Pantheon Podcasters upgrade with AKG
Tuesday, 2 November 2021
coreyoflanagan1Corey O’Flanagan of the Songfacts Podcast
USA - Podcasters on the San Francisco-based Pantheon network are using the AKG Podcaster Essentials bundle to great effect, enjoying improved sound and ease of use from the AKG Lyra USB microphone and K371 headphones.
Pantheon Podcasts is a network of more than 70 music-focused shows, running the gamut from casual music exploration to history, production, banjo culture and much more. Pantheon founder and CEO Christian Swain is also the host of Rock N Roll Archaeology, a chronological, episodic podcast that tells the story of how the music of the late 20th century intersected with the changing culture of the times to create what is now one of the greatest moments in music history. According to Swain, the AKG Podcaster Essentials toolkit makes it possible for less-experienced hosts to achieve professional sound easily and lends a cohesive sound to the network’s many shows.
Lyra is an ultra-HD multimode USB microphone that combines lAKG engineering with a sleek design and integrated desktop stand that makes it quick and easy to set up and use. To complement the microphone, the Podcaster Essentials bundle includes a pair of AKG K371 headphones. Sporting a closed-back, over-ear design and premium AKG drivers, K371 headphones offer transparent sound with extended frequency response and excellent isolation from external noises. The bundle also comes with a copy of Ableton Live 10 Lite software for streamlined recording and editing.
“We pride ourselves on providing audiences with quality content coupled with quality audio,” said Swain. “We choose our music-related podcasts for their quality content, but not all come with the quality audio we expect. Having the ability to quickly and inexpensively supply these shows with the AKG Podcaster Essentials kit is an excellent way to solve this problem when it arises. It also allows us to have a somewhat uniform raw audio signal for editing and enhancing the content when needed.
“We used to shy away from USB microphones, preferring a more traditional external XLR interface, but the AKG Lyra meets our needs and offers a cost savings. We have been very happy with the results and our hosts using this package are extremely happy to be able to up their audio quality.”

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