Pointman debuts Flex-Phase electric chain hoist
Monday, 20 March 2017
sm-3t-motor-endFlex-Phase is designed for companies whose projects run the range from small events projects up to large trade show events
USA - Pointman Lifting Products has introduced the Flex-Phase hoist. Initially available in the 1/4T capacity Model S unit, this new to market hoist gives users the flexibility of powering their hoist with either 115V single-phase power or 230V three-phase power, without changing any parts in the hoist.
With a lifting capacity of 500 pounds at 16ft per minute regardless of operating voltage, Flex-Phase is a suitable tool for companies whose projects run the range from small events projects up to large tradeshow events. The compact chassis and low self-weight of the SM series platform combine to make the Flex-Phase hoist easy for crews to handle, and leaves more of the rigging points capacity for the support of the production equipment. A Flex-Phase unit fitted with 60ft of lift weighs in at less than 50lb.
“This hoist meets a need for a very large segment of our industry. In many cases the convenience of a single-phase hoist is the difference between an easy load in, or a larger labour call,” says Elmer Veith, Flex-Phase project lead. “Not having to carry a duplicate inventory of hoists to cover those cases means you can take on any project without worrying if you can get the right power or the right hoist. It’s liking getting two hoists in one body.”
Flex-Phase hoists will work with a single channel control pendant, or can be operated from most hoist controllers manufactured for the entertainment industry.
(Jim Evans)

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