Pytch extends Martin Audio inventory
Tuesday, 23 November 2021
pytchPytch is to provide a full AV package for one of the country’s largest arenas including an exhibition space
UK - Bristol based experiential company Pytch has added to its stock of Martin Audio loudspeakers, used in both their rental stock and virtual studio.
They have purchased a further 24 of the ultra-compact, DD6, utilising Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology. At the same time, they have ordered five SXP118 subwoofers for low frequency extension.
The reason for this latest purchase - which brings Pytch’s stock of DD6’s up to 48 - is to fulfil a contract to provide a full AV package for one of the country’s largest arenas, including an exhibition space. “We have been appointed sole in-house provider to the arena,” confirms Pytch founder, Johnny Palmer.
DD6 has been chosen for its versatility. “Most of our installations are not defined by volume but intelligibility and DD6 has become an essential tool to deliver the customer experience - whether for parties, jazz nights or any genre.”
Popular as near-fills on major concert touring and festival deployment, the DD6 provides an advanced solution to the requirements of even coverage over wide angles and medium throw distances (the short throw horizontal dispersion of 120°, narrowing to 90° as the distance increases).
Palmer sees the DD6 less as simply a loudspeaker but rather as a scientific solution in which the critical element is audibility. “Sound design is all about delivering messages acoustically in a consistently coherent pattern. We focus on the individual audience experience, whether it be from delays or lip fills, and Martin Audio has that capability.
“At the same time most of what we do is to enable the [space] to look good and so [the compact footprint] is critical. The DD6 is as small as you are going to get and still deliver a good professional sound.”
The new DD6s have already been out on a series of high-profile corporate events, proving popular wherever they’ve been. “Clients trust us to deliver their expectation, but we will always choose the right tool for the application.”

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