pixl evolution on track for Festival of Speed
Thursday, 1 August 2019
goodwoodThe BMW stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
UK - The Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place in the grounds of Goodwood house in Sussex and brings together every aspect of the past, present and future of the automotive industry.
Two eye-catching stands at the 2019 show which took place in early July, were those of Mini and BMW, who both worked with leading marketing agency TRO to realise their visions.
Video provision was an essential promotional part of both stand-designs and TRO contacted Hertfordshire based specialists pixl evolution to deliver solutions. Recently-launched sister company audio evolution was brought in to supply sound systems for both areas. Paul Wood acted as pixl evolution’s project manager for the week-long build and four-day show, with Peter Russell managing events on behalf of audio evolution. High value aesthetics were the order of the day and it was essential that all provision was delivered with close attention to a quality ‘finish’.
Content was screened throughout the show by both manufacturers. On the BMW stand, pixl supplied a 2.5m x 1.5m 3.9mm resolution outdoor LED screen, whilst at the Mini stand, which took the form of a film-set style street frontage, a 5m x 2.5m 3.9mm resolution outdoor LED was mounted on the roof of the Mini Electric building.
In addition to this, one 85” LCD screen and one 48” touchscreen were supplied at ground level to show content specific to the different facets of the Mini story on display. To complement the strong nostalgic recreation of Mini history, in particular the development of the marque’s electric car, pixl supplied two 1960s/1970s retro TV screens to complete the install.
The audio provision on the Mini stand comprised indoor and outdoor distributed playback from a DJ-booth housed within one of the ‘shop’ units, deploying a versatile combination of d&b audiotechnik T10, E12-SUBS and EM acoustics EMS-51 loudspeakers.
In the M-Town area of the BMW stand, two separate d&b systems were used to accommodate playback across the stand (T10, E8, E6 and Y-SUB) and Pro-Driver Q&A sessions (Y10P). The latter system was supplemented by Shure Axient Digital radio microphones.
In the BMW Boulevard area, where a ‘catwalk’ style event took place, highlighting the different cars on show, d&b Y12 line array was used in combination with a distributed system of Y10P, E6 and E12-SUBS. This catered for both background music from a DJ and presenters equipped with Shure Axient Digital radio microphones. QLab was used for playback.
(Jim Evans)

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