usitt2022-raffle-logoLRLR raffle and boutique benefit BTS
Thursday, 6 January 2022

USA - The Long Reach Long Riders and Behind the Scenes will host their annual fundraising raffle at the USITT Conference 3-5 March in Baltimore.
This year’s raffle will celebrate the 19th anniversary of the Long Reach Long Riders annual charity motorcycle ride. The Riders, who have raised over $800,000 for charity in their years of touring, will be riding 18-24 June on the Blue Ridge Ramble tour through the Appalachian Mountains.
The Behind the Scenes Boutique will also be open for business during the show featuring an assortment of great Behind the Scenes swag and the famous Long Reach Long Rider T-shirts and kazoos.
Tickets for the raffle are an affordable $5 each or 5 for $20 and can be purchased at the Behind the Scenes booth throughout the show. Winning tickets for nine regular prizes and one grand prize will be drawn at 1pm on Saturday, the final day of Stage Expo.
The prizes, provided by donors, are: Grand Prize, Spotlight with Renderworks from Vectorworks; Ghostlight from Altman Lighting; SpotFX unit with battery pack and gobos from Apollo Design, American Express Gift Card from Barbizon; Event Safety Summit 2023 Registration from the Event Safety Alliance; Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Milk Frother from IA Stage; $250 Gift Certificate to from Musson Theatrical; $250 Gift Certificate from Sapsis Rigging; ProPlus Rope Access Harness from Showtech Australia; and a USITT 2023 Full Conference Registration from USITT.
All proceeds from the raffle and boutique sales benefit Behind the Scenes, which provid

new-yorkChauvet lights New York New Year’s Eve party
Thursday, 6 January 2022

USA - The millions of viewers around the world who tuned into ABC’s broadcast of New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest, enjoyed all the familiar sights of this Times Square event. But for the team responsible for lighting the talent on the stand-up platforms during the show, ringing in 2022 represented a big departure from tradition.
“This was the first time in the show’s 50-year history that host positions weren’t lit with HMI fixtures,” said Mike Grabowski, lead designer for The Lighting Design Group, which was responsible for lighting the platforms at Military Island, and the Bertelsman building, as well as the Powerball setup for the broadcast.
In place of these fixtures, Grabowski and his team lit host Ryan Seacrest and other talent with 12 Chauvet Professional onAir IP Panel2 soft light fixtures, which, like the rest of the rig, were supplied by 4Wall Entertainment.
“We need something very bright to get us to a level that could hold its own against the blaring intensity of Times Square’s LED screens, but we also needed something soft, flattering and nimble,” said Grabowski. “Thanks to the onAir panels, this was the first time were able to edit colour temperature, without having to run up and swap gel, which was huge. Aside from this, we were also able to run a little less heavy power, which was also great. We also tossed in the intensifiers with the onAir panels to squeeze the beam down a bit, which worked out very well.”
In addition to their enhanced performance, the onAir IP Panel 2 units met the criteri

ankaraAnkara animation studio adds Audient
Thursday, 6 January 2022

Turkey - A 48-channel Audient ASP8024-HE was the console selected for ISF Studios, one of the largest animation and production studios in the Turkish capital of Ankara. ISF Studios is responsible for Rafadan Tayfa, the country’s most popular children’s animated series with an audience of 3.5m, as well as the original 2017 cinema film, Rafadan Tayfa: Dehliz Macerası which boasted 1.8m admissions in the first weeks.
Mustafa Tarkan Ergün, the producer/mixing and mastering engineer at ISF Studios explains their decision to go for the British console: “It was our first choice in terms of the warm, analogue sound, the numerous functional possibilities as well as its affordability - which doesn’t sacrifice quality.”
Other projects include live recording of the national anthem in the and ISF Studios was also instrumental in the renewal of the national children’s television station TRT Çocuk’s ident. Established in order to serve all digital arts, especially advanced animation and production works according to its website, ISF Studios has become one of the pioneers of the newly developing animated film sector in Turkey.
The upgrade came shortly before the Minister of Industry & Technology Mustafa Varank told the Turkish Anadolu Agency that Turkey was increasing its potential in the animation sector.
Talking about the desk’s sound, Ergün says, “It has a sweet and warm saturation. At the same time, the ASP8024-HE graphic EQ gives the ear a feeling of freedom - not artificial, but realistic and soft. The bus compres

chris-stockton-primageWILA announces expansion into US market
Thursday, 6 January 2022

UK/USA - WILA Lighting has announced its expansion into the US market. WILA Lighting’s growth into the US market has been facilitated by its close affiliation with Experience Brands, a global lighting conglomerate comprised of medium-sized production and innovation facilities that work closely with its specific markets. The goal of the group is to combine the experience, capacity, and capabilities of the individual businesses to achieve maximum service and performance to the customer.
Benefitting from Experience Brands worldwide distribution network, extensive product facilities, and shared infrastructure, WILA Lighting will complement the extensive Experience Brands’ portfolio, to fulfil project requirements across a range of sectors.
Earlier this year, WILA achieved recognition for its green credentials with the confirmation of its status at the highest level of Carbon Neutral+ standard.
Matt Vogel, chief executive officer at WILA Lighting, comments: “Expansion into the US is a significant step for WILA Lighting and one we have been working towards for some time. Our products have already been specified for several high-profile US projects, and it is fantastic to see the strong appetite in the market for our extensive product range. We are delighted to have the support of Experience Brands and the individual businesses that make it such a worthwhile enterprise.”
Chris Stockton, CEO at Experience Brands, adds: “WILA Lighting is a fantastic company, and we are proud to be able to offer WILA products here in the US. As a fast-growt

londonLondon welcomes 2022 with spectacular show
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

UK - London welcomed in 2022 with a spectacular city-wide display, sending a message of thanks and hope to the nation and the world. Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency, helped to develop the original concept and worked in partnership with the Mayor of London’s office and a dedicated team of experts to create an extraordinary experience for the second year running.
The 13-minute show designed for home-viewing was broadcast live on BBC One and watched by a global viewing audience of millions.
Jack Morton’s creative show team worked in collaboration with On the Sly for the music production, Titanium Fireworks for the pyrotechnics design, and Skymagic for the swarm drone sequences.
Patrick O’Mahony, creative director of Skymagic, comments: “We were delighted to collaborate again with Jack Morton to design and deliver the drone light show for London New Year’s Eve for the second year running. Building on last year’s show, we have returned to the capital with a larger fleet and having developed our drone division both technologically and creatively. The 2022 show tells a celebratory story with an emphasis on three-dimensional formations, conceptual shapes and complex trajectories.”
Lighting for the event was designed by Durham Marenghi with Paul Cook as associate LD and programmer in Central London and Pedro Marcé Socias programming at The Old Royal Naval College (ORNC). All the lighting and lasers were pre-programmed and visualised on WYSIWYG and Depence2 to give the client and the BBC a clear indication of what they c

prolightsProlights feature in Umbra Light Festival
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Spain - The second edition of the Umbra Light Festival in Victoria-Gasteiz took place between 12-14 November. The festival was born with the intention of introducing both visitors and citizens to the world of urban lighting art, in such a way that the public could experience and interact with the latest artistic and technological expressions of this field. The festival encompassed artistic expressions of digital visual art, interventions in urban space and new technologies.
The festival took place in the historic centre of the city (La Almendra), where a total of 19 artists were able to present their works and filled the city of Vitoria with light, colour and music.
Digital illustrator Coaner Codina transformed the central Plaza de la Virgen Blanca into a colourful underwater space. An imaginary and dreamlike world brimming with light and colour that covered the ground and façades of water into fantastic creatures to emphasize the overfishing and pollution of our seas that threaten the sustainability and biodiversity of our planet.
The work of Rebeca Sánchez and Miquel Clot, based on a large structure located in the monumental Plaza de los Fueros, was made so children could interact by dancing and jumping around the installation. This installation featured two Prolights PanoramaIP AirBeam.
International designer Ezequiel Nobili turned the medieval wall of Vitoria Gasteiz into a poetic and harmonious landscape that revealed the union between heaven and earth. This installation featured 12 PanoramaIP AirBeam and four PanoramaIP WBX.

main-light-tyler-truss-inventory-01Main Light expands inventory with GT Plus
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

USA - Main Light has expanded its truss inventory with GT Plus truss from Tyler Truss. Both Main Light East and West now have the standard 10’, 8’, and 5’ lengths in stock in addition to bases, corners, Tyler’s indexable spigots, and necessary accessories. GT Plus truss features redesigned leg sleeves and locking leg collars that allow for smoother operation.
The GT Plus truss inventory purchase continues Main Light’s commitment to building inventory that offers benefits for their clients. “By having the moving lights safely and securely travel in the truss, this eliminates the need for road cases, which means less space is needed on the truck,” states Randy Mullican, general manager for Main Light. “GT truss saves on space, weight, and reduces fuel consumption, which our clients really appreciate. It also speeds up the load-in and -out times as well, again providing a big savings for our clients.
“The indexable spigots allow you to easily make designed shapes, because you can take the spigot out and rotate it 90°. With their gate system, you can easily and quickly build an arch or build circles with standard pieces of truss.”
Bill Edwards, VP of marketing and sales for Tyler Truss, further explains how the indexable spigots offer more compatibility to Main Light’s clients, “When you buy truss, it generally has fixed fork ends; they're either vertical or horizontal. So, if you want to use certain accessories like gates to do arches and things like that, you have to have your gate match your fork end. You can't have a horizo

robe-vienna-opera-house-robert-eisenstein-1Vienna State Opera invests in Robe Forte HCF
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Austria - The Vienna State Opera House in Austria - also home to the Vienna State Ballet - has invested in new Robe Forte HCF LED moving lights and Forte HCF FollowSpots.
Vienna State Opera purchased 10 Forte HCF luminaires and four Forte HCF FollowSpots which work in conjunction with a customised RoboSpot control system, explained deputy head of lighting Robert Eisenstein.
The Opera House has a busy repertory schedule, and these Robe luminaires - delivered via Robe’s Austrian distributor Signal - replace the old manual-focus generic FOH tungsten fixtures with brighter, more adaptable, and more sustainable lights, and have upgraded the traditional follow spots in this impressive 1,709 seat and 567 standing capacity Renaissance Revival styled venue which opened in 1869, when it was the first building to be erected on the Vienna ring road!
With a throw distance of 50m to the stage from the FOH positions, they needed the most powerful and the quietest fixtures.
The fact that the FOH gallery lights no longer have to be manually focussed means valuable between-production changeover times can be saved by having moving lights, and that the system is hugely more flexible for accommodating the needs of all productions.
Robert and his colleagues are all delighted with the results, as are the visiting lighting designers who have so far benefitted from using the new system.
RoboSpots were first tested in the house three years ago when a system was rented in for the Vienna Opera Ball.
The Opera House follow spot slots rooms are in t

chauvetChauvet lights Justin Quiles’ return to Caracas
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Venezuela - The latest hit single from Justin Quiles La Botella has inspired a challenge among his legion of devoted fans that calls on them to dance to the rhythmic sways of this song with a bottle on their heads without having said bottle fall.
While his fans may accomplish this feat with varying degrees of success, maintaining a sense of equilibrium seems to come quite naturally to this Puerto Rican born star, not only in his smooth moves on stage, but also in the way he balances different musical influences in his reggaeton sound.
Both were on full display this December when Quiles made his first Venezuelan appearance in six years, giving a concert, with production managed by Oz Shows, at the Universidad Santa María in Caracas.
Moving effortlessly with him throughout his 16-song set was a vividly colourful light show designed by Jeremy Danis of Oz Shows, with production by Edgar Figuera and programming by Milton de la Cruz that featured 50 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
Anchoring the rig were its 24 Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures. The RGBW linear units, each with five pixel mappable and independently controlled moving heads, were arranged on an overhead truss grid that spanned the entire width of the stage.
Some of these fixtures were flown on horizontally oriented truss, while others were positioned on vertical lines. This configuration opened a broad array of design options, something Danis and the production team took full advantage of by orienting the independent moving heads in multiple directions.
At times the design

riggingteamadrianskeltonAdrian Skelton joins Rigging Team
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

UK - Independent rigging specialists Rigging Team has appointed Adrian Skelton to the role of project manager at the company’s Stevenage headquarters.
With an extensive career spanning over 25 years working within the live events industry, Skelton brings with him considerable expertise. Beginning his career in the world of touring theatre before gravitating toward the area of specialist rigging projects, he has more than 3,000 events under his belt, including numerous high profile engagements such as the G20 Summit and 2012 Summer Olympics.
Working previously as head of rigging at ExCel London, Skelton has built a comprehensive understanding of all areas of the project management remit.
Rigging Team director Adam Searle says: “Ade has amassed a wealth of specialist knowledge, working at the highest level. His management capabilities, hands-on style and thorough technical understanding will be an enormous asset to our team.”
Skelton adds: “I’m absolutely delighted to be joining Rigging Team. Their service and support is renowned within our industry - it’s a pleasure to be bringing my own experience to the mix of skills they offer. As we make the careful transition back to normality, I am looking forward to working with friends and colleagues as part of Rigging Team. I’m particularly interested in the technical training which the company provides, something that will help create a more secure future for our industry.”

chamsysCody James and ChamSys flow with Atreyu
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

USA - Busking your way through an Atreyu tour requires many skills and attributes. High on that list is flexibility as the band weaves a mix of different musical influences into their metal-driven sound.
Cody James has demonstrated such nimbleness in his time running lightshows for the quintet, supporting them note for note as they rip their way through their multifarious musical blend. His adaptiveness was on full display in Atreyu’s 29-city Fall Baptize tour, which ended on 16 December.
Not only did James keep pace with his client’s music, he also adapted his show to a wide range of stage configurations, as the tour wove its way through a diverse mix of venues, from the Palladium in Worcester, MA and the Majestic in Detroit, to the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis and House of Blues in San Diego. Helping him accomplish this without a hiccup was his ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console.
“Every single day there was a placement change for fixtures, or another challenge, like my FOH position being all the way house left by the bathrooms,” said James of JDI Productions. “It was an adventure every day - and I enjoyed it very much. The MQ80 held up great in this aspect. It made it simple to deal with a variety of different house rigs. That was one of the brightest gold stars on its checklist for me.”
The fixture library and cloning features of his MQ80 were invaluable to James on this tour, which was made in support of Atreyu’s eighth studio album. “Without a high quality fixture library, each day would have been a struggle,” he said. “On t

dance-america-productions44Dance America lights dancesport with Elation
Wednesday, 5 January 2022

USA - Dancesport is a growing discipline at all levels. From local dance competitions to a myriad of popular dance shows on television to its inclusion in the 2024 Summer Olympics, the world has embraced dance as sport.
Dance America Productions, an independent production company based in Tampa, FL, specialises in dance events of all types and has worked many of the genre’s competitions for years. Owned by Nina Kimbrough, a dancer herself, the company carries lighting, sound, pipe and drape, and LED video wall, plus the all-important portable dance floors that range from 2,400-6,000sq.ft.
Kimbrough uses a system of Elation LED luminaires (SixPar 300 and Cuepix Blinder WW4) with a clever airwall mounting system to provide high-quality lighting at dancesport competitions around the country. “The dance floor is the stage so it needs to be lit properly,” Kimbrough states. “It needs to light the dancers and the space in which they are dancing in a bright, even illumination that doesn’t blind and with minimal hot and cold spots on the floor. It needs to provide the proper colouring for the dancers, and finally it needs to support photography and videography. I get all that from my Elation lights.”
Traditional side-light positions for dance floor events - single truss towers on or near the corners of the dance floor - pose a number of problems, according to Kimbrough, who prefers to forego towers whenever possible. “You want even illumination, but that is hard to do with towers. When you light from towers and project from the corners, it is

partyLive events supply chain ‘back on the brink’
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

UK - With government advice putting the decision-making onto the shoulders of the public and consumer confidence eroding as a consequence, the live events sector is stressed to the limit, says industry organisation #WeMakeEvents (WME).
Despite a devastating 2020 and a challenging 2021, businesses in the industry have worked hard to exceed revenues last recorded in November 2019 by the same month in 2021. But, says WME, the current climate has already eroded this by 80% during December 2021 and is forecast to continue through January.
From the UK’s first lockdown in Spring 2020 until summer 2021, companies in this sector only received around 12% of the Cultural Recovery Fund (CRF) awards whilst many of the freelance technical specialists who work in the industry are still catching-up on their finances, having had no work for over a year.
WME says in a statement: “While we are pleased to see the government recognise the existence and critical role of freelancers in the entertainment sectors, the chancellor’s announcement of £1.5m support will have little to no effect whatsoever. Added to this, local government grants are not sufficiently targeted to reach the supply chain, compounded by the ‘postcode lottery’ of these grants by the issuing local authorities, and exclusion for many within the recently announced CRF criteria. Over 25% of people had to leave the sector they loved over the past 20 months for more regular and dependable income to support themselves and families. Another talent drain like this will be fatal.
“While we fee

solotechxr-studiosSolotech acquires XR Studios
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

USA - Solotech has acquired XR Studios, a full-service agency specialising in extended reality, including augmented reality technology for live broadcast and virtual productions.
Located in Los Angeles, XR Studios serves high-end clients in multiple segments such as TV, music, Fortune 500 companies, and live events. XR Studios pioneered innovative performances such as Katy Perry’s American Idol finale and MTV’s 2020 Video Music Awards. Other notable clients include Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges, Amazon, Verizon, Twitch, and many more. Going forward, the company will continue to operate as a separate entity and brand.
Through the acquisition, Solotech's Media and Entertainment Technology division will make a significant step towards realising its vision of developing new technological solutions that are at the crossroads of three markets: fans and artists, content producers, and online gamers.
The acquisition of XR Studios also brings chief technical officer, Scott Millar onboard. Millar has worked on multiple, large scale international AR projects, with a thorough focus in installation, engineering, and general AV technology. He has been instrumental in the founding of the extended reality workflow, collaborating with software teams such as disguise, Notch, Unreal Engine, and Touch Designer, making Millar a vital expert of this technology.
Martin Tremblay, president and CEO of Group Solotech, comments: “The venture with XR Studios will fill the missing piece of the puzzle and be the third pillar of our MET Division, adding complete

claypakydialogkarintornblom3Claypaky Xtylos Aqua lights Nobel display
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Norway - For the second straight year Nobel Week Lights Stockholm was presented as part of the city’s Nobel Prize celebrations from 4-12 December 2021. Dialog, the installation by lighting designer Fredrik Jönsson, utilised 30 Xtylos Aquas, the IP66-rated fixtures powered by Claypaky’s proprietary RGB laser source. Xtylos Aqua offers the same effects and features of the original Xtylos in a small and robust form factor designed for use outdoors.
Nobel Week Lights Stockholm was organised by The Nobel Prize Museum and featured some 20 artistic installations inspired by the Nobel Prize and its winners’ achievements.
Jönsson’s Dialog was located on Strömparterren, a small island in the centre of Stockholm near the royal palace and parliament, and visible across the city. It was inspired by the Nobel Prize in Physics that Charles K. Kao won in 2009 for “groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for optical communication”.
“The concept consisted of strong, animated light rays directed towards the sky. Bright moving light fixtures will produce a cluster of strong light rays similar to what happens on the inside of fiber optic cables,” explains Jönsson, a multi-award-winning lighting designer and head of Eyebrow Designs. “What we experienced was the light - full of information - animated, moving, pulsating, flickering and coloured in different sequences and patterns to symbolize the gigantic flow of information that daily passes through all the world’s fibre cables and binds people toget

larussian-palaces-of-culture1L-Acoustics reinforces Russian Palaces of Culture
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Russia - Art and culture are central to Russia’s heritage, and the country’s cultural institutions play an integral role in its citizens’ lives. Two such institutions are the multifunctional Palace of Culture ‘Kapotnya’ in Moscow and the Polyarnye Zori Palace of Culture in the far north city of Polyarnye Zori. Both were opened in the 1970s, and both organise leisure activities, introduce residents to creativity and art, and work to preserve national and cultural traditions that support the development of social initiatives of their respective local populations.
L-Acoustics certified provider distributor for Russia, Sonoruss, recently installed L-Acoustics A Series in both cultural centres.
“All Palace of Culture venues are by nature multifunctional, therefore the systems that we propose need to accommodate anything from theatre shows, festivals and music concerts to masterclasses, lectures, and citizen gatherings,” says Sonoruss CEO Igor Verkholat. “While the mission may be the same, each of these two venues has its own unique challenges and objectives. Using Soundvision, an essential part of any L-Acoustics design workflow, we did electro-acoustic simulations and mechanical calculations to develop a sound system that met both design targets.”
For the Polyarnye Zori Palace of Culture, the main requirement was to provide uniform coverage across the entire hall, considering its specific architectural structure, which includes a low stage and boxes that accommodate lighting along each side of the auditorium. A left/right system with n

btsmhfa12-29-21400x400BTS confirms mental health first aid courses
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

USA - Charity Behind the Scenes has announced a series of Mental Health First Aid virtual training classes throughout January and February.
The Mental Health First Aid course takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations with someone you are worried about by teaching you how to recognize the signs and symptoms, how to listen and give reassurance, and how to refer that person to appropriate professional support and services. The course is delivered in two parts - a self-paced online course followed by a six-hour virtual live instructor-led session.
Participants will learn about the risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance use problems including information on depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis and substance use; the five-step ALGEE action plan to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or is in crisis, and the available evidence-based professional, peer and self-help resources. On completing the course, you will become a certified mental health first aider which is valid for three years.
The registration fee is $125, with IATSE Members and those working under IATSE agreements eligible for Training Trust Fund reimbursement upon proof of successful completion of the course. A limited number of partial and full scholarships are available - contact for information. Training for Canadians is available through the AFC at
To see the available training dates, visit test

brookThe Brook goes green with GLS and Chauvet
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

UK - A lot of music history has reverberated off the walls of The Brook in Southampton, a former Victorian pub turned live performance venue. Bill Wyman has jammed on its tidy stage, so too have Billy Bragg and other UK stars. Now a bit of the future is shining of its storied walls too, as GLS lighting has given the club an LED lighting upgrade with some 30 Chauvet Professional fixtures.
The change began during the COVID lockdown when The Brook’s director Nick Lewis saw an opportunity to define a new vision that would take the venue, which began hosting live music in 1994, to new levels whilst also committing to reducing its environmental impact.
Having worked with The Brook for over 20 years, local install specialists GLS were brought on board to transform the club’s outdated lighting system with a modern, flexible LED installation with the idea of enhancing its stage shows whilst also minimizing its carbon footprint.
Toward this end, GLS specified 10 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2X Wash, six Rogue R2X Spot, eight COLORdash PAR Hex 12IP and four Strike 4 fixtures, all controlled via a ChamSys MQ80 console.
With the primary focus of the family-run Southampton-based venue firmly placed upon audience experience and satisfaction, Lewis was all too aware of the importance of providing the two-tiered venue with a stunning up-to-date array of visual tools to award the artists on stage with a sense of grandeur one wouldn't normally expect from a venue renowned for its intimate and close-knit performances.
“The Brook is a venue that has

5g-festival-brighton-domeSonosphere enjoys busy year
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

UK - Sonosphere has welcomed the new year by remembering a busy 2021. Most significantly, the company was involved in the 5G Festival (5GF) project, central to the continuing advancements in using 5G technology in a new way for the entertainment industry. In addition, the Sonosphere management team completed a buyout of the company, with Duncan Bell joining as commercial director; this was swiftly followed by the team supplying immersive audio for the public launch of Ed Sheeran’s new album.
2022 is set to be as busy, with multiple projects in the pipeline including a major interactive multimedia exhibition that will open in Germany in the New Year, spatialising the work of a Saudi Arabian producer and composer, and an immersive audio installation into a major London venue.
“The November 5GF trials were a seminal moment for the entire consortium of companies involved in the project,” says Bell. “The rest of the Sonosphere team have been involved in 5GF since it started in September 2020. Of course, I didn’t come to the project until October 2021 and it’s been incredible to see how the team has worked together to develop technologies, based around the 5G network, that has the potential to change the way the music industry works.”
Also central to the company’s portfolio is the continuing partnership with Metropolis Studios, home of Sonosphere’s Dolby Atmos certified immersive studio, and our work to spatialise a selection of Amazon Music’s back catalogue.
“Immersive audio has always been central to my vision for Sonosphere

claypakyqueenofthenight3Sharpys shine on Queen of the Night
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Ukraine - For Olya Polyakova’s The Queen of the Night show, staged at Kiev’s Palace of Sports in October 2021, a large array of Claypaky lighting fixtures gave a high-energy look to the concert and accented the royal design motif employed by the popular performer.
Yuriy Andrushchenko, drector of Feyeria, supplied lighting designer Vlad Cherepin with 62 Claypaky Sharpys, 54 Sharpy Plus, 32 Mini-B LED moving lights, 32 Tambora Battens and eight Scenius Unico spots for the concert.
“The central element of the set was a star-shaped crown suspended from trusses on moving motors, where we put the Sharpy fixtures,” says Dmytro Andrushchenko, stage designer of Feyeria. “Sharpys were very well suited to this application because they are small and easy to install and have a great effect in a large hall.”
Vlad Cherepin chose Sharpys, he says, “because they were perfect to make narrow beams and to repeat the contours of the crown in the air.”
In addition, Sharpy Plus created bright colours and unusual gobo effects, while the Mini Bs acted as bright fill-lights, he explains. The Scenius Unico fixtures served as front lights and profiles accentuating the singer and dancers while the Tambora Battens proved to be “powerful lighting effects tools” says lighting operator Ruslan Bondarev.

brudnellsocialclubq2251Brudenell Social Club makes Quantum move
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

UK - The Brudenell Social Club can legitimately claim cult status within the Leeds music scene, having hosted a broad mix of international acts including the Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Tom Jones and The Smiths in addition to a steady stream of local talent.
It started life as a working mans’ club in 1913 and still holds those beginnings close to its heart - in addition to its two large concert rooms it also offers a lounge and games room and hosts local photography, film and origami groups on regular occasions. It now boasts two DiGiCo Quantum 225s as part of its audio arsenal.
With an endless procession of engineers passing through its doors each year, its faithful console of 10 years had seen its share of wear and tear and owner Nathan Clark knew it was time to secure a replacement. He turned to SSE Audio, whose Ryan Thomas takes up the story:
“The Brudenell Social club is a very busy venue. It’s located within the student area of Leeds and in 2019 it hosted two gigs a night for a significant portion of the year, so the gear gets worked very hard. SSE’s relationship started with them 10 years ago when they purchased a console from us, and we later upgraded Venue 1 by installing an L-Acoustics PA system in there. Then, five or six years ago, the club built Venue 2 and we installed a d&b audiotechnik system for them.
“I took a DiGiCo Quantum 225 to the venue and they loved it. When we installed the consoles, we also ran a training session for the house engineers, done by our Live Sound Specialist James Baker who has recently

bryce-jewellSolotech names UK managing director
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

UK - Solotech has announced the appointment of Bryce Jewell as managing director for the UK. He will drive the overall business strategy for Solotech and its two divisions, Live Productions and Sales and Systems Integration.
Jewell has over 20 years of experience within the technology sector spanning the UK, US, Norway, and Australia. He has led the turnaround of the UK and US enterprise businesses as MD at Global Cloud Xchange, which operates the world’s largest privately-owned subsea cable system. Prior to Global Cloud Xchange, Jewell served as director, sales Europe at Pacnet.
“This appointment is the symbol of a new major milestone for Solotech’s expansion in the UK and Europe, and a true testimonial of our intention to continue investing in our people, our technology, our operational structure and our brand,” comments Martin Tremblay, president and CEO of Group Solotech. “We are in it for the long run, and are definitely looking to build a strong, UK-based operation with - in addition to the audio heritage from SSE Audio, Wigwam Acoustics, Capital Sound and BCS Audio -other key services and technology that set Solotech apart and make it absolutely unique on the global market.”
“We are absolutely thrilled and proud to welcome Bryce as part of our leadership team. His knowledge of business management and technology background will be a major game changer for the diversification of our business activities in the UK and in all of Europe for the years to come,” adds Tremblay.

grace-4Rogues add concert looks to Lakeland church
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

USA - When it comes to the lights in his rig, Dominic Lopenzo doesn’t hesitate to say that he is completely partial to beam fixtures, or more specifically the beam function in Chauvet Professional’s Rogue RH1 Hybrid.
“Beams have become my favourite, because they add so much energy to a room,” he said. “I find myself going to them often.”
Partiality to beams might not be unusual in a concert/touring designer, but Lopenzo is speaking as technical director of Grace City Church, a 750-seat house of worship with a distinctly modern touch located in Lakeland, Florida..
“Many people have described our services as being like a concert, and to our worship team and me that’s a huge compliment,” said Lopenzo, who comes from a concert background and still works at the House of Blues in Orlando in addition to doing his lighting duties at the church. “We pull a lot of ideas from concert lighting and apply them to a worship environment to create something that we feel is unique and engaging.”
Positioned on the stage deck, next to the drum and keyboard risers, the Rogue RH1 Hybrids in the church’s rig (between two and six depending on the service or event) are used to accent key moments on stage and to engage worshippers by directing crisp tight beams across the room.
“I used the beams extensively because of their impact,” said Lopenzo. “Our stage is approximately 60ft wide, and the width of the room expands considerably as it goes out. The beams fill space beautifully. We only have one floor, so I am able to point a lot

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Further Action - Labour is calling on the government to urgently take further action to support the arts sector - including widening eligibility for the Culture Recovery Fund - warning many “treasured theatres” face collapse without support. The call on the government follows an announcement from chancellor Rishi Sunak that £30m has been added to the CRF.
However, Labour said more needs to be done to ensure the “support is effective” and reaches “those most in need”. The party’s demands include: widening the scope of the Culture Recovery Fund Emergency Resource Grant so that previous recipients, commercial productions, and individuals can apply; speeding up payment through the Culture Recovery Fund so that the self-employed, and freelancers in the culture sector can have their contracts honoured, and an urgent review of the Live Events Reinsurance Scheme, which sector leaders have previously warned does not meet theatre’s needs.
Freelance Aid - Creative Scotland has released details of an £8m fund for creative freelancers as part of a £21m package of emergency COVID relief. The fund is the £20m that was announced in Holyrood last week, as part of a wider £100m package, with an additional £1m from existing events sector funds. Creative Scotland will administer the £8m Cancellation Fund for Creative Freelancers and a £10.2m fund for organisations and venues. The remaining funds will go towards the wider events supply chain and will be administered by EventScotland.
Creative freelancers will be able to apply for between


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