Outline backs Tuscan festival’s all-star cast
Friday, 18 October 2019
outlineAn Outline PA was chosen for the second consecutive festival
Italy - Performers at The Lucca Summer Festival included Take That, Toto, Macklemore, Tears For Fears, New Order, Elbow, Mark Knopfler, Janelle Monáe, The Good the Bad and the Queen, Scorpions and Sting, as well as Italian stars Eros Ramazzotti, Giorgia and Francesco De Gregori, all of whom performed in Piazza Napoleone, the main square of the ancient Tuscan city’s centre.
To satisfy the sonic needs of such a wide variety of genres, an Outline PA was chosen for the second consecutive edition, supplied by this year’s audio contractor, Target Sound, one of Poland’s largest full-service production companies and an Outline GTO Partner based in the southern Polish city of Chorzów.
Lorenzo Patellani and Paolo Calza were the Outline system engineers at the event and the former explains, “Ensuring all the spectators an unforgettable sound experience was no easy task, as the square is wide and short and the stage-front also very wide, so considerable care had to be taken to ensure perfect coverage of the entire audience. To this end, the decision to field Outline’s new compact Superfly line array systems on out-fill chores proved a winner, thanks to their excellent control of rear dispersion, which avoided on-stage sound spill, and their 90° horizontal dispersion, optimizing coverage of the side sections of the audience area.”
The set-up featured nine GTO C-12 plus a GTO-DF as down-fill per side, plus 9 + 9 Superfly systems on out-fill duty. On stage there were two stacks of four Mantas 28 systems, and eight LIPF 082 enclosures along the edge of the stage on front-fill chores. The bottom end was entrusted to twenty Outline DBS 18-2 (twin 18” systems), used with a virtual arc configuration.
Calza added, “The powerhouse comprised six Powersoft X8 and the ‘heart’ of the system’s rack drive at FOH was Outline’s Newton which enabled us to meet absolutely all the requests on behalf of artists’ audio teams.”
(Jim Evans)

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