Robe gets traditional for Noč Modrijanov
Monday, 18 March 2019
robe-noc-modrijanov-img7668The festival was staged in the Dvorana Zlatorog Arena in Celje
Slovenia - Nearly 300 Robe moving lights were utilised by lighting designer Žiga Krajnc for the televised 2018 Noč Modrijanov Slovenian folk festival held at the Dvorana Zlatorog Arena in Celje and directed by Marjan Kučej.
Over two days, around 100 different Slovenian singers, folk troupes and dance ensembles presented a range of pieces that were enjoyed by around 12,000 people watching live as they performed on an elaborate scenic stage designed by a collaboration between Andrej Šifer, Miha Prosen and Blaž Podpečan, which depicted a typical Slovenian village.
The shows were recorded and broadcast on RTV1 in the first week of the new year, so lighting - supplied by rental company Event Lighting - needed to work live and on-camera.
Ziga has lit the event twice before, and this year his brief was to highlight the set - comprising seven different styled Slovenian houses, a town hall square and other traditional village landmarks - in two different base lighting states - daylight and night. This was to be applied according to the show script.
On top of this he was able to layer effects, texturing and a variety of looks and scenes adding the appropriate drama and emotion.
“I needed to have as much scope as possible and that’s why I chose all these different Robe fixtures” he stated.
He utilised 10 different types in total - from MegaPointes to ParFects - a wide ranging ‘magic mix’ of BMFL Blades, Spiider wash beams, LEDWash 600s, Pointes, MMX Wash Beam, LEDBeam 100s, CityFlex’s and one Robe RoboSpot remote follow spotting system.
These were dotted over a series of trusses installed in the roof and each fixture was used extensively to light the show. “The set contained a massive amount of detail that needed to be picked out,” explains Ziga, and that was one the challenges facing him and programmer Matija Kacin.
Over 300m of trussing were installed in the roof by the Event Lighting crew and the fixtures were deployed all over this for best possible coverage of the stage area.
Ziga and Matija both ran lights for the shows using one of Event Lighting’s new grandMA3 full size consoles in the session together with a grandMA2 light console.
(Jim Evans)

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