PL+S: FaitalPRO launches FX series
Thursday, 4 April 2019
faitalThe FX600 woofers are designed to cover multi-purpose application pro market needs
Germany - Responding to the recent pro sound philosophy that requires lightweight products, with a light moving mass, Italian manufacturer FaitalPRO has launched three cone speakers 12, 15 and 18 inches in diameter. The units are dedicated to the reproduction of the lower frequencies. With 700 W of continuous AES power and 1400 maximum, the new woofer family called FX600- comprises three new models, 12FX600, 15FX600, 18FX600.
Flavio Naggi, sales and marketing manager of FaitalPRO, explains: "In the audio-video world ‘FX’ refers to ‘special effects’ and that's why we chose this name for these series of speakers. They offer high level performance for top of the range applications. An acoustic designer can obtain super high-grade performance and maximum efficiency (2,2-2,4% of total efficiency) for a first-class impact."
Flavio Naggi concludes: "The FX600 woofers are definitely designed to cover wide-ranging, multi-purpose application pro market needs. They sound excellent, have a consistent behaviour and very significant acoustic performance even in smaller cabinets."
(Jim Evans)

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