PLASA 2019: GoboPlus adds more designs
Tuesday, 3 September 2019 will focus on fixtures from LDR including the Tono zoom profile
UK - GoboPlus will exhibit at PLASA 2019 on stand B2b alongside its new sister company, FollowSpotSales. FollowSpotSales joins CutColourPlus, the filter cutting and supply service, and Inluster lighting consultancy under the GoboPlus umbrella. is a new UK distributor for LDR of Italy, one of the last remaining independent lantern and follow spot manufacturers. It produces a complete range of profiles, Fresnels, soft-lights and follow spots with LED, discharge and traditional tungsten light sources, for entertainment technology as well as display and architecture. A selection of LDR lanterns and small gobo projectors available from will be shown on stand B2b. continues to devote its comprehensive expertise, exceptional quality and service to the delivery of outstanding custom gobos and over 3000 designs from Rosco, DHA, and GAM, in addition to its own ever-growing catalogue of exclusive gobo designs.
As a one-stop shop for all things ‘gobo’, the company will be launching new gobo designs, including new HR vignettes and graded edge shapes, at PLASA 2019 which will be celebrated with some very original etched giveaways.
The new designs will be presented alongside examples of GoboPlus’ new, high-resolution glass gobos which render images in much finer detail than has been previously possible. The new level of resolution enables images of much greater detail to be produced on smaller gobos, giving more scope to original designs and more accurate reproduction of standard gobo patterns. The extremely high-resolution gobos have been created in response to the huge improvements in optical quality of modern lanterns and to enable finer designs to fit on the new generation of smaller gobos used by many moving light fixtures.
(Jim Evans)

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