RCF TT+ systems boost Bazar in Sochi
Thursday, 23 December 2021
russiaThe Bazar combines a restaurant, nightclub, and karaoke bar
Russia - The Bazar, located inside the Krasnaya Polyana resort in Sochi, combines a restaurant, nightclub, and karaoke bar.
The nightclub is known for its programme of pop, R'n'B, and deep house music as well as jazz performances, stand-up comedy, and more.
RCF’s Russian distributor Aris developed the audio solution for Bazar. The task included isolation from external noises, between the bar and karaoke areas, and adjacent buildings. Despite the tight deadline, both sound insulation and system installation were deployed on time.
Evgeny Shuev, head of Aris’s Bureau of Acoustic Researches and responsible for system design and acoustic simulation with ARIS Acoustician Vasily Aleshkin, responsible for sound insulation (measurements and calculation), carried out the system design and simulation in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 3382-1:2013 Acoustics. Measurement of room acoustic parameters. Part 1: Performance spaces, as well as the related domestic GOST R ISO 3382-1:2013 standard.
"The average reverberation time in the bar zone was 1.5s, in the karaoke hall - 1.0s, which exceeds the standard values. The surface of the walls had smooth, sound-reflecting surfaces causing an audible echo in the rooms, which is a serious acoustic defect, Shuev comments. “To address the acoustics of rooms, it was necessary to reduce their boominess and attenuate the levels of discrete sound reflections from the walls, leading to the formation of audible echoes.”
Aris selected active RCF TT+ speakers - 12 RCF TT 08-A, four TT 10-A and three SUB 8003 for the bar zone. Two 4PRO 1031-A and SUB three 905-AS II passive speakers, seven Monitor 33T and a two-channel power amplifier UP 2082 feeds the Karaoke zone.
The system is managed remotely via RDNet software. Alexandr Shamray, head of sales at ARIS, and his team are pleased with the results, “We are well pleased that our simulation in Ease software was 97% aligned with actual measurements. Both data provided by RCF and the accuracy of our design matched perfectly from the first steps. As a result, the customer is very satisfied with the new Bazar sound which is now running smoothly every day.”

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