Painting with Light celebrates two decades
Tuesday, 24 September 2019
painting-with-lightThe Painting with Light team at IAAPA EAS last week: Davy Vandenreyt, Iiris Rousku, Peter Van den Bosch, Céline Cuypers, Ashwin Coelho, Marc Van der Wel, Luc Peumans, Orkün Gumustekin and Jo Segers
Europe - Belgian-based visual design studio Painting with Light (PWL) celebrates 20 years of utilising multiple media and luminescent sources - including lighting, video, lasers, projection - and content to create inspiring designs and dramatic immersive environments.
The journey has seen it grow from an ambitious dream to a leading international technical innovator and solutions provider.
The company was founded by Luc Peumans in 1999. His vision, imagination, focus and sense of adventure have driven PWL to become the imagineering powerhouse it is today, working across multiple entertainment and leisure industry platforms with a skilled team of dynamic multi and mixed media experts.
PWL’s core business started with designing lighting, video and scenic elements for music tours and festivals, television productions, a diversity of live events and theatre productions.
Peumans’ eagerness to experiment with and try out new ideas helped his work become noticed, which prized open new opportunities and areas especially in ‘crossover’ disciplines like ‘architainment’ which require a broader approach, thinking ‘out-of-the-box’ and the adaptation of light and ‘luminosity’ in its various forms utilising different techniques and treatments.
PWL’s work is now an invigorating balance of projects in these original sectors, plus newer areas where lighting and media installations are integral to creating atmosphere and mood like theme parks, attractions, museums, venues - from bars to live music and dance halls - and buildings (from offices to big football arenas).
There’s also been more esoteric art installation work including Protected Paradise created by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen and lit by Luc for the 2017 Venice Biennale.
Peumans states: “Reaching the 20-year mark is a huge achievement. It has been an amazing experience and is a tribute to the whole team and all those who have played a major part in the company over that time! Here’s to the next 20!”
As artistic director of Painting with Light, Luc maintains a creative overview of each project, working closely with a talented team of designers, programmers and technical and creative experts who ensure that PWL’s signature style and flair is delivered appropriately every time to the client, meeting the highest expectations.
Recent projects have included lighting the new Popcorn Revenge interactive dark ride at Walibi, Belgium; lighting throughout the Majaland theme park area at the Kownaty Holiday Park in Poland; site-wide atmospheric lighting and the creation of light-art works for the Campo Solar festival plus several music and theatre tours.
(Jim Evans)

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