PL+S 2018: Clair introduces hybrid loudspeaker
Thursday, 12 April 2018
clairbrosThe 10SPOT will begin shipping in Summer 2018
Germany - Clair Brothers has introduced the 10SPOT – designed as an “ultimate hybrid loudspeaker” that combines Clair Brothers Curved Array Technology together with their One Series coaxial horn technology. The result is a unique form factor loudspeaker that occupies little visual space while covering listening areas more coherently than your average conventional point sources.
With a frequency response of 90Hz – 20,000Hz it is offered as a solution for when articulate speech and music reproduction is key. Because of its form factor, dispersion characteristics, and its four integral mounting points, the 10SPOT is well-suited for installation near ceiling to wall intersections in a variety of applications – hotel/club bar areas, performing arts centers, houses of worship, arenas and auditoriums, nightclubs, cruise ship venues and A/V systems support.
(Jim Evans)

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