PLASA 2016: Pin the Mic on the Actor seminar
Sunday, 18 September 2016
UK - Today at PLASA, Zoe Milton from the Association of Sound Designers (ASD) presents Pin The Mic On The Actor, a session that has previously featured in the PLASA Show Seminar Programme and received such a good response that she has been asked to run it again.

During the session, Zoe will give a practical demonstration of wireless mic dressing - how to hide them, dress them, colour them, make them work with long hair, short hair, glasses, hats, wigs, or on someone who is completely nude. Putting the over the ear, under the ear, in the hair, on the cheek, hip, groin, small of the back. Whether the mic is micropore, Transpor, Tegaderm, Hapla band or Zinc Oxide, this seminar will look at the many different options for mounting a mic and transmitter on an actor.

The session takes place in the Audio and AV Theatre on Sunday 18th September from 15:15 - 16:00

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