The new Pan Speaker CX series: P 8-CX, P 10-CX and P 12-CX
Germany - Pan Acoustics has announced the launch of its latest speaker series, the Pan Speaker CX series. This new series is specifically designed for use in systems with virtual room acoustics and object-based audio.
Pan Acoustics' Pan Speaker CX series presents itself as ‘the ideal solution for demanding audio projects that require precise sound reproduction and immersive audio experiences.’
The combination of a woofer and tweeter unit in one chassis enables precise sound dispersion and localisation.
With different versions including 8", 10" and 12" woofer drivers, the series offers the ability to select the appropriate speaker type based on room size and performance requirements.
Regardless of size or power unit, the sound signature of the speakers remains uniform to ensure consistent sound results. Equalisation of the speakers is already done via the integrated passive crossover.
The cabinets are made from sustainably sourced wood and can be painted in any colour according to the customer's wishes, allowing for visually unobtrusive integration into theatres and opera houses.
A stable front grille made from perforated sheet metal and an integrated connection plate protect the speakers from external influences. Due to the design, the speakers are already tilted downwards by 15° and can thus be mounted flat on the wall. Various mounting points for accessories offer flexibility and ease of installation, including wall mounting, ceiling mounts and more.
CX speakers can be used individually or in combination with subwoofers from the Pan Subwoofer series for extended bass response and immersion.
"Since ACS from the Netherlands became part of the Pan Acoustics family, I aimed to also offer matching loudspeakers to deliver a holistic system from a single source,” says Udo Borgmann, CEO of Pan Acoustics. “The CX series is the result of intensive development work, and we are thrilled to be able to offer these first-class speakers to the AV industry. Of course, these speakers are also ‘Made in Germany’ and come with our well-known 10-year warranty. We are confident that this series will exceed our customers' expectations in terms of sound quality, precision and versatility." The Pan Speaker CX series is available to order now.

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