Philips Lighting's LED highlights Denim Awards
Friday, 11 August 2017
royal-fashionThis year's event focused on Italian and Dutch collaborations
Italy - Philips Lighting reports that its lighting technology was used for the Global Denim Awards Triennale in Milan, an annual celebration of the best of denim couture. Visited by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima of The Netherlands, this year's event focused on Italian and Dutch collaborations in design, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship.
Philips Selecon Accent LED BeamShaper fixtures were used to illuminate the mannequins displaying the outfits inside Milan's Palazzo della Triennale. The lighting was installed by Dutch lighting specialist Jurlights, whose experienced art director Pol van Veen was the lighting designer for this special international showcase.
As a specialist in lighting high-end international fashion events, van Veen's priority is to enhance the appearance of the clothing on display, bringing to the fore all the colour, texture and detail of their design, ensuring the very best results for both the eyes of the audience and the lenses of the cameras.
The Philips Selecon Accent LED BeamShaper is designed for precisely these environments. A stylish and versatile tool, it offers light output with an excellent Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95, along with four captive shaping shutters to minimize untidy light-spill, and sharp gobo projection from its advanced optical system.
As van Veen's design employed Philips Lighting TL fluorescent tubes to create a clean, cool white light environment, the 4000 Kelvin versions were chosen to complement and reinforce this output. The 'natural white' colour temperature of the BeamShapers enhanced the definition of the fashion creations on display.
Van Veen says, "The additional light from the BeamShapers made all the details in the colour and depth of the clothing much more visible. The coloration and intensity are clearly of high quality. As an art director, I can think of many more situations that these fixtures would suit perfectly."
Colin Kavanagh, general manager of Philips Entertainment Lighting says, "At Philips Entertainment Lighting our focus is on making real products for real customer needs, helping them to be successful at what they do, both creatively and in their business. This beautifully-lit fashion event is another high-end application in which our innovative, high quality, low-energy lighting technology is fulfilling that focus."
(Jim Evans)

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