Prolights Stark1000 lights Sundance Festival
Wednesday, 26 August 2020
prolightsThis year, 40 DJs performed for three days
Slovakia - From 23-27 July 2020, the Zemplínska Šírava resort hosted the 13th edition of the Sundance Festival, one of the largest festivals of electronic dance music in the country.
Despite the limitations of COVID-19, which reduced its form and the participation of foreign stars, the event was a success.
This year, 40 DJs performed for three days. The entire Line-up was built just on local DJs and the main star was DJ Borra, all of them lit up by Prolights Stark1000.
Topevent was the rental company who worked on the lighting installation for the festival. Jaro Varga, lighting designer for Topevent, said: “This year, due to a reduced budget, it was necessary to build a simple stage, but so that it was vigorous and effective. That's why we chose Prolights Stark1000. The fixtures were installed on the console to emphasise the DJ's performances and on the front of the stage. The Stark1000 have great power and a large zoom range, and these amazing features has allowed us to create great scenes.”
Company owner Martin Kravec said: “We have been using Prolights products for more than two years. We have used the fixtures for several tours and also the production of Ice Queen, which was a big show on ice. The devices have proven to be very reliable with excellent features, and we definitely plan to expand our portfolio with Prolights brand in the future.”

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