice during live performances.
(Jim Evans)

westview-productions-check-presentation-to-btsWestview Productions makes first BTS donation
Friday, 8 February 2019

USA - At the recent NAMM show, Westview Productions presented a cheque for $5,162.32 to Behind the Scenes as their first donation to the charity as a new Pledge-a-Service Partner.
Westview is an entertainment, energy, and immersive technology solutions firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Their project process encompasses all aspects of design that integrates with all construction trades to ensure a cohesive and seamless project experience. Westview has global experience in lighting, motion control, audio and AV systems, media, and architectural systems allowing them to provide comprehensive services as a sole solutions organisation.
On presentation of the cheque, Eric Bloom, president, states: “I feel so strongly about the Behind the Scenes Foundation’s efforts, that it’s a great pleasure to be able to support the foundation this way. Helping to support our colleagues in a time of need, especially with funds from service work that came directly from the industry is really special. We are just pleased to be able to give, even in a small way, to such a beneficial organisation.”
Rick Rudolph, the chair of Behind the Scenes, commented, “We were thrilled to receive such a wonderful first-time donation from Westview. Their generosity sets a benchmark for other service companies and helps to ensure we will be able to assist the many people coming to us for assistance. We thank them for their commitment to the programme and challenge other service companies to follow their lead in caring for our colleagues in need.”
The Behind the Scen

idolsIdols South Africa votes for grandMA3
Thursday, 7 February 2019

South Africa - Lighting designer Joshua Cutts was thrilled to drive a grandMA3 light for the Idols South Africa 2018 finale hosted at Carnival City in Johannesburg. The team worked together for the ninth consecutive year and comprised Dream Sets, the full technical supplier headed by project manager Eben Peltz; lighting and set designer Joshua Cutts from Visual Frontier; with Gavin Wratten once again the executive producer and director. The broadcast was aired on the Mzansi Magic Network.
Deciding that Idols would be the ideal opportunity to test the grandMA3 light, Cutts approached Duncan Riley of DWR Distribution, the MA distributors in Africa. Cutts comments: “Still running on grandMA2 software, it’s still the same desk for now but with new hardware. It worked out pretty well because I broke my arm before we loaded in, and only had one arm to program with. The console was small enough for me to reach every button with one arm!”
From a hardware point of view, Cutts says: “I was very impressed with the work MA Lighting have done on the buttons, faders, and the whole tactile experience, which I think is what they wanted to achieve. The buttons were softer and easier to use, the faders were more responsive and the touch screen very accurate. The grandMA3 light integrated well with my grandMA2 light, the MA NPU (Network Processing Unit), MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) and MA 8Port Node. It worked seamlessly with the system and never gave any problems.”
With his arm not working as it should, and Idols being such a high-

adlib-hozierNo Moments Silence for Adlib with Hozier
Thursday, 7 February 2019

UK - UK rental and production specialist Adlib continued its excellent working relationship with Irish singer-songwriter and musician Hozier, and a production team led by Sue ‘Duchess’ Iredale. The Liverpool-based company supplied sound and lighting equipment plus crew for the band’s recent UK and European tour, with a Coda sound system specified by FOH sound engineer Steve ‘Patto’ Pattison, and the realisation of an eye-catching and inventive lighting design created by Steven Douglas.
Patto joined the Hozier team mid-way through 2018, shortly after completing the Freedom Child world tour with Irish trio The Script. Hozier’s Nina Cried Power EP dropped almost immediately and with a new (second) studio album anticipated in the spring, the touring schedule started apace and continues worldwide throughout 2019.
Patto chose a Coda AiRAY system for the UK and Europe sections, after having an “amazing” experience with it on The Script tour. A powerful and versatile speaker system for its compact size, AiRAY can be flown or ground stacked in different configurations, sounding equally good and bringing a continuity to the wide range of venues on the itinerary.
“It sounds great in a 1200-seat theatre and a 15,000-capacity arena – one box covers all applications” enthused Patto. The speaker selection was key to the crew dealing with the daily variations in venues by using different quantities and rigging set ups. In the largest format they used 16 boxes a-side.
For Patto, the ‘devil is in the detail’ of the fill

cornerstoneCornerstone AV invests in HES Sola Series
Thursday, 7 February 2019

USA - Cornerstone AV has invested in High End Systems’ Sola series of automated LED luminaires, adding 50 flagship SolaFrame 3000s to its rental inventory. The HES gear was deployed immediately, illuminating three nights of A Kurt Bestor Christmas in nearby Salt Lake City. Michael Frantz, Cornerstone’s lighting department supervisor company, said their third time lighting the Christian singer’s holiday show was “the best ever.”
LD Matt Endicott, Cornerstone’s lighting designer for the Kurt Bestor shows, agreed: “It is the total package: shutters and the even output, along with its primary function of colour temperature consistency for key lights. That is what aced it for us: the uniform field, shutters and ability to light a big arena show. Everything else was icing on the cake.”
The SolaFrame 3000s were used for all purposes, for key light, floor light, ‘wispy’ aerial beams with prisms and dual gobos and graphic effects. ”I found one spot in each song to use each feature of the fixture,” Endicott notes. “The feature set was awesome - we got a lot of cool looks out of them. I’m psyched that we got them. I don’t see a need for any other light.”
Frantz also supplied Endicott with 16 HES SolaWash 2000s. The show’s three nights at the Eccles Theatre were captured on camera – and the SolaFrames reportedly came through with flying colours. “The colours just read,” Endicott enthuses. “With arc lights everything would turn purple and blue and ambers muddy. This was nice and crisp and the fact that you’re no

myrkurDavid Howard powers Myrkur With ChamSys
Thursday, 7 February 2019

UK - Danish sensation Myrkur captivates audiences by weaving wildly different musical influences into a single performance experience that is as beautiful in its simplicity as it is unsettling in its complexity. On her 2018 northern European tour, which ended in December, the gifted multi-instrumentalist dramatized the breadth of her musical vision by dividing her show into two distinct parts: the first devoted to traditional folk music, the second to black metal.
Despite this stark contrast, the show flowed seamlessly, driven by the artist’s passionate performance and supported by a multi-faceted production design by David Howard with a lightshow that was run on a ChamSys PC Wing.
“The show itself is split into two,” said Howard. “It starts with Folksange, a set of folk music from all over Europe played on traditional instruments. Afterwards, the stage falls to darkness before transitioning into an atmospheric black metal set. The show is designed to progress, with the metal set juxtaposing Folksange, but both have consistent design elements.”
Key to creating the unifying design was the floor package that Howard created. Consisting of 10 “trees” of varying heights topped with LED tungsten-style lamps fitted with special RGB backlights fitted in custom-fabricated mounts, the design evoked images of a forest of light on stage.
To distinguish the two sections of the show, Howard used the LED filament for the folk portion and then turned down the intensity level with dynamic strobing and colour effects for the black metal set. T

hawthornHawthorn makes ‘significant investment’ in 4K video equipment
Thursday, 7 February 2019

UK - Technical production specialist, Hawthorn has announced a significant investment in its video department, having invested over £1m in new equipment over the last year. The latest kit additions focus on bolstering the company’s 4K offering and sees significant investment in infrastructure from Lightware and Barco.
With a long-standing history of working with Lightware products, Hawthorn has added two MX2-16x16-HDMI2.0 Matrices to its hire shelves. The standalone product is a member of the Lightware HDMI 2.0 matrix switcher family, supporting uncompromised 4K UHD resolution at 60Hz 4:4:4. Alongside this, the company has also purchased six channels of HDMI2.0-OPTC-TX/RX220-Pro, an HDMI 2.0 compatible, HDCP 2.2 compliant extender pair for video, RS-232 and Gigabit Ethernet signals, supporting uncompressed 4K UHD resolution.
Hawthorn has also upgraded its Barco Event Master E2 and S3 products, investing in 4K Quad HDMI 2.0 input cards, 4K Quad DP 1.2 input cards and 4K Quad HDMI 2.0 output cards. On top of this, the company has also added the Barco Event Master EX to its range. The EX, a 4K60p scaler with the same processing power as four ImagePROs, works alongside the E2 and S3 processors to add input and output capacity, expanding the scaling and switching power of the entire system.
The latest expansion follows on from Hawthorn’s investment in Barco’s UDX 4K-32 laser projectors last year.
Talking about why he chose to invest in the Lightware & Barco products, David Barton, Hawthorn’s Group Head of Video said: ”We pride ou

odisseaClair Brothers upgrades sound for Italian super club
Thursday, 7 February 2019

Italy - A sound system from Clair Brothers was deployed for the 25th anniversary celebration of Italian nightclub Odissea Fun City Dance Club. The club’s owners decided their previous system had served its purpose well but that the time had come to upgrade.
Prase Media Technologies, Clair Brothers Italian distributor, was asked to suggest speakers for the upgrade. Emanuele ‘Lele’ Luongo, product manager at Prase, along with Ivan Omiciuolo and Matteo Barbaro, whom supported the project throughout, recommended the new Clair Brothers PA.
“The main challenge in this room,” explains Luongo, “was to achieve homogeneity in the distribution of low frequencies while also minimizing the reflections, within the entire audio range, caused by metal sets and mirrors on the side walls of the dance floor. We also worked to curb the incidence of medium-high range in the bar areas.”
To overcome these acoustic issues, the new PA system consists of two Clair Brothers kiTCurve12 clusters (four cabinets each) and eight CS218 subwoofers. Luongo explains: “The subwoofers follow the perimeter of the stage, with two subs located in the centre, positioned as an inverted stack to help reduce the impact of low frequencies in the console area.”
In addition to utilising the kiTCurve12 as the main system, there is also a pair of the exact same kiTCurve12’s being used as DJ monitors to allow the DJ to hear the exact timbre that the audience hears. The result is an LR system with controlled dispersion teamed with a horizontal sub array which allow

luminex-gigacoreLuminex GigaCore Switches are Avnu Certified
Thursday, 7 February 2019

Europe - Luminex Network Intelligence has announced that its GigaCore Ethernet Switch is now Avnu certified to support the Milan/AVB protocol. By adding this protocol, the GigaCore switch is validated against following protocols: Milan/AVB, Dante, AES67; ArtNet, sACN, MANet, and many more.
“This means a user can allow AVB traffic on the switch,” the company says. “It has the same ease of use as before: no command line interface, no complicated parameter to set, no specific license to purchase to enable this feature. With one click in the web interface, the switch takes part of the clock domain of the AVB devices and will allocate the necessary bandwidth. The user can therefore be sure the audio streams will be handled the right way, in a perfectly synced manner, providing audio quality and user experience at its best.”
(LSi Online)

colour-soundColour Sound gets high in Val Thorens
Wednesday, 6 February 2019

France - Colour Sound Experiment supplied lighting, video, rigging, special FX plus a snow-loving crew to various entertainment venues and events associated with the Varsity Trip 2018 in Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in the French Alps at 2,300 metres in the beautiful Tarentaise Valley, Savoie.
The Colour Sound team of four was led by Steve Marley and working for Zero Degrees Events who designed and produced a busy series of Varsity Trip events running throughout the week. Marley and their managing director Neil Cranston have collaborated on many previous projects, and with Tom Williams from Zero Degrees running things on the ground, the mission ran like clockwork.
The main music venue for the week was the Centre Sportif de Val Thorens, which featured three full-scale DJ performances – including Rudimental’s DJ set - with numerous other smaller venues hosting ‘off piste’ events - including restaurants and bars - scattered around the resort.
Colour Sound also supplied lighting and video - with Zero Degrees co-ordinating and managing production - for French corporate networking company Les Big Boss who had a large event booked in to the same venue immediately before the Varsity Trip Opening Night Party. This provided a practical and high-quality technical solution.
Marley designed and drew up a lighting and visual plot for the Centre Sportif, inspired by the stunning mountain location, starting with the video elements – which were made up of Colour Sound’s 2.6mm Unilumen LED screen rigged in three diamond orientated sections u

yamahaISE 2019: Yamaha’s latest launches
Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Netherlands - Yamaha has launched new loudspeakers, 10G L2 switches and significant firmware upgrades at ISE 2019.
Launched in response to customer demand, Yamaha’s multi-award winning VXC and VXS loudspeaker range is being expanded with the VXC2F 2.5” full-range, low profile ceiling speaker and VXC8S 8” bandpass ceiling subwoofer. The VXC2F is the shallowest model in the VXC series, with a back can less than 7.6cm/3” deep, while VXC8S is the first ceiling subwoofer in the range and includes unique VXC features like anti-drop tab and carrying band for safe, straightforward installation. The PK-C4 pendant mount option for the VXC2F will also be launched, with all VXC models available in black or white (paintable) finish.
Also being launched at ISE is the SWP2 series of network switches, which include 10Gbps fibre uplinks, making them ideal for high capacity Dante networking, including 96kHz. Both multi and single-mode models allow for longer distance transmission. With straightforward setup, rugged connectivity and Yamaha’s legendary reliability, the SWP2 series is designed to provide the optimum environment for mobile audio networks.
Yamaha's RIVAGE digital mixing systems are also receiving another significant upgrade, with ISE 2019 seeing the debut of RIVAGE V3.0. This firmware update adds the new DaNSe dynamic noise suppressor plug-in, developed by Dr K’s lab at the Yamaha Corporation in Japan to bring improvements in speech clarity for theatrical and broadcast applications. The update also adds Mix to Input routing, and workflows

thriveThrive Church upgrades to L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 6 February 2019

South Africa - To cater for a growing congregation, Thrive Church, east of Johannesburg, has invested in an L-Acoustics audio system installed by DWR Distribution. Thrive Church has two houses of worship, a church in Boksburg and another in Edenvale. The upgrade, which was installed at the Boksburg community, consisted of a three per side L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo System (two Focus and one Wide) with two SB18m subwoofers flown per side, two X12 outfills (one per side) and six 5XT front-fills.
“The previous audio system was about fifteen years old and wasn’t adequate for the size of the venue where we had recently extended the seating capacity,” says Pastor Byron Chicken. “It wasn’t giving us a sufficiently full and clear sound and was battling to fill the venue properly. The new L-Acoustics system has made a huge difference; it gives our venue a beautifully full and clear sound.”
The project was managed by Victor Vermaak who represented DWR. “Very little on the market, at this price range, can compete with the sonic size of the ARCS WiFo system,” said Vermaak. “The WiFo system matched the room perfectly and there was no need for additional delay speakers. As the L-Acoustics saying goes, the best sound comes from one source, so where possible, if you can eliminate the need for delay, the result will be a smoother and better sounding system. This has been the case at Thrive Church.”
(LSi Online)

impressionISE 2019: GLP launches track-mount version of Impression FR1
Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Netherlands - ISE 2019 (5-8 February 2019, Amsterdam RAI), marks GLP’s first appearance with lighting products from Ehrgeiz, the company that joined the GLP family at the beginning of the year.
Under GLP’s own brand, ISE marks the official EMEA release of the impression FR1 track-mount version. The compact LED moving head offers a soft pencil beam, fast movement and continuous pan rotation for eye-catching 3D multi beam designs. Now modified to fit into 3-phase tracks, the popular FR1 provides a versatile solution for fixed installations, in particular museums and retail stores. Control is via wireless DMX.
Key account manager Oliver Schwendke comments: “For us, ISE provides a great start to the year as the show continues to grow and integrate all the visual technologies. We´re looking forward to seeing many important customers and designers over the four days.”
(LSi Online)


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