Powersoft upgrade for Rixos Dubai
Friday, 10 May 2019
dubaiLock, Stock and Barrell features live bands and DJs
UAE - Powersoft amplifiers have been installed at Rixos Premium Hotel, which is located in Dubai’s bustling Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) community.
The project was specified, managed and integrated by Pulse Middle East, and saw Powersoft amplifiers installed in five of the hotel’s outlets, including the lavish Azure Beach Club, Black Tap Craft Burgers and Shakes and Luigia Italian restaurant, which are all operated by Sunset Hospitality. The remaining venues, Lock, Stock and Barrell (LSB) and STK Steakhouse, are operated by Solutions Leisure.
With bands performing live at LSB on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and DJs the other evenings, the audio system was configured to cater for both. The TW Audio system is powered by Powersoft Quattrocanali and X Series amplifier platforms - seven Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+D serve the smaller 8” M8 and 10” M10 speakers distributed in the areas further from the stage, in addition to ceiling speakers in the toilets.
The three X8s drive the main band PA consisting of a pair of T24 with four B18 subwoofers, additional B18 and B15 subs dotted around the venue, and T20s for out-fills. A further five C15 stage monitors with a B15 sub are powered by a portable rack of two Dante enabled Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+D.
Pulse Middle East’s head of audio, Andrew Morris, explains: “There were some quite long cable runs in the end at LSB, so the damping control on the Powersoft amps really helped to ensure that the subs were sounding consistent all around the venue, by compensating for these.”
Pulse opted to install a redundant Dante infrastructure at LSB with processing and control from BSS BLU-100 processors with BSS Blu-DANs, so even if one of the devices were to fail the system would automatically switch over to the second set of devices.
It took four Ottocanali 12K4 DSP+D to drive the TW Audio M8s, B17s and B10s installed at STK, while a wall-mounted controller at the DJ position provides zone control.
Solutions Leisure’s Bengan Hovgard comments: “Pulse has always maintained a very high level of service and it was nothing but perfect throughout the whole process. We are very satisfied with the systems in our venues, they are all perfectly tuned and no need whatsoever for any input from us.”
To ensure the background music at popular food spot Luigia was up to the high standard set by the venue’s chefs, Pulse fitted the restaurant with a Quattrocanali 4804 and a Duecanali 1604 to drive the Turbosound TCI52 and TCS110B loudspeakers installed there. An identical setup was specified for Black Tap.
“Powersoft ArmoníaPlus System Manager was used extensively during the setting up and tuning phases,” says Morris. “Interactive tuning was very helpful in this stage, as we had lots of work going on around us, so the ability to take a few measurements then make calculated adjustments based on those without having to keep re-measuring was invaluable and saved a lot of time and headaches from the other contractors on-site.”
(Jim Evans)

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