etc-franceETC acquires ATF, opens Paris office
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

France – ETC has announced the opening of its newest office - in Paris. Local French distributor, Avab Transtechnik France (ATF) has been selling and supporting ETC products for over 15 years and has always shared strong values of service and innovation. When the owners of ATF, Jean-Louis Pernette and Christian Rezgui retired in May, an opportunity arose for ETC to acquire the French company and increase its presence in the European market. With this acquisition, ATF becomes part of the ETC family and is officially named ETC France.
"I am extremely grateful for the dedication and effort Jean-Louis Pernette and Christian Rezgui have contributed through their leadership of ATF over the years,” said Fred Foster, co-founder and CEO of ETC. “The close relationships they have built with our customers in France and the strength of the ATF team provide us with a solid foundation to build the future of ETC France. We wish them all the best in their future projects."
All ATF employees joined ETC as part of the acquisition. “The men and women of this organisation are our first force,” says Atika El Sayed, new general manager of ETC France. “We want to continue to develop our presence in France thanks to this close relationship with the market that the team has been weaving for many years.”
ETC France is supported by current regional sales manager, Daniele Peroni as well as field project coordinators, Philippe Roy for ETC products, and Konstantinos Vonofakidis for the High End Systems brand.
While the entertainment technology market is incre

robe-peitsman-light--soundPeitsman extends Robe inventory
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The Netherlands - Hans Peitsman’s Rotterdam based rental operation Peitsman Licht en Geluid (Peitsman Lighting & Sound) has made a major investment in Robe fixtures, including 36 x MegaPointes, 48 x LEDBeam 150s and 48 x Spiiders.
These are added to other Robe items in rental stock including miniPointes and LEDWash 600+s, and it follows previous purchases of LEDWash 300s, MMX Spots, DLF Washes and DLX Spots.
Peitsman Licht en Geluid was founded in 1994 and now has 25 full time employees. They moved into their current premises three years ago and supply premium full technical production packages – lights, sound, video, staging, rigging and trucking - to a dynamic mix of live shows and events, B2B and corporate clients, theatre and television productions, parties and public entertainments.
They also look after some venues and event spaces as the technical facilities supplier, including the Cornelis Bar & Kitchen in Rotterdam which features a grid of Robe Spikes and LEDBeam 150s above the DJ booth which are on long term rental.
Hans had been waiting for Robe to come up with exactly the right products to complement their inventory before making his next big investment and this arrived with the MegaPointe and LEDBeam 150 both launched last year.
“The MegaPointes were a complete ‘no brainer’ of a decision, especially for festivals and dance events” he stated, and before them, the LEDWash 600+ purchase was motivated by the same thinking, but more specifically for theatrical style productions.
Hans explained that the

streb-parisUnusual acrobatics at Musée d'Orsay
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

France - Six performers from Streb Extreme Action performed a real aerial feat at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris this Autumn, with a little help from Unusual Rigging.
The event, which took place on 13-14 October, was part of a festive family weekend hosted by Theatre du Châtelet and the Musée d'Orsay, exploring Picasso's passion for the circus which is expressed in the blue and pink period of his work.
Unusual's Robin Elias has worked with Elizabeth Streb on several of her other projects over the years including performances on the London Eye and on the front of Bergdorf Goodman's New York department store as it revealed its Christmas holiday window display. He explained. "This was a fantastic project to be involved with. Our task was to help the phenomenal acrobats perform safely in the nave of the Orsay on the faces of two towers...all the while making sure that the fabric of this beautiful museum wasn't damaged or altered in the process."
He added: "This was the first time the museum had ever had an event like this taking place within its walls and, quite naturally they were not used to the level of intrusion by people like us in the run up to the event. We're rather expert at working in museums and listed buildings and we have ways of working which mean that neither the venue or the amazing art within are damaged or at risk in any way. The staff at the Musée d'Orsay needed lots of reassurance that we knew what we were doing."
Unusual's Paul Taylor worked closely with New York based Elizabeth Streb who provided a brief in the form of drawi

riggingVeterans Saprito and Zorrilla return to SEAL
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

USA - Lighting industry veterans Joe Saprito and Jon Zorrilla have re-joined the team at Stage Equipment and Lighting (SEAL), a Pro Sound & Video company. Saprito will serve as rental manager in Orlando while Zorrilla takes on the director of operations role in Miami.
Each is a former SEAL employee who’s spent well over a decade working with the company’s highest profile clients. Each also brings a wealth of outside experience and contacts to the organization with his return.
Saprito has spent the last several years working outside of the entertainment industry, focusing instead on commercial lighting. Zorrilla recently lead his own production and integration company.
“We couldn’t be more pleased with these hires,” explains SEAL president Rick Rudolph. “Having worked with both Joe and Jon, we know the level of excellence they’re committed to and how well they fit in our organization. Both our company and our quality of work are strengthened by their return.”
“This is another step in achieving our long-term vision,” adds Pro Sound & Video CEO Rod Sintow. “Jon and Joe share our belief that continued growth and expansion will be fuelled by superior service, technical expertise and creative innovation.”
(Jim Evans)

castGreen Hippo features in Cast open day
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Germany - Green Hippo occupied a key role in its German distributor’s 2018 open day. A key date in the industry calendar, the event attracted an impressive 250 industry professionals. Hosted by Christian Pies, sales director at Cast, the day included a programme of talks from industry professionals, as well as, of regular stops for ‘kaffe and cookies’.
Green Hippo technology was a running theme throughout the day. Green Hippo’s Tom Etra, technical sales manager and product specialist Suzy Stenning travelled to the event and the venue included a space dedicated to demonstrating Hippotizer’s abilities with 3D projection mapping
Green Hippo technology also prominently featured in the lecture given by Thomas Gerdon of Gerdon design. Thomas, a Hippotizer owner and user, presented a practical lecture on the design and programming of lighting systems in the combination of media servers and lighting desks on stages and in the studio – explaining that it does not always have to be either-or.
Another Green Hippo user, Manfred ‘Ollie’ Olma, owner and managing director of mo2 design, drew on his extensive experience – including light and stage designer for Bon Jovi, Prince, and Led Zeppelin – to offer invaluable comment during the day’s final discussion panel.
Marking Green Hippo’s first event with its new German distributor, the day was a resounding success.
(Jim Evans)

allenstoneChauvet gives retro a modern twist
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

USA - Rising contemporary R&B star Allen Stone and his band have toured internationally and have opened for Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Hall & Oates, and the Dave Matthews Band. Stone has also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was recently a celebrity mentor on American Idol. Although his music draws on the rich tradition of R&B, it also offers a fresh new sound.
Stone’s powerful connection to the past and his contemporary take on R&B are evident on his current 48-city North American tour, not only through his music, but also the evocative lighting design. Blending retro and high-tech looks, the design features a versatile set piece made up of Chauvet Professional Nexus 4x4 fixtures, supplied by 4Wall Entertainment Lighting.
Designed by Sam Paine (Filament Design) and programmed/operated by lighting director Carter Adams, the design features 12 Nexus 4x4 panels. These fixtures are positioned on 8’ pipes that are arranged in a 3 by 4 panel matrix.
“The team wanted to create a vintage TV show look with the background panels,” said Adams. “At the same time, we also are able to come up with very sleek up-to-date looks with these pixel-mapped fixtures.”
Paired with a collection of moving beam fixtures and key lights, the Nexus units create a tight studio production feel on stage, accentuating the classic mood of many of Stone’s songs. At the same time, the lighting rig also generates rapid movement and colour changes to reflect high-energy moments in the concert.
The Nexus 4x4 fixtures serve an

timax-sovaaudioExperiment Intrinsic takes TiMax on DJ adventure
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UK - Experiment Intrinsic provides ambient all-night adventures in electronic music, exploring the spaces created with sound. They formulate alcohol-free, limited capacity events in intimate and spiritual spaces where all the senses are catered to. The quality of sound is of utmost importance, and for this reason a TiMax SoundHub spatial processor is always at the heart of the immersive sound system.
Experiment Intrinsic’s sound system is curated by George Yankov of Sova Audio. Though every event’s immersive audio setup in terms of speaker and electronics configurations is dependent on the venue layout, budget and application, Yankov explains, “TiMax is central for spatial audio control.”
Before using TiMax, Yankov claims nothing “ticked all the boxes for reliability, supreme audio quality, ease of use, Dante plus a combination of analogue and digital inputs and outputs etc. With TiMax we can turn any audio source into pure sonic wizardry, the way we wanted it to be”.
Sparking the curiosity of Experiment Intrinsic is TiMax’s open platform. George concedes, “We have long been on the look-out for a product that doesn't limit you in what you can do but instead gives you a green light to figure out new ways of using it.”
For the latest edition of Experiment Intrinsic, hosted at East London’s Shacklewell Lane Mosque, TiMax is set up so spatial image definition objects represent single output channels or combinations of multiple speakers. These define the pan positions within the 3D space and how they interact with each other. Ya

riminiGDS plays key role in Rimini renaissance
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Italy - The Teatro Galli is a stunning architectural masterpiece in Rimini, Italy. Constructed between 1843 and 1857, the original theatre was designed by the illustrious architect Luigi Poletti of Modena and when completed, was one of the biggest theatres in Italy. Until an earthquake forced its closure from 1916-1923, it enjoyed great success.
Following a first restoration, the theatre flourished until it was bombed in 1943 during World War 2. Badly damaged, the theatre, by this time dedicated to the nationally famous musician, composer and critic Amintore Galli, lay derelict until 1975 when it was partly restored and the City Council moved into its refurbished foyer. In more recent times, a long and intense culture-based debate took place about how to best reconstruct the entire theatre.
Following these discussions and with regional and EU support, a full restoration commenced in 2014 and was completed in October 2018. The fully restored Theatre Galli is up and running again and UK technology company GDS has played a small but very important role.
Decima 1948 of Padova, as part of its wider brief across the project, was responsible for installing the house lighting and sought to find the best possible light quality and dimming performance.
CEO Enzo Trovato was directly involved as a consultant to the project from its early stages and in 2016, he attended the ABTT show where he met GDS’s Darren Jackson, who subsequently arranged a presentation to showcase the Bristol-based manufacturer’s product ranges, as well as examples of their wide

raSound Space Vision solution for Royal Academy
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UK - In 2012, Sound Space Vision beat all competition to become the theatre design and acoustics consultant for David Chipperfield Architects’ master plan to unite the Royal Academy of Arts’ 18th century Burlington House with its neighbour, Burlington Gardens, and transform the interiors throughout.
SSV’s brief was to modernise and equip Burlington Gardens’ 19th-century lecture theatre for 21st century presentation and performance, and this was later expanded to include acoustics advice on the new gallery spaces and the learning centre, as well as mechanical systems.
In collaboration with the architectural teams, SSV facilitated a design with minimal impact on the heritage features of the Grade II* listed building, yet provides a future-proofed technical design for the Academy’s planned lectures, debates, panel discussions, conferences, recitals, and hires.
The form of the new lecture theatre went through several iterations; common to all being the reduction in height from three to two storeys. The form settled on a tight, almost semi-circular, bowl with a steep rake for a total capacity of over 250, bringing audience and presenter into close communication.
The combination of windows on all sides and a listed historic interior at first floor level presented SSV with two specific challenges: to find projectors and a screen that would be usable in daylight, and to provide sufficient acoustic dampening to overcome the natural reverberance of the volume of space which hinders good speech intelligibility. Associated with this was the cho

robe-rick-astleyHSL is Together Forever for Rick Astley tour
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

UK - Rick Astley, who retired from the music industry in 1993 aged 27 with a string of successful tunes to his name – is back on the road with a new album, Beautiful Life.
With many people unsure of what to expect, Astley delivered a diverse show, action-packed with the dynamics of soul, rock, R ‘n’ B, dance and more than a few hints of disco, backed by a talented band and a stage design by Andy Hurst.
HSL delivered the lighting equipment for this high-profile tour. The Blackburn based company was once again working with renowned production manager Tony Gittins, with Jordan Hanson project managing.
He commented, “It was fantastic to be on the road with Tony and his excellent team again, and we were all very impressed with the look and style that Andy’s design bought to the show”.
To emphasise the architectural parameters of the design, Andy spec’d Martin Sceptron LED battens to fill the spaces in the ‘roof’ section between the eight 6m lighting trusses making up the grid. This itself was outlined with GLP X4 Bar 10s and 20s which are also mappable LED strip products.
Out on the road as Andy’s lighting director was Mark Jones-Roberts who is also a well-known LD in his own right.
The main lighting fixtures on the grid were 48 x Martin Mac Viper profiles – six per truss.
In between each truss were nine Sceptrons in three banks of three which made up the grid lines and provided a bright, individually pixel mapped source which could be used for complex and fluid chases and flow effects. Andy remarks th

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Forever Young - Bob Dylan and Neil Young have been announced as joint headliners at London's Hyde Park as part of British Summer Time on 12 July though it's not yet clear in which order they will play.
Lip-Syncing - Rita Ora has been accused of lip-syncing during her performance at America's most famous Thanksgiving Day event. Organisers apologised to millions of viewers watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for "technical difficulties" during the holiday feature. Rita Ora appeared to be out of sync with the vocals viewers heard during her televised performance.
Macy's, the American department store chain that throws the parade, released a public apology. The company said "several recording artists experienced technical difficulties that negatively impacted their performance." It added: "We apologise and want fans to know these issues were out of the artist’s control."
Rock On - Queen musical We Will Rock You is to be re-imagined for a new UK and Ireland tour next year, it has been announced. The show, which is written by Ben Elton and features some of Queen’s biggest hits, will tour the UK for a fourth time, beginning in September next year. It will open at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley in September and will visit locations across the UK and Ireland part of the tour, which runs until May 2020.
False Hope - Further education colleges offering arts courses are knowingly giving young people “false hope” about their future because of poor job prospects in the sector, the head of Ofsted has claimed.

matrixW-DMX appoints new distributor for Denmark
Monday, 26 November 2018

Denmark - As part of a new strategy plan, Matrix Sales has become, effective immediately, the new Wireless Solution distributor in Denmark.
Established in early 2011 Matrix Sales is a distribution partner for many international manufacturers, including SGM, Chauvet Professional and Eurotruss.
Urs Friis-Alstrup, lighting sales manager for the Danish company, comments: “We’re very excited to be working with Wireless Solution in our market, and to expand their presence not only in the rental market, but theatres, installations and AV and broadcasting. Their products pair well with our existent product line and fulfil a niche that we seek to reach”.
David Ferraz, international business development manager for W-DMX adds, “The new partnership represents a dynamic change to the company. Wireless Solution is working closely with Matrix to smoothen the transition between distribution channels in Denmark. We are aiming to bring positive changes to the market and work attentively with users to promote our W-DMX G5 product line.”
The Copenhagen-based company has invested in sales and demonstration stock, and will immediately be the exclusive point of sale for W-DMX in the territory.
(Jim Evans)

josef-valcharDWR hosts successful Robe roadshows
Monday, 26 November 2018

South Africa - Robe lighting’s CEO, Josef Valchar presented demonstrations at a successful South African Robe roadshow event which received a friendly welcome in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg at the start of November.
Organised by local distributor DWR and also attended by Robe’s sales director Harry von den Stemmen, the roadshow was an opportunity for the entertainment industry to experience first-hand the new T1 Profile, iParfect, RoboSpot and SuperSpikie products.
The team was very busy from 10am to 5pm each day and gave five to six demos at each venue. “The response was impressive! We had close to 50 people in Cape Town, 40 in Durban and over a hundred in Johannesburg,” commented Josef.
“It was great to hear all the feedback and see the reaction first-hand to the products. Obviously, the main attraction was RoboSpot and the T1, but people also liked the iParfect and everyone got to see SuperSpikie for the first time. It’s a Spikie on steroids - bigger, bolder, brighter! All in all, it was very good.”
Says DWR’s Duncan Riley, “It was a successful roadshow and I think it’s wonderful that Robe still care about all their users and potential users in Africa – even if some of them are small businesses. That’s important and means a lot to us.”
(Jim Evans)

stratfordEast London theatre upgrades with EM Acoustics
Monday, 26 November 2018

UK - Autograph Sales & Installations has recently supplied a number of EM Acoustics EMS-61 loudspeakers and mounting hardware along with a DiGiCo SD9T digital mixing system to Theatre Royal Stratford East.
The Grade II listed Victorian theatre’s beautiful crimson and gold interior is redolent of the era in which it was built, while much of the handsome exterior stands out amid the modern outlines of an area which has been under redevelopment (including massive investment for the 2012 Olympics) since the late 1960s. The theatre is now an acclaimed contemporary producing house with a capacity of 460 on three levels and focused on new writing and community engagement.
“n a producing venue like Stratford East, the quality and fidelity of the audio system that we’re able to offer to designers is key,” says Jeremy George, head of sound at Theatre Royal Stratford East. “As part of our ongoing efforts to upgrade our in-house system we decided that EM Acoustics EMS-61s front-fills combined with an SD9T was the right choice, being based on an industry-standard platform and at an excellent price-point.”
“When it comes to fill loudspeakers, the EMS-61 is at the very top of the list for many designers and venues, and we were delighted that Autograph was able to supply the speakers along with mounting hardware and their own custom hanging plates for when the speakers are used as front-fills.
“As a listed building with intricate architecture, we’re unable to rig a centre-cluster,” continues George. “This could be a significant issu

miles-dudgeonGLP US appoints North East sales manager
Monday, 26 November 2018

USA - GLP has announced that Miles Dudgeon has been appointed as the company’s new sales manager for the North East.
Miles has spent many years in the industry, initially studying lighting design in college and starting out as a lighting operator. Miles was working with a major lighting supplier outside of New York City where he first met GLP US president Mark Ravenhill and sales director Brian Dowd as a customer. Miles stated: “I’ve long been a fan of GLPs products. The products are edgy and dynamic, they give designers amazing tools for creating visuals.”
Brian Dowd states: “We are very excited to have Miles join the GLP team. He brings a wealth of industry experience to the role as well as an intimate knowledge of the North East market.”
(Jim Evans)

paultytaneckNew role for Paul Tytaneck at Solotech
Monday, 26 November 2018

Canada - Paul Tytaneck has been appointed director of design and estimating at Solotech. One of the founding members of Solotech’s Toronto office, Tytaneck was appointed director of operations at its creation in 2014. In this new role, he will “actively contribute to the growth of Solotech’s sales and integration division by ensuring that its numerous and complex projects are professionally designed and meticulously estimated to the satisfaction of our clients, consultants and suppliers”.
“In addition to his outstanding contribution over the years, Paul will play a vital role in our next expansion phase in the GTA. His understanding of technology, his strong leadership skills and his knowledge of the Toronto market made him a natural fit to lead the design and estimating department, which is essential to our growth” says Philip Giffard, president, sales and integration division.
(Jim Evans)

dubai-golfCreative technology on course for Dubai golf
Monday, 26 November 2018

UAE - Earlier this month, golf fans came together to watch the duel between the two Ryder Cup teammates Francesco Molinari and Tommy Fleetwood as they raced to become Europe’s No 1 at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.The four-day event, held at Jumeirah Golf Estates marked the 10th anniversary and the final stop of the tournament.
Creative Technology (CT delivered all video aspects for the event for the 10th year running on behalf of European Tour Productions.
CT supplied four ROE CB5 outdoor screens to ensure spectators could follow the event no matter where they were. CT’s Dubai project manager, Barry Collins explains, “The ROE CB5 is a great product, the high refresh rate and high NIT levels makes it ideal for outdoor viewing, even in daylight. The custom detachable touring frames are specifically designed with outdoor applications in mind and has been wind rated to provide structural rigidity while providing a lightweight solution.”
The event had live music performances in the Champion Village where attendees could relax, enjoy the performances, eat and drink from various venders and even get a free golf lesson. It was here where CT’s 21sqm outdoor screen was situated to ensure all spectators in this area never missed a second of the tournament. The driving range was also a popular place for fans as they got to watch pro golfers warm up and practice whilst both golfers and fans kept up to date on CT’s 10sqm outdoor screen.
The 18-hole course had high footfall around the 18th green which is why CT strategically placed

thorpe-parkStudiotech concept for Thorpe Park in Leeds
Monday, 26 November 2018

UK - Over the past few years, Studiotech has collaborated on numerous projects alongside Wakefield based architectural practice, The Harris Partnership. The practice was responsible for the design of the new retail and leisure destination The Springs at Thorpe Park in Leeds.
Their concept included a full feature lighting scheme to the exterior of the buildings and throughout the public realm. After recently providing a full turnkey lighting solution at their White Rose leisure extension project, The Harris Partnership was confident that Studiotech were capable of delivering their concept at Thorpe Park to the highest of standards.
Studiotech designed a deliverable and achievable scheme within budget. There were a number of areas that Studiotech took responsibility for, the most obvious and eye-catching being the bespoke catenary lighting suspended above the public realm.
The catenary lighting required a specialist solution which Studiotech were more than capable of providing. Each stainless steel catenary cable was manufactured to an exact length and was fixed to the buildings at positions agreed with the structural engineer. Studiotech then mounted over 170m of RGBW strip luminaires enclosed within a flexible PVC housing to the suspended catenary system, resulting in a unique and eye-catching display of light and colour throughout the public realm.
As well as the catenary lighting, Studiotech also completed the detailed design, supply and installation of various other architectural lighting features. This included dynamic colour changing

cuestackCueStack go Beyond the Veil with Elation
Monday, 26 November 2018

Austria - Modern metal/electronic band CueStack recently released their third effort in a series of debut music videos that features a sophisticated industrial stage design packed with 170 high tech lighting units from Elation Professional. Beyond the Veil shows a dystopian vision of the new digital age and uses the intricate set-up as both performance lighting and impactful visual accompaniment.
"Big production is essential to this project and the lighting design plays an essential role,” states Martin Kames, owner of Austrian-based production company and vocalist/synth player in the two-man project. “Beyond the Veil deals with modern day issues but it’s also a huge lighting-themed visual experience.” The video can be viewed at
Kames works double duty on the video shoots, operating behind the camera on lighting and set design then moving in front of the camera as vocalist and synth player. Because Kames stocks an abundance of lighting, video and trussing equipment in his warehouse in Vienna, he was able to overcome any limitations for the music video designs and create a look that fulfilled his vision for the project.
The stage design, which also featured in the band’s previous video releases Alive and Dehumanize, is made up of 36 Sniper 2R multi-effect lights, 40 Lumina Matrix LED matrix panels, 16 DARTZ 360 LED beam/spot luminaires, 48 Chorus Line 8 and 10 Chorus Line 16 pixel bar wash luminaires, and 20 Paladin hybrid effects. Also included are other L

backupBackup enjoys super September
Friday, 23 November 2018

UK - Technical entertainment charity Backup received donations in excess of £25,500 during September alone, thanks to the generosity of Ambersphere, Claypaky, DiGiCo, Lightpower Collection, PLASA and LSi.

The month started with PLASA’s on-going collaboration with the PSA, which saw a group cycle from Chippenham in Wiltshire to London Olympia on the Saturday before the PLASA Show to increase awareness of mental health within the entertainment and events industries. Not only did they achieve their awareness raising goal, they also raised £1,615 for Backup.
Next to show their support was the Lightpower Collection, which exhibits its impresive collection of rock‘n’roll art - of which legendary rock photographer Neal Preston’s work is the core - around the world, with proceeds from the sale of its original prints donated to Backup and US charity, Behind the Scenes. During the PLASA Show, Lightpower’s Ralph-Jörg Wezorke presented a cheque for $10K (approx. £7,700) to Backup chair John Simpson, who in return presented Lightpower with a Platinum Donor plaque in recognition of its outstanding ongoing support.
The evening of the Knights of Illumination (KOI) Awards saw Simpson introduce the new Backup video, which stars charity patron Simon Callow, Creative Technology’s Dave Crump, DiGiCo’s James Gordon, disguise’s Sarah Cox, Mark White from ETC and lighting designer Bryan Leitch explaining exactly what Backup does and how you can help. Long-time Backup supporter Claypaky also donated a generous £5,000 during the evening, and

etc-jtse4ETC and Avab head to JTSE 2018
Friday, 23 November 2018

France - On 27-28 November, ETC will be teaming up with Avab Transtechnik France at JTSE, and this year ‘an exciting announcement’ will be made exclusively at the show. High End Systems will also be exhibiting at the annual tradeshow, which takes place at Porte de la Chapelle in Paris.
Visitors to the stand - 140-141/162-163, Dock Pullman - will gain an overview of the product range, including the latest innovations and lighting solutions by ETC and HES. In Dock Eiffel, in-depth product presentations will also be available in JTSE’s Black Boxes, an area dedicated to demonstrating lighting equipment in optimal conditions.
Amongst the products on display and available for demonstrations are ETC’s Eos family of consoles - Eos Ti, Gio @5 and Ion Xe; ETC’s newly launched Relevé Spot fixture and High End Systems’ SolaFrame 3000, SolaFrame 750 fixtures and Hog 4-18 console.
Relevé Spot is the first member of a new product family for ETC - an automated fixture specifically designed for the theatre. The fixture boasts a calibrated four-colour additive mixing system and a unique Ani-gobo wheel which is paired with a dynamic customisable five-position rotating gobo wheel.
ETC’s Eos family of consoles brings award-winning colour tools and advanced, granular control of your whole rig. Flagship console Eos Ti, as well Gio @5 and Ion Xe will be available for demonstrations at the show this year.
ETC’s EchoTouch controller offers compact, stylish and intuitive touchscreen control of lighting in architectural and smaller entertainment

dlaAudio Performance debuts mini array
Friday, 23 November 2018

Switzerland - Audio Performance has introduced the compact DLA3 mini line array & MX15HD-Amp Series.
Two new ‘solution-solving loudspeaker systems’ developed and manufactured in Echallens, the DLA3 and MX Series ‘deliver a complete sound reinforcement solution to fulfil the highest demands of audio professionals for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. They both deliver ultimate sonic performance in a compact, lightweight and multi-purpose package’.
The DLA3 Compact Micro line array loudspeaker is a light, simple and versatile product designed to deliver great sound into small and even large venues.
The DLA3 is a one-way full range line array consisting of two 3” full range cone drivers.
Its specific conception enables the DLA3 to reach down to 150 Hz with a flat frequency response of up to 18kHz+/- 3dB). The versatility of the DLA3 in its micro size allows it to be used in many discreet audio applications.
The MX15-amp with its 15-inch coaxial driver & inbuilt class D amp is capable of delivering two channels of 1,255W into 2Ohms.It is suited to sound reinforcement applications in concert halls, live concerts, auditoriums, conference rooms, and theatres.
(Jim Evans)

robe-dreambeach-festival-2018-dsc0128-wRobe joins the Dreambeach party
Friday, 23 November 2018

Spain - The 2018 Dreambeach festival, staged near the fishing town of Villaricos in Andalucía, is a picturesque location traditionally known for its unspoiled beaches and jaw-dropping sunsets - and also for hosting the largest dance music festival in Spain.
Dreambeach welcomes 155,000 music fans to the region to enjoy five days of electronic music.
Main stage production designer Eduardo Valverde this year specified 70 x Robe MegaPointes, 50 x Spiiders and 16 x BMFL Spots - together with other lighting, all supplied by rental specialist Fluge.
For this show, the stage construction featured some serious metalwork and had an epic ‘wide’ look - characteristic of many dance style events. The set featured a series of convex video-clad semicircles protruding horizontally above the deck, resembling a giant - spacey - slot machine!
The Spiiders were positioned along the top edge of the structure and down the offstage sides; the MegaPointes were distributed all over the stage and the BMFLs were on the front of the stage deck.
The MegaPointes were utilised for all the beam-work and the main effects with their speed and brightness. “We used this fixture for its true ‘hybrid’ capabilities” says Edu, “they are a high impact beam light as much as a gorgeous spot with a fantastic zoom.”
On the floor, the 16 x BMFL Spots served as sky scanners. Also on the rig were another 500 or so fixtures - a selection of LED strobes, blinders and battens.
The biggest challenge in lighting Dreambeach was to ensure that each artist playi

accept-oliver--dlive-c1500kalle-knipstpascal-swobodaAccept hit the road with dLive
Friday, 23 November 2018

Germany - Heavy metal heroes Accept rely on Allen & Heath’s dLive system for FOH and monitor duties on their current worldwide Rise of Chaos tour.
Founded in 1968, Accept are a pioneer of the German heavy metal scene and landed their first major international success in the early ‘80s. After a 10-year hiatus, they reformed in 2009 with a new lead singer and since then have achieved multiple Top 10 chart entries and regularly perform across Europe and America.
For the current tour the band decided to use an Allen & Heath dLive system for the first time. “As we mostly travel by plane to all our international shows, the complete monitor and FOH set-up needs to be extremely compact and light,” explains Oliver Tschotow (the main sound engineer for the tour).
Tschotow’s full set-up includes a dLive C1500 Surface with Waves card, a CDM32 MixRack fitted with both AES and MADI cards, two DX168 Expanders, two IP8 Remote Controllers and a further two ME-1 Personal Mixers. Additionally, as there’s no separate monitor desk for this tour, IEM mixes are prepared through the C1500 surface and each musician has the ability to subtly change their individual monitor mixes on stage, using the dLive OneMix app.
“We are also working on a project with Accept for next year called Symphonic Terror - these shows will feature a symphony orchestra and we needed a system that can deliver a minimum of 24 faders, 120 channels and 50 busses, all in a compact format and with 96kHz signal processing, MADI and AES, virtual soundcheck and mult


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