RCF array rocks BB King's Blues Club
Monday, 2 March 2020
bb-kingB.B. King’s Blues Club in Memphis
USA - When Nicholas DeLaCruz, founder and CEO of High Rise Production, a Memphis, Tennessee-based production company that specializes in AVL sales, installs, consultations and rentals, signed on with Beale Street Blues Company, an organisation that manages many of the music and entertainment venues in the Memphis area, he knew that updating the sound system in the B.B. King’s Blues Club would be one of his first tasks.
“When I was at NAMM, I had it narrowed down to about three or four audio companies, but meeting Tarik [Solangi, RCF vice president, sales & marketing] made all the difference,” states DeLaCruz.
"The RCF HDL 6-A active line array modules are sleek and they don’t take away from the atmosphere of the venue.
“B.B. King’s Memphis location is a really cool, vibey place and it’s hard to throw a system in there without taking away from the authenticity of it,” he admits. “We’ve got the old Leslie [Rotating Speaker Cabinet] in there, and a lot of what attracts people is the history behind it, so how do you add a sound company that’s going to complement that? The RCF HDL 6-A modules are sleek and they don’t take away from the atmosphere of the venue - the line arrays fit the vibe and the authenticity of the place.”
RCF product specialist Jim Reed got together with DeLaCruz and put the system design together, utilising drawings, as well as input from Solangi, based on his original site visit.
For the B.B. King’s install, Solangi brought in Innovations Solutions of Memphis. Owner Jason Long shared that they have been working with RCF for several years and have greatly enjoyed working with the company and their products. “We’ve been using their HDL line arrays and other RCF products. Between the ease of installation, customer feedback received, and the support received from RCF, they have been excellent to work with.”
Long says the RCF line arrays have already made a huge difference at B.B. King’s. “Overall, the clarity and the coverage that we were able to achieve in the space [B.B. King’s] dramatically improved,” he attests. “The HDL 6-A is a great sounding cabinet right out of the box which makes deploying them very easy and saves valuable installation and tuning time.”
(Jim Evans)

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