Rebuilt Belarus theatre installs Prolights
Friday, 30 April 2021
prolightsCinemanext Bel designed and installed the stage lighting and sound system
Berlarus - Mozyr Ivan Melezh Drama Theatre in Belarus celebrated its reopening last summer after a major renovation. The building was originally built between the late 20s and early 30s of the last century, though it was seriously damaged in a fire in 2013, destroying most of the cultural monument.
Over the past few years, the building has gone through reconstruction, and Cinemanext Bel designed, supplied, installed and commissioned all the stage lighting and sound system of the large and small halls, and provided training to the newly hired staff.
“As part of the technical tender for the new equipment acquisition the theatre requested that the new fixtures had low power consumption, low heat and noiseless operation,” says Ulyana Barkova, Deputy Commercial Director at CinemaNext, adding: “With that in mind, we chose Prolights' Ruby and Jet Spot4Z for their LED source with a punchy output.”
Additionally, the theatre also took delivery of Prolight SunRise 2 blinders, Polar 3000 strobes and EclPar DY with a 5,600K source.
“We are confident that these fixtures by Prolights are a great addition to the theatre, and since they are very reliable and incredibly easy to use, the staff at the Drama Theatre will also be very satisfied,” adds Barkova.

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