Powersoft reconnects Pentecostal church
Friday, 15 March 2019
powersoftThe church claims the country’s largest Pentecostal Christian congregation of over 800,000 members
South Korea - When old and outdated amplifiers began to cause frequent errors at South Korea’s Yeouido Full Gospel Church, an upgrade was imperative. Audio specialists and Powersoft distributors, Dasan SR, presented the winning specification, proposing Powersoft’s X Series amplifier platforms to manage the high channel count and the complexity of the church’s sound system. The church claims the country’s largest Pentecostal Christian congregation of over 800,000 members.
Dasan SR’s technical manager, Changyu Choi, specified seven of Powersoft’s eight-channel X Series tour-grade amplification systems to drive the powerful PA comprised of EAW KF750 full system three-way cabinets and associated KF755 down fill array modules. The extensive PA is comprised of main front of house speakers including downfill, front fill and under balcony speakers, as well as the delay system, the choir and side speakers.
Flexibility and stability were cited as contributing factors, but performance and price sealed the deal on Powersoft’s X Series, over two other leading amplifier manufacturers.
The system installation was carried out with no disruption to worship, as work continued either side of the service day. Once the space-saving, 2U X4’s were in place a Dante network was created to alleviate the use of the pre-existing DSP. Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus then took over the reins and tuned the entire speaker system.
The system set up and tuning was all handled by Choi and “very intuitive” thanks to Armonía. He also found the matrix nature of the Powersoft X4, “assisted greatly with installation and adjustment”. He adds, “The matrix function, allowing you to send one or more inputs freely to all outputs, is very attractive.” Choi worked with Yeouido’s sound engineer, Joung Kim to organise the input and output channels and to stabilise the system.
Kim states: “The Powersoft products are very stable and reliable. The control of the system now is very simple, with no need to manipulate the system at all now the set up is complete. Power on / off is available remotely which is very convenient and all we need to do is monitor the system status.”
(Jim Evans)

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