weekndGLP Bars create Blinding Lights on The Edge
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

USA - Canadian singer producer, The Weeknd, was one of a number of artists performing at unusual outdoor settings in Manhattan to mark the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.
His designated location was the rooftop of the new Edge observation deck at Hudsons Yard, 387m high, and consequently the highest in the Western Hemisphere. This presented challenges for lighting designer LeRoy Bennett and his long-serving collaborator, Jason Baeri; but with the help of GLP’s X4 Bar 20s, The Weeknd gave a dynamic rendering of Blinding Lights, the song which earned him gongs for Best R&B Video & Video of the Year.
Bennett worked closely with La Mar Taylor, The Weeknd’s creative director, to come up with the concept. GLP’s award-winning battens not only lit the stage platform but also lined the perimeter of the building’s triangular balcony architecturally. Wearing his signature red suit, black gloves and the bloodied face featured on the After Hours cover, the staging was in stark contrast to other artist sets featured on the show. “Where most relied on XR technology, [our concept] used no special effects; there was nothing virtual, it was all real.” But it had been an intense shoot.
As for the deployment of the X4 Bars, he said, “I liked the idea of a linear light and the X4 Bars were used to outline and define the space itself, to accommodate the helicopter shots from above. They also worked really well as keylights.”
Everything was run in white, with extreme brightness due to the nature of the event. “We created a sheet of whit

art172003GLX Productions lights Christmas at Eden
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

UK - Born from a disused china clay mine and a need for environmental sustainability education, Cornwall’s Eden Project was created in 2001. Eden has two large geometric bubble-like biomes, the Rainforest and the Mediterranean. The rainforest is the world’s largest indoor rainforest at 50m high and 16,000m2 and the Mediterranean houses some of the world’s rarest horticultural specimens.
For the second year, GLX Productions has designed and delivered the biome lighting for Christmas at Eden, using over 300 lighting fixtures, 3km of cable and 5km of fairy lights.
The dramatic landscapes of the biomes were lit in rich colours to create a compelling world of shadows and light. The crowning centrepiece of the Mediterranean Biome this year is a giant mirror ball casting a blizzard of snowflake-like points of silvery light across the giant structure.
The biomes themselves catch light well provided you have the right positioning throughout. The rainforest, due to its immense height, looks incredible when lit but does present its own challenges. Whereas the Mediterranean structure picks up light easily from the floor due to smaller plants, in the rainforest the vegetation is so thick it is borderline impossible to get light from the floor to the roof.
To combat this, 40 LEDJ Spectra Par 7Q8, 30 LEDJ Spectra Par 15Q8 and 35 LEDJ Spectra Flood 18T3 are deployed across the space. This picks up the intricacies of the plants from below and rig additional Chauvet Colorado Q40 Panels and Strike 1’s from the roof of the biomes to tie the entire

holiday-road-51-photo-credit-brian-dowdleADJ Pars illuminate Holiday Road drive-thru
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

USA - The Holiday Road drive-thru experience in Calabasas, CA features larger-than-life festive displays and millions of Christmas lights arranged throughout a two-mile track, which families can enjoy from the comfort and safety of their own car. ADJ fixtures are used extensively for the theatrical and architectural lighting of the various scenes that make up the experience, with over 300 ADJ 12P HEX IP and 7P HEX IP units spread throughout the attraction.
Holiday Road has been put together by the same creative team - Ben Biscotti, Bobby Rossi and Tony Schubert - that hosts the annual Nights of the Jack Halloween attraction. Originally launched as a walkthrough experience in 2018 and 2019, this year Nights of the Jack pivoted to a drive-thru model so that it could go ahead despite COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings in California.
Following the success of this, the creators decided to use the same venue - King Gillette Ranch – to host a totally new holiday-themed drive-thru event. The large estate, filled with mature trees and areas of open grassland, is a suitable blank canvas for the creation of magically-festive displays.
Made up of a variety of different scenes, each with their own soundtrack, the Holiday Road experience is an all-inclusive celebration of the holidays, including displays dedicated to Hannukah, Kwanzaa and every imaginable aspect of Christmas. From the Nutcracker to Santa’s workshop, snowmen to the a crib scene, all kinds of holiday traditions and imagery and combined into a non-stop display

codaCoda System Optimiser Beta v0.5 available
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Europe - Coda Audio has announced the immediate availability of the latest public beta version of its proprietary prediction software - System Optimiser. This is a major update from the current version, providing integration with other software; Trimble SketchUp & Flux: IRCAM Spat Revolution Immersive Engine.
System Optimiser enables the user to accurately simulate several Coda Audio loudspeakers in any 3D scene with ‘unmatched precision and speed’. Design is possible for all sizes of audio system, from the smallest gathering up to the largest of stadium production, with incredible ease. In creating proposals for clients, SPL pressure mapping is presented in detail, with a strong sense of reality. In busy environments, workflow is tantamount to accuracy, and with this in mind, bespoke tools are provided to fully enable the system designer, says Coda.
Various tools are included to create complex designs. The layout tool can be used to place loudspeakers in a multitude of shapes and arrangements. The template engine is a powerful way of managing entities within the layout system. Measurement microphones can be placed anywhere within the 3D scene. Probes are a smart extension of the measurement microphones that make choosing line array angles stress-free. Link Groups define how line arrays are connected, and allow electronic filters to be applied to correct for distance and splay angle.
The System Optimiser Beta is now available as a native macOS / Windows / Linux application for registered users.

fivepoints1Jason Patsel goes Rogue on the Darkside
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

USA - Lighting design bridges gaps, connecting sometimes widely different elements, and fusing them into a unified whole. Jason Patsel of 81 Productions demonstrated this recently at a socially distant outdoor benefit show at the Five Points Music Sanctuary in Roanoke, VA, where he melded different eras and expanded space with help from a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures.
For the Five Points benefit, Patsel lit a concert by the popular Pink Floyd tribute band Darkside Experience, a quintet that captures the essence of the British band with their evocative and challenging sound. Patsel‘s design reflect the quintet’s music and onstage persona with its bold colours and unsettling light angles.
However, with this being the third decade of the 21st century, and the band including its own contemporary flair in their performance, Patsel also wanted to add some distinctively modern touches to this show. The big challenge, as he recalls it, was to create an old school vibe without being old fashioned.
“Bringing old school music into the new age can be tricky,” he said. “I wanted to keep it low key, until the time was right. By not using gobos often, and keeping the focus out, I got that retro feel spotlight. Then, when I had a nice hard bridge in the music, I would snap the focus back in and go with a gobo that fit the mood.”
A new look that Patsel particularly favoured was what he called the “stairs”. He created this by having four different tilt positions for his six Rogue R1X Spot and six Rogue R1 Spot fixtures. “T

amate-audio-g7prodlineAmate ships compact commercial G7 speaker
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Spain - Amate Audio’s new commercial audio loudspeaker, G7, is rolling off the production line and shipping to customers.
G7 is a ‘ground-up, fully in-house, development, two-way system within an EN54-24 certifiable, hexagonal-form, reinforced ABS plastic enclosure’. Continuous programme power handling and output capabilities are rated at 120 W and 112 dB SPL, and a full-frequency response means that the G7 can be deployed without the need for sub bass reinforcement.
Over several years, Amate Audio has secured a worldwide niche demand in music and hospitality install applications, where high performance and operational efficiencies of its premium, self-powered, self-processing loudspeaker systems have found favour. In pitching for mainstream commercial audio success, the company has eschewed prevailing market trends, in offering a distinctively premium product with a comparatively competitive price tag, says the company.
Vice president and chief technical officer Joan Amate states, “G7 was conceived from the outset to disprove the assumption that ‘premium’ necessarily equates with a premium price tag. In developing a compelling proposition for the largest scale commercial audio applications, we understood we had to develop something distinct, in relation to market expectations. As well as something consistent with and representative of our hi-end brand values.”
As a starting point, the company designed its own injection mould, integrating an advanced internal acoustic architecture, within a compact enclosure with a distinctly ae

baldwinboxallanthonymorganBaldwin Boxall names new technical director
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

UK - Anthony Morgan has been appointed as technical director of Baldwin Boxall, with Dave Boxall still very much involved in the business and with his new title of founding director.
Morgan has been with the company for over six years and leads a strong R&D team, alongside Boxall. “I thoroughly enjoy coming to work every single day,” says Morgan. “It is the people at Baldwin Boxall that make it so great, we truly have a fantastic, friendly and professional team.”
As an active member of many board committees in the industry, Morgan is well-versed in the multitude of aspects of life safety and is well-placed to continue Dave Boxall’s hard work, the company says.
Sales and marketing director, Nick Baldwin, comments: “We are very pleased to welcome Anthony to the board of directors and we know he is the perfect fit for this role”.

lsi-xmas-2020LSi’s daily online news will resume on 6 January
Friday, 18 December 2020

World - As the LSi and PLASA offices close for the festive break, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued readership throughout 2020. It’s certainly been a challenging one for our industry, but there have been some incredible moments of solidarity and triumph over adversity too, many of which we’ve had the privilege of detailing for you both here at LSi Online and in the magazine.
Our daily online news service will resume on Wednesday 6 January 2021. Until then, if you fancy a read, you can access LSi’s full 35-year back catalogue free online here.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays – we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!
The LSi team

robe-peoples-choice-awards-2020-nup1922760025Robe MegaPointes for the People’s Choice
Friday, 18 December 2020

USA - The 2020 E! People’s Choice Awards (PCAs) was again staged at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, and lit for the third consecutive year by Tom Sutherland of DX7 Design, working for production company Den of Thieves.
Tom utilised 154 x Robe MegaPointe moving lights - all supplied by Felix Lighting - as part of the lighting package which helped create a stylish super-clean architectural aesthetic for this year’s live broadcast.
The popular online-voted awards show that recognises achievements across multiple fields of entertainment took on a different format this year, with a digital live audience replacing a real one in the venue, all requiring a novel approach by camera director Ryan Polito, creative director Paul Caslin and production designer Florian Wieder.
The two-hour show hosted by Demi Lovato included two live performance segments - by Justin Bieber and Chloe x Halle - plus multiple awards, with many winners rocking up in person to receive their trophies and their share of the adulation.
The set comprised a long, black hi-gloss runway - the central section of which was a video floor - that traversed the Hangar lengthways, with several huge angled sections of LED video wall installed on both sides which had to be ground supported due to the roof weight loadings.
At the end of the runway was another section of stage and an LED screen, and along the same trajectory as the catwalk itself was a long, blow-through screen that dissected the space lengthways. Flown on a Kinesys automation system, this moved in and o

la6mic1L-Acoustics reinforces newly-opened 6MIC
Friday, 18 December 2020

France - Designed by architects Rudy Riciotti and Jean-Michel Battesti, 6MIC (pronounced ‘seismic’) in Aix-en-Provence has been turning heads since opening its doors for the very first time this summer. Its lichen-covered concrete structure - both a technical feat and a world first - is designed to give a mountain-esque appearance to the building, seamlessly blending into the natural landscape.
6MIC’s goal is to become an epicentre for music and culture throughout France. Therefore, they required a sound reinforcement system to reproduce various performance styles and keep a minimal carbon footprint. 6MIC chose to install L-Acoustics throughout all performance spaces to hit both of these goals.
Although structural work commenced in 2018, it was not until September the following year that the 6MIC technical team started working on the audio concept. With an ambitious goal of deploying sound equipment that would be of the highest calibre and future-proof, 6MIC technical director Rémi Droesch’s brief was simple: “We wanted the best sounding system.” After consulting with a number of premium loudspeaker manufacturers, L-Acoustics was retained by the 6MIC team for several reasons.
“Out of all the companies we spoke to, L-Acoustics ticked our boxes right from the outset,” explains Droesch. “First of all, the comprehensive loudspeaker range and excellent performance of L-Acoustics make it the best audio manufacturer we know. Price was equally important to us, and the L-Acoustics team provided a very competitive offer. Finally, following

sound-technologyMartin MAC Encores add flexibility to National Theatre
Friday, 18 December 2020

UK - The technical team at the National Theatre have been working tirelessly since August to re-purpose its venues in the face of COVID-19 restrictions.
A COVID-secure performance of Dick Whittington in-the-round in a newly-configured Olivier theatre opened on 11 December - only to be closed shortly thereafter due to London’s tier three restrictions - whilst the Lyttelton Theatre has been temporarily transformed into a film studio for the upcoming Romeo & Juliet original film. In both instances, Martin MAC Encores from the theatre's in-house lighting resources proved highly flexible core fixtures in the respective lighting rigs.
"Our investment in MAC Encore units has proven invaluable over the last few months as the National Theatre has adapted to the current restrictions for live indoor performances.” commented Paul Hornsby, lighting resources manager, National Theatre. “We found with Dick Whittington that the units were called into use in a way not envisioned when we first bought them - big splashes of bold colour moving around the auditorium creating a magical environment for cast and audience alike. And again, in the Lyttelton Theatre, creating wonderful colour temperature controlled soft light boxes for filming Romeo & Juliet.”
For Dick Whittington, directed by Ned Bennett and with lighting design by Jessica Hung Han Yun, a total of 55 Martin MAC Encores are in the rig - comprising 31 x MAC Encore Performance Warm, 16 x Performance Cold and eight Warm Washes.
They are mostly positioned o

tslTSL Lighting turns it on for Magic Mike Live
Friday, 18 December 2020

Australia - Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum’s popular dance show Magic Mike Live opened in Sydney on 17 December, with a dynamic all-new lighting design created by Philip Gladwell, using a rig supplied by TSL Lighting.
In contrast to its runs in London, Las Vegas and Berlin, the Australian production takes place in a specially-designed Spiegeltent named The Arcadia. For the Sydney dates, The Arcadia has been constructed in the city’s entertainment quarter in Moore Park. Within this ‘circus-like’ venue, the production team has created an immersive lighting experience that complements the energetic, exhilarating dance routines performed in the show. All of the action is performed in the round, facilitating acrobatic routines and synchronised 360° dance spectaculars that envelop the audience.
Gladwell, who has designed all versions of Magic Mike Live around the world, worked with TSL Lighting to specify the sizeable lighting rig, which uses some of the most powerful LED technology on the market.
“Gaz Clowes is our very talented and very hard-working production electrician, and he introduced me to TSL as he had worked with them on some projects before,” says Gladwell. “With a huge rig to source and supply, this was a challenging project in terms of lighting. I had a large wish list and some of the fixtures I wanted were non-negotiable, but TSL completely understood this and simply sourced them ready for use.
“Right from the start, it was clear that TSL really cares - it never felt like a business transaction, fa

streamerdeluxepackGLP’s Streamer enhances videoconferencing
Friday, 18 December 2020

USA - Responding to the current trend for streaming and videoconferencing, necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic and social lockdown, GLP has designed Streamer. This is a small, versatile LED light source whose sole purpose is to present hosts, interviewees and collaborators in professional, studio-type lighting with the ability to be fully remote controlled by a lighting designer, if required.
UL-listed, the spec includes flicker-free high intensity output, with a colour temperature range of 1900-5600K, provided by three different colour sets of LED’s.
A ‘prosumer’ product developed by GLP’s North American operation, it is tailored to both the professional and general consumer markets.
GLP Inc president, Mark Ravenhill, commented that their new solution is both easy to use and transport thanks to the robust yet compact case, that at just six inches long easily fits into a laptop bag. “Streamer plugs directly into a standard USB-C socket on any computer, no batteries or bulky power adapters are required,” he explains.
A range of inbuilt colour temperature pre-sets can be accessed directly from the onboard buttons, which also give instant intensity control. These pre-sets can also be easily modified by the user within the desktop app, available on both Mac and PC.
Streamer has an aluminium outer shell, designed to survive the rigours of a road warrior. “Whether you find yourself in a badly lit hotel room, an overcast airport terminal or just at your home office, you can make sure that you will always look your best,”

disguise1disguise accelerates investment in xR technology
Friday, 18 December 2020

UK - In a year like no other, disguise is celebrating a number of successes, where the company saw the sudden shift to remote performance, production and events, and a new partnership with Epic Games to enhance the delivery of its Extended Reality (xR) solution on a global scale. This year alone has seen over 200 xR projects powered by disguise and in excess of 100 xR stages built around the world in 30+ countries.
In light of the continuing global health crisis that has brought the live events industry to a standstill, disguise has worked hard to provide a lifeline to its community of users. The accelerated development of its xR workflows has shifted the production journey and allowed a number of cancelled shows to resume in a virtual environment. disguise’s response to the COVID-19 impact was also recognised in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100, marking the third consecutive year it has made it in the publication’s Fast Track league.
disguise has also committed to providing free access to its Designer software licence until June 2021 and has recently launched an e-learning hub with online certified training courses free to access for anyone interested in learning, or upskilling, in all seven disguise workflows. This year saw the launch of disguise OnDemand - a virtual hub that hosted 59 free webinars in 12 languages exploring key features and elements of the disguise workflow, specialist discussions on key industry topics and show-stopping case studies.
With an ever-growing presence within the esports arena and sourcing ways to improv

adamsonThe House Modesto turns to Adamson
Friday, 18 December 2020

USA - Founded in 1980, The House in Modesto hosts dynamic services that bring the community together with live music acts, special events and a diverse pastoral team. The church's recent PA upgrade to an Adamson system is changing the way that congregants in the 1,800-capacity auditorium can experience worship. And while the pandemic limited live services temporarily, The House has kept the community close with online worship and outreach.
Jason Rightnour, audio director at The House, chose to install Adamson speakers in the auditorium after auditioning speakers from several other manufacturers. Rightnour was impressed by both the clarity and power of the Adamson product line: “I went to trade shows, conventions and speaker shootouts but I couldn't find a system that fit our needs until Adamson. Once I heard this PA, I was in shock with how clean the box sounded with its crystal-clear highs and no distortion."
As a church with a congregation of diverse age groups, it was important for the AV team that this new system provide quality sound without any tonal loss, harsh tones or distortion for both their regular services and special events like concerts or youth services, which tend to be run at a higher decibel level. With its minimal footprint, the Adamson system has also allowed the church to maintain great sight lines and a clean aesthetic in their auditorium.
The PA, installed by Clark Productions, includes two main arrays of eight boxes of S10; the top four boxes are S10n while the bottom four boxes are S10. Low-end coverage is provided by six

steam-illumination1ChamSys drives the Illumination Christmas Train
Friday, 18 December 2020

UK - Seen from a distance, the Steam Illumination Christmas Train appears like a rolling band of moving light cutting through the dark night as it rolls past the farms and fields of the Hampshire countryside. To those inside, the experience is even more magical, as they find themselves immersed in a rotating tunnel of brilliant colours and patterns.
Covered entirely by LED lights, this special 120m-long train seems like something out of a fantastical Hollywood Christmas movie suddenly come to life in South East England. In reality, however, it was the result of extensive of planning and hard work by the non-profit Mid Hants Railway's Watercress Line and a creative team that includes Simon Horn.
The owner of Purple Lighting in West Sussex, Horn was responsible for designing and programming the 78-universe Steam Illuminations lightshow with the help of his ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M console and MagicVis software. “This was the kind of project you become completely immersed in,” he said. “The Watercress Line typically has visits with Santa every December, but this year that was impractical because of COVID, so the foundation turned to something new.”
Horn spent two weeks programming and four months on background research for his show, which involved two Steam Illumination trains, each adorned with 14,000 individual fixtures. (Some fixtures are banked, so the console sees just shy of 10,000 heads and pixels.) He programmed roughly 1000 cues for his show, breaking them down into an internally timecoded cue stack for each section, which cover the inte

cinetheatre-alcoba-courtesy-of-luis-vidigalJoão D'Oliva Monteiro deploys GoldenSea UV
Friday, 18 December 2020

Portugal - João D'Oliva Monteiro Cine-Theatre in Alcobaça is considered one of the most beautiful in Portugal. The work of Swiss architect Ernesto Korrodi, the building is also of historic importance in Portuguese architecture, combining elements of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernism and Functionalism. Its varied programme covers all forms of international and local music, dance and theatre productions.
Commercial and independent cinema also makes up an important part of the venue’s programming, ensuring the Cine-Theatre has become the main focus of the social and cultural life of Alcobaça and its surroundings.
Following a period of enforced closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, João D'Oliva Monteiro Cine-Theatre joyfully reopened its doors at the start of October for the R'B & Mr.SC concert that marked the opening date of Novo Palco, a festival exclusively dedicated to artists of the municipality.
To enable this to happen in a COVID-secure way, Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça carried out a series of measures to adapt and effectively disinfect its performance and public spaces, meeting all the conditions of safety and hygiene to ensure the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus.
Audience capacities were reduced to 50%, use of masks on the premises before, during and after the shows became mandatory, specific entrance, exit and circulation standards in the auditorium were implemented and appropriate signage installed.
In addition to these measures, the Cine-Theatre was also equipped with a system of UVC disinfection lights from

dalis-860Robert Juliat Dalis adds golden glow to Latin Grammys
Friday, 18 December 2020

USA - Hosted by Ana Brenda Contreras, Victor Manuelle and Yalitza Aparicio, the 21st Latin Grammy Awards were celebrated in late November to honour the cream of the Latin music scene.
This year saw a rather different format from the usual star-studded occasion due to the dictates of the COVID-19 pandemic: to ensure the safety of the artists and the production team, the nominees were showcased to the world in a remote, live broadcast by Univision from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, with breakout performances streamed from other cities throughout Latin America.
Despite the lack of a live audience, this year’s performances were no less glamorous, and the line up - which included the likes of Bad Bunny, Camilo, Kany García, J Balvin, Jesse & Joy, Natalia Lafourcade, Ricky Martin, Fito Páez and Carlos Vives all competing for Album Of The Year - were presented in their best light, bringing some much-needed joy and warmth to its worldwide viewing audience.
The Awards show’s lighting designer and director, Tom Kenny, operating from the Miami base, chose to enhance the appearance of the artists with the elegance and subtleties of a number of Robert Juliat Dalis 860 LED fixtures. Nine of the 8-colour LED battens were arranged at ground level in a horseshoe configuration bordering the front of the performing area, from where they were used as footlights and for low level front lighting.
With Music Makes Us Human as the evening’s theme, Kenny used the Dalis fixtures to bring a warmth and depth to the performers’ faces; Ricky Martin

apprentice-jack-daviesExpanding CFE Lighting takes on first apprentice
Friday, 18 December 2020

UK - Lancashire-based LED lighting manufacturer CFE Lighting has taken on its first apprentice as it looks to accelerate growth and build on its strongest ever trading performance over the last 12 months.
16 year-old Jack Davies has started an 18-month long LEAN Engineering apprenticeship with the company, with the aim of becoming a qualified engineer and securing a permanent role within the rapidly growing business.
Over the course of his apprenticeship, Jack, who lives in nearby Nelson, will be working across a variety of different areas within the company, which specialises in bespoke LED luminaires and lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, and public sectors.
His role will see him work with the manufacturing team to learn how to assemble a vast range of light fittings and controls, as well as being involved with both the sales and customer services teams.
His arrival follows the appointments of two senior-level hires last month, with Amanda Speight joining the company as national business development manager, and David Clews taking up the split role of general manager and North West area sales manager.
They join as the business looks to build on double-digit growth over the last 12 months, with CFE Lighting Ltd achieving its highest-ever turnover of £1.1m over the 19/20 financial year.
Commenting on Jack’s arrival, CFE Lighting’s general manager and North West area sales manager David Clews said: “Jack joins CFE Lighting Ltd at an incredibly exciting time as we look to build on stellar growth over the last 12 mon

sunday-brunch-with-scott-maxwellBrit Row succeeds with COVID-safe techniques
Thursday, 17 December 2020

UK - Britannia Row Productions has supplied a varied array of projects in theatre, TV and radio while utilising COVID-safe procedures.
From a high-profile fashion event in a socially distanced venue with an army of masked crew, to working in sparse TV studios and on-air radio broadcasts, sound rental company Britannia Row Productions has maintained COVID-safe working practices during the pandemic.
Freelance sound engineer Scott Maxwell was touring with deep house DJ and producer Jax Jones when COVID cancellations saw his calendar fall apart. After months without pushing his faders, Autumn finally kicked off a run of new shows. A theatre production in Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre was his first foray into socially distant events.
The theatre partnered with Stage2View to present a selection of West End and Broadway musicals and plays, allowing for a cinematic experience in the atmosphere of a real theatre. Productions screened included The King and I and 42nd Street in 5.1 surround sound. Using an L-Acoustics Kara, KS28 and SB18 subwoofers spec, the show was heard perfectly throughout the venue’s 200 socially distanced, seated attendees.
At a COVID-safe high-end fashion show for Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta, the stage was built out into the auditorium to ensure strict social distancing was in place. Here, Brit Row’s Tom Brown designed the audio system using L-Acoustics 112P self-powered coaxial cabinets, with Maxwell on site for show day. “There were acoustic challenges at this venue as the performance an

fix8FIX8Group’s The Hub opens for business
Thursday, 17 December 2020

UK - FIX8Group's virtual events, broadcast and connectivity centre is fully operational for business.
Known as The Hub, it is located at FIX8Group's facility in Greater Manchester and has been designed to enable virtual and hybrid events, shows or presentations to be produced entirely under one roof. Inside, The Hub offers a studio, gallery and master control room, along with competent technical operators.
With all of the technology, systems, processes and talent in one building, The Hub facilitates on-site as well as full remote event production, including capacity for managing signals from broadcast locations worldwide, says the company.
FIX8Group soft-launched The Hub in late summer, enabling a number of virtual events to be successfully generated and managed while significant investments were made to install best-in-class technology. The team says that now The Hub has proven to be a robust and resilient platform to facilitate client requirements and it is fully open for business right now.
“Without live events, we all face a communications challenge, but our clients still need to deliver the excitement, immersion and experience needed to achieve their goals,” says FIX8Group’s founder and creative director, Neil Trenell. “That’s why we built The Hub - a secure, dynamic, technologically advanced space that draws on FIX8Group’s decades of experience of delivering innovative, technical events for our clients.
“We’re thrilled that the Hub is in full operation, and we’re proud to have created a flexible space

wirelessWireless Solution introduces G6 BlackBoxes
Thursday, 17 December 2020

Sweden - Wireless Solution has announced the release of its new generation of BlackBoxes with the introduction of G6.
The G6 models include some new functionality and communication protocols, including Art-Net and Streaming ACN via WiFi, RDM support in all models, Bluetooth connectivity for configuration and software updates, and full compatibility with LumenRadio’s CRMX technology.
Michael Karlsson, product development manager, at LumenRadio and Wireless Solution, comments: “With the new G6 models, we are taking wireless DMX to a whole new level by introducing official support for both WiFi and Bluetooth as well as support for LumenRadio’s CRMX technology. Especially the question of a common wireless DMX standard within the entertainment lighting community has been an ongoing discussion for many years and with the introduction of compatibility between W-DMX and CRMX, we are now offering customers the world’s first true DMX compatibility.”
Karlsson adds: “With the W-DMX and CRMX technology now under the same ownership we have the possibility to create a truly global standard for wireless DMX. We will continue to work hard to make it easier for our customers to use wireless DMX in their projects without having to think about which supplier to use. We will also look to make it easier to commission products and change settings with minimal effort.”
Robert Larsson, business area manager, Wireless Solution, adds: “Wireless Solution have for the past 15 years contributed to transforming the lighting industry with the development o

puscifer-at-arcosanti1Elation lights Puscifer in Arizona desert
Thursday, 17 December 2020

USA - Colorado production house Brown Note Productions was hired by long-time client Danny Wimmer Presents to provide audio, lighting and video production for a special online performance by alt-rock band Puscifer from experimental town Arcosanti in the high desert of Arizona.
Called on to create evocative visual atmospheres for the shoot was lighting designer Sarah Landau (A Perfect Circle, Childish Gambino, M83), who turned to an IP-rated rig of Elation lighting to brave the desert elements.
Landau has designed for Puscifer since 2016 and handled production design for the Arcosanti event along with Puscifer guitarist and producer Mat Mitchell. Puscifer, known for their eclectic live productions, performed their new album Existential Reckoning across a three-day shoot in September from the arcology site, a one-of-a-kind lifestyle project that is a fusion of architecture and ecology. The stream was released on 30 October.
Arcosanti has the goals of ‘combining the social interaction and accessibility of an urban environment with sound environmental principles, such as minimal resource use and access to the natural environment,’ and sits amidst a land preserve 70 miles north of Phoenix. The ethereal site supports perfectly the alien tones of the album, and as Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan lives and runs a vineyard just an hour north of the site, it was a natural choice for the performance.
“The show took place in three acts in three locations around Arcosanti to showcase both the desert environment, as well as its epic e

danteTexas university keeps music live with Dante
Thursday, 17 December 2020

USA - Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas has utilized Audinate’s Dante in its music and sound recording technology programmes since 2018. In that time, Dante has not only become part of the curriculum, but has also enabled many of the university’s major live productions – including its impressive jazz performances.
But in 2020, Dante took on an additional role for the music department: an enabler of safe social distancing.
“When we looked at returning to classes in the Fall of 2020, we had to figure out how to hold music practice with safety considerations related to COVID,” said James F. Adams, assistant professor of music and director of sound recording technology at the university. “We knew we needed to separate students into individual rooms because of the nature of many of the instruments. And, not surprisingly, it was Dante that came to the rescue.”
Dante distributes hundreds of uncompressed, multi-channel digital audio via standard Ethernet networks, with near-zero latency and perfect synchronization. Dante allows audio, control, and all other data to coexist effectively on the same network.
That near-zero latency is crucial in live performance. At SFA, keeping the latency under seven milliseconds roundtrip across networked rooms allows students to perform in an isolated space - all while still hearing others in nearly real-time.
“To still have live music classes we had to ensure there was both minimal latency and that we could host students with as little risk as possible,” Adams said. “T


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