Nico Riot turns to GLP hybrid for Marilyn Manson
Wednesday, 14 March 2018
mansonThe band embarked on a series of pan-European arena and theatre shows at the end of last year
USA/Europe - Marilyn Manson and his band embarked on a series of pan-European arena and theatre shows at the end of last year followed by a US tour with French LD Nicolas Riot of Chirac Design.
Riot, also known for his work with French metal band Gojira, has been using LED fixtures from GLP, including 15 x JDC1 hybrid strobes and 35 of the award-winning X4 Bar 20 battens in the set design.
All inventory was supplied by the band’s regular vendor, experienced UK rental company Entec Sound & Light, while North American supplier Delicate Productions provided the gear for the US leg of the tour. Entec’s MD (and head of lighting) Noreen O’Riordan confirmed that while this was the first time Entec has worked with the lighting designer, they have a long-standing relationship with Manson’s production manager Matt Doherty. They purchased the X4 Bars in response to the LD’s rider. “We know the product is a good one, having successfully rented them for use on other shows,” she explained. “The current Marilyn Manson tour presented us with the perfect opportunity to commit to a purchase.”
It was Marilyn Manson himself who demanded the JDC1 strobe. “I wasn’t really aware of the product to be honest until Matt Doherty emailed me saying ‘Manson wants that strobe’,” says Riot. “I have no idea how he found that product but I checked right away on the GLP website and instantly knew that something cool would come out of this product when looking at the specs.”
He has been using 15 units - divided between upstage and downstage - but says he wished he could have secured more. “I tried the rig with the ChamSys MagicQ pixel mapper and I was really excited about the result. I made three different layers of Pixmap, one per section, and the result was intense.”
As for the X4 Bars, the first time he saw them in a live environment was at Linkin Park’s summer European shows. “I was really surprised by how the Bars were kicking through [Linkin Park] LD Céline Royer's design,” he said. And so he turned to the fixtures for the first time.
The LD has been running 35 X4 Bar 20’s on the rig - two rows upstage and a couple on the flown rig.
Nico himself has been touring as lighting director and programmer with colleagues from Chirac Design also on duty. The tour has been running flawlessly, with Entec providing their customary support. “Their gear is of high quality and is always maintained to a high standard,” he says.
(Jim Evans)

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