Prolights at the Festival della Bellezza 2020
Wednesday, 18 November 2020
musiclightsThe event was staged in the Arena di Verona
Italy - Between 11 and 19 September, the Arena di Verona hosted the seventh edition of the Festival della Bellezza (Festival of Beauty).
Visual representations, artistic and philosophic thoughts animated the location, with a wide variety of guests exhibiting on stage: from artists like Gianni Morandi and Mogol to intellectuals like Massimo Recalcati and Vittorio Sgarbi.
MeQuadro Show Service, a production-service company based in Verona, provided the lighting and oversaw the technical set up. Emanuele Mazzi, owner of MeQuadro, comments, “This edition has been a real challenge for the organisers, who allowed more than 35.000 spectators to take part to 10 days of concerts, performances and conferences, following the COVID-19 guidelines.
“The stage was set up in the middle of the Arena as to recall the Agora, sacred and moral centre in the ancient Greece in which gathered assemblies of free-born citizens. As you can imagine, it was necessary to design impactful lighting, both suited for the context and emphasizing the atmosphere, giving prominence to all the artists involved.
“An appropriate and impactful lighting, which was suitable for the context and emphasized the atmosphere of the characters who took part in the event, was the order of the day,” says lighting designer Andrea Coppini .
“Most of the lighting fixtures we decided to use were Prolight, specifically Prolights Jade, ArenaCob 4FC, SunBlast 3000FC, PixieWash and PixieWash XB. Lacking a roof covering the stage, we wanted all the fixture to be IP rated, as to avoid installing covers against the rain.
“Prolights products proved to be perfect for this purpose. In addition to their output and the wide range of colours and effects, they're extremely easy to use and their IP rating gave us the chance to install the units without worrying about the weather.”

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