Nexo system enhances Valley Life Centre
Friday, 22 February 2019
valleyThe Valley Life Centre in Dallas
USA - One of the most elegant fixed sound system installations now graces the 400-seat sanctuary of the Valley Life Centre in Dallas. Nexo’s compact Geo M6 line array has been delivered by local audio specialists Alpha Sound, as the front end of a digital system featuring a Yamaha QL5 mixing console, and personal in-ear monitoring facilities.
“The 400-seat, intergenerational congregation sanctuary previously had a mono centre cluster of horns enclosed in a fabric cloud and a simple analogue console with a few wedges for monitors,” says Devin Sheets, head engineer at Alpha Sound.
Now, two Nexo M6 line arrays cover the 180° room evenly with added localisation from low profile out-fills. Along with the subwoofers, the speaker system naturally delivers a "modern" sound that is fitting for contemporary worship styles. “The new system will serve this church community very well for decades to come,” adds the elder Sheets.
The M6 line array configuration consists of six per side, one per side of Nexo LS18 subwoofer, one per side Nexo ID24 speakers used for out-fills, and two Nexo NX4x1 Mk2 amplifiers. "The clarity and detail of this new system is absolutely incredible,” states Chris Barker, head pastor. “Many people can hear the instruments and voices for the first time, and the younger crowd really loves the new depth of sound.
Because it all sounds so smooth, we really aren't getting complaints about the volume even though it is actually a lot louder than ever before. It all just sounds amazing."
(Jim Evans)

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