ben-phillipsUniversal Live invests in latest LED
Monday, 15 April 2019

UK - Technical production specialists Universal Live continue to invest in the latest technology. Their most recent investment is Coleder’s Road Ready 2mm LED panels.
Similar to standard LED panels, the Coleder Road Ready series can build a floorless flat wall but, this product can also create a seamless, innovative convex and concave curved solution either ground stacked or hung. The connection tools between the panels and the cable-free system makes it quicker and easier to assemble and disassemble.
Universal Live has made the conscientious decision to combine the Coleder Road Ready panels with London based Brompton Technology’s Tessera R2 cards. The cards support 262K pixel capacity, system-wide genlock, free mapping and panel rotations. Universal Live has further invested in their Tessera SX40 and S4 video processors. The 4K and HD ready processors are easy to use; reliable and powerful units will enhance the quality of delivery at every event.
Universal Live’s decision to invest in this product was not taken lightly. They spent time researching and testing the best technologies on the market. Operations director Ben Phillips and hire manager, Stuart Thornton travelled to the Coleder factory in China to quality assess the panels and check every pixel to ensure that they were fit for purpose.
Back in the UK, Phillips commented: “In today’s world of LED offerings, there is such a great range to choose from. After testing more products than you would ever think is possible, we felt that the Road Ready Coleder panels combined with

pellcenterspeakercloseupDanley brings clarity to Pell City Centre
Monday, 15 April 2019

USA - The Pell City Centre for Education and the Performing Arts (CEPA) is the cultural heart and soul of Pell City, Alabama, a mixed economy town and Birmingham suburb of over 13,000 residents. A little over a decade old, CEPA’s 400-seat theatre is used daily by the adjacent Pell City High School, the nearby middle school, several other Pell City-area schools, and numerous community groups.
It hosts musicals, dramas, school band performances, concerts, and lectures, but until recently, its sound reinforcement system fell far short of complete coverage, leaving some one hundred seats in nothing but the diffuse sound field. Local AV integration and live sound production company Lost in Sound designed and installed a Danley-based system that now covers all of the seats with highly-intelligible sound.
“Given all of the other constraints and challenges around the time of the auditorium’s completion, the sound reinforcement system didn’t get the attention it deserved,” explained Andrew Henderson, production manager and AVL integrator at Lost in Sound. “They had a couple of speakers hanging off the catwalk that largely missed the front centre section of seating. Truth be told, it was a tricky situation to find the best place for complete coverage, and we ran through a lot of possible iterations for repurposing what they already had. But in the end, there was consensus that an entirely new system would be best.”
He continued, “We’ve been using a pair of Danley SM80s with a Danley TH118 subwoofer, all powered by a Danley DNA 20k4 Pro ampli

claypakyBandit installs Axcor Beams in FedExForum
Monday, 15 April 2019

USA - As part of recent updates at FedExForum in Memphis, Bandit Lites, has installed a complement of Claypaky Axcor Beam 300 LED fixtures above the basketball court. FedExForum is home to the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies and the University of Memphis men’s basketball team.
“The intent was to provide the Grizzlies lighting designer with the tools to light more of the arena with new fixtures that were brighter, had larger feature sets and required less maintenance,” explains John Cameron Carter, installation service specialist at Bandit Lites. “With the new fixture install, FedExForum can have bigger and brighter looks for team player intros, timeouts and crowd hype.”
The Axcor Beam 300s are the primary beam fixtures in the install. The LEDs are hung from two catwalks running the length of the basketball court.
“Entertainment lighting has always relied on strong looks with bright, crisp beams that stand out in a crowd,” Carter says. “The Axcor Beam 300 is a great solution in this particular setting, not only due to its LED engine, which keeps maintenance down, but also its light weight. With its speed and output, the Axcor Beam 300s give the LD the strong beams needed to stand out and cut through everything happening in the arena.”
He adds, “Coming in at under 40 lbs, the Axcor Beam 300 thoroughly impressed me with how much it could do when hung 100 feet above the deck. For years output was synonymous with size, but the LED engine combined with the optics of this fixture give it a crisp beam that is easily spotted throughout t

arkaosPL+S: Manufacturers embrace ArKaos King-Net
Monday, 15 April 2019

Germany - ArKaos enjoyed a busy and successful Prolight+Sound 2019 exhibition in Frankfurt. The Belgian company was at the heart of the new Hall 12, together with a dynamic mix of lighting and visual technology manufacturing and service companies.
ArKaos demonstrated all its latest products including MediaMaster v5.4, Kling-Net, PRO DJ LINK - a project with Pioneer DJ - and its new 4K media servers.
Several leading lighting manufacturers used the potential and flexibility of ArKaos’s Kling-Net protocol to run and demonstrate the versatility of pixel-fixtures on their stands, including Robe, Claypaky, Elation, JB Lighting, Music & Light, and more.
Kling-Net is a plug-and-play control protocol developed by ArKaos for the quick and easy operation of current and future LED fixtures and lightsources.
It allows the distribution of real-time video data to remote display devices – like LED fixtures or LED panels – over Ethernet, adding some ‘intelligence’ with the automatic configuration and connection of display devices to a computer.
One Kling-Net feature that is not available in other protocols is that the fixture sends its pixel configuration to the media server. If for example a luminaire has 20 x LEDs arranged in a circle, MediaMaster will map video perfectly over these without asking the user to encode the order of the pixels.
The Robe stand featured an all-encompassing live performance show. Lighting and production designer Nathan Wan utilised Kling-Net to control 36 x Robe Spiider LED wash beams.
Both Claypaky

roevisualPL+S: ROE Visual confirms sales
Monday, 15 April 2019

Germany - ROE Visual concluded an upbeat Prolight + Sound receiving enthusiast feedback on its showcased products and having major customers confirm their investments in ROE Visual LED panels at the show.
“The Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt always attracts a mix of new and existing customers. We really enjoy meeting our loyal customer base and to be able to interest new customers for our brand, after all our industry is basically all about the people,” comments Roelof Bouwman, general manager for ROE Visual Europe.
Presenting new technologies, ROE Visual had both a sneak peek for its new eV4 processor on the stand as well as an HDR solution, presented in cooperation with Brompton Technology. Both products are expected to launch mid-2019.
New staff member Erik Baum, appointed to lead business development in the D A CH region, was warmly welcomed by many visitors, who were acquainted with Erik in his previous job role at VER. “Erik has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the German market, this show proved that it’s really good to have him joining our team”, continues Bouwman.
Thierry Heldenbergh, managing director for AED Display confirmed an expansion of the AED Display rental fleet with an investment in the Diamond DM2.6 LED panels, thereby further expanding AED’s existing stock of ROE Visual LED panels.
Faber Audiovisuals invested in the Diamond DM2.6 LED panels, continuing to broaden their range of ROE Visual LED products for rental purposes, such as their latest investment in the Black Marble LED floor, which w

etc-hesPL+S: ETC and High End Systems celebrate
Monday, 15 April 2019

Germany - Crowds gathered at the ETC and High End Systems stands to get a look at the latest product innovations and the Hog Factor 2019 competition final.
Attendees were able to catch demonstrations of Augment3d, ETC’s new fully integrated 3D programming environment in Eos v3.0. This innovation lets users control and design in a three dimensional space; as well as interacting with their fixtures through augmented reality. Augment3d made its European debut at Prolight + Sound, alongside High End Systems’ TurboRay.
TurboRay is the newest automated fixture in High End Systems’ FX family. Its distinctive appearance with a classic retro design and radial diffusers attracted many visitors to the High End stand. Used as a narrow-angle wash light or as a powerful hard edge beam, TurboRay produces “stunning aerial effects and more”.
ETC’s Relevé Spot was another main attraction at this year’s exhibition. The moving light, specifically designed for theatre brings a calibrated four-colour additive mixing system and Ani-gobo wheel that creates textures like never before. It is an automated light that brings affordable, high quality colour mixing to smaller venues.
Visitors explored the innovative Prodigy P2 hoist, with Prodigy Cable Management, and were introduced to ColorSource Raceway a lightweight power and data distribution system perfect for small venues.
High End Systems’ Hog 4-18 console was used for the Hog Factor 2019 final which drew big crowds as three teams went head-to-head in the academic lighting programming contest.

srsPL+S: SRS promotes control technology
Monday, 15 April 2019

Germany - SRS Group presented their product range with several new releases including GSM PDU, NLP Network Group Sync and ANGS Art-Net Node. Their newest power distribution unit with built-in GSM module allows its user to control and monitor the status of the PDU in real time anywhere, anytime. Every time a certain setting falls below or exceeds its pre-set limits, the user is notified by SMS on their phone. Also, they can request the actual status of your PDU anytime and from anywhere by a short text message.
SRS Group also promoted a new feature on the Network Loadcell Processor (NLP) unit. The NLP is now capable of being synchronized as a group via network using all linked NLP devices in the ETH network. Simply link all the desired units with link cables and select option “group synchronization” in either menu of the units.
ANGS is a fully functional DMX RDM node and gigabit switch. After a few years of development and testing, SRS Group is offering ANGS in two versions: 16-channel Art-Net/DMX Converter & Combined Art-Net/DMX Converter with five-channel DMX splitter and built-in RDM proxy. With ANGS, Art-Net signal can be simply converted to up to 16 separate DMX/RDM universes and therefore save the time and energy required for connecting DMX cables on the most demanding jobs.
(Jim Evans)

artnovionPL+S: Artnovion welcomes new arrivals
Monday, 15 April 2019

Germany - Portuguese acoustic treatment specialists Artnovion (distributed in the UK by Audio-Technica) unveiled two new product ranges at Prolight+Sound 2019.
The latest addition to the company’s Pro Audio and Studio range, Orion is the culmination of extensive research into the optimisation of MLS sequences for calibrated acoustic absorption. An array of Orion absorbers create areas with a distinct acoustic response, each calibrated to work at a certain frequency range – the panel’s performance begins at 315Hz and offers effective, even absorption to 3150Hz.
Using Helmholtz-style absorption techniques boosts mid-low and mid-range absorption, whilst the open areas of the panel are enough to guarantee high-frequency control. Designed for the studio world, where each surface is critical, the new Orion panels have been created to enable producers and engineers to maximise the sonic potential of their recording space.
Artnovion’s new Antares absorber is the latest addition to studio designer Jan Morel’s signature product line-up. The tapered slots of the panel create balanced mid-range absorption, whilst the panels’ deceptively large absorption area guarantees high performance, high frequency absorption.
(Jim Evans)

claypakylogoClaypaky opens US sales and operation centre
Friday, 12 April 2019

USA - Claypaky has announced the opening of its US sales and operation centre. The company will now have a local team of American lighting experts providing a high level of customer service for Claypaky products.
Leading the new team are lighting industry veteran George Masek and Dennis Knopf, former senior sales manager at Osram, the parent company of Claypaky.
“Finally, our American customers can enjoy all the benefits of our direct presence in the United States,” says Pio Nahum, CEO at Claypaky. “We are going to offer them attractive sales options as well as US-based technical support after their purchase. We want to ensure that customers enjoy an exceptional return on their investment through the highest functionality of their equipment.”
“The multi-decade experience of our American team, combined with the ability to innovate - for which our brand is famous, will all be directly available to users there, followed by opening an advanced technical assistance centre, these new developments will enable Claypaky to immediately serve our customers in the best way possible,” Francesco Romagnoli, North America sales manager explains.
“I’m so impressed with the technological leaps that Claypaky is making – they are doing some truly revolutionary things. It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to share these directly with the dealers, artists, and technicians that we know in the US,” adds George Masek.
“I am thrilled by this new professional opportunity, “says Dennis Knopf, “It will allow me to bring the solid

hk-audioMusic & Sales and JHS celebrate 30 years
Friday, 12 April 2019

Europe - Music & Sales and JHS are celebrating 30 years in business together, with the German company presenting their English distributors with a special award to commemorate three decades of success.
Beginning in 1989, the partnership between Music & Sales and JHS introduced German amplification brand Hughes & Kettner to the UK and ROI. In recent years HK Audio, professional sound solutions made in Germany, has also been distributed throughout the UK and ROI from JHS's Leeds headquarters.
Hans Stamer, HK Audio’s founder and Music & Sales CEO, said: “Over the past 30 years, we have developed an incredibly strong and successful relationship with our friends at John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. As one of our most important partners in business, JHS has represented HK Audio and Hughes & Kettner in an exemplary way, from guitar amps and singer-songwriter PAs to install solutions and line arrays. We’re looking forward to another 30 years of success with them!”
Speaking on behalf of JHS, managing director Dennis Drumm said, “Our partnership with Music & Sales is a long-lasting and hugely rewarding one. In our 30 years together we have changed the landscape repeatedly. In three decades, beginning with Hughes & Kettner and latterly with HK Audio, we have introduced a wealth of revolutionary amplification and pro audio products to the UK and ROI marketplaces. We're very grateful to receive this award - here's to another 30 years of sound design revolution and successful business.”
HK Audio has recently unveiled

ac-etAC-ET supplies Limelite with Vari-Lite
Friday, 12 April 2019

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has supplied Vari-Lite VL2600 Profile luminaires to lighting, sound & AV production services company, Limelite Lighting, for use on clients' theatre, concert, TV and corporate events projects in London and the South East.
Limelite Lighting is one of the region's largest providers of full lighting, sound & AV design, installation, and equipment hire services, offering a vast selection of cutting-edge equipment for productions.
After experiencing a massive increase in demand for LED Profile moving lights both for its own project productions and those of its equipment rental customers, Limelite Lighting project manager / director, Matthew Mountier decided to research the best options for fixtures with CYM and shutter capabilities.
After shortlisting several models, Matthew approached Ben Steppenbeck in AC-ET's Lighting division to discuss these options. This led to Limelite Lighting purchasing 13 Vari-Lite VL2600 Profile fixtures.
He commented: "Our decision eventually came down to the Vari-Lite unit's build quality, cost, and our experience of customer service from the manufacturer. We're really pleased with their performance."
Matthew has also been impressed by the service he's received from AC-ET. He remarked: "Our staff have have worked with Ben and AC-ET over the past five years and whilst it is a big organisation, we've been impressed by the personal level of customer service it delivers. Ben goes out of his way for us, often taking calls at the weekend to help us out when needed.

robe-transmission-australia-2019Robe ramps it up for Transmission Australia
Friday, 12 April 2019

Australia - The biggest Transmission dance event to date – in terms of audience numbers and Robe moving lights – was staged at Sydney Showground in Australia, where thousands of fans absorbed the music of The Awakening plus visuals courtesy of lighting designer Bas Kemper and the Vision Impossible collective.
Over 200 Robe moving lights - 78 x Pointes, 90 x MegaPointes, 10 x Spiiders, 20 x LEDBeam150s and 19 x BMFL Blades - on the rig ensured that this replicated the seminal moments of the Awakening cycle which started in the O2 Arena in Transmission’s ‘home’ city of Prague, Czech Republic last October and was another memorable visual extravaganza.
Transmission’s originators, United Music, worked closely with local promoters Symbiotic, whose Janette Bishara and Richard McNeil understood the importance of recreating the defining spirit and essence of Transmission Prague, and went all-out to ensure the 2019 Australian event provided the same awesome production values.
The Robe presence at Transmission had started seriously at the 2017 Prague event, with 24 x MegaPointes on Bas’s design. The 2018 Prague edition - which kicked off the Awakening cycle - was delivered with 98 x Robe fixtures, so Bas and his core programming / operating team of Zis Ankone and Martijn Deenen, both also from the Netherlands like Bas, were delighted when the spec for Australia came through offering over 200 Robes.
These and all the other lighting for the show were supplied by MPH Australia. The Melbourne based company has one of the l

ostrichfestivalChauvet colours Chandler Ostrich Festival
Friday, 12 April 2019

USA - When The Commodores appeared at the 39th annual Ostrich Festival in Chandler, AZ, outside Phoenix in March, they didn’t disappoint, treating the large, appreciative crowd to an upbeat, free-flowing show that celebrated the full range of their music. Providing visual support was a Creative BackStage-supplied lightshow that reflected the many facets of the group’s sound by running through a rainbow of colours.
“The Commodores team relied quite a bit on changing colours at this festival, not just to convey the festive mood of the event itself, but to change the atmosphere on stage in support of the music,” said John Garberson of Creative BackStage. “The Commodores’ LD did this for them, and we did the same for the other headliners, Flo Rida and Andy Grammer, as well as all the local bands. There was a lot of great music on stage, and we wanted to give each song its own look with colour.”
Helping to achieve this goal was a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by his company, Creative BackStage. His rig for the three-day festival included eight Maverick MK2 Spot and 24 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, as well as five STRIKE 4 units on the downstage truss that complemented the colour displays by serving as blinders.
Garberson positioned his Rogue fixtures throughout the rig to ensure complete colour coverage. He flew 12 of the units downstage, six midstage, and six upstage. Joining them on the mid and upstage truss were the Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures. Adding extra colour were 12 Chauvet DJ COLORband PiX-M USB fixtures, arrange

gin-and-juice-barMartin CDD solution for Cheltenham complex
Friday, 12 April 2019

UK - Old Barn Audio (OBA) has completed a large sound installation in a Cheltenham hotel complex, using a Martin Audio CDD solution. No 131 Hotel complex is owned and operated by The Lucky Onion Group, owned by Superdry founder Julian Dunkerton, and the extensive work was carried out in three separate stages.
Situated on Cheltenham’s Promenade, the hotel itself is a classical Georgian townhouse. According to OBA director and project manager, Phil Clark, “The facility already had an effective sound system installed within the hotel, but the client wanted some weather resistant speakers situated outside the front of property.” His solution was to specify four Martin Audio CDD8-WR, the manufacturer’s weatherised version of the hugely popular CDD Coaxial Differential Dispersion range.
At the same time, the former Crazy 8’s Bar - originally fitted by OBA in September last year with an array of eight CDD8 and two Blackline SX210 - has now been rebranded as the Gin & Juice Bar brand. Incorporating a restaurant, the clientele expects exceptional sound quality, whether background or live, and OBA responded by fitting an extra four Martin Audio CDD6 loudspeakers, along with three further CDD8-WR weatherised speakers for the entrance foyer.
In No 131 Hotel itself a further four CDD8-WR can be found - but the piéce de resistance is The House, a new addition. Home to eight individually designed bedrooms, a sun terrace complete with Victorian-style glass house bar, and a number of event spaces, this newly redeveloped Georgian townhouse, with room

assembleyPR lights all-star Dubai concert
Friday, 12 April 2019

UAE - MediaPro International LLC recently provided full technical production in Dubai for The Assembly: a Global Teacher Prize Concert, including lighting, audio, processing, backline and control.
The event, which was held at the 15,000-capacity Dubai Media City Ampthitheatre, featured Little Mix, Rita Ora and Liam Payne, with Hugh Jackman as a special guest (along with Loren Allred).
Lighting designer Marno Snyman specified a large number of PR Lighting fixtures in his complex rig, including 42 Phantom 440 and 16 PR XLED 3019. All were taken from the large MediaPro inventory that includes around 100 x PR Phantom 440; 60 x PR XR330 Beam; 60 x PR XLED 3019 and 30 x PR 4022.
Explaining his choice Snyman, who doubled as the event’s lighting programmer and operator, said, “I chose them specifically for their features. Phantom 440 is a true hybrid, producing strong thick beams, from a decent CMY engine and it goes wide enough to be suited as a wash for the more theatrical pieces of the production.
“They were my warhorses in terms of effects and beam work, with some gobo and prism work added to make some looks a bit bolder than usual.”
Working for promoters George and Burnell Events, Marno Snyman confirmed that everyone involved with the production had given the show a resounding thumbs-up. “They were both extremely happy and pleasantly surprised with the overall look and feel of the event. As it was high profile, awards style concert, we tried to go for something different.”
The event was launched by The Varkey Foundation to

idexProtec delivers for IDEX opening ceremony
Friday, 12 April 2019

UAE - The International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) opening ceremony took place in a 60m x 350m custom stage set built over a car park overlooked by a grandstand in Abu Dhabi. Protec delivered everything from the initial creative concept and narrative to the original set design, graphics, build, complete show delivery and coordination completely transporting the audience to an active ‘war zone’ where the story takes place.
Engaged for the fourth consecutive time to create and produce this grand opening ceremony for IDEX, Protec pulled out all the stops to ensure that the 14th edition of IDEX was one to remember.
The show began with a mix of local heritage performances followed by local and international military parades to welcome the crowd before the main part of the show. The scene was set for a battle enactment of a fictitious scenario where an elite military group representing the Land Forces, Special Forces, Navy and Air Force were deployed in a coordinated and synchronized manner to deal with rebel militia.
Working closely with senior representatives of the Armed Forces, Protec introduced modern and advanced military techniques augmented by VR, AI, robotics and satcoms.
Tanks and armoured patrol vehicles repeatedly roared onto the stage from both sides carefully choreographed to create suspense. Apaches, Blackhawks and jets screamed overhead sending vibrations through the crowd while the battle was even taken underground into the mine tunnels taking the audience on a vicarious journey into the future of warfare.

apgAPG Uniline handles metal at Raismes Fest
Friday, 12 April 2019

France - APG’s versatile Uniline series lent its power and precision to the 20th anniversary edition of Raismes Fest, which is held every year in the town of Raismes near Valenciennes, in the North of France.
The event has been organised by the Raismoise Association of Culture since 1998 and returned once again to the park of the Château de la Princesse d'Arenberg for another weekend of hard rock and metal. This year saw a variety of international acts such as Rose Tattoo, L.A. Guns and prog metal supergroup Sons Of Apollo bring a wall of noise to the festival’s dedicated fanbase.
Established French rental supplier ACS Sonorisation has provided the festival’s full AVL and trussing package for the last 10 years - and enjoys a relationship with APG that spans 20.
Whilst the audio requirements for Raismes Fest tend to stay the year-on-year; with the number one priority being a main stage system that is capable of stacking up against the powerful array of bands on the line-up, the site and music genre offers some challenges that keep ACS busy.
For the main stage this year, ACS provided seven APG UL210’s and three UL115B subs per side, with another eight TB218S subs aligned against the downstage edge in order to achieve unidirectional cover.
Stage sound technician, ACS’ Ugo Sanna, explained: “We used to have a central sub layout in the past already, but we changed it for an arc configuration this year to efficiently manage the subs directivity and avoid any noise pollution in the surrounding ‘village’ area where the merch s

adbPL+S: ADB highlights Ocean and Orkis
Friday, 12 April 2019

Germany - ADB was present at Prolight+Sound 2019 with a large demo and hospitality area where visitors could meet and discover all the new products as well as some classics.
ADB's CEO Simone Capeleto reports: “ADB is traditionally linked closely with the theatre world, where our company has become established over the years with a vast range of lights, lighting controllers and dimming systems. In recent years, we have decided to combine tradition and innovation by enhancing ADB's classic know-how with a range of LED lights equipped with state-of-the-art technology for versatile, high-quality lighting, which is particularly in demand in theatres.
“Today, therefore, we know that our distributors and customers can not only count on our classic catalogue, with long-standing products such as the Warp and the timeless Eurodim dimmers, but also on control desks and LED theatre lights, which look to the future.”
Among the products that ADB presented for the first time at Prolight + Sound, was Ocean, the lighting console, designed for theatres, opera houses and multi-purpose venues.
The Ocean's most striking feature, as well as one of its main strong points, is its high-resolution touch screen, with a 70-cm-wide (27½-inch-wide) viewing area. It provides operators with full access to all functions and control of all parameters through a single screen, which greatly simplifies control desk ergonomics.
The Orkis is ADB’s new colour LED fresnel or pebble luminaire, which brings the modernity of innovative technology to the stage in a simpl

deltaliveL-Acoustics acquires major stake in DeltaLive
Thursday, 11 April 2019

Europe - L-Acoustics Group has acquired a majority stake in DeltaLive. This follows the announcement earlier this week that PRG has acquired Delta Sound LLC in Dubai.
“Today we have a further and exciting announcement to make about DeltaLive UK,” says Delta founder Paul Keating. “We are delighted to announce that DeltaLive has become part of the L-Acoustics Group of Companies.
“Throughout our history, DeltaLive has always had a strong working relationship with L-Acoustics, and excuse the pun, but they have always been our “French Connection”. Our strategy within L-Group is to venture into markets that have remained unexplored by L-Acoustics, with the commissioning of private and professional auditoria such as Island or Ocean, using the new L-ISA technology. The newly formed L-Acoustics Creations branch, the purpose of which is to offer the best of L-Acoustics technologies to a lifestyle and sound-art sector, is a great example of this.
“L-Acoustics is a great fit for our future strategy. With the company's leading technology and reputation for the highest quality audio products and performance, we are excited by what the future will bring. In particular the revolutionary L-ISA technology will strengthen our specialist audio services to clients.”
DeltaLive will continue to operate independently under the management of Keating and co-founder Mark Bonner. “It’s very much,100% business as usual,” Keating affirms.
He continues, “On a personal level, Mark and I are excited about the challenge ahead and working closely w

maestra-eventsMaestra doubles size of London HQ
Thursday, 11 April 2019

UK - Event design and technical production specialist Maestra Group, run by Justin Hammond (London) and Tom Clements (Dubai), has doubled the size of its UK and European operation ready for a busy 2019.
The east London HQ was bursting at the seams of its Victorian industrial building in Woolwich, where the Maestra mission started in January 2016. When the opportunity to take over the warehouse next door arose, it provided a convenient solution.
Parts of the walls have been knocked through and the interiors completely re-designed so the two spaces operate as an efficient and continuous workspace.
There are now new prepping and dispatch areas for projects leaving the warehouse, greater space for truck loading as well as enlarged storage and maintenance sections for all the different equipment sections. The extra space made available downstairs has been taken up already with new kit investments.
On the first floor, the original Maestra open-plan office space has also been dramatically expanded and made into one large integrated space that traverses the two units.
“With considerably more space, we have an excellent set up to continue growing our European business,” commented Justin. “We all really loved the building, so when the chance came up to move sideways – literally – it was a fantastic lateral manoeuvre.”
Celebrating its third full year of operation, the company finished 2018 with substantial equipment investment – including sound, lighting, video and rigging.
This includes a number of white products includin

theatronShure system upgrade at Utrecht University
Thursday, 11 April 2019

The Netherlands - With a change of frequencies to Europe’s 4G network, one of the oldest and most respected universities in the Netherlands needed help updating its audio equipment system.
Utrecht University was the setting for an ambitious three-year audio installation of Shure equipment, with ULX-D Digital Wireless systems being deployed across three main areas: Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof, the University Quarter in the city centre of Utrecht and the International Campus Utrecht (ICU).
With more than 29,000 students, 5,500 faculty and staff and 100 buildings – including 45 buildings used for educational purposes and lecture halls – updating the audio equipment to a digital system that delivered superb audio clarity, along with flexibility and ease of use was essential.
Award-winning integrator JNV, with support from AV specialist distribution company Output, managed the installation of the Shure equipment to provide the right solutions for the university.
Peter Janssen, AV domain specialist at Utrecht University, explains why a requirement for a digital system was needed: “There was a change of frequencies to the 4G Network in Europe, which led us to upgrade our previous system to a digital system. The new system offers us greater performance in terms of the amount of microphones in use under the new bandwidth restrictions brought in by the recent changes.”
Jan Zwanenberg, digital architect, JNV, adds: “Utrecht University has around 90 microphone systems in use across the campus; that is a mixture of handheld, lapel, pod

robe-tears-for-fearsRobe shouts it out for Tears For Fears
Thursday, 11 April 2019

Europe - Tears for Fears are back on the road in style, kicking off 2019 with a sold-out UK and European arena tour for which lighting designer Alex Reardon, from LA-based creative design practice Silent House, delivered the lighting scheme.
Alex utilised 66 x Robe MegaPointe moving lights as a key element of the rig - among other fixtures - to imagine a memorable looking and flexible lightshow as the band delighted enthusiastic audiences - original and new - and fans with their diverse catalogue and multiple hits.
He positioned the multipurpose MegaPointes everywhere in the rig. Thirty - 10 each - were rigged on three overhead trusses, some were positioned upstage behind a row of LED video pixel battens, there were three per side on the deck for low-level cross lighting and another six in the air each side for high-level effects.
He described the MegaPointe as “a perfect size and choice for multiple lighting tasks” on this design.
Their flexibility meant he could use them for a soft-edged front light and a hard-edged beam effect, having both the necessary punch and being compact and adaptable enough to work in arenas of all sizes.
In addition to these, Alex spec’d two BMFL Spot fixtures which were used with a Robe RoboSpot remote follow spot system. “I’m a huge fan of this,” he commented. “The simplicity of operation and the smooth motion of the RoboSpot system is stunning, and the fixtures are great as well.”
He and his lighting director / operator on the road, Richard White, left the targeting and iris control t

antonisremosChamSys in control in Thessaloniki
Thursday, 11 April 2019

Greece - Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, has established itself as a leading entertainment centre in the eastern Mediterranean with a thriving nightclub scene, a highly regarded film festival, popular theatres and a seemingly never-ending schedule of live music concerts.
Indicative of the city’s current entertainment panache was the winter concert series at the Pyli A Performance Stage. A highlight of the series was a concert by multi-platinum contemporary Laïkó singer Antonis Remos. Supporting the star’s passionate performance was a majestic George Porros-designed lightshow that immersed the audience with a stunning display of 144 overhead light tubes.
Suspended over almost the entire stage and extending out over the audience stage left and stage right, the tubes created an impressive image. Constantly morphing into different configurations as different tubes were turned on and off, the overhead display changed the entire look of the stage to reflect different aspects of Remos’ music.
Kiriakos Dimitriadis of Audiotech controlled this overhead panorama with his ChamSys PC Wing and dual DMX. “We used the ChamSys for pixel mapping, and to control the tilt and intensity of the tubes,” said Dimitriadis. “I have been a ChamSys user for nine years. It is a very friendly tool that makes it easy to navigate my way around any show, even when I don’t have a lot of time to prepare, which was the case with this concert.
“The lightshow for Antonis Ramos was rather elaborate with a lot of different angles and patterns. For

riminiDJ sessions set for Inside Rimini
Thursday, 11 April 2019

Italy - There will be an opportunity to see and hear some of Italy’s leading DJs close up during Music Inside Rimini next month. They will discuss “the fascinating world of musical entertainment”. The event, dedicated to lighting, sound, visuals, integrated systems and broadcast, organised by Italian Exhibition Group takes place at the Rimini Expo Centre from 5-7 May.
On Sunday 5 May, the DJ Zone, located in the expo’s Hall C6, will host a series of meetings such as Club Culture’s new venues, from clubs to festivals. The conference, promoted by MIR and SILB (Italian Dancehall Owners Syndicate) and organized by DOC Servizi, will attempt to explain the numerous facets of this trend. The guests will include organisers of events, such as the Nameless Music Festival, Ortigia Sound System Music Festival and Terraforma Festival.
The session titled DJs and performers: the relationship with music, technology and instruments, will be moderated by Damir Ivic, journalist and all-round music expert. Alternating on the podium for discussions on this topic and giving in-depth descriptions of their personal experiences will be several of the most famous Italian and international artistes on the music scene, including DJs Claudio Coccoluto, Fabio B and Alex Neri and DJ/performers Fabio Florido and the Parisi Brothers.
(Jim Evans)


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