PSAV starts to operate under Encore brand
Tuesday, 12 January 2021
encore-logoThe Encore portfolio includes Hawthorn and AVC Live
Europe - Global event production company PSAV has announced that it will begin to operate under the Encore name as part of a planned move to align its portfolio of companies, including Hawthorn and AVC Live, under a master brand.
Announced in March 2020, the move “solidifies the company’s desire to unify its operations and deliver industry leadership through end-to-end creative, production and technology services to its meeting planner customers and hotel partners, taking them far beyond traditional AV services”.
“This is an exciting day for our family of companies,” said Ben Erwin, president and CEO. “In a world changed by the pandemic, the Encore brand and new icon signal a forward focus. It puts our customers at the centre as we offer new platforms and tools to enable them to continue to meet and seamlessly connect in person and virtual audiences. We have come together to provide leadership to our industry by defining standards on how to safely meet in person and have demonstrated our ability to quickly adapt solutions to help reimagine how transformative hybrid and virtual events can take place all over the world. Today, we continue those efforts under a new brand.”
Powered by a new tagline, ‘Events that Transform’, the brand identity supports the knowledge that events of all types have the power to connect and inspire, and the ability to create immersive, collaborative experiences to deliver real results, says the company. Augmenting its already strong portfolio of event production services, the new hybrid solutions and virtual platforms provided by Encore have kept clients meeting in a changed world, demonstrating the Company’s commitment to continue to innovate, transform and lead the industry.
“We have created a brand that will deliver on our mission to become an invaluable partner on our customers’ journey to success,” said Cathy Schlosberg, SVP, marketing. “The new Encore brand has been built on a set of core values that are foundational to the conviction that when people come together, ideas take root, relationships are built, and real change happens. Regardless of world events, we have an obligation to help our clients and partners reach their goals and objectives, and today we will do that under a new brand that reflects that commitment.”

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