PLASA Show 2022: Sauca Live Light released
Thursday, 18 August 2022
lighter-1280Sauca Live Light
UK - Sauca Live Light is gearing up for its release at this year's PLASA Show (4-6 September, Olympia London). "Increase audience experience, engagement and loyalty with a low cost, sustainable solution," the company says. "Certainly not too good to be true as Sauca Live Light is the 21st century’s version of the concert lighter that does so much more is released." 
With Sauca Live Light's new technology, audience smart devices such as phones, watches and wearables become a massive, controllable canvas of pixels. "Lighting designers can now control colour effects and dynamic images across the entire crowd. With the ability to generate huge messages that sweep across the audience, Mexican wave camera flashes or the crowd strobing the venue, the possibilities are endless," says Sauca. 
Audiences everywhere can now create “unforgettable and mesmerising experiences under the instant control of visual designers”. Live Light fulfils and addresses today's need for increased immersion and connection with audiences. "Customers can not only increase engagement and loyalty but also promote positive behaviours, wowing and delighting crowds in the process. The creation of differentiated and unique effects will remain in fans minds and be very appealing to band members."
See for yourself and meet the team behind the tech during PLASA Show in the PLASA Introduces zone, and on the Innovation Gallery.

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