PL+S: Absen highlights rental LED displays
Wednesday, 20 March 2019
absenAbsen will give centre stage to its headline touring product
Germany - As part of its Fine Pixel Generation campaign, Absen will give centre stage to its headline touring product - the Aries Series - at Prolight + Sound 2019.
The tradeshow will also allow the company to exhibit the capabilities of its award-winning Polaris Series. These products, and more, can be found on Absen’s stand in Hall 4.0, E35.
Absen recently celebrated its 10th straight year as the #1 Chinese export brand for LED displays - a feat that was thanks in no small part to the strength of its rental products - and intends to retain this title with the help of the Fine Pixel Generation’s newest members.
Absen’s new Aries Series is the company’s first NPP range that has been specially designed to meet the growing demand for sub-2mm fine pitch LED in rental staging applications such as auto shows, high-end conferences and live broadcasts. Supporting HDR10 (high-dynamic-range) standard, the new AX1.5 model allows for a much broader range of colours, while being road-rugged thanks to its corner edge protection.
Featuring the latest in Integrated Matrix Device (IMD) and Common Cathode (CC) technologies, the new Aries Series (featuring the 1.5mm pixel pitch AX1.5) provides over three times the strength as traditional LED screens whilst consuming 20% less power. CC technology in particular allows improved contrast ratio and brightness, as well as helping to reduce heat generation, thus ensuring a longer lifespan.
As well as the Aries Series, Absen will also use Prolight+Sound to demonstrate the staying power of its Polaris Series. The product was launched at ISE 2018, and is packed with the latest innovations to meet the physical and visual demands of the live event and entertainment community.
Absen Polaris offers ultra-high brightness and contrast levels, while ultra-wide viewing angles, superior colour and HDR (high dynamic range) support the perfect visual display performance. Mechanical advances including auto-lock, auto-eject and fast-switch curve locking systems simplify and speed up the installation and operating process, whilst technical advances such as HBB (High Brightness Black) common cathode technology delivers a superior experience for end users.
Alex Couzins, Absen’s European head of brand and marketing, commented: “Absen has invested a lot of time, effort and money to develop the Polaris range, which has been very well received by our rental customers and seen worldwide distribution with over 10,000 sqm of Polaris LED produced to date. The award is a testament to the hard work that everyone has put in and we look forward to welcoming more partners during the rest of 2019.”
A number of Absen’s other mobile solutions, such as the Altair AT5 Pro and JP Series, will also be on show. All products are currently available in the European market, shipping immediately.
(Jim Evans)

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