RKDE’s Ayrton Ghibli fixtures flying out
Tuesday, 10 July 2018
ayrton-ghibliThe Ayrton Ghibli
USA - No sooner had LA-based RKDE taken delivery of Ayrton Ghibli fixtures from ACT Lighting, Inc. than the LED spot luminaires were quickly dispatched to E3’s trade show floor and then to the American Idol Live nationwide tour.
For nearly 30 years, RKDE has provided production for festivals, tours, automotive events, corporate conventions, television productions, private events, and religious services. The boutique company maintains an extensive inventory of lighting, staging, audio and video equipment.
“We were looking for new technology – we wanted to get away from standard lamps, which are expensive to maintain and replace,” says RKDE’s owner, Ray Woodbury, a longtime production professional. “We wanted a fixture with the output and capabilities that would surpass traditional lamp fixtures and that’s exactly what Ghibli gives us.
“I’ve always liked Ayrton’s extremely innovative fixtures, but we’ve never owned any,” says Woodbury. “ACT demo’d Ghibli in our shop, with one of my clients attending, and we were pretty astounded at what the fixture was able to do. We put Ghibli up against some other lights, and it beat them hands down.”
He notes that recently clients have been asking for Ghibli by name. “Matt Shimamoto of Volt Lites requested them for the E3 trade show floor. And lighting designer Butch Allen specified them for the American Idol tour. People already know and like these fixtures.”
He gives kudos to ACT Lighting for being ‘very client-oriented’ in its service. “Aaron Hubbard is a really knowledgeable guy who demo’d Ghibli for us with full confidence in the product,” says Woodbury. “ACT also helped us develop financial terms that assisted in our purchase.”
(Jim Evans)

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