claypakyfestivaloflights1Festival of Lights invests in Sharpy Plus
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

South Korea - Festival of Lights, an entertainment lighting company founded in 2013, has added 70 Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures to its inventory.
The firm designs and operates lights for numerous concerts, festivals and television programmes. As the K-pop phenomenon has gone global, Festival of Lights has also done overseas tours for Korean musical artists. Its comprehensive services range from rentals to design, installation, operation and maintenance. The company has particular expertise in show operations, and its young operators are known for their creative lighting designs.
The Sharpy Plus has two independent operating modes. In beam mode, it offers enhanced aerial effects and an extraordinary power output (over 300,000 lux at 10m distance). In spot mode, the light is diffused in a more even way, which means visual effects can be projected with excellent uniformity. The fixture’s 3° to 36° (1:9) zoom covers the entire range linearly, both in spot mode and beam mode.
“Sharpy Plus is true to its name as a 100 percent hybrid fixture with beam and spot functions,” says executive director Yundo Kim with Festival of Lights. “We love to use the fixtures in spot mode and wide zoom, as well. Where other common beam spots have too much concentrated light at the centre, Sharpy Plus has a soft and clear spot.”
Recently, Festival of lights utilised Sharpy Plus fixtures on the broadcast programmes JTBC Phantom Singer 3. “We preserved the atmosphere of the set by evenly spreading soft light in the Sharpy Plus spot mode,” Yundo ex

jblbrx300seriesnewproduct500x407JBL debuts modular line array series
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Asia Pacific - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the JBL Professional BRX300 Series of modular line array systems for small- to mid-size applications in the APAC, China and India markets, only.
The series, which includes the BRX308-LA Line Array Element, BRX325SP powered subwoofer with DSP, BRX308-ACC Transport Kit, BRX308-AF Array Frame and BRX308-PM Pole Mount and Adapter Kit, provides versatile sound reinforcement solutions for bands, DJs, A/V rental firms, houses of worship and anyone who requires pro-grade fidelity, class-leading output and seamless front-to-back coverage in a simple, scalable sound system.
“Every day, the world’s leading concert venues and touring productions rely on the power and clarity of JBL Professional line array technology,” said Sunil Karanjikar, Cinema product manager, Harman Professional Solutions. “With the BRX300 Series, we’re bringing that legendary sonic performance to small- and mid-size productions.
“The BRX300 series takes the guesswork out of system setup and operation, thanks to its built-in corrective processing, smart transport system and simple rigging hardware. No matter your configuration, you’ll be able to set up quickly and safely and get right back to focusing on your show. And, because systems are self-powered and self-contained, there’s no dealing with amp racks, crossover calibration or long cable runs - just add input cables and a mixer and you’re ready to go.”
The BRX300 Series can be configured to accommodate a range of live music events, receptions and co

sphereSphereLabs launches multi-use PZ Sphere
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UK/USA - New interactive LED sphere technology company SphereLabs has launched a futuristic LED display and interactive solution for the entertainment and corporate markets.
The PZ Sphere is 2m tall whilst its precision-engineered frame is covered with a tessellated arrangement of bespoke LED panels at a high-resolution 3mm pixel pitch. SphereLabs says the product will appeal to a wide range of customers, including production companies, agencies, record labels, producers, production houses, directors and designers.
It can also work to increase visibility and engagement with displays in settings such as airports and attractions, while with added interactivity, it can also as a unique touchpoint 360˚ information resource for information or navigation in venues such as shopping centres.
SphereLabs is a new-to-market collaboration between Light Initiative’s Bryn Williams and Dave Stevens and Steffan Jones of production and design company Production Zync.
“We’re thrilled to bring the PZ Sphere to market,” says Williams. “It’s the result of many months of input from talent at the forefront of LED sphere innovation and has the capability to transform the way information is displayed and experienced.”
SphereLabs says it is ready to roll out the PZ Sphere in both sales and hire capacities.
“With hire, we will manage, deliver, and execute the A to Z of technical production for anything live, be it an event, a concert, a sport half-time show, a tour, TV, music and so on,” Williams continues. “That can include not only the

hatsune-miku-berlinHolographic icon performs through MLA
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Europe - Prior to the recent lock down period in Europe, Japanese ‘android diva’ Hatsune Miku toured Europe again with production company Proper Productions and Capital Sound providing sound reinforcement with Martin Audio’s MLA loudspeaker array.
Hatsune Miku had previously toured Europe for the first time back in late 2018. The three European dates covered venues (including London Olympia) that were completely diverse in size and dimension, and the ‘Vocaloid’ music sensation, using a computer generated voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media, performed a shrill, high octane ‘thrash’ metal repertoire to an adoring set of fans.
Developed in 2007, Hatsune Miku is actually a 16-year-old blue haired virtual persona, who is seen onstage as a 3D hologram projection. Yet such is the Japanese fixation with anime culture she has over 2.5m followers on social media.
So successful was the 2018 tour that second time around, confronted by a slightly larger five dates - starting at the relatively small O2 Academy Brixton, ending at Sant Jordi Club Barcelona, and taking in Zenith Paris and Ziggo Dome Amsterdam along the way - Cap deployed largely the same production support team. This was headed by Capital crew chief, Amy Newton-Smith and system tech Ben Turnbull, with Olli Fallon providing monitor support.
While Hatsune’s vocals were triggered by Pro Tools, four professional musicians provided the tight live backing over two solid hours of relentless performance.
The main PA comprised 13 MLA elements and two MLD Downfill elements,

timax-crowdscape-immersive-arenaOutBoard introduces TiMax Crowdscape
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UK - As global professional sports teams emerge into new COVID-restricted league and tournament seasons, TiMax Crowdscape has been created to restore an element obviously lacking that normally helps drive their endeavours - the crowd.
TiMax Crowdscape provides a live and interactive sonic cocoon of sound that immerses the players in realistic and responsive spectator reactions to the game. Studies have shown that player engagement, motivation and performance are hugely influenced by the crowd, and currently, of course, the lack of it.
Comments such as “a game without fans is a game without soul” have appeared in the press alongside emotive assertions about “that ecstatic communion between players and spectators.” Fans have begun to notice and there has been a growing demand from teams and players themselves to fill that void.
The Crowdscape system utilises a multichannel “bowl” sound system mounted in the seating bleachers and pointing in towards the playing area. One or more operators use iPads to trigger and variably spatialise selected crowd atmosphere loops as well as cheering, applause and booing spot effects, plus whatever other tailored content is relevant to the game and teams. Samples are spatially mixed to anywhere in the arena or stadium using individual iPad 3D panners, faders and triggers, and can be merged selectively into the existing house system for added energy and immersion. TiMax Crowdscape brings all this in an exclusive portable game-in-a-box package which includes on-board playback, spatialisation, mixing and syste

ayrton-karif-ltAyrton unleashes long throw Karif-LT
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

France - Ayrton has introduced Karif-LT, its ultra-compact 300W LED beam-spot, and the first in Ayrton’s new line of LT (Long Throw) products dedicated to long-range applications.
Karif-LT is equipped with a 168mm frontal lens offering a zoom ratio of 17:1 and a 2.8°- 47° zoom range, the narrowness of which is unprecedented and unmatched in an LED fixture, says the company. A new high-efficiency, low-etendue, compact LED module delivers an ultra-intense beam which, calibrated at 8500K, can generate powerful metallic white light and deep, vivid colours. Karif-LT has an overall output of 13,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 7500K, and a centre-beam luminous intensity of 3,500,000 candelas.
Billed as ‘a creative wizard’, Karif-LT’s rich feature set includes a CMY colour mixing system, a patent pending multi-position CTO wheel with seven different colour correction filters, a wheel of 13 complementary colours for infinite pastel hues and saturated colours, nine interchangeable rotating HD glass gobos and a new innovation in the form of a wheel with 39 fixed gobos (patent pending).
Karif-LT also has a glass monochrome multi-position, bi-directional effects wheel, and a prism effect system comprising four combinable rotating prisms which, coupled with an ultra-intense beam, can achieve complex effects. Standard features also include light and heavy frost filters, a dynamic animation effect with speed and fade adjustment and an electronic dimmer. Karif-LT is shipping with immediate effect.
View the newly released Karif-LT pres

zero-88-coca-cola-arena-dubai-exterior-credit-coca-cola-arenaZero 88 in control at Coca-Cola Arena
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UAE - The new Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai unites three lighting brands from Cooper Lighting Solutions - Zero 88 for entertainment-style control, iLight for architectural-style control and Ephesus LED sports lights.
The interior lighting and control systems together with all associated infrastructure were delivered as a turnkey solution during last year by Eaton Lighting Systems - now known as Cooper Lighting Solutions (CLS).
These aspects of this flagship project were managed by Peter Coles (business manager), supported by Martin Piper (iLight International training & support manager), Jon Hole (Zero 88 product manager) and Cooper Lighting Solution’s two EMEA project teams - one based in the UK, the other in Dubai, who together oversaw the process from design to final delivery in close collaboration with UAE-based lighting installation contractor, BMTC.
The venue itself is a 17,000 capacity (bowl format) multi-purpose indoor arena located in the City Walk neighbourhood of Dubai and operated by ASM Global.
The tender requirement stipulated the specific sports lighting criteria required to maintain the correct lighting levels to be TV / broadcast friendly. The whole arena had to be properly lit in white as well as having the capability of being turned into an array of vibrant colours and textures, so in all, some 369 high output LED fixtures were specified.
Three different types of LED fixtures are used in combination - 74 Ephesus Arena Pro Variable White, 191 Ephesus Prism RGBA fixtures and 104 LED profiles. These are carefully positi

nl4mpxx-4Neutrik debuts speakON receptacle series
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UK/Canada - Neutrik has announced availability of its new speakON XX-receptacle (two- and four-pole) series of the company’s connector design. speakON XX is the first Neutrik speakON chassis line to come to market compliant with the new IEC 62368-1 materials safety regulation, requiring any materials used in potential ignition sources to have a V-O vertical burn classification.
Compliance for devices using existing horizontal burn (HB) rated materials in connector components will require enclosure of these, necessitating potentially expensive, time consuming modifications to connectivity components within devices such as amplifiers, mixing consoles and loudspeakers; potentially making them bulkier and less likely to be accommodated within the constraints of existing circuit layouts.
Simply using certified receptacle components, using UL 94 V-O materials, enables device certification to be claimed on the basis that all effected connectors are themselves certified; essentially saving time and expenditure in R&D and adjusting manufacturing processes.
Certification is on a going forwards basis from 30 December. Chassis connectors are the specific certifiable components, however, for additional safety, Neutrik is also upgrading its cable connectors to meet the standard. Currently the NL4FC speakON cable connectors are fully compatible with the new XX-receptacle series, with other cable connector in the process of being uprated to meet the specifications of the standard.
Several design modifications have been incorporated in the speakON XX-rec

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Operatic Moves - Glyndebourne Opera House in East Sussex is planning to present live opera outdoors in August, seven weeks on from cancelling its entire summer season. Mesdames de la Halle (1858), Jacques Offenbach's one-act opera about vegetable sellers in Paris, will be staged with 12 singers but no chorus. Props and costumes will come from past operas, while the number of musicians will be reduced from 40 to 13. The audience will be limited to 200 people, with tickets costing £100 each.
Audience members will be seated outside in accordance with social distancing guidelines, while performances will be cancelled on the event of bad weather. "Experiencing live music and theatre, together, in an inspiring environment is what Glyndebourne is all about," said artistic director Stephen Langridge. "We are fortunate in having plenty of outside space available to us, and with a little imagination, we saw exciting musical and theatrical opportunities for performance in the gardens."
With coronavirus lockdown measures being gradually scaled back nationwide, some UK opera and theatre companies are tentatively contemplating a return to live performance. Last month the organisers of the BBC Proms said they hoped musicians could perform at the Royal Albert Hall for the last two weeks of the two-month classical music festival.
Cease and Desist - The family of late singer Tom Petty has issued Donald Trump with a cease and desist notice after he played one of his songs at a rally. The family said the president was not authorised to use the singer's m

encoshanefinchENCO appoints sales director
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

USA - ENCO, a specialist in automated workflow solutions for radio, television and professional AV systems, has appointed Shane Finch as sales director, effective immediately. Reporting to ENCO president Ken Frommert, Shane will focus on global sales and business development across all markets and product lines, and introduce ENCO’s automated workflow innovations into new business verticals.
Shane comes to ENCO with more than 40 years in the broadcast industry, including 35 years with broadcast groups in the Midwest and Florida, where he currently resides. His experience has mainly focused on radio operations, balancing a mix of on-air personality and director-level management roles throughout his career. He later transitioned into the technology space as vice president, business relations for MusicMaster, ENCO’s longtime music scheduling partner, where he spent seven successful years focused on customer relations and new business development.
“ENCO has long connected remote broadcasters to studio automation systems, and WebDAD extends this concept as remote broadcasting shifts from novelty to requirement,” comments Finch. “Furthermore, their AI and software-driven enCaption and enTranslate systems present a springboard of new business opportunities for ENCO and its partners, with exceptional value and performance for all of our end customers.”
“Shane’s experience with sales management and customer relations, along with his direct familiarity with ENCO’s technology and business culture, makes him a natural fit for this important ro

6qsywdggNew interactive public art project powered by screams
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UK - With social distancing still in place and lockdown restrictions continuing to cause tension for many, London-based artist Marcus Lyall and not-for-profit arts organisation Illuminate Productions have transformed a soon-to-be-demolished office block in London Bridge into an interactive public artwork powered by sound.
In this new site-specific work, Lyall invites interested parties to join a Zoom call where they can scream or otherwise vocalise their feelings, with a light installation instantly illuminating the building in response to the voice. “The louder and longer your outburst, the bigger the response from the building,” say organisers. “The building interprets every voice and scream differently, to create a unique response for each guest. You can participate using any device that supports the Zoom app. Please scream responsibility.”
Screams will be played to the building each night and the results posted the next day on the Scream The House Down Youtube channel. The artwork is designed as a safe and constructive excuse for people to release their inner tension. ‘Primal Scream therapy’ has long been investigated as beneficial for psychological issues such as depression and anxiety. While the artist makes no medical claims, a long and loud shout may be a good way to relieve inner tensions.
The artwork uses low-energy LED lights to fill the building with colour. The installation process followed social distancing guidelines, with a small team of volunteers including Michael Wagner, James McArthur, Reuben Jacob, Jake Wood and Alex

unitedcity-church3Texas church revitalised with Chauvet
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

USA - Among the buildings devastated by the hurricane Harvey in 2017 was First Baptist Humble, in Humble, Texas, which had 18-inches of water in its sanctuary. Determined to rebuild its campus, the 111-year old house of worship gave itself a new name, United City Church, and remade its sanctuary interior, adding an advanced AVL system installed by Stark Raving Solutions that featured Chauvet Professional LED fixtures.
The new 1,200-seat church was scheduled to host services for the first time on Easter Sunday, 2020, but fate intervened once again in the form of the coronavirus. With the lockdown in effect, the church couldn’t reopen on schedule and had to limit itself to online streamed services. Almost two months later, however, with restrictions on public gatherings eased, the church was able to welcome limited groups of worshippers to its new sanctuary, following social distance guidelines.
Although many of its members continued to worship online, those in attendance got to experience first hand the immersive environment that United City’s technical director Chad Kirchoff and his team envisioned when they began working with Stark Raving Solutions on the new lighting system.
“The church wanted a completely fresh start in terms of the environment created in the sanctuary,” says Marcus Hammond, of Stark Raving Solutions. “They wanted a really modern lighting package - lots of color, movers and flexibility, so that’s what our team, led by Bret Hoskins, lead system designer for the UCC project, and Jason Lericos, SRS project manager, were

summerwebinarMeyer Sound refreshes summer webinar series
Monday, 22 June 2020

USA - After introducing a successful webinar series this spring, the Meyer Sound education team is launching a refreshed comprehensive summer webinar programme today, Monday, 22 June. The webinar content offers a natural progression of subject matter, including project case studies and specialty tools that cover a diverse set of solutions across all industry verticals.
“We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback to our webinar programme over the past few months,” John McMahon, Meyer Sound’s senior vice president, said. “It has been exciting to engage with our global network online while we are unable to connect in person, so we look forward to continuing the momentum this summer.”
While the programme follows the same schedule as the spring season with English language webinars hosted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Spanish language webinars Tuesday and Thursday, the summer programme will add special roundtable discussions including a Festival Fridays feature.
For the English language webinars, the week will start off with Encores that revisit past technical webinars, moderated by Meyer Sound’s senior technical support & education specialist Merlijn van Veen. Webinars such as the upcoming Meyer Sound Precision Toolset on Monday, 22 June provide attendees practical knowledge for honing skills. Wednesday webinars will visit new technical topics and solutions not previously featured in past online trainings.
Special guests will be invited to join on Fridays for case studies and to discuss their experie

rock-of-agesRock of Ages revived with Artiste Monet
Monday, 22 June 2020

USA - The recent Rock of Ages revival at New World Stages in New York City was a resounding success, just as it was in its 2008 Off-Broadway debut at the same theatre prior to its successful six-year Broadway run. The show opened last June and after originally being scheduled to close in September was extended for an open-ended run, eventually shutting down when Broadway went dark in March.
Lighting designer Jason Lyons has been lighting the musical since that storied 2008 New York debut. “Back then it was a bit of an experiment,” he says. “We didn’t really know what we had and it exploded from there. It’s one of those rare shows that people can go back to over and over again and still have a really good time. I think that’s part of its success. You find new moments to enjoy every time.”
Rock of Ages is a jukebox musical that tells the story of a rock ‘n’ roll romance on the Sunset Strip during the glitz and decadence of the ‘80s. When the Bourbon Room is set to be demolished (the local bar where most of the action takes place), it’s up to wannabe rockers to save it. With a score that features some of the biggest classic rock hits of the ‘80s, this hilarious, high-energy 80’s-era satire has evolved into a theatre classic.
Jason has been using Elation’s Artiste Monet on the revival (supplied by Christie Lites), his first time working with the award-winning LED profile moving head and a significant upgrade from what he was using on earlier incarnations of the show
“I was really excited to use it for

autokultur-mit-sido-und-sennheiserAutokultur buzzes with Sido and Sennheiser
Monday, 22 June 2020

Germany - With the slogan Autokultur – from Hannover for Hannover, an unusual series of events is helping to keep the entertainment scene in Northern Germany buzzing.
Every evening, up to a thousand vehicles converge on Hannover’s Schützenplatz fairground, where they tune in their UHF radios – just like in a drive-in cinema – to listen to stage performances, from concerts to comedy. It’s all a welcome distraction from life during lockdown, and an optimistic ray of light in a time when typical live events have all been cancelled.
Among the highlights of the early summer concert series were two sold-out performances by German rapper Sido. The artist used a Sennheiser SKM 6000 to wow the crowds on 11 and 12 May 2020. With its bright red, high-gloss finish, the handheld transmitter proved to be a real eye catcher and was the centre of attention during close-ups of the performer on the huge LED walls.
The handheld transmitter from Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 series was operated in the A1-A4 (470 to 558 MHz) frequency range and was equipped with a cardioid, dynamic MD 9235 capsule. A black handheld transmitter of the same type was available as a spare.
“The SKM 6000 handhelds have never once let us down”, says monitor engineer Thomas Hofer. “The MD 9235 capsule harmonises perfectly with Sido’s voice, and this combination of transmitter and microphone capsule is robust enough to withstand the most energetic live performances or even showers of rain during open-air concerts without any damage. What is more, the feedback tende

nashua-humane-societyEvents United lights fundraiser with Chauvet
Monday, 22 June 2020

USA - Soon after the Covid-19 lockdown went into effect, Events United owner Tim Messina and his team began transforming Studio Lab (their shared space production facility) into a livestream studio to produce events. They weren’t exactly sure where this effort would take them; they just wanted to keep busy and find a way to continue paying their team.
Turns out they did much more than that. In the weeks following the initial lockdown, Studio Lab has gone on to fill a variety of important roles in the community, including that of a fundraising tool. A variety of charitable groups have raised much-needed money during the pandemic by holding online benefit auctions at the Studio Lab facility in Derry, NH.
The latest of these is the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, which raised $105,000 in June through an auction livestreamed and produced by the Events United team at Studio Lab. Running slightly over one hour on Facebook and YouTube, the programme featured musical entertainment and appearances by adoptable animals in addition to the auction.
Pulling the diverse elements of the programme together and providing camera-friendly visuals was a collection of Chauvet Professional Maverick, COLORado and STRIKE fixtures as well as 60 F2 Video panels.
“We have done a few of these virtual auctions now, and it’s been an amazing experience, getting to work with these organisations and seeing the things they do,” said Jon Martell, production design manager at Events United, who worked closely with event producer Donald Van Slyke and lighting designer

Three ESTA standards approved by ANSI
Monday, 22 June 2020

USA - In June, ANSI's Board of Standards Review has approved three more ESTA standards. One is a new standard, and two are revisions to existing standards. All three are published, and are available for free download from the TSP website at They are also available for sale from ANSI and IHS.
These two standards were approved on 2 June:
ANSI ES1.19 - 2020, Event Safety - Safety Requirements for Special Event Structures
This standard - the first published Event Safety Working Group standard - is a revision to the 2018 version, correcting errata, and expanding on existing requirements. It covers structural safety requirements for any temporary structure used for special events ("temporary special event structures"), where such structures are used for presentation, performance, structural support of entertainment technology equipment, audience seating or viewing in conjunction with the event, and regardless if the event is indoor or outdoor.
The scope of this standard covers any such structure not otherwise addressed by existing standards, codes or legislation, and to the extent that such other standards, codes or legislation do not already address conditional use of those temporary structures within existing structures.
ANSI E1.4-3 - 2020, Entertainment Technology—Manually Operated Hoist Rigging Systems
This new standard is the third in a set of revisions and partitions to ANSI E1.4-2014. It applies to permanently installed, manually operated hoists used as part of rigging systems for raisin

greatbridgebaptistDanley adds clarity to Chesapeake church
Monday, 22 June 2020

USA - Great Bridge Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia’s contemporary-style services lift spirits with music provided by an orchestra, a choir, and a praise band. It’s a big production, but until recently, all of that effort only partially connected because the existing sound reinforcement system’s coverage of Great Bridge Baptist Church’s 1,500-plus seats was far from ideal.
Regional AV integration firm RTW Media, based in Richmond – serving the Virginia/DC/Maryland areas – designed and installed a big-impact, small-footprint sound reinforcement system centred on Danley Sound Lab’s point-source products. The Danley boxes give Great Bridge Baptist Church even coverage from front to back and from side to side, in the balconies, under the balconies, and even on the stage and in the orchestra pit.
“The sound system at Great Bridge Baptist Church was old and tired,” said Zack Guida, operations manager at RTW Media. “The coverage was lacking, the timing was off, and it really didn’t do justice to the amazing services they are putting on.
“When we met with the church, they explained that not only did they want an impactful sound system, but they also wanted consoles and backbone technology to give them creative audio and video capabilities that would further allow them to connect with the congregation, both in person, and through digital media. The church’s vision included a video and camera system overhaul as well, so we had to be mindful of the overall budget.”
Guida continued, “We modelled the system for Great Bri

newtonOutline hosts in-depth WFIR webinar
Monday, 22 June 2020

Italy - Outline has announced that on 24 June it will hold a free webinar in English on its (patent pending) WFIRs, the ‘warped’ filters featured in Outline’s Newton processors.
WFIR Filtering Technology goes live via Zoom on 24 June at 9:00 am and 6.00pm (Rome time).
Fernando Rey Méndez, who will host both sessions with the support of Paolo Calza, states: “The WFIR webinar will be an in-depth event, following the numerous requests from system engineers and audio technicians all over the world, from the ‘live’ industry, but also and perhaps even more from the broadcast, studio and permanent installation sectors.
“What are WFIR filters? How do they differ from FIR filters? But, above all, can the difference be heard and to what extent? How much computing power do WFIR filters require? Is there an ideal ecosystem on which this technology’s potential can be fully exploited? These are just a few of the questions we’ll answer, and participants will be able to actively participate.”
The webinars on Outline’s WFIR filters address system engineers, PA techs, FOH engineers and “everybody (even those who aren’t technicians) wishing to obtain first-hand knowledge of this innovative signal processing technology successfully used at internationally important festivals and concerts”.
Registration is at

qtech-live-jesper-and-arnoldQTECH launches streaming division with dLive
Monday, 22 June 2020

Sweden - Created to meet the surge in demand for livestreaming services resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, Swedish production company, QTECH, has launched a new streaming division, QTECH Live, with help from an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system.
Reacting to changing circumstances, on the day after Sweden announced restrictions on live performances in March, founder Timmy Qvarnström and CEO, Kevin Qvarnström began the transformation of the QTECH warehouse near Gothenburg into a dedicated streaming facility.
Although QTECH already possessed most of the equipment required for the new venture, it needed a mixing system with the versatility and ease of use to handle tight setup times and a diverse programme of interviews, presentations and performances across three separate studio spaces.
In a move that typifies the community spirit shown by the professional audio world during the pandemic, long-time friend, Arnold Lindberg of Sound Industry Gbg AG offered to loan QTECH his dLive system, preferring to see it put to good use while touring is on hold. Arnold has extensive experience with dLive, including a 2019 international tour with Swedish nu metallers, Lok, and was able to help QTECH’s head of sound, Jesper Sirenius to quickly master the new setup.
Arnold’s dLive system centres on a DM64 MixRack controlled by an S7000 surface, with an IP8 remote controller providing an extra eight faders for managing FX returns. A Waves 3 card fitted in the S7000 enables access to a Waves Mobile Server for additional plugins.
“I had never wor

senateThe Italian Senate lit up by Prolights
Friday, 19 June 2020

Italy - The facade of Palazzo Madama in Rome has been lit up in the colours of the Italian flag from18 March until the end of the COVID-19 medical emergency.
Audio-Luci-Store, an online division of the company Il Microfono, took care of the lighting set-up. Sabino Coppolecchia, owner of Il Microfono, said: “At the end of 2019, Audio-Luci-Store received a request from the technical staff of the Italian Senate. Our task was to provide a lighting system for the imposing facade of Palazzo Madama, in order to illuminate the building on very special occasions, like the International Day for the elimination of violence against women or Telethon.
“Basic requirements were for a quick and simple installation, so that the internal staff of the Senate could be able to interact with the fixtures in complete autonomy, without need of technical support.”
According to the given directions and needs, Audio-Luci-Store in close cooperation with Prolights technicians found the most suitable fixtures: 12 Prolights ArcShine 12FC, linear wall washer positioned on the ground for a raking light illumination supported by two pedestals, and 16 Prolights studioCob PlusFC with trusses, for a front illumination.
“When the pandemic came up, Palazzo Madama was already equipped with the appropriate fixtures to project the Italian flag colours on the facade of a building of such institutional relevance.
“The Senate's technical staff expressed great satisfaction for the amazing efficiency of Prolights solutions, as well as for the ease of daily mounting and dism

robe-the-art-of-online-teaching-with-peter-fisker-img3852Robe scores top marks in event tech course
Friday, 19 June 2020

Denmark - At the end of 2019, after three years constantly on the road, Danish lighting, video and set designer Peter Fisker wanted to spend a bit more time at home. Fortuitously, a part-time teaching post became available at EUC Nord in Frederikshavn, who needed a tutor for the lighting module of their well-known and respected Event Technicians course.
The college administration asked if he was interested in applying, and he jumped at the chance as this would enable him to stay home part of the year whilst also retaining the flexibility of touring and lighting shows via his design company, HeCameToEat.
The vocational Event Technicians course allows rental and event production companies, music, and theatre venues, etc. to take on trainee technicians who work at their companies and learn the theoretical, practical and creative skills needed to master the craft over a four-year period, with an emphasis on multi-skilled tasking and being able to juggle many balls in the air simultaneously. They also learn to be part of a hardworking team with long hours, plenty of pressure and little time off.
“It’s very important that the students have a good sense of how to do a proper tour prep, so I’m trying to get up and running with all kinds of showcases in our own working studio,” says Fisker. “Technology and practices are constantly evolving in our industry, so it’s vital to be up-to-date.”
As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, Denmark was the first in Europe to fully lockdown and all students were sent home mid-March as the teaching shift

barcelonaISE looks forward to Barcelona debut
Friday, 19 June 2020

Europe - Planning for the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2021 tradeshow is “well underway” say organisers, Integrated Systems Events.
The 17th edition of ISE is set to take place at its new home at the Fira de Barcelona, Gran Vía on 2-5 February 2021. The exhibition centre plans to reopen for business in September. This will follow the successful completion of a collaboration with risk mitigation consultancy AON and the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona which will determine the specific security criteria for holding B2B events at the venue later this year.
Over 850 technology and solutions providers have already committed to participate at ISE 2021. Over 55,000 sqm of exhibition floor-space has been confirmed for nine dedicated technology zones. This represents a 5% increase on the total floorspace booked for the 2020 show.
A significant development for ISE 2021 is the strategic partnership with The Next Web (TNW), a world-leading technology media brand with extensive reach among global start-ups and technology businesses in general. In conjunction with ISE, TNW will present Growth Quarters - four days of keynotes and presentations addressing all aspects of business growth and scale-up, presented by inspiring technology innovators and experts. TNW will also present Fast Lane, where start-ups create solutions that address specific ‘pain points’ within AV businesses.
ISE will also be developing the show’s digital reach to help engage with a bigger audience. This will include a wide selection of cross-platform live ISE content being ma

soundscaped&b extends Soundscape capabilities
Friday, 19 June 2020

Germany - d&b audiotechnik has introduced a set of performance-enhancing capabilities for its Soundscape audio platform.
The latest feature updates include: Scenes, hardware-based scene memory capabilities within the DS100 Signal Engine and for the Soundscape software platform; two new room signatures within En-Space; and a configurable ‘Spread factor’ for function groups in En-Scene.
Scenes enables snapshots of all DS100 and Soundscape parameters (Matrix / En Scene & En Space) to be stored within the DS100 hardware memory.
En-Space room emulation software is an in-line technology, meaning to generate or expand the acoustic environment it does not use microphone feedback loops. Its outstanding simple setup and operation, make access to some of the world's most acoustically renowned performance spaces a reality for installation and touring both indoors and outdoors.
Two new rooms, from Ravenna Italy join the existing seven concert and recital halls, significantly extending the scope of En-Space room emulation. With the very short and "dry" reverberation of 1.3 sec from the Alegrie Theatre and the (massive & manifold) 5.6 sec from the Cathedral of San Vitale, users now have two new environments at their fingertips. These additional Space options are distinctly different from the extraordinary concert halls already available and open up new applications and new creative possibilities for existing designs.
The Soundscape software allows for loudspeakers to be combined into Function Groups. This ability to organise and address


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