signifyprdeeleymuseum7Vari-Lite LEDs light motorcycle museum
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Canada - One of Canada’s leading motorcycle museums was given a striking, colourful new appearance this summer, thanks to high performance LED lighting fixtures from Vari-Lite.
Entertainment technology specialist ShowTech AVL was called in to upgrade the existing window lighting scheme for Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition’s 100 Years of Motorcycling exhibit. “Museum director Brent Cooke asked us to redesign the lighting and ‘give it some punch’,” says Brian Konechny, president of ShowTech AVL.
Konechny knew he could get that ‘punch’ from Vari-Lite’s high brightness SL BAR 660 and the attributes of its RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) LED source. “With the Vari-Lite fixtures we get not only the pastels we need, but also the saturated colours that you don’t get from many RGBW fixtures. The SL BAR 660s surprised us - we got some great deep, rich colours.”
He adds: “I knew the SL BAR 660’s power would make them a substantial upgrade, and making sure the light filled each of the nine window display areas was pretty easy with the 60 degree beam spread.
“The SL BAR 660s were perfect for the job, and Brent loves it - he really wanted the windows to ‘pop’ from the street level, and they do.”
(Jim Evans)

ac-et-helps-visual-elements-to-achieve-its-visionAC-ET helps Visual Elements achieve its vision
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

UK - Equipment rental supplier Visual Elements has made a substantial investment in technologies for its new video production services division, sourcing everything from A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET).
Established for 20 years, Visual Elements provides wet and dry hire solutions to music festivals, theatre shows and film premieres, as well as servicing London events venue Tobacco Dock.
After deciding to set up a video division alongside its existing production services, it approached AC-ET to help specify and supply a complete range of technologies from its portfolio of premier brands.
Video technical sales executive Chris Beardwell worked closely with Visual Elements’ head of video, Leon O’Neill to deliver a package which met all technical needs and maximised the available budget.
The order included Panasonic PT-RZ120 and 970 1-chip DLP laser projectors; over 60 Samsung UHD 4K TVs ranging from 40 to 82 inches; a Philips X-Line modular video wall; and a Roland V-1HD video switcher.
Related signal transmission products, cabling and accessories supplied included a B-Tech video wall stand, Unicol screen mounts and custom flight cases for all panels; Barco video switchers; Kramer HDMI distribution amplifiers; Blackmagic Design and Decimator HDMI/SDI converters; Interspace AV control; and over 1400 metres of Kramer fibre optic HDMI and Belden Neutrik BNC-BNC cabling.
Visual Elements received full delivery within four weeks of all 350 separate pieces of equipment.
Leon comments: “AC-ET has been fantastic. Chris’s p

dronesMusic video drone show takes off with PNAU
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

USA - Verge Aero, the specialist in high performance drone light shows, has placed its drone technology at the heart of new music video by Australian dance music trio PNAU, featuring American singer Ollie Gabriel. The project marked the first use of a large-scale drone light show in a music video.
PNAU’s Nick Littlemore and video director Benjamin Kutsko came up with the concept for the All Of Us video shoot, after Littlemore witnessed a drone light show at a festival. “We wanted to do something that felt like a psychedelic ‘Close Encounters’ with this singer out in the desert,” says Kutsko.
Kutsko’s research led him to Verge Aero CEO Nils Thorjussen, who was able to answer his questions about the drones’ performance and reliability, including how well they deal with winds. “When Benjamin called me about his idea, I knew there was really nobody else who could give them the kind of services that we were able to give them,” says Thorjussen. “We’re the only company with this kind of sophisticated toolkit.”
In Kutsko’s concept, the drones would appear as an intelligent force, interacting with Ollie Gabriel’s character. “I wanted it to feel alive, as if this organism was communicating,” he said. “The lights and shapes would be part of the universal language of math.”
Over a six-week period, Kutsko worked closely with Thorjussen and the Verge Aero team, including programmer Tony Samaritano and developer Chris Franza, using WYSIWYG previsualization to perfect the various looks that would be flown on location

ajrAJR invests in L-Acoustics Syva
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

South Africa - Pretoria-based rental company AJR has decided on the L-Acoustics colinear Syva system to offer high-end quality audio to their corporate events. In doing so, they have become the first in South Africa to purchase Syva.
Owned by Altus van Rensburg, AJR was one of the first in the country to buy into the L-Acoustics X Series with X12 and X8. Contemplating the best way to build on his existing audio system, he came across the Syva at local distributor DWR Distribution and was sold.
“When Syva first came to the country last year, we stood around like excited school boys, listening and wondering what magic was coming out of the boxes,” Altus says. “We hoped that someone would buy the system first because we wanted to hire it from them and try it out. My initial thought was to expand on our ARCS WiFo system. We currently have six X12, six X8, six ARCS WiFo and eight SB18 subs. The Syva presents a solution to deliver the same audio quality with a one over one, and is ideal for a quick set up by a single crew member.”
AJR’s personal and professional approach has enabled them to consistently grow and provide service to longstanding clients and their marketing is solely due to excellent referrals. Altus knew that for larger events, he could hire in extra gear. For the smaller to medium sized events, Syva presented something unique to the market and Altus believed this would be a cost saving to clients and more affordable than flying a full audio system.
“For us quality has no alternative,” Altus explains. “We want to set

deltasoundsmarrayBose ShowMatch backs beatification ceremony
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Spain - In a Roman Catholic ceremony to mark the beatification of Guadalupe Ortiz de Landazuri, audio rental firm Delta Sound Spain employed a Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ system to provide full-bandwidth sound and exceptional audience-area coverage for the event.
Landazuri was the first lay member and the first female member of the Catholic church’s Opus Dei body to be beatified. Cardinal Angelo Becciu, prefect of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints, represented the Holy Father at the beatification ceremony.
The ceremony took place at Palacio de Vistalegre, a multipurpose venue that originated as a bullring (and therefore has a 270-degree seating aspect); the space is usually configured for 9,000 attendees, but was reconfigured to accommodate 11,000 for this special occasion. To meet the needs of the Vatican for the special event, a sacristy, chapel, press area and volunteer hosting room were specially constructed.
The multiple-array sound reinforcement system set up for the event included a total of 40 ShowMatch modules configured in two main 12-box left/right arrays supplemented by a total of 12 ShowMatch SMS118 bass modules for low frequency extension. Multiple outfill arrays were made of four additional ShowMatch modules. Additional ShowMatch loudspeakers were used as ground-based frontfills, with two modules each mounted on multiple pairs of SMS118 subs.
Jose De La Torre, CEO of Delta Sound Spain, comments: “With such a high RT60 measurement and a very reverberant space, the challenge was to achieve high intelligibility i

nashvilleADJ Lighting transforms Nashville church
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

USA - Following a year-long renovation project, the former West Nashville United Methodist Church re-opened last year as Clementine, a space for weddings as well as corporate, fundraising and music events. The venue offers a ‘blank canvas’ for hosting bespoke gatherings and that includes an expansive all-LED, all-ADJ lighting system which allows custom-coloured illumination of every part of the space.
Owners Dan and Brenda Cook are no strangers to projects that involve breathing new life into previously closed historic buildings. In 2011 they bought a shuttered church in the Hillsboro Village area of Nashville and lovingly restored it to create a boutique event venue they named Ruby. Since then the location has proved popular for a wide range of private functions, while Dan and Brenda have been on the look out for another suitable building to transform into a similar venue able to cater for larger events.
Last year they were able to acquire the former West Nashville United Methodist Church, which was originally built way back 1889 and has since been expanded numerous times. They then spent a whole year renovating the building, which included removing internal walls and false ceilings and stripping the plaster from the walls to reveal the original bare brick beneath. The finished result blends the history of the space with a contemporary industrial design.
Dan and Brenda brought in Corner Audio and Video, the same company they relied on to kit out Ruby. Headed up by chief systems designer David Goon, it is the installation division of Corner Musi

nelt-tousePLASA launches NELT training programme
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

UK - PLASA has launched the National Lifting Event Training (NELT), a training programme for production technicians who use lifting equipment during event production.
Designed in conjunction with the Live Event Production Group with the aim of improving safe working practices of lifting operations, NELT is currently available at UK Rigging in Bolton and Production Services (PSI) in Northern Ireland, with more approved centres expected to offer the programme in 2020.
Nicky Greet, PLASA’s director of membership, skills & technical, comments: “PLASA is pleased to offer this national training for production technicians that has been developed in collaboration with industry professionals on PLASA’s Live Event Production group. The aim of NELT is to standardise good practice and knowledge, making work environments safer and more efficient for all those involved.”
The course will take place across three days under the guidance of expert trainers in specialist facilities. Trainees will complete a series of practical activities and receive guidance on how to establish cohesive and safe working partnerships with NRC riggers. Upon successful completion, candidates will receive a certificate and a listing on the PLASA website.
To enrol, please visit Experience of working in the live events or broadcast industries is recommended but not essential.
NELT is the latest addition to PLASA’s

rada-with-kv2KV2 Audio partners with RADA for training
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

UK - KV2 Audio has announced a partnership with RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) to support the training of young students in theatre sound production. KV2 has provided a range of EX Series loudspeakers to equip RADA’s Jerwood Vanbrugh and Gielgud theatres, and will also offer masterclasses on sound design and the use of point source technology in a theatre environment.
Steve Mayo, RADA’s head of sound, comments: “These partnerships are the life-blood of hands-on training for our students. I am very eager for our sound students to have the opportunity, not only to work with high quality, modern equipment, but also to meet the people behind it. The support we’ve had from KV2 has been invaluable in paving the way for this partnership, from our initial conversations at ABTT in June through to them organising for all our students to have a proper demo of the full KV2 range at PLASA last month.”
Mayo recalls that his decision to approach KV2 was sparked initially by well-known theatre sound designer, Richard Brooker, when he came in to talk to the students about working on musicals and mentioned that KV2 had become an important part of his designs. He was further prompted by the fact that Autograph Sound (with whom RADA already has a close relationship) are an important KV2 user, a fact endorsed by Autograph sound designer, Avgoustas Psillas.
“We were lucky enough to get Avgoustos in to mentor to our sound design students when we were preparing for our musical production during the last summer term, and he was very complimentary about KV

avantispressimage1Allen & Heath unveils Avantis console
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

UK - Allen & Heath has revealed its new 96kHz digital mixer, Avantis, the third to be based on the company's XCVI FPGA engine. Avantis puts Allen & Heath's technology in a 64 channel / 42 configurable bus console, with twin full HD touchscreens, extensive I/O options and processing from the company's flagship dLive mixing system.
"Joining dLive and SQ, Avantis completes our trilogy of next-gen 96kHz consoles," says Rob Clark, Allen & Heath's managing director. "Avantis takes many of the features that have made SQ and dLive so popular, putting them in a standalone 64-channel mixer that offers a new UI experience, connectivity with our Everything I/O ecosystem, and the dPack option which gives you access to our advanced dLive processing options if and when you need them.
"On top of that, we've taken a new approach with the industrial design, coming up with a full metal chassis that’s super-strong, lightweight and looks fantastic."
Encased in its alloy shell and tubular frame, the Avantis control surface is centred on the two full HD touchscreens and their corresponding rotary controls.
"Having two touchscreens isn't a new concept, but we realised we could use it to unlock exciting new possibilities, which led us to develop Continuity UI," says Andy Bell, Allen & Heath's R&D director.
"Within seconds of getting hands-on with Avantis, engineers are going to appreciate the seamless flow between the physical controls and the on-screen software. You can work gains and pans on the rotaries, then at the touch of a soft key

sixty82Sixty82 appoints distributor for Switzerland
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Europe - Sixty82 is pleased has announced the recent appointment Cast as its exclusive distributor for Switzerland. With immediate effect, Cast will distribute and provide technical support for the full product range of Sixty82 trussing and staging solutions.
“As we learned about the birth of Sixty82in 2018, it was obvious that one day we would join this marvellous team, led by people we have trusted for more than 25 year! It is wonderful that today is that day!” says Silvio Cibien, CEO of Cast Switzerland.
Fokko Smeding, CEO of Sixty82, comments: “We are delighted to be working with Cast. This partnership will help meet the industry’s requirements for fast delivery times and technical know-how from experienced people.”
Date Jonkman, Sixty82 executive account manager, adds: “We believe that Cast is uniquely positioned to further develop our existing customer base and that, with their market presence and sales support network, together we can make a real impact.”
(Jim Evans)

jonasAyrton Khamsins for Jonas Brothers world tour
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

USA - After a nearly 10-year hiatus, the reunited Jonas Brothers have embarked on a new world tour, which will play 74 dates in North America and 16 in Europe, in support of their fifth studio album. Accompanying the Happiness Begins tour are some 200 Ayrton Khamsin LED profile fixtures.
Burbank’s silentHOUSE is providing the lighting design and tour production for the show, which features a curved LED videowall at the back of the stage, an LED floor and a talent walkway to VIP seating. The Jonas Brothers kicked off Happiness Begins in Miami in August and will wrap the tour in Paris next February. The artists have sold more than 17m albums worldwide.
“The show’s lighting design works in tandem with the video production,” says silentHOUSE CEO and producer, Baz Halpin. “The truss configurations frame the main statement of the LED screens, and there are no trusses downstage of the LED floor. We opted to light all the performers on the stage from the side. The result is that the LED stage sitting at centre stage dominates the visuals with no other elements taking away from the show.”
“The Khamsin profiles are positioned in the pit and upstage/offstage of the set to give silhouette opportunities, frame the set and expand the whole vision beyond its physical structure,” says silentHOUSE partner and lighting designer, Alex Reardon. “The majority of the Khamsin fixtures are mounted on the ground and utilised throughout the show, and the turnout has been wonderful.”
The tour marks the first time that Reardon has used Ayrton Khamsin

penn-elcom-pdu16-10dj-14Penn launches slimline PDU range
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

UK - Penn Elcom has released the PDU16-10DJ PDU (power distribution unit) range of 1U rack mounting units which combine all the power and practicality of 10 switchable output sockets - available with different socket outlets - and a range of power ratings between 10A and 16A.
The full catalogue of Penn PDU devices now includes these four new slimline variants plus four other 2U devices, all of which are designed to flexibly assist full connectivity in a wide array of scenarios.
The PDU16-10DJ range is suitable for numerous installation and integration applications - from live music venues, theatres and studios to clubs, restaurants and bars, plus custom install applications like home automation, says the company.
Each of the 10 switchable channels is protected by a thermal current overload trip switch, and each numbered channel has a dedicated rocker switch with a neon indicator light for quick and easy identification, so users can spot immediately whether if a load is present - or not - in both bright and dark light conditions.
Power comes in via a panel mounted C20 socket and is distributed to ten C13 / IEC outlets. A thermal overload trip switch cuts the power supply to all sockets if activated, providing the requisite safety standards for general industrial use.
(Jim Evans)

robe-cisco-live-2019-cccc0324Robe has designs on Cisco Live! 2019
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

USA - John Featherstone of lighting and visual design practice Lightswitch worked as part of the XD Agency team to help create a high-impact environmental design for Cisco Live! 2019. Featuring a series of light-based artworks, this project was conceived to catch the eye and quicken the pulse of delegates entering the main presentation space at San Diego Convention Centre.
To do this, Lightswitch used over 400 Robe moving lights - 200 Pointes, 180 MegaPointes and 24 Spiiders.
The massive four-day event welcomed more than 25,000 Cisco ‘power users’ from around the world who came to learn about the latest products, services and ideas, to network and be entertained.
The central ‘general session’ space was located across two halls of the Convention Center’s extensive floorspace, configured to seat around 16,000 people with the presentation stage in-the-round.
The lighting and visual effects proposed by John for the project were inspired by Cisco’s commitment to thinking outside of the box and often taking bold and audacious steps in the development and pursuit of innovation in the fast-moving world of technology.
“With a forward-thinking client and a tech-embracing audience, this gives us the opportunity and the inspiration to think about different approaches every year,” explained John, who has lit the event - in different locations - for the previous two years.
The headroom available in the convention centre was relatively low - the venue is essentially a concrete box. To accommodate this challenge, the XDAgency team

and-juliet-2-johan-perssonUnusual Rigging & Juliet get together
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

UK - Unusual Rigging has been brought on board to ensure that, while the course of true love definitely doesn't run smooth, the rigging on new West End musical & Juliet certainly does.
The show, which will open at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London's West End next month is currently enjoying a successful run at Opera House Manchester, asks - what if Juliet's famous ending was really just her beginning? What if she decided to choose her own fate? And what if she got over Romeo by running off to Paris with Nurse and her best friends on a whirlwind trip of romance, self-discovery and gate-crashing the castle party?
The musical features pop anthems of the last 30 years from songwriter Max Martin, all arranged by the Tony and Grammy Award-winning orchestrator Bill Sherman.
Production manager Simon Marlow explains: "My first port of call was to get in touch with Unusual Rigging as I knew they were the right team for this rather complex production. We've worked together on several other projects – in fact they're my go-to rigging team."
He continues: "They've been tasked with working out the fly plot, diversions and all overhead rigging on stage as well as facilitating all auditorium advanced rigging points. This is a technically challenging show with so many lights and massive PA – and that's before we even look at scenery. We also have programmable hoists on the show which is a challenge, so I need to know the riggers I'm working with can take all of this in their stride."
The show features some extravagant scenic elements - "a

hippotizerFinnish National Opera adds Hippotizers
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Finland - Green Hippo has announced that the Finnish National Opera & Ballet (FNOB) has upgraded its stock of Green Hippo media servers with the company’s latest Hippotizer V4 systems.
The new equipment, supplied by Green Hippo’s exclusive Finnish distributor Msonic Oy, comprises seven Hippotizer Karst+ DVI, two Hippotizer Boreal+ DP and six Hippotizer Montane+ RTX servers - all with dual SDI input cards.
The new servers were specified by Johan West, video product manager at Msonic. A long-standing Hippotizer user, West has enjoyed a close relationship with the FNOB since specifying their very first Green Hippo systems back in 2008. Since then, he has been responsible for training the opera house crew, as well as advising on the use of Hippotizer on many productions. He also provides all Green Hippo training and support for the FNOB team.
“A series of new pieces are premiering and the designer wanted to use Notch and live camera feeds mixed together with content, in realtime,” West explains. “This gave us some things to think about: camera feed latency, latency of LED/video projector processing/signal distribution. Everything specified had to meet some rules: latency had to be kept as low as possible, it had to be flexible and it needed to work with existing signal distribution formats.”
He adds: “Hippotizer’s 3D toolkit, SHAPE, also plays a big role here. The opera house uses moving projection surfaces that are mapped using SHAPE. Also, some of the automation is pinned using automation objects in SHAPE.”
The new se

main-light-invests-in-elation-artiste-seriesMain Light invests in Monet and Picasso
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

USA - One of the largest rental houses in the United States, Main Light Industries of Wilmington, Delaware, has added Elation Professional’s Artiste Monet and Artiste Picasso LED profile luminaires to its rental fleet. Both award-winning theatrical-grade luminaires, the Artiste Monet recently won a PLASA Award for Innovation at the 2019 exhibition in September.
The investment in Elation’s Artiste Series adds to a significant amount of Elation products in Main Light’s rental inventory. Most important in the decision to go with the Artiste luminaires, says Main Light operations manager Randy Mullican, was the quality of build. “We have been working with Elation for over 15 years and again went with Elation for the quality of the product, as well as the after sales support,” he says. “We were looking for a line of products that would cover a good portion of our client requests and the Artiste Monet and Picasso fit the bill.”
Elation Professional sales & marketing director, Eric Loader adds: “Main Light is a key player for us to have on board with our Artiste range products in order to support the East Coast market rental supply / demand. Well known as the ‘Switzerland’ of lighting rental companies, Main Light works well with many of our dealers and has always provided top quality sub-rental products to the market so we are beyond excited for them to add the Monet and Picasso to their rental fleet.”
The new Artiste luminaires will find service on touring and corporate/church events, which continue to be Main Light’s key mar

sw4-festival-2019Capital equips South West Four with MLA
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

UK - Celebrating its 16th year at its familiar Clapham Common site, South West Four is a familiar August Bank Holiday destination for London’s clubbers. This year it again welcomed the House of Commons Festival, curated by Madness, onto two of its stages for Bank Holiday Monday itself. Returning after two years, the giants of ska were accompanied by artists including Ziggy Marley and Jimmy Cliff.
The event’s long-serving sound production company, Capital Sound, were again brought in by promoters Lock ‘N’ Load Events, with whom they have a long relationship, and of the five stages they equipped, Martin Audio PA systems dominated the first four.
The event again drew some of the world’s leading exponents of electronic dance music, including Martin Garrix, Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Pendulum Trinity and Chase & Status, while under canvas Sigma and Craig David were among the Stage 2 headliners, in the vast 55m x 75m, 10,000 capacity space.
For Capital account manager Martin Connolly and Lock ‘N’ Load’s Andrew Mattle the event is all about improving the customer experience year on year - particularly with regard to the audio - and this year was no exception. Capital upgraded Stage 3 from MLA Compact last year to the full MLA, flying eight elements (plus an MLD Downfill box) on either side of the stage. “Although the speaker complement was roughly the same as before we needed more horse power to deal with reflections at the back of the tent,” says Connolly, explaining the reasons for the change.
The Capital FM main stage saw 13 MLA

mca2020logoESTA opens Members Choice Awards nominations
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

USA - ESTA has launched the nomination process for its Members Choice Awards to all member exhibitors at the 2020 NAMM Show.
The awards, voted on by all ESTA members attending the NAMM Show, recognise outstanding new entertainment technology products. Awards are bestowed in three categories:
• Expendable: product which is designed to be consumed or replaced frequently
• Gadget: product that is physically small enough to fit in a pocket or small backpack, or software with a file size no larger than 100 megabytes
• Equipment: product that is physically too large to fit in a pocket or small backpack, or software with a file size larger than 100 megabytes
Only ESTA member exhibitors at The 2020 NAMM Show may nominate a product(s); they must be either the manufacturer or exclusive distributor and can submit one nomination in each category. Only products that have been introduced to the market after 1 January 2019 and deliverable by 16 January 2019 will be accepted.
To make a nomination, please visit // The deadline is 12 December and the winners will be announced on the show floor on Saturday, 18 January.
(Jim Evans)

untold-3Milos performs Steel Truss magic at Untold
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Romania - Staged in the city of Cluj, which is in the heart of Transylvania, the Untold festival is a mixture of sights, sounds, smells and adventures. It’s a music festival created to amaze the hundreds of thousands of visitors that descend upon the city each year for four days of music and fun.
This year’s festival was held from 1-4 August and attended by more than 400,000 music lovers. The line-up of included Robbie Williams, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Bastille and Fedde Le Grand.
The centrepiece of this year’s Untold stage featured a giant Wizard’s head that weighed in at 13.2t. To support this massive weight, Untold needed a strong truss span that could not only handle this 13.2t point load, but also be stable enough to withstand wind loads generated on the large surface area of the head. The new Steel Truss line from Milos was chosen for the job.
The delivered solution was the extreme heavy-duty S-RTW steel truss (1450 x 770 mm), which is manufactured from ultra high strength steel alloy that is three times stronger than standard steel alloy. Unlike traditional forks that provide a single direction connection point, it features convenient double fork connectors for multi-directional connection points, together with end braces with 22mm holes for lateral connections and pinned connectors for increased strength.
The truss was used to construct spans that supported the gigantic wizard head and was rated to withstand wind loads with speeds of up to 90km/h.
(Jim Evans)

led-creativesupermarketsweepLED Creative supports Supermarket Sweep
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

UK - Filmed at Maidstone Studios and hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal, the ITV2 reboot of the daytime TV cult classic Supermarket Sweep retains a stack of elements from the original. Inflatables, loud jumpers and the legendary trolley dash are mixed with a collection of new games and challenges, all taking place among the brightly coloured aisles.
Created by scenic designer Josh Grace, the gloriously bright faux supermarket set is awash with pastel shades, another subtle homage to its predecessor, mixed with an array of contemporary upgrades. Together with lighting designer Gurdip Mahal and operator Ross Williams, the team have constructed an environment which offers a fresh, modern twist on the original styling.
Helping build the look, the LED Creative team supplied their Alpha Neon and Sigma LED controlled via the company’s Megabyte Pixel Drivers.
LED Creative project manager Ges Smith says: “Our Neon is ideal for applications such as this, where the desired appearance is ‘traditional neon’ but the requirement is for a more versatile, controllable solution. Our Sigma LED and Megabyte system deliver a layer of flexibility which has been useful in creating the look and feel for the production.”
The flexibility of the LED ‘neon’ combined with its intensity and colour makes it suitable for creating the show’s vibrant in-store branding. For additional detailing, the Alpha was also applied to the custom graphics used throughout the set.
Providing further highlights throughout the set, LC Sigma was used to provide an extra la

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Glastonbury 2020 - Tickets for next year's Glastonbury Festival sold out in just over half an hour. All 135,000 tickets for the 2020 event were bought within 34 minutes, according to organisers. Demand for the Somerset festival far outstripped supply, as 2.4m people registered to try to attend.
Glastonbury celebrates its 50th year in 2020, and big acts are expected to be booked to appear on the various stages at Worthy Farm. Sir Paul McCartney has hinted he may return to play the festival in its anniversary year.
Emily Eavis, daughter of founder Michael, tweeted: "We have now sold out. Thank you all for your incredible, continued support. Demand was higher than ever, with over 2.4 million people registered. Bring on 2020!"
Carbon Neutral Theatre - Shell’s membership of the National Theatre will come to an end next year, as the arts organisation unveils an accelerated goal of making itself carbon neutral in the face of the climate emergency. The National Theatre lists fossil fuel company Shell as one of its corporate Gold members. Prices for this band of membership begin at £15,000 a year.
It has not been made clear whose decision it was for the partnership to end in June 2020, but a statement from the National Theatre said: “Shell have been valued and longstanding supporters of the National Theatre, most recently as corporate members – this membership will come to an end in June 2020.”
The end of Shell’s association with the theatre follows earlier news that the Royal Shakespeare Company has ended its longstanding partn

adlib-2019-netball-world-cup-at-ms-bank-arena-11Adlib supplies 2019 Netball World Cup
Monday, 7 October 2019

UK - Adlib supplied full technical production to the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup staged at the 11,000 capacity M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.
Adlib’s rental departments implemented a fully integrated video, lighting and audio package linking in with broadcast elements for BBC and Sky. The spectacle took place over 10 glorious days of top sporting action which delivered world class netball to an international TV audience and many thousands packing into the court-side seats which were sold out for the duration.
This quadrennial event featured two distinctive criteria. First, a spectacular opening ceremony which wowed the crowds and got everyone in the mood for the sports to follow.
Adlib’s technical team worked closely with curators of the ceremony Culture Liverpool and Iluminos. Adlib provided six Panasonic RZ21K 20,000 lumen laser projectors mounted vertically to project the visuals created by Iluminos onto the courts below. Lighting and video effects combined to produce the spectacle enjoyed by the live audience and TV viewers alike.
On-court drama followed, produced by Sport Presentation specialists Red Sky at Night Events Ltd, this saw 16 nations compete for the coveted Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 trophy.
Adlib’s overall project manager was Dave Eldridge. He worked with a highly talented and experienced crew onsite, and closely with host broadcasters Televideo and several other contractors to ensure seamlessly delivery of a world class sporting event to a hugely enthusiastic audience worldwide.
Working with R

noticiapolandAVI Media appointed DAS Audio distributor
Monday, 7 October 2019

Poland - Warsaw-based AVI Media has been appointed to distribute DAS Audio’s professional audio products in Poland.
AVI Media’s Michal Zelman comments: “During my time working in the PA/AV market I was involved in projects and events with DAS Audio products and I always had a very good impression of their performance and reliability. My goal now is to expand this brand’s excellent reputation throughout Poland and participate in larger projects with AV integrators, designers and sound engineers, providing the best customer service.”
Ignacio Chuliá, executive sales representative for DAS Audio in Europe, adds: “AVI Media is the perfect partner for the Polish market. DAS Audio has been working with Michal for quite some time and we look forward to sharing this new project with him.
“We are positive that our cooperation with Michal will consolidate our position and our growth within the Polish market”, continues Chuliá. “We can count on Michal´s broad experience in the industry. We have been working with him for years and have always had an exceptional relationship which have resulted in outstanding service for our customers. We are delighted to partner with AVI Media and we welcome them to the family.”
(Jim Evans)

blackoutMental health survey seeks more participants
Monday, 7 October 2019

UK - The team behind the immersive installation Blackout are calling for more participants to join its industry research into mental health.
The research, which was initiated during the PLASA Show, is seeking to provide the first evaluation on mental health awareness within the UK technical backstage entertainment industry.
To collect the required research data, Dr Paul Hanna, research director in clinical psychology at the University of Surrey, has devised a short (5-10 minutes) questionnaire. The results of the study will then be used in panel discussions, conferences and health and safety reviews with industry organisations to promote a discussion on industry issues such as working hours, overnight shift work and touring shift patterns.
Mig Burgess, Guildford School of Acting tutor and creator of the Blackout immersive event, says: “This is an extremely important first step to address mental health awareness in the UK technical backstage entertainment industry and we are delighted that Paul’s expertise will provide valuable insight into mental health issues in the sector. “
Sean McNamara, head of the GSA, adds: “As part of GSA’s commitment to driving forward innovation in matters relating to mental health and wellbeing, we fully support Mig and her colleagues with this ground-breaking project.”
The evaluation has been funded by leading industry associations PLASA, ALD, ASD ABTT, PSA.
To take part in the research, participants have until 18 October (Friday) to test


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