USA - The Manchester Grand Hyatt is Southern California's largest hotel. Its 125,000sq.ft of flexible ballrooms and breakout rooms remain booked without pause. However, that tight schedule, while a blessing in every other respect, became the principle challenge in an extensive renovation of the hotel's AV system. Due to their ease of programming, cost effectiveness and complete flexibility when expanding via Dante, San Diego-based Audio Associates chose a number of Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8 open architecture networked DSPs and affordable SymNet xIn 12 and SymNet xOut 12 I/O expanders as the audio heart of Manchester Grand Hyatt's new AV system.

"This is a large, multi-phase project," explained Eric Evans, sales engineer at Audio Associates. "Most of the system is

UK - Aurora Lighting Hire is supporting lighting director Gurdip Mahal and gaffer James Tinsley on the new BBC One adventure quiz Prized Apart.

Working with production company Electric Ray and set designer Julian Healey, Aurora has provided a full service installation to the extensive studio lighting set up at Farnborough Five.

In keeping with the dry heat of the show's Morocco based location adventures, LD Gurdip Mahal has bathed the set in a desert glow created using a blend of MAC Viper Profiles, MAC Auras plus Vari-Lites VL3500 and VL2000 that mirror the arid on screen co

UK- Hire company Richmond Film Services has invested in a DPA d:dicate 4041-SP condenser microphone, making it one of only two companies in the UK to own this product.

Designed to work in a standard 48V phantom power environment, the d:dicate 4041-SP offers a totally transparent audio path with a low noise floor. With a one-inch diaphragm, this microphone is the largest product in DPA's extensive range.

Nigel Woodford, owner and founder of Richmond Film Services, says: "I bought the DPA d:dicate 4041-SP to satisfy a request from a customer who wanted to use it for Foley work. I

USA/Germany - Funktion-One has delivered upgrades to sound systems at four iconic venues - Cielo and Output in New York, Beta in Denver and Berghain in Berlin. The four nightclubs have benefitted from an intensive period of R&D that has enabled Funktion-One to take product performance to new levels.

The loudspeaker manufacturer's latest development is having a positive impact on owners, operators and their clientele. Company founder, Tony Andrews, reveals, "Funktion-One's continuous quest for fidelity has led to a breakthrough in cone stabilisation, almost eliminating diaphragm b

Israel - Koltech is a forward thinking lighting and audio rental company based in Beersheva, Israel's seventh largest city and the biggest in the arid Negev desert region to the south of the country.

The company is owned by Yossi Bendavid - popularly known as Zak Zak which means talkative - and Shlomi Auitani. The pair worked together at a previous company for several years and then set up Koltech seven years ago.

Koltech initially specialised in supplying technical solutions to theatre and opera productions. Their reputation soon spread along with their operational scope, and they

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