Roadie test drives Ayrton fixtures
Tuesday, 7 January 2020
onion-low-enqi-chee-and-tan-chin-koon-from-roadieOnion Low, Enqi Chee and Tan Chin Koon from Roadie
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Singapore - When Singapore-based lighting design company, Roadie Pte purchased a substantial number of Ayrton lighting fixtures from exclusive local distributor, Total Solution Marketing Pte, it was an opportunity to find out what persuaded them to choose their 24 MiniPanel-FX and 18 Diablo-TC fixtures.
Roadie’s professional team of individuals provides lighting design for productions, shows and events locally in Singapore and internationally. They were pleased to explain that the fixtures had been purchased primarily to support their lighting designs and that they chose Ayrton for good reason: “As lighting designers who are constantly on the ground, we look out for multiple factors in our equipment - quality of light, flicker-free LED sources, uniqueness, versatility and form factor are vital. The quality of light from both Diablo-TC and MiniPanel-FX is superb. The fixtures have high energy efficiency, with an impressive output and great colour rendering. Both fixtures also dim smoothly, are flicker-free and broadcast-friendly, which are all crucial for our purposes.”
Explaining in more detail, the team adds: “A key point of Diablo-TC, which helped to win us over, is the inclusion of framing shutters. All this is jam-packed into a small, lightweight and sleek body. And for MiniPanel-FX, the square face, lens type and individual pixel control combine for a unique look that makes the fixture truly versatile. Plus, the ease of fitting it into our design concepts gives it an edge over the other LED washes available in the market.”
The Roadie team confirmed that both sets of fixtures were initially purchased with specific shows in mind. “Thanks to Ayrton and Total Solution Marketing, we managed to receive our fixtures just in time to bring them out for the first projects, with only short lead times from ordering to arrival! The shows included a live-streamed/broadcast religious event, with MiniPanel-FX, and a live-streamed corporate event using Diablo-TC. Both fixtures have gone on to power through various other types of projects, from corporate to concerts, broadcast and more.”

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