Outline at Unipol Arena for Circoloco
Friday, 15 December 2017
Caption: Circoloco is a format and a brand born in Ibiza
Italy - Held on 9 December at the Bologna Unipol Arena, Circoloco, an international show of club house music featured an Outline GTO system as the main PA for the event.
Circoloco is a format and a brand born in Ibiza many years ago, supported and created by Antonio Carbonaro - the owner of the famous DC10 music label. Circoloco has its own identity and includes many international artists who accompany this project around the world.
The audio design and set-up was entrusted to Emporio on Stage (Scandicci - Florence), with the support of the Outline staff. It was composed of 12 GTO systems plus GTO-DF (down-fill) modules for sides, 12 + 12 DBS 18-2 sub-bass units, 4 + 4 infra-sub LAB 21 HS and 6 front-fill comprised of 2 Mantas 28 each.
Angelo Catoni, owner of Emporio on Stage, comments: “For the main PA we installed 12 GTO + DF (down-fill) systems on each side of the stage that guaranteed optimal coverage of the venue and six Mantas 28 systems as front-fill to balance the medium / high frequencies. We have chosen to work with a ratio of 1/1 between top and sub adding 4 + 4 LAB 21 as infra in the central part to have a very important sum on the bass, given the type of event.”
The audio sound design for this event had to follow very precise directives required by the concert’s production. For the Unipol Arena production, the importance of high coverage and sound pressure in a very large arena, like the Unipol, was a fundamental requirement for the success of the show.
Production manager Gualtiero Sabatini comments, “I was really impressed by the accuracy of the audio package and the final result. The audio coverage in the room was optimal, with an incredible sound pressure, deep and precise bass and fundamental for enhancing the music. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised also by the clean upper middle frequencies, even at such high sound pressure.”
(Jim Evans)

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