Prolights helps transform Belconnen Arts Centre gallery
Wednesday, 25 October 2023
prolightswindowProlights’ EclDisplay range was selected to light The Window Gallery, which is viewable from the street 24 hours a day
Australia - Canberra’s Belconnen Art Centre has chosen Prolights' EclDisplay range as the main lighting system for its innovative Window Gallery, an exhibition gallery overlooking the street. The space operates in 24-hour mode and is visible from the outside, attracting the attention of passers-by at all times of the day, meaning a suitable lighting system was required.
For this, Linda Buck - technical manager at Belconnen Art Centre - relied on Show Technology, Prolights' distributor in Australia, to select the new system. She explains: “The Window Gallery is a tricky space to deal with as you have light in the day coming through and then night time too. I decided to look at different options for profile-type lights in the gallery space that also had Casambi control.”
Prolights’ EclDisplay range was ultimately selected, with the installation of spotlights in the CC version, equipped with a 20°-40° lens and a fixed 3,000K source. Prolights' Display lighting line was designed for gallery and commercial environments, so it was considered to be the ideal solution for the Window Gallery’s lighting needs.
Buck is clearly pleased with the Prolights fixtures: "I was impressed by their light output, price point, and the fact that they had Casambi control. We currently need to upgrade our old gallery system - we're trying to transfer to Casambi, eventually. With the Prolights fixtures integrating into our existing track, it means it's one less thing to worry about when upgrading."

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