Nova Event Group adds Laserworld distribution
Tuesday, 3 November 2020
nova-eventandlaserworld-groupwebLaserworld and Nova - ‘Looking forward to a great partnership’
Switzerland - The Laserworld Group has announced Nova Event Group as its new exclusive distribution partner in Switzerland.
The Nova Event Group has many years of experience in the sales of laser systems, as they used to be the Swiss distribution partner of Kvant lasers.
With the new partnership, the CEO of the Nova Events Group, Vano Soleymani, makes a significant step for the future: “The ongoing transformation process in our industry allowed us to restructure our partnerships and extend our portfolio even further. The Laserworld Group offers the large variety of products we need to satisfy the requirements of our customers. We monitored the product developments and technological advancements of the past years and are very confident we have found a strong partner for the future.”
The Nova Event Group not only handles laser sales in Switzerland, but also supports customers in Switzerland and, with their German company, all over Europe with project implementations. Currently, Nova Event also handles sales and service for GLP, Fusion by GLP, Fantek, LEDium, LAX Audio and Absen in Switzerland.
“We are looking forward to a great partnership,” states Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group. “The experience of the Nova Event team with lasers, the special requirements of highly professional users and the well-established network makes them the perfect partner for the Swiss market.”

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