Outline announces formation of US division
Wednesday, 10 January 2018
outlinecox-farahJeffrey Cox (left) and Jason Farah (have formed Outline US, the sole representative of Outline Srl in the US
Italy/USA - Outline has announced the formation of Outline US. Newly created, owned and operated by Jeffrey Cox and Jason Farah, Outline US is now the sole representative of Outline Srl in the United States and Caribbean.
This announcement establishes an alliance between Outline Srl in Italy and renowned audio specialist Jeffrey Cox and Jason Farah, the technical and business authority of East Coast-based Special Event Services (SES), North Carolina.
“We insisted upon creating an operation in the US that had direct connection to the mothership in Brescia, Italy,” explains Farah. “When you are working with us in the States, you’re aligned with the factory, man/woman brainpower, technical resources and support of the worldwide Outline organisation.”
“We are taking a similar approach that Cox Audio Engineering utilised in 1993 when introducing L-Acoustics in the US,” notes Cox. “Direct, focused attention caused the spectacular presence, acceptance and growth of that company and I’m confident we’ll have similar results with Outline as we put the company’s extremely innovative technologies and products forward in the US.”
With access to an extensive inventory of Outline products through SES, Outline US is immediately capable of providing product demonstrations, performances and alternative product presentations. “We are already fielding some long-standing inquires and requests emanating from the States,” says Farah.
Outline US is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Taos, New Mexico. Cox notes that the two locations allow for more rapid deployment while also accommodating multiple time zones.
Farah concludes, “Outline is launching a new product in the next 30 days that will turn the electronic processor market upside down. Newton redefines the ‘gold standard’ in modern audio processing and represents another quantum leap forward from Outline. It’s been battle-tested in several large-scale events and scoured by several renowned rental companies. That’s all we’re revealing right now, but we are extremely excited to bring this technology to the states.”
(Jim Evans)

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